Evernote 5 for Mac Beta is Here [Updated]

Posted by on 01 Nov 2012

Posted by on 01 Nov 2012

Last week we announced our completely redesigned Evernote 5 for Mac and showed you many of the new features on our What’s New page. Today, we’re excited to bring you the beta. Below you’ll find instructions on installing the Evernote 5 Beta. But first…

A note on Beta Software
BETA software is not final, which means that using it comes with some risks. These can range from corruption of your notes to data loss. If you’re not comfortable using beta software, we recommend waiting a bit for the general update to go live.

Installing the Beta

First, launch Evernote for Mac and go to Preferences in the Evernote menu and click on the Software Update tab. If you see a checkbox labeled “Update to Beta versions when available”, then check it. Close the Preferences window and click on Check for Updates in the Evernote menu. You’re all set.

If you do not see the beta checkbox, then you have a Mac App Store version of Evernote and cannot update to the beta prior to the official public release.

Office Hours: We’re Here to Help

Evernote 5 is a major new version of our application, so we expect that you will have some questions. We’re here to help. Our team will devote several hours today to answer as many of your questions about Evernote 5 as possible. Ask your questions and let us know what you think in the comments.

Also, be sure to also check out our helpful Getting Started Guide.


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  • Shelby DeNike

    Nice, installing it now!

  • Steve

    So, I’m confused. I originally installed via the App Store. Are you saying that I need to wait for the final release to appear in the App Store, or will the Beta be available?

    • Jack Hirsch

      The beta is not available to App Store users with local notebooks. If you have no local notebooks and want to try the beta, follow the instructions above and you should be all set!

      • andrew korf

        hey jack – ok. what if we do not have “software update” as an option in preferences despite running 3.3.1 … meaning “software update” isn’t a tab in the preferences pane/

  • Adriana

    At the risk of this being a stupid question, how can I tell if my notebooks are local? In Preferences > Sync, I do not have the “Update to Beta versions when available” option. Thanks!

    • Jack Hirsch

      That means you’re running the Mac App Store version. You should be fine following the instructions above as long as you dont have any notebooks that look like this:

      • Adriana

        Great, thanks for the quick reply Jack!

  • Andreas Rønningen

    Awesome! I really want to try the new version, but I’m a bit concerned regarding the possibility of corrupted data.

    When do you think the final version will roll out?

  • Matt

    I believe you mean the “Software Update” tab, not the “Sync” tab. At least that was the case in my version, the “Update to Beta versions” was located under “Software Update”

    • Jack Hirsch

      Thanks for catching that. Blog post updated!

  • Bryan

    I tried following the link for the Beta download, but it simply reinstalled version 3.3. What am I doing wrong?

    • Jack Hirsch

      After you install 3.3, you should continue following the instructions above to check for beta updates from within the app.

  • Jay Glynn

    Looked for checkbox on Sync tab and it’s not there. Installed from App Store but do not have local notebooks. Went through the re-install process and still no checkbox. Is this for premium only?

    • Jack Hirsch

      You may have re-installed the App Store version. Try again using the above link and directions. That should get you all set up!

  • Mika Salakka

    My first impression is that the new version looks a lot more elegant and has that “Mac” feel to it that I expect from proper Mac applications. It looks more inviting.

  • Mark

    Can’t find a link to the direct download for mac. Every link seems to go to the app store now.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The direct download link is included above. Here it is again.

      • harish

        Hii Andrew,

        Which is better version Mac apple store or one you posted link for?

  • Nikolas Barrera

    Is there a way to revert back from the beta version?

    • Jack Hirsch

      Absolutely. Using this new version won’t prevent you from going back to an older one, but we hope you won’t want to!

  • Anders Bakfeldt

    Hi, in the new version will you still be able to see a list of all your tags to the left, then click on one and see alle the notes with that tag to the right?

    • Jack Hirsch

      Yes, you can expand Notebooks or Tags in the sidebar by right-clicking them and selecting Show List. In addition, V5 has Shortcuts which are a more efficient way to access your most frequently used Notebooks and Tags.

  • anon

    How about something this nice for windows please?

