The New Evernote 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


The New Evernote 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Posted by on 08 Nov 2012

Posted by on 08 Nov 2012

Our apps never stop evolving. Every few weeks, we release an update that adds something new or improves an existing feature. It’s not often that we launch a complete redesign. In fact, it happens only once every few years. That’s what we’re doing today with our huge, new Evernote 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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Design Goals

Our goal with the redesign was simple: make all major functions accessible within two taps. Achieving this goal was easier said than done. Evernote is a powerful app that’s used for a huge variety of tasks. Our team of graphic and interface designers spent months developing an approach that fit the needs of our users. From quick note takers to hyper organizers, the new Evernote 5 has you covered.

The Home Screen

We started from scratch when thinking about the home screen. The objective was to let a person create a new note or browse to an existing one with equal speed. To make this possible, we divided the screen into two sections: Quick Notes and Views.

Quick Note Buttons

Along the top of the app, you’ll find the Quick Note buttons. These let you create a new text note, start a snapshot or digitize physical documents with Page Camera. We made the buttons large so that they’re easy to tap, and we eliminated several steps from the process, perfect when time is of the essence.

The Views

Below the Quick Note buttons you’ll find a list of Views. Each is designed to help you get to your notes in the way that works best for you. We never dictate how users should organize their information, which means that some people rely entirely tags, others on notebooks, and others don’t use either. With this new design, we’ve found an elegant way to cater to everyone’s needs. Tap or swipe the green bar of a View to expand it to full screen, do the same to return to the home screen.

All Notes Views
The default All Notes look is our newly designed cards layout. The cards beautifully highlight the content of the note, giving you a good amount of information before you tap. On iPhone, if you prefer a different layout, swipe down from the top of the list to expose the sorting and search options. You can choose the classic snippets layout, as well as a different sort order.

Beside the layout options, you’ll find the search bar. It’s always there at the top of the note list when you need it. As always, you can search your account by keywords and by text contained within photos and images.

Notebooks View
The redesigned notebook list is a huge improvement over previous versions of Evernote. First, it brings all of your notebooks and those shared with you by others into a single list. You can scroll the list to find notes relating to a school or work project managed by someone else just as quickly and easily as you would find your own content. If you want to only see your own notebooks, pull down from the top to show sorting options.

In addition to the unified list, this view also shows Notebook Stacks, displayed as a wrapped grouping of books. Notebook Stacks are now also available on iPad! Tap on a notebook stack to expand it, then tap on the individual notebook you’re looking for.

We also made it easier to add a new notebook. Just tap on the Edit button in the green bar, then tap on New Notebook.

Tag View
If you organize your notes with tags, then you’ll love the new Tag View. Your tags are displayed in a list sorted alphabetically or by note count. You can change the sort order by pulling down on the list to expose the sorting options. You can also search for tags by typing into the tag search bar.

Places View
Location is one of the most powerful ways to remember your experiences. Evernote 5 makes it easy to relive all those memories. If you have location enabled, then every note you create on your iPhone or iPad in Evernote, Evernote Food, and Evernote Hello include location info. Now, you can easily view all those notes on a map. Pinch and zoom to find the area that you’re interested in, then tap on the notes icon in the top right corner of the screen. When you tap the icon, the notes from the selected area will overlay on the screen, allowing you to see the memories associated with that place. To return to the map, simply tap on the pin icon.

Premium Feature View
Evernote is completely free, but for our more active users, we offer some great additional features as part of Evernote Premium. Now, Premium users can easily manage their Premium features from this View. These Premium features includes the ability to download notebooks for fast access any time, PIN lock and more. If you’re a Free user and would like to learn more about the Premium features, just tap on the View.

New on iPad: Recent Notes

The iPad’s larger screen allowed us to add a great element to the home screen: Recent Notes. This horizontally scrolling list shows you the last several notes that your viewed, edited and created on the iPad. Tapping on one jumps you to the note. Recent notes are great for taking notes in a meeting, then looking something else up, then quickly returning to the note you were editing.

Questions and Answers

We created several useful resources to help you get the most of the new Evernote.

  • What’s New Page that outlines all of the new features and capabilities.
  • Getting Start Guide to help you learn everything there is to know about the app.
  • A beautiful new learning experience when signing into the app. If you’re an existing user, I recommend signing out once you upgrade just to see it.

And More…

Not only did we add a ton of great features and redesigns, we also made the app faster, more responsive and more reliable. On top of all that, the new Evernote 5 looks and works beautifully on the new iPad Mini. We hope you like the new look of the app. There’s lots more to come. All of you Evernote Mac users, stay tuned. The new Evernote 5 for Mac is coming very soon.

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Meet the Designers

If you’re interested in learning more about the thinking that went into this and other Evernote apps and products, then join us in San Francisco on November 15th for our Evernote Talks: Design event. Space is very limited. RSVP here.


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  • Tomislav

    Great work.

    I’d like the ability to view notes from a specific notebook on a map. Not all notes, but just from that selected notebook.

    • Peter

      +1 (Great update BTW!)

  • Matthew Hall

    Looks cool – can’t wait to upgrade the version I have on my iPhone. Keep up the awesome work as: I <3 Evernote!

  • Gina

    Can I possibly love a company more than Evernote? You people are simply awesome. Always improving, realizing the magnitude of your product! Love it!

  • Lisa

    So…this new update doesn’t work on the Macbook?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The Mac update is coming soon.

  • Jay Wang

    Great update, but I just realized in the tags view, chinese tags are categorized/stacked with the first chinese character, which is not really helpful(hint, we have around 1000 frequently used characters, not 26), please use the first character of the Pinyin phonetics please. You even have a China specific version of evernote, I’m sure you care about China market.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the feedback.

  • Paul LeoGrande

    Awesome! I use Evernote every day, and now not only is it more functional than ever, it’s BEAUTIFUL too! Great job guys!

  • ADF

    Love it!! Well done, people!

  • Matthew Yankelovich

    Love the new look except I haven’t been able to synchronize anything since upgrading … constant “synchronization failed” messages.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Please contact our support team:

  • Evan

    Looks awesome! I’m still using a 3GS, but this update runs so much faster!

  • Richard

    No list view for Ipad? 🙁

  • Marko Maslakovic

    Looks and functions very well both on the ipad and iphone! Seems much quicker as well which is an added benefit! Keep up the great work – cant wait to find out what’s next. The one item on my Christmas list would be the ability to add video notes…

  • jcmoriaud

    This is a fantastic new version. Thank you.
    Cheers from France…

  • Dom Bettinelli

    Wow, it’s awesome. Lots of great new features, although the best feature is the speed! So fast now. Great job.

  • Ivan

    Just updated! really beautiful look, effective and stacks support is great.

    Just missing view by list which I was very used to. Would it be possible to add back the view by list in a next update? I hope it will stay available on the desktop app.

