What a Day! A Recap of Evernote’s Windows Extravaganza

Posted by on 25 Oct 2012

Posted by on 25 Oct 2012

This has been quite a Windows-filled day for us here at Evernote. We launched three completely new applications and one great update. Here’s a recap:

Evernote App Names
This is a small change, but a very important one. What used to be called Evernote for Windows, is now Evernote for Windows Desktop.

Evernote for Windows Desktop is the full-featured version of Evernote, while Evernote for Windows 8 is the beautiful metro-styled, touch-focused application that’s designed for viewing and reading the content you have in your Evernote account.

If you have Windows 8 devices that allow you to install both apps, we recommend that you do. That way you have the experience that matches your needs at any given moment.


We’re really excited to bring you all of these new apps. We hope you like them as much as we do.


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  • Chris Beeley

    Linux! Please release a Linux client! Please! I’m a premium customer and I would really like to use one. Pretty please? With sugar on top? You could even crowd fund it via Kickstarter. I’d be the first customer

    • prem

      i completely agree with you ,Linux is a very good operating system and it should be supported more by the developers.

      • Cronjo

        Nixnote formerly known as Nevernote ?

    • David


    • David

      I am another premium user who would really love to see a Linux desktop client. Will this ever happen?

    • Ian

      Definately want a Linux client. I’m using Nevernote but would prefer a Evernote version. I am also a premium customer and would really appreciate being able to run Evernote on my Linux laptops as well as my Windows machine and my Nexus 7.

    • Fernando

      I second that. A Linux version will be highly appreciated.

      • Gabe

        I second the need for a Linux version.

  • Arun

    No rich text formatting in windows 8 app.. Are you kidding me?

  • Paritosh Tyagi

    The One Note programme in Microsoft Office has the advantage that a text box is created automatically at the spot where one starts typing. Thus side notes can be created on the margin or opposite any note. The text box can be resized and even moved at will.
    This feature is extremely useful in taking notes during a meeting or seminar as if notes are scribbled at suitable spots to catch attention.
    In contrast, Evernote resembles Microsoft Word, wherein a line gets dedicated in full width, unless steps are taken specifically to create text boxes.

  • Ken White

    OK… I’m a Windows/Android user. Love Evernote but am hesitant to move my company and even more personal use toward Evernote because its obvious the support and features are so much greater for Mac & iOS. Will an Android user ever have the features a iOS user has access to?

    • Harry Whitcher

      Could not agree more.
      Read the blurb, get excited, open the link…. Mac OS only… damn what a let down.

    • Denis Pastuchov

      Agree Ken,
      I am also Windows/Android user. And I have been user of evernote for several years now. I have implemented it into my workflow and evernote is a part of it. It has allot of information which I need/use.
      But due to Evernote’s company more and more favoring (marketing in my opinion) Apple OS’s, that makes me worried.
      And that’s when more and more OS independed solutions rolling out in the software industry. So I will have to investigate other solutions, but I like Evernote. And this is, actually sad.

  • furbian

    I wouldn’t use ‘beautiful metro-styled’ interface as a selling point, for a start it’s no longer called Metro, but ‘Modern UI Style’ as Microsoft have named it, and a lot of people don’t like it, and anything to do with it. I don’t for one, it’s a bit of mess on desktop systems.

    Anyway, until I can have access to my notes off-line on my Android device and PC, I’m not returning to Evernote from Microsoft’s OneNote anytime soon.

    • Maxey Handle

      Furbian, Evernote does all of those things, and has for a while. Also, for all the other commenters not paying attention, the Android app was consistently ahead of the iOS app for ages. Anyway, iOS is a giant pain with regard to Evernote, since it doesn’t have intents, so it’s more effort to get content into Evernote via mobile.

    • Gary Schwartz, PE

      I’ve been accessing my notes off-line on my Motorola XOOM for > a year. As I recall, it’s a setting to be made on the Android device.

  • Antje Virostek

    I Love, Love, Love Evernote and tell everyone about this great app but I am disappointed that you are forgetting about Android users. Please let us know your plans and updates for us.

  • John Wilson

    Would you please fix Evernote so that it works with 64 bit Windows and Internet Explorer. I understand other people have this problem. Too.

    • Gary Schwartz, PE

      I’ve been using EN with IE9 on 64 bit system for many months without a problem.

  • Chuck Rininger

    I need to be able to delete a picture from a note without deleting the whole note. So frustrating


    Unfortunately, I have been locked out of Evernote because the program continues to be in a loop of password expired — BUT, it will not take a new one. This is second program (google first) that has caused such headache. I need my material in Evernote and sync with all my devices. Will have to move to Springpad, until you fix this problem.

  • Bp Grimes

    It’s sometimes buggy and a bit igly but have you tried NixNote

  • Sold Solitary

    Have not yet moved to a paid Evernote. Am waiting for you to let us assign colors to notebooks as being a writer I have my different genres categories in separate files and subfiles.

  • NET

    I’m in agreement with so many of the other comments–Android users are left in the dust! This is my favorite app–I use it for both work and personal. I am also a premium user; however, if Android continues to be ignored I will not renew it and likely switch back to Springpad.

  • Diana

    Ok; I bought an i-pad; I installed Evernote and Dropbox. Now will someone please tell me what Evernote is/what it can do for me?
    Surely there’s an “introduction” somewhere, which tells you how to use it and for what (without the hype!)
    My biggest grappleso far with i-pad/Evernote/Dropbox is that I cannot file stuff neatly and alphbetically in folders, sub-directories and directories. I use computers as bussiness tools, not for receipes, travel notes or games.
    What is the difference between Evernote and Dropbox?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Diana, we recommend checking out our getting started guide and product guides:

  • Joe Moser

    So you lauch for windows 8 and still have not sorted out the problems with the 64 bit Windows and Internet Explorer? Come on Evernote!

  • Steve Miller

    I love Evernote’s and I use it everyday! I’ve patiently been waiting for a “to do” filter for the iPad version to be the finishing touch to a limitless endorsement from me.

  • Melissa

    If I install both the windows desktop version and the metro version on the same machine, will they both access the same database, or will I get everything stored on my computer twice?

    • Martin Pretty

      I was going to ask exactly the same question – I have installed the Windows 8 app but it is problematic because it will not allow me to view PDFs.

      But if I also install the desktop app, will I wind up having to use twice the storage space?

  • Eva Tuersley

    Note to the android users. Jump on the Apple cart. The ride is much smoother.