Coming Soon: Evernote 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


Coming Soon: Evernote 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Posted by on 02 Nov 2012

Posted by on 02 Nov 2012

As if our Evernote 5 for Mac preview wasn’t exciting enough, we have another surprise up our sleeves. While our Mac team was hard at work building their new version, our iOS team was working on some major updates of their own.

Today, we give you a preview of our upcoming Evernote 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Oh, and it works great on the new iPad Mini.

We’ve learned a lot over the years about how people use Evernote on mobile devices. It’s all about speed. Whether you’re creating a note or browsing to one, everything needs to happen fast. Also, you want the app to easily support your preferred organization scheme. If you’re a tagger, then tags must be front-and-center. If you put everything into notebooks, then those need to be quickly accessible.

And, everything needs to be one or two taps away.

This thinking led us to completely redesign the app. We introduced Views for Notes, Notebooks, Tags, and Places. We added Quick Note buttons to let you easily create a note with a single click, and, on iPad we added a Recent Notes list to make multi-tasking easier.

To learn more about Evernote 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, take a look at our What’s New Page.

This update is coming very soon. Let us know what you think.


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  • Jake

    Looks great! What about Android?

  • David B

    Looks fantastic, I’ve been hoping for a mobile app redesign for a while now, especially on iPad. I use Evernote like crazy but I’ve shied away from using it on mobile devices because its just a bit too clunky. This looks to prove that a grea lt deal.

  • policarpo

    Wow….it looks wonderful! Can’t wait to use it! Great work as always!

  • Daniel

    Yummy!!! Soon is not soon enough!!!

  • Lukas

    As usual, I’m in love. The Evernote experience is always getting better and better. Are we ever going to see a dedicated Clearly app?

    • DigitizedSociety

      Or even just a special notbook within Evernote for a persons Clearly items that uses the user’s clearly theme.

      • Jacob


  • David Mee

    Just praying you added a “select all” button, and/or a way of selecting multiple notes. I have loads of saved searches to enable me to move notes in bulk to different notebooks but this falls flat on iOS at moment

  • Chris

    Will there still be access to saved searches?

    Also, I noticed a Favorites section at the bottom of the Notebooks view. Does this mean we can favorite certain notebooks? How about favoriting individual notes? If so, it would be great if you could include a consolidated Favorites section that combines favorited notebooks, notes, and saved searches.

    The Premium Features tab seems unnecessarily intrusive, especially for premium users. I don’t think access to premium features is important enough to justify its own tab on the home screen. Perhaps this could be changed to a Favorites section as described above.


  • Scott


  • Julio

    Looks, amazing, I don’t wait more time.

  • Chris Gonzales

    Wow, this looks gorgeous! Can’t wait for the release.

  • C@N

    It’s just gorgeous. Love it. 🙂

  • Jay-Jay

    The preview does look like there is going to be a very navigable GUI.

    Two questions:
    Will the tags view support a display of the tag hierarchy? Touch interfaces might lend themselves very well to delving ever deeper into a hierarchy.
    Will opening a PDF in Evernote on IOS let me select a pre-existing note to attach the PDF to (i.e. will I finally be able to use other applications to annotate PDFs stored in an Evernote note)?

  • Tyler

    I’m geeking out right now because of how awesome this is. These two updates coming so close together feels like that ONE Christmas present you don’t want to ask for because it’s too expensive. And here it is!

    This must have happened because I upgraded to Premium on October 23rd. I think I’ll just keep that up forever now. Evernote, you guys ROCK!


    Nice Work!!!! Question… How does the new app look in landscape on the iPhone?

    Eagerly awaiting the Windows Desktop update. Would be nice to have a charcoal gray menu bar on the left like the Mac desktop client.

  • Lars

    Looks Great! Can I now share notes (links) directly out of the app??

  • Tiro

    Looks awesome! I don’t own an Iphone / Ipad, so seeing this video makes me kind of jealous… 🙂

  • Iggy

    I can’t wait to get this upgrade! It can’t come soon enough 🙂

  • Thomas Quendt

    There’ s only one word: Wow!
    Can’t wait for the Update.

  • Jeroen Merks

    Great innovation and all, but it seems Mac products get all the good stuff way ahead of Windows’s platform and let alone Linux’s.
    I’d pay twice as much as I currently do if releases and support were released more uniformly across platforms.