  • Tim Dwyer

    Looks great! Definitely has a Mac feel to it, which is so much better now. Can’t wait to dig into it and especially can’t wait for the final release, keep it up guys!

  • Anja

    Wow lookin’ gooood 🙂 Design is very important to me, now you guys make me want to use Evernote even more. Good job!

  • Richard Seifeddine

    This great product is only going to get better. I agree with another commenter — good design is an essential component of a good tool. Thanks for all the effort you have put into to this — it will make a daily difference in the lives of many users.

  • Jeff Ramos (@ohjefframos)

    Love the look/feel, but just learned “The Secret Weapon” method of organizing and this new version makes it very difficult to implement.

    For instance, I have only 3 notebooks: Cabinet, Pending Tasks, and Completed Tasks.
    Then a bunch of tags for where, when, etc.

    So usually at the start of my day, I’ll open the Pending Tasks Notebook, and then click on the the Work and Now tags, and I can look at only those notes. I used to be able to select more than one tag simply, but this new version doesn’t seem to support that simply?

    Also no idea to add Saved Searches to the sidebar too.

    • Jack Hirsch

      Using the controls at the top of the note list, you should be able to easily select multiple tags. You can also create saved searches and drag them from the search dropdown to the sidebar to create Shortcuts. Thanks for the kind words and enjoy!

      • Darin DeVore

        Not sure how to save a search. Not having any success dragging searches to shortcut area. Help

  • Raul

    Some questions…
    What should I do if I have local notebooks and want to install the beta version? I need to convert them to synchonized notebooks? The final version will support local notebooks?

    • Jack Hirsch

      The beta definitely supports local notebooks, but converting local notebooks from the Mac App Store version to this directly downloaded one is not recommended. If you have the Mac App Store version and want to try the beta, you can always export/re-import the data, but the safest option is to wait for the final release in the Mac App Store. If you already have the direct-from-Evernote version, you should be able to upgrade directly from your Evernote preferences.

      • Raul

        Thanks for the clarification, Jack. I have the direct-from Evernote version, so that I could install the beta, but I prefer to wait a bit to see if any problems arise. I do not want to lose valuable information …

  • Connor Lewis

    I dont have a software update anywhere in my preferences window. Im running on a Retina MBP but im not sure if that would affect anything. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Johnny

    Updating from within Evernote fails over here. Is there a direct download link for the new Beta available?

  • Ivan

    + 1 On finally macing Evernote look and feel like a real Mac App.

    + 1 Paste as Plain Text !!!!

    +1 On the new features.

    Still exploring it.

    • Jack Hirsch


  • Markus

    Looks promising.

    But is there still no automatic way to resolve sync conflicts?

    In times where tools like git resolve so much it is unbelievable that I still have to resolve sync conflicts manually by comparing them line by line!

  • Mihir

    Hi, There is no “Software Update” tab in my preferences Window…
    Please help ASAP

  • Hudson Gardner

    Hi all –

    For those having issues upgrading, if you have already checked for the LN folder (delete it) and restarted, try deleting Evernote entirely from your system (after you sync first, of course). To do this, open a finder window to your Hard Drive (won’t work if My Files are selected on the sidebar) and search for Evernote. Click the + icon and select Kind > System Files and then select ‘Are Included’. Delete everything you see there, then Re-Download Evernote. It should fix the problem.

  • Ivan

    Is there a shortcut to search tags just like CMD+J for notebooks? Need to have this one too.

    • Jack Hirsch

      Not in the beta, but hope to get one in soon! Keep your client up-to-date!

  • Clint

    My first impression is that this is a major step forward for both usability and aesthetics. Congratulations.