    And it would be amazing to be able to manage stacks as on the desktop so we could add a new notebook in an existing stack or create a new stack etc.

    Great job, looking forward for the desktop update 🙂

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Stuart Walker

    Very nice upgrade, finding notes by notebook (stack), tags, and search all significantly improved. Of course it wouldn’t do not to add a few wishes. A date stamp on the notes edit bar (or access to TextExpander) and a list view, or classic view on iPad.

    • michael

      YES!! Date stamp!!

  • Jay Croft

    Awesome. I was looking through Evernote on my iPad mini yesterday. The navigation on this new version is so much easier and intuitive. Great Job!!

  • Chad

    Omg I can’t wait for this! Amazing work folks!

  • Carl Spackler

    Very nice work on the iphone version. Seems to have solved the crashing issues I’ve complained about here for the last 3 years. I wish I could say the same on the ipad version. Pretty much on command, I can crash it on there. Wow, it’s terrible.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Happy to hear that the iPhone issues are resolved, but we would like to get to the bottom of the iPad crash. Could you please contact our support team:

  • Barrie Stephenson

    Hey – Where’s list view – pretty icons and snapshots of pages may look nice, but I want to scroll a list of notes. tell me I’m missing something please. IPad user.

  • Andre

    The 5.0 version is definitely a step forward. I like the idea of the Places, Tags, Notebooks and All Notes “pages” but I’d love to see that extended further in functionality. For example, I rely on searches extensively and I’d love to have a Searches page. I’d also like to be able to alter the order in which they appear.

  • Ron Hockman

    Saved Searches? Where can I find those?

    I use Evernote for many different purposes, and sometimes multiple tags intersect in specific ways that are important to me. Saved searches give me the flexibility I need.

    For that to be missing, this app loses about 50% of its usefulness to me. Please consider adding that feature into 5.1. In the meantime I will try to figure out how to get 4.X back.

    • Jonathan

      Ditto! I use Evernote with “The Secret Weapon” and live off my saved searches.

    • philipp

      click on all notes
      scroll up (=drag down) to access search bar
      tap in it and saved searches appear

      sounds more complicated than it actually is.

      • Jonathan

        Thank yo. You just fixed my world.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Tap in the search bar to see your Saved Searches.

  • Dan Landrum

    Wow. Great work. You are creating my ultimate ubiquitous capture tool for files AND ideas. Thank you.

  • Rich

    I’m afraid it doesn’t float my boat so far.

    The old iOS app was pretty good, and this one’s pretty good too, in a different way. The only thing that was a pain before was adding tags to a new note, and its still a pain 🙁 Requires at least 5 taps to add a tag, and a sixth if you want to continue editing the note…

    Very easy to accidentally get the Notification Centre when trying to swipe down a green folder. In fact, I wonder what the green folders do that couldn’t be achieved with a button bar like every other app?

    Favourites are difficult to get to. (And I was surprised that the notes I dragged to my toolbar on the Mac OS version don’t get any special treatment.)

    Onto the good: the places view is awesome! I can see myself using this a lot.

    As someone who only uses one notebook, but lots of tags, I can’t help feeling that the software is pushing me to start having new notebooks and folders.

  • Ron Liston

    Love the new layout…has anyone figured out how to “insert date” on 5.0 on the Ipad? It was command-shift-D but not anymore. Thanks

  • Kenneth Barrett

    Thank you for all your work on a great product. I have a question on the new version on my iPhone. I use saved searches quite a bit. I cannot seem to find them on this new version. Am I missing something? Thanks.

  • Lynn

    Stack support on iPad is great. Looks beautiful – but is unworkable without a list view. Too many ‘cards’ to scroll though to find what I need.

  • Typo

    Big upgrade but still no support for TextExpander Touch… (
    Seriously considering cancelling my premium account

  • Dino

    Nice on iphone but I can’t figure out how to search notes!

  • Robert Bance

    I like most of the new features with Evernote 5 on the iPad. BUT not seeing the notes in List view is a SHOW Stopper for our company. We have so many notes that we need to scroll through. The grid view to way to slow for us.

  • Lynn Kilbane

    Is the Getting Started with Evernote on the iPhone and iPad Guide accessible within the application? I did find a Getting Started with Evernote Guide within the application, but this is not the Guide that is specific to the iPhone and iPad, which I saw on your website.

    Thanks for the superbly designed update.

  • s121

    Most hard working team on the planet..It’s great.
    Thank you

  • Michael Bodstrup

    Overall nice, but how do you turn the horrible skin off in Notebook View ? – Thought that kind of design was dead with Scott Forestall’s departure from Apple.

    Seriously, lots of unneeded ornament, and it is not obvious where to tab – what is a group, what is a note book ?

    Keep it simple and present the required info on the screen.

    Take a look at the UI in the reminder app Clear to get an idea about a beautiful and functional UI.

    Evernote is an important tool for me, I am a subscriber since 2008 and very happy with the functionality. The new notebook design however, is just so bad I can’t imagine it came from you though. Some users may like it, so make it an option (unless it already is and I did not find a way to turn it off).


    • Adrian Laubisch

      Couldn’t agree more, Micheal.

      I was very excited about this update, but…for me, it got more beautiful, of course, but worse. Can you guys please put an option to turn the new interface off?

  • Roger Green

    So with all these enhancements still no way to output a PDF ?! When I save a PDF in Evernote I’d like to be able to output the same way. Thats like putting dollars into the bank but only being able to withdraw lira! Don’t rush yourselves Evernote, after waiting years for this I’ve switched most of my work to Dropbox.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      PDFs work differently on different Evernote platforms. On desktop, you can drag the PDF out and into other apps. To do that, first you should right click on the PDF preview in the note and view the file as an attachment. On iOS, you can copy the PDF or email the note containing the PDF. It will have the PDF as an attachment to the email.

      • Sam

        You’re misunderstanding him.He wants to be able to save notes as a PDF.

  • Mike

    A fantastic update. The old iPad version was tired, lacking in key functionality such as stacks and was prone to crashing. Updates like these are why I’m happy to pay for a premium subscription.

  • Michael Bodstrup

    More thoughts.

    iPad version better, but I still think the notebook view uses a lot of screen space. A list view with ‘expandable’ folders would be nice:

    Swipe right on a folder name to expand the folder, showing notes indented a bit to the right.
    Swipe left on any note to close the folder , making scrolling to another notebook much faster.
    Tap the note to open
    Pinch the note to close it.
    Have an option to show notes in full screen when opened, the view of partial note ’tiles’ in the background to the side is just distracting from the note content.

    How about being able to set the background color of a text note – that would make fast ID easy in a long list or tile view.

    An yes, why is there still no text expander support ?


  • Ollie Upchurch

    On the new iPad version how do I get the grid view back for notes within a notebook. I clicked on the “title” view and now want to go back to the grid view that shows all notes without any sorting…the default view when I first started the app.