    Thank you.

  • Sam

    Please, can we opt out of the crowdsourced translations in this version?

  • Daniel Paul

    WOW, this is amazing! Can’t wait! 😀

  • Jeremy Binns

    Totally geeked. I’m really looking forward to a zippier interface. You guys rock!

  • David

    I would love the ability to sync content locally to my iPhone and iPad by tag rather than by notebook. I’d take the current version with that functionality over a new version!

  • Karl M.

    I look forward to each update for what clever things have been implemented and this looks like a great rethinking of EN for iOS.

    One killer feature I’m really hoping for is note links… please say there will be access to note links?


    • Brandon B.

      I second this… I LOVE note link!. Please tell me this makes it to iPhone & iPad in EN5 🙂

  • Jerome

    Awesome !!
    Is there a chance to integrate PenUltimate into Evernote soon ?

  • Paul Boag

    As a user interface designer I have to say I am massively impressed by the quality of work involved in the redesign of both the mac and iOS apps. They are a huge leap forward and make Evernote an even more indispensable tool.

    Great job guys.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks Paul. Design at Evernote has really evolved over recent years. We’re taking it very seriously. It’s really excited to see the team’s work come to life.

  • Carl Spackler

    Please, please, please make this a stable release! Looks great, but if it takes 5-8 updates to stabilize, then I’ll be super sad

  • André

    Thanks, looking forward to get rid of the buggy and ugly iPad version. Android is great so far. You guys are doing a great job!

  • Tom Martens

    looks great, but (of course a but) will it be possible to link notes using iPad or iPhone?

  • Angela Booth

    Can’t wait! Looks wonderful, especially having the camera so handy. Another great update to look forward to.

    I just installed the new beta, Evernote for Mac, and kudos for that too. Not only is it beautiful, and elegant, it seems much speedier.

    Thank you for all your hard work. 🙂

  • ThatGuyKC

    Booyah!! This looks fantastic.

  • ej

    Looks great, yes we want speed! But please remember that iPad 1 still exists!

  • Andrew Hanus

    The UI looks very clean and easy to navigate. I think you really hit the nail on the head with your “the important stuff should be one or two clicks away” comment. Your guys’ niche (taking notes) is an extremely dynamic and fast-paced function that requires the product to focus on the ability to allow and provide almost complete fluidity of use and functionality, because if the end-user is slowed down or gets frustrated….you have become extinct.

    My ONLY suggestion after seeing your well put together demo would be….have you thought about imitating or reminding a user (via notification) that would initiated based on geographic location (i.e. mall, Target, store, and a custom input) that you may want to take notes. I know it would enhance my Evernote experience.


  • Les Posen

    Cloud security issues are what I get asked about the most by health professionals when I demo Evernote.

    Any improvements in this area?

  • Ag

    Looks great! But I would really like to see tag hierarchy on the IPad. Without that It takes to much time to find a tag..

  • hadrien

    android stinks ??

  • Joey

    Can you create new notebooks in the iOS version?

  • Richard Diaz

    It definitely looks more intuitive and the interface looks more inviting now. I use Evernote moderately, but I have a feeling that after the update I’ll increase my usage of the app quickly.

  • Rich Schmidt

    Two questions:

    1. Will I be able to take photos in landscape of items on a table? The current iPhone version won’t do this.

    2. If I import a photo from the Camera Roll, will it start me at my most recent photos, or at my oldest photos, like the current version does?

    All the other interface improvements are lost on me if these basic functionality items are still broken.

  • Doug Hanna

    It has notebook stacks.
    The rest of this announcement is irrelevant; let the celebration begin… It has notebook stacks.

    FINALLY! Woohoo!!!!

    But seriously, it looks great! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • Kevin A. Mitchell

    I hope you included the absolutely most important feature of all, more important than new graphic designs:

    The application must not crash. Especially when taking notes.

    I am loving the heck out of Evernote for the way it can store all kinds of media for me. If it wasn’t such a great underlying system, the crashiness of the current iPad app would have had me looking for alternatives.

    I’m kind of disappointed to see no pictures of the view with the list of notes on the left, and the currently selected note on the right. That’s a very handy note view for me; will it still be there?