    A few usability points:
    * It doesn’t seem to be possible to have more than one auto-suggested “tag:” element in the search box, as clicking on a suggested tag causes any previously selected one to be replaced. This behavior makes sense to me for notebooks (which are mutually exclusive), but not for tags.
    * I think the card view would be more useful if the cards showed notebook and tag assignments. This leaves less space for note content, but the benefit in terms of being able to correctly identify notes is significant.
    * I switched to the extended card view and was confused for a while about how to see the note URL and create/update stamps. I realised eventually that this was because double clicking on the note to open it was placing the cursor at the top of the note, which caused the formatting toolbar to replace the metadata toolbar. I think the better thing might be to default to the “read” view until the user clicks on the note body. This approach would save a click for situations where the user just wants to browse to the note URL or check the create/update time. It would also have limited impact on users that want to edit the note, because unless they want to insert content at the very beginning of the note (or add an attachment) they have to click at their desired edit location anyway.

  • Orbmiser

    Didn’t see a response to Anon about a Windows desktop version?
    Really would be great as windows version looks mid 90’s ugly.

    Would have been perfect if it mimic the android version at least the sliding panels like mac version.

  • Lee Hinde

    Is there a way to get the note list as a column to the left of note? (instead of above it?)

    • J.A.

      This is the one feature that is keeping me and my team of 32 engineers from using Evernote.

      We have been patiently waiting for v.5 in hopes that the many requests I’ve seen on the forums would finally be answered, and now that I have the beta in my hands, I am extremely disappointed.

      On widescreen monitors, vertical real estate is at a premium. On a 13″ MacBook Air, you can only see 8 notes at a time in the snippet view. Sure, it looks pretty, but it is a monumental waste of space. The same goes for all the other views introduced in v.5. Is there a mass of Evernote users who have said they would love to see fewer notes at a time so they can see big pretty previews instead? I don’t think so. Yet, there are plenty of users who have been requesting a vertical list view so they can see more notes at once.

      Either give us a true vertical list view, where we can choose what columns are visible, or at the very least let us choose how many lines to show in the snippet view, all the way down to just one line.

  • Amanda

    Wow! Looks gorgeous! I might actually use Evernote now… never caught the habit before, much as I tried.

  • Sérgio Miranda

    From the little testing I did, the experience looks improved although it might take some time getting used to. Certainly looks more “Mac” and more appeling. Seems like this new version is a definite step up, interface and feature-wise.

    However, I was disappointed by this new version still being a 32bit binary.

  • Randy Walters

    I like the design.

    Quick comment: I like to view my notes in alphabetical order rather than the default reverse alphabetical order. When I change the view to my preference, it changes it for all my notebooks during that session. When I quit and then open the program, it goes back to the default reverse alphabetical order. This may seem inconsequential to some, but it’s important to me and my usage of the software. Am I missing something or is there a way to keep the default sorting to NOT be in reverse?

  • Cameron Saemann

    I am loving this new version. The UI really feels a lot of time went into thinking it through.

  • Oleksandr

    Amazing work, guys! The app is awesome! One should switch to Mac only because of new Evernote! I’m really enjoying it.

  • rob

    as i saw, i am not the only one without a „software updates“ tab in the preferences menu.

    how do i get software updates, especially the evernote 5 beta?

  • Anthony

    When can I expect the final version to be released?

  • Dylan

    Looks great! When will it be officially released?

  • Dmitry

    is is possible to download v5 directly? Just because the update procedure fails – it downloads the update, exits the app and that’s all.

  • Cristiana Gilca

    I envy the Mac Users! Please do not forget the Windows users! We want the same gorgeus design as Mac users! It will be ready soon?

  • slow

    the download is very very slow

  • Will Smith

    Great upgrade, but I do have 3 concerns

    1. Seems that my saved searches which negated folders/tags (notebook1 + tag1 + tag2, but not tag3) no longer have the negations. Only multi selections (tag1 + tag2 + notebook). Kind of messes up my TSW/GTD workflow not being able to negate.

    2. I’m not seeing an option to edit save searches.

    3. Are there any plans to allow a more consistent view between the Notebook list view and the Tags view. Can’t say I’m a fan of the gray background and gray text of the Tag view. A view like the Notebooks list view would be perfect.

  • Tyler

    There is no “Software Update” Tab in my preferences?

    Any suggestions??

  • Gerhard Uhlhorn

    When I select a file on an Mac and press the spacebar, OS X shows the content of this file (Quick Look).
    When I select a note in Evernote 5 and press the spacebar, Evernote will open nothing. 🙁 But it should do so on a Mac!