    Otherwise, I love the new format. It could also use a tab for saved searches.

  • Matthew Weier O'Phinney

    Looks great, and incredibly responsive. Any chance we’ll see these features on the Android versions of the app at any point, for those of us using multiple devices? 🙂

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We always look for ways to apply lessons learned on one platform to the others.

      • Anne Lloyd

        As an avid user of Evernote premium on iOS and Android devices in 4, 7 and 10ish inch sizes, as well as desktop versions on PC and Mac, I have to say that I really hope you’ll keep the the wonderful attributes and function of the Android version. The user experience is ideal, and I feel like making some Skitched-up screenshots to show you guys just what I love the most about it.

        The new iOS version is pretty, but I’m really looking forward to some of the functional updates mentioned in this thread.

  • Tony

    This update looks absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to add it to my ipod touch. Any chance you will also have this update/look added to the Android app also? If so, when?

  • Scott

    Very disappointed that there is no additional Penultimate support. I am hoping that at some point we will be able to hand write notes in Evernote on the iPad.

    Is this ever going to happen?

  • James Wickenden

    Just downloaded update for Evernote on the iPhone. What can i say, i now just want to use it and the Camera feature for taking photos of documents if just fantastic.
    Well Done Evernote

  • Anders

    Great update, nice layout.
    But the update buttondoes not wor on the iPad.
    Works between PC and iPhone.

  • JTravers

    Did you finally add support for iOS URL schemes? It would be great to setup shortcuts that launched the app directly into a new note, a particular notebook, etc.


  • Neal Watzman

    I like the new interface for Evernote for the iPad and iPhone. Clean and attractive. There doesn’t appear to be an obvious way to Delete a note in the new app for the iPhone, however. On the iPad, there’s the standard Trash icon, nothing obvious on iPhone.

  • Angela Booth

    Thank you! Love it; especially the SPEED. I’m always creating voice notes while I’m out, and I can’t believe how much faster the app is on my phone.

  • Ben Simmons

    I love this update. I can finally consolidate my notes into one place (Evernote). I’ve been keeping notes is several applications because I had difficulty getting around in the old interface. On your next update could you consider putting Notebooks tab first or at least giving the user the ability to organize tabs(I like to keep notes organized in notebooks).

  • Kevin

    OK on iPhone 4S – Don’t work properly on iPad 1 – Very Annoying!

    On iPad 1
    1a) Choose any option – All Notes, Notebooks or Tags
    1b) Open a note then close the note (no changes)
    1c) Return to Home Screen
    1d) Result – the selected option is Green background but all others are Black background. None of the Black background tabs can be selected. Need to close the app & re-open to get all Green again.

    Again on iPad 1
    2a) Open and close a note – it appears in Recent Notes
    2b) I accidentally touched New Note Button at top of screen
    2c) Closed the new note – it appeared as an empty Untitled Note first in Recent Notes list
    2d) Opened the created Note in Recent Notes
    2e) Deleted the Note
    2f) Returned to Home Screen
    2g) Result – the deleted note was still first in the Recent Notes list but with the content of Note 2 in the list
    2h) Close the App and re-open it – the “Deleted” Note shows but is then removed from the Recent Notes list

    As stated, this version seems to work ok iPhone 4S on IOS6 but it is not working properly on iPad 1 on IOS 5.1.1 (the latest version available on iPad 1).

    It does appear to be faster on the iPhone but must be made to work properly on iPad 1 otherwise we were better off running the old version which worked fine anyway. One has to question the testing carried out on an iPad 1 as these faults were found in the first 5 minutes of use. If I did not have the iPhone then I would have spent ages thinking that I did not know what I was doing wrong but the iPhone showed that it obviously was not my fault.

    Big Wish for Next Update (apart from fixing above)
    – Please sort it so that the note title can be defaulted to the first line of the note. This would save the constant copy and paste for every new note and ensures that this behaviour is the SAME as the desktop version (at least as it is now!)

  • John

    Love the new IOS update BUT, I use Evernote for To Do’s extensively and think the saved searches could be a bit more accessible / easy to get to.

  • Tony

    No list view on iPad. at this point you are removing functionality.

  • Irina Issakova

    Looks great! Question, what does the star next to the note name (in the note view) signify? This one:

  • A-lo

    Sounds slick and useful. I’d love to see this on Android. I’ve been a big Springpad user, but Evernote is just in a different league when it comes to ease of use and organizing all of one’s content, so I’m slowly shifting over. You can’t even renames tags on Springpad, which is just unacceptable at this point.

    One feature I’d like to see on Evernote would to be able to add places to Evernote by doing a search or entering in an address and not having to manually position the place marker (like in the Android app) or enter in coordinates. For example, if I want to add my favorite dry cleaner, I can search for their name in my city, and their listing pops up, and I can save that “place” to my notes. And in Android, it would be even better if you could find places in Google Maps or Yelp and use Android’s share function to share that listing with Evernote and Evernote will recognize it as a place.

  • Kin Lau

    Very nice. Being able to share a note from the iOS app would be nice.

  • Robert Kemp

    I just installed EN 5 on my iPad and it such a huge leap in utility

    Very impressed,

    BTW – The recent upgrade for EN for Blackberry is great

  • Brian Meagher

    As a Premium user, I do *not* need to see the Premium Features “tab”. Especially at the top of the list.
    Please make that a toggle on/off or the ability to replace it with Favorites.

    For Premium users, we should be able to either HIDE it or REPLACE it with Favorites, or Saved Searches.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks. We’re looking into doing something like this in a future release.

  • LG

    Thank you SO MUCH! I pretty much live on my iPad now and the old Evernote was clunky. 5 is a HUGE improvement to my eyes. Faster, cleaner, more intuitive, better looking and more useful all the way.

  • TheDude

    I have to say it’s a great update. I’ve been tested it for the past hours on my iPad2 and so far really happy with the job that as been done. 🙂
    BUT something has been forgotten by th developers that was there before: result numbering. I can’t seem to find this. I do a sear and I can’t see how many notes Evernote has found. This is a problem for me because I need to know how many items I have for my eBay business. Note search results numbering should be put back on the next release update.
    Apart from that all is good for me!

  • Miguel

    Scrolling a note on the iPad 3 is incredibly slow. The new version is nice but it’s plagued by performance issues…

  • Peter Petrovski

    Great update but it needs search to be a top level tap rather than need to go into ‘All notes’ then search. Searching is one of the key ways I use Evernote and it really needs to be one of the most accessible options I think.

  • Colin Henderson

    Very nice. Been using all day before I commented. The objective of speed is met for sure. The interface is good and getting more comfortable with it.

