Evernote Insider: Win a Fujitsu ScanSnap To Go Paperless

Evernote Insider: Win a Fujitsu ScanSnap To Go Paperless

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 24 Oct 2012

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 24 Oct 2012


There are many benefits to living a paperless lifestyle and using Evernote to store receipts, documents, business cards, contracts, or any paper that is cluttering your desk is a great way to embark on this journey. Once in Evernote, these documents become searchable and available on any device where you have Evernote installed. Going paperless with the help of Evernote means you’ll never lose important information and will always be able to find it when you need it.

Need tips to help you get started? Check out this public notebook created by Paperless Lifestyle Ambassador Jamie Todd Rubin, then enter our latest Evernote Insider for a chance to win a slick new scanner to help you make the transition from paper to digital.

Win a Scanner

A key tool for getting your documents into Evernote is a scanner. And in this month’s Evernote Insider, we’re giving away a great one to one lucky winner: the Fujitsu ScanSnap. The ScanSnap offers a seamless integration with Evernote so you can scan to Evernote with a single click of a button.



Vote to Enter

The ScanSnap comes in two versions: a light and mobile S1100, or a powerful and fast S1500. Enter for a chance to win one by going to the Evernote Insider page on Facebook and voting for the model that suits your lifestyle. Once voting ends, we’ll randomly choose one winner.

Voting closes at midnight on October 31st, 2012. Note this sweepstakes is limited to residents of the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, Middle East, and Africa (excluding places where Sweepstakes participation is prohibited). Please see official rules for details.


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  • Gary

    Where’s the love for those of us who don’t have Facebook accounts….

  • milagros gagliano

    This would be a cool prize to win.

  • Zane

    I second Gary’s comment. You should provide an alternate entry method for those of us who choose not to have Facbook accounts.

  • ericdano

    Not fair. I don’t have facebook, but would totally LOVE the S1500. Does this count as a vote then?

  • Mie Yaginuma

    Hi Gary,

    I do understand there are folks who don’t use Facebook. Just last week, we put up a giveaway for Sony Readers on the blog, and not on Facebook. Next time, I hope you can join a blog giveaway!

  • Boxtop

    I take offense to the fact that you are requiring membership in Facebook in order to enter your contest. I do not now belong, and I do not plan to join Facebook, therefore you are discriminating against me!

    You are designing promotions solely around a Facebook membership being required; that is discrimination and the same as requiring a purchase to enter, which is unlawful.

    No way will I have Facebook account, just so I can “Like” you.

    You may say you’re trying to offer a variety of games and contests for all players, but intentionally excluding players without Facebook accounts from entering, is no way to promote Evernote! Nothing that Evernote does, should be designed such that it excludes anyone from participating; please explain to me how that would make any rational business sense?

    • David Szpunar

      It’s not like requiring a purchase to enter, joining Facebook doesn’t cost money. When you don’t use a service, you lose access to the things that require joining that service. It might be “nice” for Evernote to provide an alternate method, and they did a non-Facebook contest recently for another product, but I don’t think your demands and claim of discrimination are anywhere near legitimate.

      Contests online often have a significant list of rules that must be followed to be eligible. Having a Facebook account being one of them really isn’t that surprising or troubling. Maybe complain about something that you have to pay for at least.

      Supporting alternate methods has a cost in time and effort for Evernote and I’d rather they spend the money on more prizes.

      If you want to agree to the contract at then follow the rules and abide by it. If you don’t agree with it, don’t enter the contest. That’s part of the “free” in “free country” (as long as some of that’s left).

  • Frank

    Yes Gary, the right question. I don’t use FB too and never will.

  • Paulette Povar

    Love the app. I tell everyone about it everyday. I would love be able to tell them how great the printer is to :))))

  • Keith

    Love the printer can I have it?

  • troller

    I can understand why people are complaining… Facebook accounts cost so much to sign up for that it’s just not affordable. The thought that you could sign up for an account and not use it for anything besides entering this contest is ridiculous…

  • Sakana

    The use of Facebook for a contest seems ironic given that many people trust Evernote with their information.

    However, many people distrust Facebook with their information and will have nothing to do with it.