    And I would like to have a tool to crop images (e.g. photos from letters, invoices etc.) – better an automatic document detection. 😉

    And Evernote should be able to use Apples Digital Images and the system wide scanner support.

  • Peter Cranstone

    Quick question – is there a shortcut to collapsing and or expanding shortcuts. It would make sense to be able to double click to expand and then double click to collapse (instead of right click).

  • Boris Yurkevich

    Dear Evernote team,

    I’m Evernote for Mac and iOS user science version 1. I’m not using your product any more for 2 reasons.

    1. Too slow and heavy both in Mac and iOS.
    2. No easy way to export all my data.
    3. Too many functions and options.

    So I moved to SimpleNote and the to AppleNote. I’m happy with that and I don’t need all Evernote features except photos with text index.

    I’m not using your product for ~ 2 years. I still have plenty of all my data there. Because point 2 I was not able to export it.

    I HAVE 4 QUESTIONS for new 5 versions

    1. How do improved performance, reliability? For example in version 1 WISIWIG editor was clunky. It like in web-browser not in an native app. I mean it is like Apple Pages to Google Docs, except Evernote text-editor was much worse then even Google Docs.
    2. How your improved simplicity?
    3. What is exact date Mac App Store launch?
    4. How do you improved data export. For example, Notational Velocity holds all notes in plain text for easy Finder access and it is indexable even with OS X Spotlight.

    Waiting for long response,

  • Passaickid

    Just did the download — definitely beautiful visually … Some beginners questions:

    Is there still a way again to see number of notes in Notebooks in Left Column?

    Can one note be placed into Multiple notebooks ? If so how do I do this?

    What are the specific steps to revert back to the stable v. 3.3 if desired ?

  • Randy Walters

    Additionally, I’m not a fan of cmd + n does not create a note in a separate window. I’d like this to change.

  • Jason

    I really like the new look…I would love Jony Ive to incorporate elements of this design into ios and os x.

  • J.P.

    Like others have mentioned, I have no “Software Updates” tab. I’m running 3.3.1.

  • JC

    Question. Downloaded the beta update and it looks really good. Liking it. One thing I have a problem with however. I have a 92mg note on the web version that is not downloading to the beta version. What do you think the issue might be?
    It wouldn’t upload to the pre beta version either but I understand that was because of a 50 mb limit on the old version. Does this new version have the same limit? The web, iphone, and ipad versions don’t have this constraint. Kind of thought this would be addressed in the new mac version. Thanks.

  • David

    Downloaded and installed with no problem. Learned patience as notes were re-synced and indexed. First impression – love it! List view of notebooks a little confusing – notebook and stacks view much easier. Very cool handling of tags, especially like the ability to choose a tag and have related tags highlighted. One request, it would be extra nice when viewing the selected tag and related tags to have all other tags hidden. Just finished reading about the new ios version, it looks great as well…now I am extra eager to begin using the EN/Business for my IT Department (we have 18 who are using EN on a mix of IOS Phones and Pads, Andriod Pads and Phones, Macs and PCs ( No win 8, yet).

    Keep up the great work.

  • Nigel

    As others have said, an updated Windows version would be warmly welcomed!

  • JeanChristophe

    Installing the Beta was done in a click.
    The new design is great, making Evernote clear and easy.
    Should be a following for some Mac Apps…

  • Lachlan Payne

    Upgraded, re-opened but there is no window.

    Quit and re-opened — twice — but still no window.

    Restarted MacBook Pro and re-opened Evernote… still no window.

    I can’t see anything.

    Some upgrade.

  • Dr Watson

    There is no software update on the preferences menu.

    I’m running OSX

    How can I download V5?


  • Peter

    I’ve just upgraded from 3.0 to 3.3 and now 5 beta. It really does look a lot cleaner and I’m looking forward to exploring it further. However, straight I’ve lost a major feature!

    I really miss have note colors in “Card View” mode. In the past I could easily switch notes between several I’m managing simultaneously, simply based on their color in cardview mode. Now it’s all boring black and white. Is there a way to bring back this feature?