    The only issue I have is the camera capture and document capture buttons. They do not work as advertised. When used the manual says we will get the note editor back to review the note, edit title, tags etc. this does not occur and the note is saved automatically.

  • Jen

    I am a Premium user and sponsor Evernote for my work team; this update is great, thank you!
    Am I missing the view where you can scroll down the alphabet and tap on a letter to quickly go to those notes starting with that letter? With a few thousand notes saved this is really a necessary feature…
    Thanks again for a great app

  • Joe Burdo

    The “premium features” bar is a waste of space that could be used for something else. The only 2 modifiables there are offline notes and pin lock, neither of which is altered by most users enough to justify their own bar. Those options could comfortably be buried in another menu if you’re just concerned with the most usable interface.

  • Rheinard Korf

    Love the update. Thanks for making me feel special by adding my ‘Premium’ anniversary date (1/6/08). Nice touch!

    == Feature Request 1 ==
    Like others, I too would love to see support for Textexpander Touch added. For the moment I cant help but work in [wont add competitor name here] because its just so much quicker. Takes longer now for notes to end up in Evernote, if they make it that far.

    Aside from that, I’m also running the Mac Beta. Love the fact that there is a uniform feel now.

    == Feature Request 2 ==
    The brown paper notebooks are nice, however, I would love to be able to customise notebook colors. Colors help me organise visually just that little bit more.

    Keep up the good work. Proud to be a long time Premium member 🙂

  • Bob S

    Love the work you’ve done with the new iPhone/iPad version. Please, please, please… you bought Penultimate, please start improving/integrating it. I take hand written notes on my iPad. I don’t want handwriting recognition, I want to be able to view multiple handwritten note pages without having to go to a PDF viewer. I generally review my notes at night and then do a synopsis with keyboard input either on my mac or iPad. Having to open the PDF version first is very clunky.

  • Sanford Gips

    Great looking new re-design but I have to take issue with the search feature and the difficulty I had finding it. When I first opened the re-designed app, I wasn’t able to find the search bar without watching the video. For an app that is so clean and beautiful, finding the search feature was remarkably not intuitive. Why not add the search icon to the three new note icons that appear above all the tabs? Thanks for being the most useful iOS app ever!

  • Charlie

    The only problem I have so far (and this was a problem in some earlier versions as well) is that it’s too easy to accidentally edit a note. If I just want to read a note and click on a link within the note, I should not be able to change the note by touching it with my finger. I much preferred the old edit button, but at least give an option to make notes “read only” (i.e., be able to turn off and on the edit function). If not that, then we need an undo button so we can undo unintentional edits.

    • TheDude

      Agree on this. so website’s layout that I’ve clipped are modify because of this edit one touch.
      Can we have an edit button instead of this please?

  • Tiff Tate

    Great update but where can I get that red robot? 😎

  • DB

    I’m another user who needs a list view for my iPad. Tabs to move through the list alphabetically are also sorely missed. Navigation is cumbersome. If i need to go from a note titled Txxxx to one titled Axxxx i have to scroll through most of the list on my iphone, and most of the grid on my ipad Sorry to say, I hate this “improvement”.

  • Thomas

    Love the new update – a lot! Notice that 100% of the time Evernote on my iPad crashes when trying to delete a notebook – just me or bug?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      That is a known bug, and will be fixed in the next update. Sorry about the inconvenience.

  • Kenneth Barrett

    Please unbury saved searches. I notice when I try to delete a tag in iPhone version, the app crashes every single time. Hope this gets fixed soon. I’m still on 3.3.1 on my MacBook and every time I try to edit a saved search, the app crashes. Hopefully this will be fixed in Evernote 5.

  • Alex

    Not liking the skeuomorphism, but given how perfect the app/service is otherwise I can’t complain.

  • Judd6149

    Premium user since 2008. A few comments:

    I like new performance upgrades; much faster

    The new design is s step forward, but the notebook view is a big step back. We don’t need the cute-sy design. This is a progressive app; an app that transcends note taking and notebooks; an app that doesn’t need to draw cues from “old”. Functionally the design for the notebook view do zero for the app. Bundling notebooks is great, but the current design is not. Good effort, but give it the sleek design it deserves.

    Taking an image note now requires extra clicks. I capture an image and then the note auto saves itself before I can edit it. Now I have to open the note back up, edit and then close it.

    Search needs to be either its own tab/layer in the home page list or a consistent box up top. Saved searches should be easily accessible. Evernote is and should always be intuitive: to use as a product, to use as an app and to use as an extension of our recall – search should be prominently placed to get us one step closer to “intuitive” at all times.

    When you open the app (iPhone) you see the first few note in all notes view. If I want to open the top (visible) note and I click on it, it doesn’t open. I have to first open that view and then click on the note to open it. If I can see it (anything) on my screen, I should be able to open it … intuitive.

    I’m a paying user for four years; I’m not going anywhere. At this stage I hope that you will consider my comments. As Evernote has become part of my daily workflow, any “steps back” are a hindrance.

    As always, great effort and great product. I love that Phil is creating a 100 year company … Lets just not take that long to achieve 100% intuitiveness in the apps/product (which is what memory could/should be).


  • Vincent Wong

    I love the tiles view, which recalls the iOS version of Evernote I first used. Going forward, please give your users the option to customise their experiences, such as:

    – Choosing tile or list view
    – Choosing notebook skins or displaying last updated note thumbnail (Notebook skins are really, really ugly in this version)

    The very first time you incorporated a picture viewer in iOS was the best version to date – in this current iteration, pictures still display fuzzily and do not open full size.

    Yet again I beseech you – slideshow viewer in picture viewing mode, please!

  • Reg

    No landscape support for iPhone 5 which makes typing useless.

    All in all, A USELESS APP.

  • Luc

    I love look&feel and speed. So props for that. I’m missing something though: is it possible to do a search within a notebook? When I select a notebook and then perform a search it turns up with results from other notebooks as well. I’ve been using the Secret Weapon set up, and that gets screwed up of this isn’t possible

  • Mike 30

    Evernote has just done an Apple, they have done a great job with version 5 , yet the one area Evernote is totally lacking is its note taking, it is the WORST note taking app available. Even apples free notes app is 100 percent better! Why don’t Evernote learn from a great app like Notability ? It’s been around a while yet Evernote has not learned what users want, for instance although Evernote now has a better recording function that can be used from when writing a note one cannot hide the recording bar, it’s clunky and not user friendly.

    Evernote is a superb platform and version 5 is a HUGE improvement but its still RUBBish when it comes to taking a note.

    Unfortunatly it may only get fixed when a competitor comes along and eats their breakfast, come on guys please please please address the fundamentals , go take a look at products like Notability and honestly ask yourself how Evernote compares?

    Please please take NOTE

  • TheDude

    All notes are not display when selected by tags. Example: Tag count says 22 notes and when you select the tag to view the notes there is only 6 or less. One of my tag says 203 counts note and I can see only 12 of them.

