The All New Skitch 2.0 for Android

The All New Skitch 2.0 for Android

Posted by on 30 Oct 2012

Posted by on 30 Oct 2012

Skitch makes it remarkably easy to communicate complex ideas with the simplest shapes, arrows and annotations. Building upon recent launches on Mac, iOS, and Windows, today, we bring you the new Skitch to Android (2.0), which includes a completely new look, some really cool new features and a powerful Evernote integration.

With this new release, the fully-synchronized Skitch is now available on just about every major desktop and mobile device out there. Let’s take a look.

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A Clean New Home Screen

Your doorway into the app is the new home screen. The design is simple, clean and informative, letting you quickly choose your next move. If you see something that inspires you, snap a photo, then mark it up and save it for later. If you want to point something out on a map, choose that option and send it to a friend. You can also mark up a webpage or start with a blank canvas.

New Tools

For this version of Skitch, we not only rebuilt and redesigned all the features you’re used to — like arrows, text and shapes — but we also added three new tools that make Skitch even more useful.

The new Pixelate feature is a great way to quickly obscure a part of an image that may contain personal or sensitive information. Take a photo or choose one from your gallery, tap the Pixelate tool and drag it across the section of the image that you want to hide. Now you can annotate and share an image without worrying that others will be able to read sensitive information in it.

When you need to emphasize something, the best way is often to use a highlighter. That’s why we created the new highlighting tool. Choose the highlighter, a color and line thickness, then start drawing. The lines appear just like a highlighter on paper, allowing you to clearly see the background objects.

Panning Tool
The left-most option on the toolbar is the Panning Tool. It lets you select, move and resize annotations. After you finish adding a shape, text or arrow, the Panning Tool is automatically selected, so that you can easily adjust the object.

Evernote-Powered Sync

At the bottom of the home screen, you’ll see a button labeled Show Skitch Notes. When you tap it, you’ll immediately see all of the Skitch notes that you have saved. What you may not realize is that you’re viewing these Skitch notes inside of Evernote.

We also added a Skitch Notes section to the home screen of the Evernote app to let you quickly jump to those notes.

You’ll need to have both Skitch and Evernote installed on your Android device to take advantage of all of the powerful sync features. Once you do synchronize, you’ll be able to view, edit and reposition the annotations using Skitch on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Windows 8.

Share It All

Skitch for Android also lets you share all of your ideas and annotations with anyone via email or on your preferred social networks. Tap on the Share icon at the top of the Skitch note, then choose your sharing method. Whichever social apps you use will appear in that list.

And So Much More

We’re really excited to bring you this new version of Skitch. Not only is it cleaner, faster and better than ever, but also thanks to all of the new Evernote cross-platform capabilities, you can now annotate something using Skitch on your Android phone and then continue working on it using Skitch for Windows or Mac. Everything is in sync.

We hope you like the new version of Skitch for Android. Let us know what you think.

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Getting Started

Get to know all of the new features in Skitch for Android by browsing the What’s New page, and find step-by-step guidance for using Skitch on Android in our Getting Started Guide.


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  • Steve

    Cool new features, but how do you add a title for the note? When I long-press on the note, then press edit (greyed out) it just opens the note back in Skitch. In Skitch there’s no place to add the title. Running Android 2.3.4, Droid Incredible

    • Steve

      Take that back–when I press “edit” it doesn’t do anything. Goes back to the notes listing.

  • Chris Lord

    Disappointing to see major updates and still no smart notebook support for Android… Beginning to regret buying that 🙁

  • Paolo Amoroso

    Still no support for landscape mode drawing area.

  • Stephen

    Can you please give a link to the apk of the old version? This is just plain terrible.

  • Llamaphish

    Love the concept but the logo, it’s not nice. A whopping great pink love heart doesn’t really fit with my themes on mac or iPhone… Please make it nicer and not pink or lovey.


  • Noose

    I find the automatic selection of the panning tool in the new interface particularly frustrating and probably a deal-breaker.

    Your design philosophy presumes that a user has made an error in their object placement and that every input requires some sort of adjustment or correction. This also means drawing subsequent objects requires repeated re-selection of a brush type over and over. It’s really very stupid to do it this way. I liked it much MUCH better the way things worked before. This is not intuitive. It’s clunky and time-consuming. You have not improved things. Text rotation would have been a much more meaningful improvement.

  • Florian

    Why is the pen tool unselected after every line? Typically a note consists of more than one line!
    The new update simply made the tool unusable! Where can I revent to the old version, PLEASE???!!!

  • Steve G

    The automatic unselect of the pen tool makes this a waste of time.

    I was so hoping this would allow me to create notes using Evernote & Skitch using my tablet (Samsung Note 10.1).

    I would have purchased Evernote premium but once again I feel like your missing the point of tablets. Your spending time and money integrating moleskins for a quick short term buck and forgetting that so many of us don’t want DEAD TREE PAPER. I have the Livescribe, I can take a photo of a page in a notebook, but I’d so like to dump the paper.

    I have a tablet and a stylus. I’d like for evernote/skitch to be able to use it.

  • lory Goldstein

    Its the best !!!!

  • Aadamgibson

    Android Skitch 2.0 have skilled features which I use clean home screen tool, planning tool for select, move, resize annotations, Highlighter for partially transparent paintbrush tool to draw attention to an object or text in the image. Those tools are very nice because I enjoy using these tools.

  • conan

    Auto selecting the panning tool every time is not helpful and makes this new version next to unusable. It its highly frustrating to have to select the pen every time; the selected tool should stay selected!

  • Anton

    I was fortunate enough to get hold of version 1.4 again. Skitch 2 is the worst “upgrade” to any app I’ve ever seen. The fact that you can’t save an annotated pic and send it via text or Whatsapp is a dea lbreaker for me.

  • Debbie S

    Hello There!

    I love using Evernote on a personal level and am really forward to start using it for my starting business as well. Just did some trying out with Skitch for android and Desktop today and I love it! One question though…will it be possible in the future to have a Skitch feauture in the Evernote Web? Since I merely use the Web product and not so much the Desktop variation. Now I need to use my boyfriends computer or my small screened phone to use Skitch and so I cannot use it everywhere. So love to hear it will be a future development 😉

  • Ian

    +1 on the comments about tools not be sticky. It is inefficient (and frustrating) to keep having to reselect a tool after drawing a single line. Tools should remain selected, once chosen, this is consistent usability with other common drawing tools.

  • Henk-Jan Kooiman

    I agree with some others here. The auto select of the panning tool makes the nice app unworkable 🙁