    There is so little difference between card view and snippet view in the new version. The older way was MUCH better.

    • Jacob Landis

      I agree with Peter on both counts. I like new functions and ease-of-use updates — but the new colors are just not nice. Evernote was so pretty before! It had the charm of a personal desktop but without the clutter. Now it looks like a layout design for a prison. Sadly, it reminds me of GMail’s annoying spacial and icon revamping. It had a neat design that I was comfortable using – then they replaced words with icons to make it “simpler” and show less information on the screen.
      EN people, we liked it — that’s why it’s so popular! If you did a survey on the “new look,” I sure didn’t get it. I had just become a premium subscriber too…. not enjoying it as much.

  • Peter

    Just a second thought. I really love shortcuts. It works well. In combination with recent notes it would be better if recent notes only listed notes that aren’t also on the shortcuts. Does that makes sense? I hope so.

  • Dragan

    I think Penultimate and Springpad were the best two things that happened to Evernote lately.
    Good job with the new Mac version, although I’ll wait for the sharp release…
    Best regards!

  • J Downs

    Is there a way to add complex custom searches to the shortcuts menu?

  • justaninkling

    Waiting for an answer on this for a few days now.

    I do not see any “update software” option tag on my Evernote preferences. I have deleted all notebooks, uninstalled and deleted com.evernote.Evernote, and reinstalled, but still no update tag.

    Also, I install from Apple Apps store, because when I try to download from this site I am always redirected to Apps Store. Is there another way to download?

    Can you help? What am I doing wrong? I am using Macbook Pro (retina) with latest Mountain Lion.


  • Les

    This is confusing: “If you do not see the beta checkbox, then you have a Mac App Store version of Evernote and cannot update to the beta prior to the official public release.”. Should it not say:” If you do not see “Software Update”, then you have a Mac App Store version of Evernote and cannot update to the beta prior to the official public release.

    That makes more sense. To me anyways. And perhaps state when the final version will be released instead of trying to create this mysterious online hype.

    • Adam

      Agreed! I was confused by this. I guess I have the Mac App store version. How disappointing… 🙁

      • Rick

        What I dont understand is that EVERYONE surely has the Mac App Store version, as there is no standalone version offered and hasnt been for a good year or two now :/

        Surely Evernote can provide a public download link.

  • Passaickid

    Another issue:

    Please make the Toolbar customizable again….. 🙁

    • Jacob Landis

      Yes – annoying that I had fixed mine up and preferences are all reset and standard now!

  • Rich Edwards

    One old feature I noticed immediately was the lack of count of notes next to the notebook list in the sidebar. Couldn’t figure out how to display or turn on if it’s in there. My use case on that one is for my “read later” notebooks, as a signal of how much is in there with a glance.

  • David Horovitz

    Beta 5……nice…..

    I like the shortcut feature most BUT

    for years I have been asking for three things….
    Ability to rotate a page or picture without having to export first and then do that job and then drop back into evernote
    Ability to change the embedded header not just the note header. eg. If my wife drags a bank transfer png made as SCREENSHOT XXXXX into Evernote, I can change the title SCREENSHOT XXXXX to something else but in the list view it remains as SCREENSHOT XXXX
    I want to export a note directly as a PDF instead of a HTML and then go looking for the pdf in the HTML folder

  • Jan Lankhorst

    Why can’t I, as a Premium Member, obtain the beta version? Yes, I am running MAC OS and Evernote 3.3.1 and did reinstall Evernote recently due to the Sync Bug. The reinstall was offered by the Mac Store…but that should not limit my ability to obtain and install the beta. At least that’s what I think.

    greetings, Jan

  • Kevin

    Running 2012 Mac Book Air 13. OS 10.8.2 Downloaded the beta Friday. My mac has frozen twice since then requiring a hard reset. How can I go back to 3? I don’t want to use Mac App Store .

  • Chris P

    What if, when I go to my Preferences, there is no “Software Update” tab at all? I am running Evernote 3.3.1 on OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2).