    No Search count results. You search notes and it doesn’t tell you how many notes have been found. This was available on previous version.

    When started EN you can’t really see if the synchronization update is running or not. I could see it at first but not anymore. I just added 5 notes, could see them updated on my iPad but nothing showing the update was in progress.

    One option that should be available is the ability to disable the automatic synchronization when starting or updating EN notes. Why? This process makes unresponsive EN for a moment and sometimes you can’t scroll notes during the process. Let’s say you want to update quickly 5 notes. After making changes on one of them you can’t carry on the second one and so forth straight away because EN is sending the changing to the server after leaving the note you just update or add. You wait sometimes 10 or 15 secs before EN is functional and responsive again (during that time: unable to scroll, open or browse notes). Big lost of efficiency and productivity here. I have found a workaround to this by going on Airplane Mode on my iPad to prevent EN to continually synchronize and communicate with the server. And on Airplane mode EN is more responsive and faster to view, edit, add and scroll up and down notes. On Airplane mode I can edit 10 notes quickly then when I am done, I go back in settings, disable the Airplane mode, go back to EN and just let it synch my newly update/add notes. Not really Efficient and productive but it does the trick. Efficiency and productivity!! Crucial for the experience when using EN!

    The search field is way too short and do to not expand anymore. If you enter more than 2 or 3 words you do not see all the words you enter in the field. Before 5.0 you could see this (search field was spreading all across the screen). Now when you tap the search field it doesn’t expand preventing to see all words you enter in the field. And this is also the case for Web version of EN by the way. You do not see all the words you enter in the field when you enter more than 2 or 3 words. And the Web version is even worse because when you select and want to search with a Tag name in your query it add the tag name first in the field than you have a short space to enter the word for your search. It gets even worse when you have selected 2 or more tags on the Web version, you basically not have space or view the word(s) for your search. This field should be all across the screen and clearly identify. EN is all about searching our memories and notes faster. Google understood this from the start. You open Google, first thing you see is the search field and nothing else. EN should be the “Google” of my memory and notes therefore the emphases should be put more in how fast is retrieve my note after searching them and the search field should be more emphasize. In EN IOS 5.0 I have the impression that the developers want to tell us “The search is not important, no need to see clearly what you enter there but hey look the new GUI!!”. Functionality and efficiency should be first then design after that what should be the order priority.

    List view: why remove this?? Bring this back please. At least give the option to go on List view or not.

    Date update: not present anymore.
    Date created: still present but no possibility to sort by ascendant/descendant. Same goes for title sort.

    I’m a Premium user, I have more than 21 thousand notes and I loooove EN!! Because I love it so much I want it to be the “Google” of my brain, memories, ideas and notes. EN teams and CEO should look the company in this way i think. More emphasize should be put on searching and retrieving notes. And give more choices to enable or disable functions rather give us only one choice. It is my opinion and reading other people comments here I am not the only one I think.

  • Mark Vanderberg

    I may not be the standard user. But I use Evernote on Windows, Android, OS X, iOS. Very much like the new design but I’d like to see a unified design throughout all the platforms.

  • Steve

    For the most part this is a great update. One feature I hope to see in the future is te ability to make and use saved searches. I use saved searches all the time on my desktop and would love to be able to do so on my iPad.

  • Green Ireland

    It’s so slow on my iPhone 4S, I keep thinking it’s crashed.

  • rootdr

    This is FINALLY the version I have been waiting for. What an AWESOME upgrade that is truly designed top down for iOS devices. I am ecstatic about what you guys have done!!!

  • QEver Dev

    Awesome update! Love the speed and mobile-friendly design, and from a technical point of view, I can see how much efforts are put into this release, and how good the engineers are. We’ll re-think of QEver now, hope it’ll catch up.

  • Judd6149

    Premium user since 2008. A few comments:

    I like new performance upgrades; much faster

    The new design is s step forward, but the notebook view is a big step back. We don’t need the cute-sy design. This is a progressive app; an app that transcends note taking and notebooks; an app that doesn’t need to draw cues from “old”. Functionally the design for the notebook view do zero for the app. Bundling notebooks is great, but the current design is not. Good effort, but give it the sleek design it deserves.

    Taking an image note now requires extra clicks. I capture an image and then the note auto saves itself before I can edit it. Now I have to open the note back up, edit and then close it.

    Search needs to be either its own tab/layer in the home page list or a consistent box up top. Saved searches should be easily accessible. Evernote is and should always be intuitive: to use as a product, to use as an app and to use as an extension of our recall – search should be prominently placed to get us one step closer to “intuitive” at all times.

    When you open the app (iPhone) you see the first few note in all notes view. If I want to open the top (visible) note and I click on it, it doesn’t open. I have to first open that view and then click on the note to open it. If I can see it (anything) on my screen, I should be able to open it … intuitive.

    I’m a paying user for four years; I’m not going anywhere. At this stage I hope that you will consider my comments. As Evernote has become part of my daily workflow, any “steps back” are a hindrance.

    As always, great effort and great product. I love that Phil is creating a 100 year company … Lets just not take that long to achieve 100% intuitiveness in the apps/product (which is what memory could/should be).


  • David LaMotte

    Yes! Evernote 5 is a fantastic update. I’ve been asking for notebook stacks on the iPad, and your solution is an elegant one. In fact, everything about Evernote 5 is elegant– simple, clear, and powerful. Can’t wait to see the new Mac desktop version! Congratulations and thanks to your design team.

  • Mc

    Looks much better.

    How do you sort the views by date created or modified? I found the date or title option.

    Also modifying a notes tags in landscape, the dialog box is off the screen, you can type a letter and guess or have to rotate to portrait view. Bug I guess.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We will be adding a date created search in an upcoming release. Modifying tags in landscape will also be fixed in the next update.

      • Anthony Hughes

        +1 for Date Created sort (not search) please – I find it considerably more useful than sorting by notes that have only been modified more recently.

      • Eric

        another +1 for a sort by date created. PLEASE!
        It’s almost a NO-GO for the iOS App for me right now.

        Thank you for a great product, and keep up the good work!

  • Deborah

    I’m having trouble with it hanging up on my iPod Touch. Is that because I haven’t upgraded to iOS6? (I heard about all sorts of problems, including my neighbor who lost all her contacts and spent two hours at Apple’s “Genius Bar” and could not get them back).

    For example, if I start with a text note, I can add one photo, but if I try to add a second one, it says “processing” forever.

    I’m trying to get the hang of the new tabs. I can tap on the title “notebooks” in the green bar to open it, but I have to swipe it down to close it? I find I have to do it 3 times or it bounces back open.