  • Calvin

    I like the iphone version but I think the ipad version could use the space more efficienty. Tbe main view looks like it’s stretched out. Could use some of the space for something else imo.

  • Happy Traum

    Have people been experiencing any problems with V. 5? I’d love to give the beta a try but the warning is a little scary. If I have a backup of the previous version, will I be able to revert to that if beta 5 fails me? Let me know and I’ll probably download the new version for Mac very soon. I’m excited and eager to see it for myself!

  • Stephen

    Looks fantastic; can’t wait for its release 🙂

  • Johannes

    What a great update. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • iCoco

    That is fantastic news! I just hope that “soon” means “tomorrow or earlier”! 😉
    I am a premium user just because I like Evernote so much and want to support it. However, I’d like to agree with Chris’ contribution above on the topic of a Favorites” tab rather than the “Premium” tab. But that would just be the icing on the cake. Apart from this small “issue”, I guess I’ll really fall in love with the new Evernote apps.

  • Junior

    Great! It looks shiny and colorful! I’m a premium member and would gladly pay double just to have Font Control, the ability to size font on the iPad, especially. I’m sure different users have different priorities–for some of us it’s photos and for others it’s text. Please don’t ignore us, or at least give us some idea when font control will be available, if ever. I feel like EverNote is spending vast amounts of time and labor to polish bells and whistles, while essential functionalities get ignored time and time again. Every major upgrade has come to be an exercise in anticipation then dissapointment. So, as my iPad app gets prettier and prettier, I use it less and less. Thanks for listening.

  • Devin

    Textexpander support, please!

  • Craig

    Just the fact that I’ll have my stacks on my iPad now is making my day. The other features are just sending it over the top. Thank you thank you Evernote!

  • Jacob

    I don’t even know what to say… THANK YOU!!!

  • Carolyn

    What is the difference between Dropbox and Evernote? Apple and I just don’t click $12,000 later.
    I’m a PC! Life is good….
    Is Dropbox a PC app or Mac app?
    I have “Docs To Go” too.”
    Confused in Texas?????

    • Thomas


      Dropbox and Evernote are totally different, IMHO. I use Dropbox for file sharing among team members and Evernote for my digital filing system with everything organized in digital notebooks. I share Evernote notebooks with various team members for collaborative work.

      Evernote has one of the best file searching capabilities of any cloud service I know of.

      Given the choice between Dropbox and Evernote – no question – Evernote.

  • Jonathan

    Looks good!

    Instead of Premium features tab can we have saved searches tabs. That would be so much more useful.

    Also copy note link is something many EN users have been waiting for. Will that be included?

  • Cristal31

    Bonjour à tous . Dommage que je ne sache pas ni comprendre ni parler l’anglais tant pis Pour moi …. Bonne continuation à vous !

  • PremiumUser

    Great news but no mention of the core of the app, the text editor…which is in my opinion the major flaw so far, especially on the iPhone.

    It’s hard to edit, a lot of bug and the subdivision of section is not available on Mac…

    Any improvement on that dimension?

  • Nelson

    Looks fantastic! I hope this new version will get rid of the crashing problem on IOS.

  • Hutch

    One question: Will the new version work in portrait mode on the iPad? I saw only one image in the new iOS Evernote guide that looked like it might be in portrait mode. I’m a longtime Evernote user (6+ years), but this would be a deal-breaker for me. I don’t like it when developers decide how I should hold my iPad.

  • Phil Bowman

    Looks great! And ironically, I’ve downloaded my Diesel Sweeties Red Robot USB Drive to Evernote already 🙂

  • Mostafa

    I finally will have notebook stacks on iPad. Waiting so long. But I hoped tags also appear with their hierarchy according to nested tags on the account.

    The most important thing I wait for is a stable version, because the current one is very frustrating.

  • Travis

    With every release I cross my fingers for higher quality audio notes. I didn’t see anything about it in the video or the “what’s new” page. Are my hopes dashed again?

  • Chris

    Please please please have notebook stacks for ipad!!!

  • Alan

    Looks nice. Hopefully it makes search work again, it hasn’t worked for months on iOS for me.

  • May

    Looks great!