    I would like to try the beta, and I use no local notebooks, only synced notebooks.


  • Xavier

    Nice new look, and love the shortcut portion, really great.
    I had some issues with my saved search “not working”, ie displaying notes that just don’t match (a search on 1 notebook with 2 tags showing me notes from other notebooks that didn’t have any of the tags :S )…
    1 suggestion and a feature request:
    – offer to remove the “Note, Notebooks, Tags…” icons, leaving just the names. They are kind of big to my taste and don’t look very “mac”
    – a great feature would be to have a power search option where one could choose no only the search terms but define an “order by”, where one would define an home-made order (among notebooks, among tags, etc.). This would really be a game changer for those of us who use evernote as a GTD tool

  • jabala

    The Atlas feature is great. However, it would be good if we could manually add location of a note / document like on iPhoto. I have a number of documents that aren’t geo-tagged, and I’d like to map them on Atlas, but it seems this isn’t possible. Is this a feature that might be added?

  • Gabriel Visser

    The new icon is nicer than the old, but it’s still a square. Come on, guys. This is OS X, not iOS. Even a similar style to the Notes/Reminders/Game would look nicer.

  • Jako

    I have tried the 5.0 beta version. I was excited by the new features.. And I have been very disappointed. As someone who writes a lot of notes, the new interface is terrible.. It is very difficult to have a global vision of all my notes. I like to have hierarchies between folders and with the new UI, you cannot have the simple hierarchy that was displayed before (you have a kind of very weird hierarchical view with no notes or notes but with no hiearchies..)

    I would hope that Evernote gives the user the possibility to have either the new interface or the old one, as in many softwares (like Mac mail for instance), but unfortunately they like to impose their view on what is a good UI for their software… Do they really test their UI on “real” users? (or maybe only US people… )

    I would wish to have colored icons back also… I have been in the PC world since 1980, and having only grey is not a progress in my view… I am a “premium” user, but I really consider using another software for my notes.. I already use Day One for both Mac and Ipad for my journal, because the UI is much pleasant and handy to me…

    • Darya

      +1 to this!
      I need a hierarchal view of my notebooks, as is very well implemented in Evernote 3. Please do not toss the baby out with the bathwater when trying to make a new version.

      I have looked at the new features, and until hierarchal view is re-implemented (as well as the bugs people are mentioning here) I would not consider upgrading. I AM ABLE to use Evernote much more quickly and efficiently with the old version – two clicks (onto notebook stack and onto notebook) – and I can find exactly what I need: the last note in a particular notebook! The new interface will require many more clicks TO DO EXACTLY THE SAME THING… Is that really efficient? Useful? Helpful?

      I have been a dedicated evernote user for over 3 years, and a premium user for 2. While I would not consider switching (too many note migration issues) I would be very unhappy for a company whose product I enjoy using and recommending to others sacrifice intelligent usability for purported ease of use. I DON’T care about where my notes were made, for example, I care about easily accessing all of my lecture notes for a particular subject or research topic. BTW I am an academic who used evernote for managing courses while I was a student and continue to do so as a researcher.

    • Julia Landau

      Totally agree. I want the old version back. Nicer look, and “hierarchal view” that made me love EN in the first place! Argh why does this always happen??!

  • Darin DeVore

    NEW NOTE ISSUE – When I create a new note the note is not selected. The previous note on my list is still selected. I have to scroll to the new untitled note and select it before working on it. This is way too many clicks. The last version of Evernote did not behave like this. Please fix this soon. Thanks. I do like the new look.

    • Darin DeVore

      It would also be nice to have the cursor waiting in the title field.

  • Gary Smith

    I don’t have the Software Update tab in my Evernote preferences. How do I update my software? I’m running the 3.3.1 version.

  • Kennon Bickhart

    Been playing with Evernote 5 for a while, and I’m liking the improvements that were made. I still have a few things that I’d love to get ironed out.

    + Drag and Drop a note on the Sidebar.
    + Allow the Sidebar icons to work as a sort of traditional folder, so I could double click on them to show all Notebooks, or Tags, etc… I know you can right-click to show them, but double clicking would be nice to have as well.
    + Show Note count when showing all Notebooks/Tags in Sidebar.
    + Support for Markdown. 😉 This is more of a pipe dream, but I do love some Markdown.