    I concur with what someone else said about the photo and document buttons used to make a new note. It’s nice to start with a picture, but you don’t have the option to even give it a title, much less the body text, before it’s saved. So mine was saved with some random title “Snapshot from” and then something on my Google calendar for today that has absolutely nothing to do with the note. Then I have to go back into all notes, sort by date so that the note appears at the top, open the note and fix it. At this point, I think I’d always start with a text note and then add a photo.

    I have a question about taking photos. Now I’m confused between the blue check and the X. The X seems to close the camera, what does the blue check do? Did it have both before? I thought before it only had the blue check which meant you were done and it closed the camera.

    And finally, I took a photo of an 8-1/2 x 11 document in portrait mode, and it came out rotated into landscape mode on my desktop. What do I do to prevent and/or fix that?

    It looks pretty, but so far I’m not sure I like it better (or until I get used to it – even as much).

  • RicD

    Like the new view. Here are my requests:
    Many times I do need to change a notes font style and size. Such as from Verdana to Arial, some sizes are too large 24 I want to be 14, so at present I must do that on the Mac not iPhone.

    An undo option. When working in a file on the iPhone if I make a mistake there is not a way to undo what I did, again I must sync with the Mac then make changes there. This especially bad when I accidentally delete text or graphic.

    Better word processing ability within a note both on the Mac and iOS.

    Thank you.

  • Kohaku

    I agree with Brian Meagher and Joe Burdo, it seems unnecessary to have the premium tab, sone other more useful function would be welcome, like: Can I no longer order my notebooks by most notes? That’s a real pain if not, it looks nice but it was much better when I had my notebooks with the most notes (ie the most used) at the top of the list.

    A change I’m very very pleased with that I’d been asking for for a long time is now I can at last create a new notebook on my iPhone (!!!) instead of having to create a bunch of new notebooks just in case on my desktop- the Evernote guide claimed this was already possible but the screenshots of iphone in the guide did not match with the actual app, even though I provided multiple actual screenshots as proof I kept getting sent round the houses by evernote people telling me it was just like in the guide when it patently wasn’t – infuriating.

  • Omar

    Hey guys,

    I love Evernote and am almost evangelical when it comes to preaching about its many benefits and uses to all my friends, who have themselves signed up. That’s why I have to say that it pains me to write my critique of this version.

    I’m scratching my head at many of your changes.

    Here’s why:

    1. I already pay for premium features, so why does the premium tab take up so much room?
    2. The iPhone is a small enough screen to start with, why is Search buried?
    3. Does the ability to drag the individual menu options add to usability? How? Whenever I drag up a menu option like, say, Notebooks and then try to drag it down again, I wind up accidentally triggering the Notifications Menu. Tapping instead of sliding is only marginally better
    4. Moving from tags to notebooks to whatever now requires two clicks where it previously needed just one
    5. Skeumorphic design does nothing to enhance the experience, only clutters the information I need most.

    While I appreciate the effort to make the app smoother and more pleasant to look at, I feel that this approach undermines Evernote’s most important feature: search.

    It baffles me that it now takes me longer to get to saved searches or to the search bar at all. As my Evernote database grows, more and more does it become a personal Google.

    I’ve always hoped that the design of at least the iPhone app would place “quick entry” and “search” as central to the interface, and make the ability to browse through tags and notebooks a secondary thing.

    I imagine a very stripped down interface that simply shows a search box in the center, easy data entry options at the top, and my Notebook/Tags/Places navigation menu at the bottom.

    I would also love to be able to customize that ‘navigation menu’ to suit my own personal needs so that my most frequently used notebooks appear there first. This could be done automatically based on data collected about my usage, or it could be done manually by “pinning” notebooks in place.

    I also understand your company’s desire to advertise Premium features by putting that tab at the top, but for me, the number one benefit to your premium package is OCR. By undermining your search feature, you simultaneously devalue the OCR scanning you provide.

    I hope these thoughts have been of some use. I really do love your stuff guys. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a more usable update in the future.

    • TheDude

      I totally agree about the search functionality too like Omar as just mention. Evernote should know that the whole point adding notes is to be able to find them. And yes Evernote is like a personal “Google”. You want to be able to search your notes quickly. and on the iPad version the “search” field do not expand. You can’t even see clearly all the words you enter in the field when on previous version. The “Search” field should right in front when opening Evernote.

  • Bart

    Nice interface, congratulations. Still, there are a couple of annoyances:

    – highlighting text: works well in the ipad version. Why is it missing on the mac / windows applications?
    – ipad version again: sorting files by date is quite nice, but if you don’t add new notes on a daily basis, there’s quite a lot of wasted space in tile view, as Evernote takes up the entire screen width for each month. Isn’t there a ‘compressed view’ similar to what you get in pinterest or read it later/pocket?
    – I would like to organise my notes by topic, which would mean the ability to manually rearrange them. Any chance to get that function?
    – PDFs which are shown in ‘attachment view’ would benefit from having a thumbnail
    – as stated by someone before, a ‘read only’ option would be helpful
    – iths might be over the top, but what about cross referencing notes?

    Still, good piece of work. For me one of the few really useful apps out there.

  • Brett Calcott

    I think the new front screen interface is terrible. This is particularly true on the iPad. I think it fails to take advantage of what the iPad can do, and the design still reflects thinking that is stuck in the world of mouse clicking (Is anyone else reminded of stacking Windows in MS Windows 3.1?).

    Try this: Open up the application and put it on the desk in front of you. Now quickly reach out and tap on one of Tags/Places/Notebooks/All Notes. How many times do you get it right? It’s easy to miss the one you want because they are so narrow. And what happens if you get it wrong, and mistakenly open the You now have to click in top left of the screen. Again, precision is required. What if you get it right, but now want to change views. Well, you have to come back out to the main screen (tiny upper left corner tap), then find the right line to tap on again. Yeesh.

    Dear Interface Designers, Instead of clicking (like a mouse), WHY NOT USE SWIPING! Go and download “Agenda”, a calendar app. Year View / Month View / Week View / Day view are all swipe to the right or left. You can swipe ANYWHERE on the screen. And the spatial layout of it fits easily into your head. At the day view? Swipe twice to the right to get the month view. If you want to scroll through time you swipe up and down. SWIPING Navigation is EASY. Now, Evernote is not a calendar app, but swiping between different views would surely be WAY EASIER than all of this clicking.

    I’ve got a subscription, so I’ll continue using Evernote. But I’d love it y’all came up with a truly revolutionary interface next time.

  • Judd6149

    I left a comment, but you chose not to publish it? Why? It was productive and polite.

  • Mike Seidel

    Really like the update, have just one problem.
    How do I tag a newly created note using either an ipad or iphone?


    I like the new update it looks really good. However I relied so much on the date created option and i cant seem to catorgorize like that anymore. Help! bring that back please.