  • Tiffany

    I’m dying toget this update! I’m a little dramatic but seriously the UI alone is making me drool. The current UI is boo hiss! Well it’s not that bad but it sure isn’t pretty! I also love the notebooks icons. I can’t stand the current ones with those stacks of paper..

  • Andreas Rønningen

    Looks fantastic!

  • Marco Gangini

    I use Evernote on my Mac so I can’t wait for the new update, but I also use ir on my Android device.. Do you also make an update for my OS?? Thank you!

  • Luis

    When are you going to publish the new app

  • Samantha

    This too! –

  • Vincent Wong

    May I please request that the team incorporate an option to hide recent notes or remove this function completely? If I’m showing friends my notes on my iPad or projecting them at team meetings, I do not want my personal notes to be seen with just a swipe of the finger.

  • Ben

    This is a terrible upgrade. Where is the unified search field? You’re telling me that I have to click on a folder before I’m able to search through it? The beauty of an app like Evernote is the breadth of what you can collect with it. Given that breadth, it is VITAL to be able to fire up the app and immediately search acros all notes without having to go into some folder or sub-folder. Not only is this upgrade almost entirely cosmetic, and therefore useless, but it actually does away with an essential feature. Good going, idiots!

  • Mike

    Give me a word count feature – that’s all I need different

  • Adam

    Yet another redesign. Again. Will it ever be good enough to leave it alone for a while and, oh, I don’t know…fix the crashing?

    I have had an iPhone of one model or another for 3 years, and have had Evernote of one version or another the entire time, and in all these years, I have NEVER been able to use the Evernote app without it crashing at least 1/3 of the time. Just yesterday I made a new note from my camera roll, and when I went to add tags to it, the app crashed. When I opened the app again, it said there were “conflicting changes” on the note. I hadn’t even finished adding or uploading it yet!

    You can make it as pretty and “intuitive” as you possibly can, but if it crashes, I cannot depend on it. If it crashes, I am constantly frustrated by it. If it crashes, I WILL NOT USE it.

    And the other issue is speed. If I need to add a note quickly, but it takes 15-20 seconds for the app to load and actually let me tap on a button, it’s pointless. I can pull out my pocket notebook and write on paper before Evernote can accept keyboard input. Or I can take a photo with the iPhone Camera app before Evernote can even “open the shutter.”

    I don’t like being negative, but I am being honest here: as far as iOS goes, Evernote has its priorities messed up.

  • I. Warner

    Stop teasing me & release the updates already!! Lol!

  • Gabriel

    I am extremely happy to see the new features in Evernote 5! Wonderful job coming from the developers! Keep the good work coming and we will gladly continue to use and prefer your software above others!

  • Mark

    Looks awesome! I use Evernote every day, several times a day. WHEN will it be available?

  • Stuart

    I really hope there is an option to allow you to always open the Evernote app with a new note sitting there ready for you to type into with no other interaction necessary. This is the one reason why I don’t currently use the Evernote app as my default note taking app (even though I’m generally a big Evernote fan). This is something apps like Drafts gets just right – open it up, note is ready to type and that’s it. Perfect.

    Of course, someone will now tell me there is a way to set this up already 😉


  • Kohaku

    P.S. I also find adding tags cumbersome, I don’t understand why there isn’t a button in addition to the camera, audio, info and share buttons at the top of a note when editing that you can use to directly add a tag instead of going through the info button route.

  • Adam

    I agree with Kohaku: tagging is vital–it’s part of what makes Evernote Evernote–but it takes way too much tapping and typing and backspacing and scrolling to apply just 3 or 4 tags to a note. Sometimes I feel like it takes less time and effort to add a note via email and put the tags in the subject line.

  • Rev. Brian Henderson

    Is there anything in the works for incorporating inknotes/handwritten notes in Evernote for iPad? For years, I used Evernote on a Windows Tablet computer and learned to value that portion of the program.

    I realize that I can (and I have) use 3rd party applications, but the need to email a note into Evernote just doesn’t make sense, when you folks already have done that for the Tablet program.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Dave

    Love the new version. I have my whole life in Evernote but unfortunately I have my whole life in note organized very well, with all my notes in a single folder. I really miss the A-Z scrolling that was on the right side. Search alone doesn’t work well for me.