    Overall I’m really liking this update. And I’ll provide more feedback as I use it more. 🙂

  • Joseph Pellegrino

    For those who have the App Store version. Uninstall it and download Evernote 3.3.0 here
    Then you can find the software update menu.

  • Ced

    Hi, I encountered a bug with the beta. Here is a screenshot of the bug:

    It appears when I select several cards on the expanded card view then switch to another view “see card” or “see extracts” (not sure of the english wording) (while having the cards selected). I do that to quickly edit the tags of several cards.

    Another issue is the translation in French. “Expanded card view” is still in English, while all other options have been translated.

    Other than that, the new evernote is easy to use, but it took me some days to understand how to quickly jump between stacks. Maybe the arrow near the stack name at the top should be more obvious. Cheers.

  • Nippysaurus

    Download the non App Store version here:

  • Annette Shiley

    FIrst time Evernote user here. Decided to cut my teeth on this often-touted note machine by getting this beta version.

    My first suggestion: Please allow us to know the total word count of multiple notes when we select them. As well as the total word count of a notebook. Essential for using Evernote for NaNoWriMo, is it not?

    Many thanks for a cool free word machine. I look forward to learning more of its treasures.

  • gman

    I love the new version! One thing though: please, please, please, add the ability to have a combination of tag and notebook as a shortcut. One of the things I use Evernote for is the GTD secret weapon system, and Evernote would be perfect if I could quickly access my notes under Actions Pending with the tag 1-now. Thanks!

    • 5 String

      Based on the date of your post, you’ve had about a week to use EN 5 with TSW system. Does it work well? I’m a bit nervous of the upgrade to 5.

  • Apu Q

    Please bring back the forward/backward buttons.
    And allow us to open a note link in new windows.

    • Stephanie

      Totally agree – this was critical to my workflow, as I use Note Links in my notes, and when I click on the link, I can’t then get back to the original note! Bummer!

  • Nick Dyer

    Liking the beta v5 still getting used to the way all notebooks are displayed in list, but giving it time.
    Do seem to have one problem. E Mailing messages to Evernote, any attachments are not populated. When trying to drag and drop attachments, again not populated.
    Is this a general problem or local to me. Is there a fix or should I wait until the final version is realeased?

  • prevoz do aerodroma

    I think Penultimate and Springpad were the best two things that happened to Evernote lately.
    Good job with the new Mac version!!!

  • Anthony

    I am pushing for a iAWriter-style full-screen note mode.

    I want absolutely nothing on the screen except white and text. This is huge when I’m writing and no visual distractions.

    Throw it in!

  • Mike

    I’m enjoying the new Evernote 5 on my iMac and took advantage of the excellent new Shortcuts feature.

    But was disappointed to find that when I loaded it onto my other Macs, my Shortcuts were nowhere to be found!

    Are there plans to sync shortcuts to other devices or will I be required to remember which shortcuts I created and re-create them as I move from Mac to Mac?


  • Andy

    I don’t have that ‘tab’ in my preferences. Strangely, Evernote can send notifications to Growl… Running Mountain Lion 10.8.2 with Evernote 3.3.1

  • Dan

    I really hope Evernote 5 includes two of the features many have been requesting for a long time (1) collapsable outlines and (2) in-line text tags… ala OneNote. These are the two features that prevent me from dumping OneNote altogether. Please say these will be included.


  • Régis

    I like the new interface, downloaded it and tested it for two days. Practical, I gain time using Evernote but I had a sync issue, modified notes just won’t sync with my iPad or iPhone. Instead Evernote creates several new versions adding (2), (3) after the original file of the note. I’m too busy with my thesis to risk using the beta version so I went back to 3.3.1 and will wait until those bugs are fixed.

    But overall great job guys. Sad I will have to wait.