  • Ben Nicolas

    After losing so much data (and time trying) to re-create my data after last unbelievably horrific upgrade bug (where ampersand in the note erased all content when note was opened and then sync wiped out all data on server and all data created in last 24 hours was lost) I’m petrified of upgrading my evernote desktop version. app crashes when note deleted? not able to sort by last modified anymore? The new design honestly does nothing for me, it is aesthetically different but I don’t find app any harder or easier to use. Its not cool that you don’t test your software better before releasing the updates especially considering as a premium user I’m paying for the software.

  • Judd

    Thanks again for continued development on the iOS app. I have been using it this weekend and this occurred to me: why isn’t the voice message button included with the current three at the top of the app?

    Are you finding that not many people are using it; lack of use doesn’t warrant a top spot? I have wanted to create a new voice note a few times and then had to dig for it.

    That doesn’t feel right. Any chance you could move that to the top row (iphone)/column (ipad) of note creation buttons? Get rid of that premium bar and you could make room for a fourth button on the ipad app.

    Thanks, Judd

  • Florian


    The update looks fantastic.

    I’m using Evernote on PC and on the new iPad. A HUGE general problem for me is that you are unable to change the font size on the iPad. When I’m working on my PC Tahoma 12 is perfect, on the iPad it’s way too small. Actually this is the reason I won’t upgrade to premium. Since people are complaining about this issue on your forum since a long time I doubt you will fix it in the next release.

    I also found two bugs on the iPad. If you want to I will send you screenshots via e-mail.

    Best regards

  • Anna

    I just dl’ed Evernote to my iPhone 5 for the first time ever… Having issues deleting notes that were accidentally started and a test audio note… I know it should be simple but the only time the delete button is active is when it’s on the notebook page and only if I delete a whole notebook. What do I need to do to delete a simple note?

    • Lyo

      Hi Anna,

      If you are in list view (one note per row), swipe the note from left to right or vice versa to reveal the delete button.

      If you are in notes view (notes appear in square boxes), tap and hold on any notes and a delete button will appear above the notes, much like how you’d delete an app on iOS.

      Hope this helps.

  • Wolf

    what I miss in search result is the A-Z row on the right hand side for quicker jump to a note matching my search; and – as others noted – the number of results would be nice to show up, too.

    I also wish the home screen wouldn´t take that much time showing up at first access of the Evernote App on my iPhone.

  • Ny

    My notes do not sync. I took notes with my Iphone but these notes do not sync to my Kindle and desktop.

  • Maarten

    Great app. Love the redesign, hate the fact that it takes two steps to search notes. One needs to press ‘All notes’ and swipe from the top before the search box appears. IMHO the search box should be on the home screen.

  • William

    How do you delete a note in the new app for iphone. I find that I have created 6 new notes when I did not want them and can not get rid of them

    • Lyo

      Hi William,

      If you are in list view (one note per row), swipe the note from left to right or vice versa to reveal the delete button.

      If you are in notes view (notes appear in square boxes), tap and hold on any notes and a delete button will appear above the notes, much like how you’d delete an app on iOS.

      Just thought I could help =)

  • Deborah C

    Nice design. Something’s gone very wrong with tag filtering, though. When I tap on a tag, the app often finds only some or even none of the notes with that tag.

  • Katreya

    This update has a nice-looking design. But I want to be able to find a Notebook, and then filter it by a Tag. I can’t seem to do this. What am I missing?

  • Randy

    How or can I change font size from my iPad?

  • Eric567

    I found the new version missing a number of useful features in the old one.

    There is no search function and I find difficulty in locating previous files.

    There used to be an up and down button to browse the previous and next note but there is none in the new version.

    Personally, I prefer the white background rather than the brown one.

    Please kindly consider restoring these essential features.

    • WebAlstrom

      I finally downloaded the new Evernote and you are right. There is no search! This makes the app totally useless! I can’t find anything unless I want to wade through dozens of notes all tagged with the same tag. I wish I could go back to the old version. It might not be pretty but it worked and I could find what I’m looking for. If Evernote doesn’t put search back in, then I’ll have to ditch it for something else… but what else is there!?!

      • WebAlstrom

        Okay, I finally found the search, but it isn’t very intuitive. I suppose I’ll get used to it, but having a dedicated button for something as necessary as search would be much better.

  • Hank Merkle

    Would this work on an Apple ipod?
    Would it have to be 4th generation or will earlier versions work as well?
    Any indication when this version will be available for android?

  • Rick

    I live the new look, but now I can’t copy and paste photos which is the reason I use Evernote.

  • Luc

    I’m really getting worried now. It’s one thing that the design might or might not be inituitive. But completely another that stuff just doesn’t seem to work. On the mac app I have 6 notes under a given tag. The number displayed next to the same tag on the iphone says 19, but there are only 5 there. On the ipad, the number next to the tag is 14, but there are no notes available. I’m starting to panic right now. Please guys, let us know what and when to expect concerning an upgrade. I losing trust here

    • TheDude

      I have the same problem too

  • Peter

    I LOVE the new design… it’s fantastic!

    One thing I don’t get is why – in this clean, nothing-wasted UI – the “Premium Features” tab is there.

    According to your post:
    “Now, Premium users can easily manage their Premium features from this View. These Premium features includes the ability to download notebooks for fast access any time, PIN lock and more.”

    …in fact those are the only two things I see in that view, and they are accessible by tapping the little badge in the top left corner, and the little badge seems to me like the right place for these options. Do other people change these options daily? I sure don’t.

    “If you’re a Free user and would like to learn more about the Premium features, just tap on the View.”

    That makes sense – this view really feels like a ad/promo for the paid service. But for us premium users, shouldn’t that go away? 3/4 of that view shows 1. that I’m a member, and 2. a list of the benefits of becoming a member in the first place.

    Amidst all of the sleek design, this view seems out of place. Anyone else feel this way?

    • Jon


      These are not features that you change very often, and this tab is mostly about upselling free users to premium, so please can premium users at least have the option of disabling it?