  • Casey

    I would like to add my voice to the loss of easy tag management in this new version. Like many have already voiced they use Evernote to implement GTD and the older ability to see your tag (and notebook) hierarchy on the far left and the ability to select different combinations of tags (and notebooks) was key. I have seen recommendations to use the saved search feature, but this is limited at best as in order to get back to previous functionality one needs to save many searches. And it is not easy to save a search for that matter! I think the solution is simple, have the option to keep the far left pane look like the old far left pane. And really instead of clicking on “notebooks” and having the main window list all your notebooks or clicking on “tags” and having the main window list all your tags. Just have them expand so that one can see all of their notebooks and tags all there listed on the left pane and then allow us to select what we need.

  • Thomas Evans

    Those who are hungry for the beta (like me) could always revert to an older no mac store version of the software, then update following the process above 🙂

  • Lenny Pier Ramos

    + Drag and Drop a note on the Sidebar.
    + Allow the Sidebar icons to work as a sort of traditional folder, so I could double click on them to show all Notebooks, or Tags, etc… I know you can right-click to show them, but double clicking would be nice to have as well.
    + Show Note count when showing all Notebooks/Tags in Sidebar.

    yes please…

  • BMestre

    I have been using EN5 and – to my regret – the company still hasn’t paid attention to the claims of its clients. I believe that EN is a fantastic program and definitely one of the best document organizers around; however I still do not understand why it has such a lousy text editor. It is absolutely unbelievable that a program such as EN does not allow its users to do line spacing within texts. This is where Onenote wins because it is much more user friendly and a much better editor for someone who has to write down loads of text in seminars, meetings, etc. I have been trying to get around the issue by means of a combination between Word and EN (I write down notes in Word and save the document to EN) but this is simply a remedial situation; if EN could have a decent text editor comparable to Onenote then it would be the most important tool of the market!!

  • Miguel

    Really disappointed that, as a premium user, I can’t get the beta cos I get my Evernote versions from the App Store… Surely you should have thought that most OS X users (and ALL on Mountain Lion) are getting their apps from the App Store?

    Sorry, short sight! :/

  • rocknrollme

    To the guys not seeing the update tab, you can download the beta DMG up on Softpedia :

    Just install the DMG manually and it works just fine.

  • Lenny

    Can we get an update on when the new Mac version officially comes out? It’s torture to tempt us with it and then not give it to us!

  • Artur Bodera

    Beta 2: more stable but the syncing UI locks up.

    Usually when the app starts up it tries to sync and progress bar hangs at “syncing” 50% times.
    Sometimes syncing hangs when editing notes (i.e. editing text).
    Bottom left corner – syncing and progress bar is frozen (does not move).

    Sometimes it takes 1 or 2 minutes for it to go away, no idea if it worked or failed.

    Feature request: notebook specific sorting – when browsing all notes I tend to browse them by date created. When I enter a specific notebook (i.e. “IDEAS”) then I’d like to see notes sorted by title/name. Currently the sorting persists on all notebooks and I have to clickety clack a lot to make it right each time.

  • Alex

    I’m a paying evernote customer and I’m very frustrated with the removal of hierarchical notebook display on the left pane. While all the new features may be pretty, I don’t understand why this basic functionality was tossed out. For someone with a large number of notebooks, removing this display pretty much renders evernote useless.

    • Alex

      Actually negate my above post! Right clicking on notebooks and selecting “Show notebook list” displays the notebooks in a tree.

    • Jack Hirsch

      You can still list your Notebooks and Tags in the Sidebar. Just right-click Notebooks or Tags and click expand.

  • Fix iTunes

    I’m happy to say that this update, Evernote 5.0 is excellent. As far as looks go it’s perfect I think. I was using 2.0 and now I have jumped right to this 5.0 update as I felt it was needed.

    The only thing is it’s taking such a long time syncing not sure why? What is it doing as I don’t know. I’ve tred quitting and it wont. It’s been 4/5 hours now but I suppose I can force quit this but I don’t want to lose anything. Any suggestions as to what I should do? Is this just a long process? I didn’t realize just updating software would take this long? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  • Theo

    I hope a version 5 will come out soon for windows!

    (at home it works great on my macs, but at work I’ve got Windows 8)