  • Daryl

    Evernote is a must-have app for me. It actually takes up one of the coveted 4 spots in the quick launch bar. THAT’S how much I use it. That said, I do not like this new user interface. I know you were trying to make any bit of information available in 2 clicks, but you’ve removed other functionality and reduced the overal usefulness of your app. Here’s my biggest gripes:
    1. Syncing on start. This takes way too long and it makes EN unuseable while it syncs. If I’m in a hurry and need to add a quick note, I don’t want to have to wait for it to finish syncing. How about an option to sync when the app closes (Toodledo and Calendars from Readle do this) or when we push the sync button.
    2. The new notebook view is absurdly frivolous. I know they’re notebooks, but they don’t need to LOOK like notebooks. The skeumorphism is terrible. It shows fewer of my notebooks now and even less of the title of each notebook. I use nested notebooks, and I learned that the best naming convention is to start the sub notebook with the name of the parent notebook, so that it’s easier to find the child notebook with web clipper apps and such. With the new interface, I can only see the first few letters of my child notebook.
    3. Speaking of nested or child notebooks, I don’t see a way to add or create these on the new interface. Once you create a new notebook, there is no way to drag it other notebooks into it.
    4. There’s also a bug creating new notebooks. When I put in the name and click “done” it says that notebook names must be unique. It’s actually creating the notebook, but instantly trying to create another one, giving the error. If you hit cancel, you’ll see that there is a notebook with the name you chose.
    5. Search – It’s important enough that it should be one of the quick access buttons on the home screen. I don’t like having to open the Places, Tags, Notebooks, or All Notes tab to search. The desktop app doesn’t work that way, why should the iOS app?
    6. Premium Features bar – please remove this for paid users! I know I’m a premium user, so why do I need to know the benefits of a premium membership??? Put a little gear icon next to the sync button on the home screen and allow me access to premium settings.
    7. Geolocation – please allow a feature in the settings area (which you would need to first create! EDIT-the settings are hidden behind the little shield icon next to your name) that allows me to turn of geolocation. I shouldn’t have to open the info section of each new note and deselect the location.
    8. When creating a new note and selected which notebook to file it in, there should be a checkmark in the list view of notebooks when you select one. I select a notebook and have to click back to “note info” to see if it’s in the right notebook.
    9. Sorting All Notes. There’s a Date sort button, but no way to select whether it’s sorting by Date Created or Date Updated?
    10. Tags tab – I do like the A-Z slider on the right, but the bubbles around the tag words is too much. You’re eating up valuable screen real estate. There’s also no way to edit a tag on the app, you can only delete them.

    You should really consider a beta program to let your power users road test these updates because it feels like someone that doesn’t really use Evernote that much redesigned it’s interface.

    • Eric

      +1 for all the statements!

      9. Sorting All Notes: I update notes e.g. to check up open tasks. now i really don’t want to see this note (maybe two weeks old or so) on top! I completely lost the overview of all my notes in EN for iPad! PLEASE change this as soon as possible. Thanks.

      I wonder how Jamie Hull is using EN on iOS?! In the video she states:
      “Here at Evernote we believe that the best mobile experiences are fast, easy to use and uncluttered.”
      Jamie – you made your App absolutely beautiful to look at – but I’m sorry to say that you did not stick to ANY of the three aspects that you believe in!
      Any comments on that?

      I also agree that a beta program would help you with real life experience…

    • RPC

      Right on, Daryl. I agree completely. Evernote is using its user base to debug what is obviously a beta version. I resent having to go to blog space, or even Googling the net, to find out how to do what used to be simple things. And I especially resent when things that used to work no longer work. The good news for Evernote developers is that I have no choice. I am “invested” in using Evernote for my work and know of no reasonable alternative…

  • Margo kenney

    how to bump in alphabetically in the new evernote notes? I miss the alphabet on the right side that lets you go to the general vicinity of a note without searching for a specific word.

  • Judd6149

    I have a question: have you heard of any issues with one way sync issues (iPhone to server) when pics are added from the iPhone app? My notes w/pics won’t sync this way. I am having massive sync issue and thought this may be it. Either way … Sync is broken and so is my workflow.

  • AET

    The new update is great! Please consider adding an option to edit notes in full-screen view. This would make Evernote my go-to text editor on the iPad. Also I second the comment about filtering/sorting notes by tag in Notebook view. Thanks!

  • Meo

    I’ve just upgraded to Evernote 5.0.0 on Mac
    I like the interface but lost some functionality!

    I used to be able to manually enter the GPS coordinates of the note when I wanted the note to appear on the map in iPhone.

    Now I can’t seem to be able to do this. All I can do is to click ‘Add location’ button in the ‘Note Info’ screen and it adds my home location to the note. And since my desktop computer is always at home – all notes will have the SAME location in Atlas.
    I’m just breaking my head trying to understand the usefulness of this!

    Moreover, now ALL my notes that have GPS coordinates appear in Atlas.

    This is just crazy – I don’t want this!!!!!

    Also I want to remove coordinates from some of my notes.

    How do I do this? Why has this functionality been removed?!

    Please tell me this is just an oversight and is going to be fixed soon!

    Recent updates to Evernote on iPhone and now this makes Evernote almost unusable.

    Yes, I like the new interface – great!
    But what’s the use of it if I have to switch to other app for my notes?

  • Anna

    The new update is impressive. The only thing I’m missing is the alphabetical bar on the side. I have over 200 notes in one if my notebooks and having to scroll through all of them manually is time consuming and slightly embarrassing during a meeting. Please consider putting back the alphabet shortcut bar into the All Notes section as well. Thanks!

  • Jillian

    Very frustrated that in the “All Notes” view the alphabet list on the R hand side has been removed. Was an easy way to toggle down lower in the list of notes and find what I was looking for. Now it takes forever to scroll down to notes that begin with “N” or “R” or whatever. Ugh!!!!!! Please re-institute this functionality!!

  • Igor

    Nice update, but please add an option to sort notes by creation date

  • Jannie

    Just to say I’m mad about the new iPad interface especially the new tags interface, can I have it on the PC too 🙂

  • Deepak

    I love the new iPhone app and I cant live without it. I am now a premium subscriber for past 2 years. It would be great if iPhone app could show full screen view of PDF attachment. It works great for images in the note — you just tap on the image and it goes into full screen mode, but it doesnt work for PDF attachments. When you open the PDF, it shows a toolbar on the top with “Done” button. I have been waiting for full screen PDF view for long time and was hoping it will make it into 5.0. I would really appreciate if Evernote could do the full screen PDF view.

  • Harsh Batra

    It would be awesome if you guys consider coming out with “calendar” view for notebooks i.e. providing a month/year view of the notes we are putting in to each notebook. As notes pile up in each notebook it becomes easier to get a perspective if we can see a calendar associated to the notes. Either way love the new crisp look of the update!

  • Jose CAssio Dias de Toledo

    The design is absolutely inaceptable
    An operating handbook should acompany the upgrade offer.
    How can a marvelous product to which I subscribe for the last 3-4 years be spoiled by an ïmporved”design.
    The interface is ridiculous end not user friendly.
    Mr. Steve Jobs wolud not accept such design, and is probably twisting in the grave

  • RdV

    The new interface looks very nice on the iPad, but for using Evernote in daily life it is a big step backward compared to the old interface.

    – I cannot switch easily between notes, as I always first have to close the old one. I liked the previous version with a list in the left column and a preview pane in the right column.
    – The animation when opening and closing notes is nice for the first time. After a few times I really get annoyed.
    – I cannot get a good overview
    – The card interface is not working well, I have to swipe multiple times. Often I hit iOS messaging box in the top.
    – I cannot sort notes on relevant criteria.
    – Notes showed in a grid is unhandy, you have to look all over your screen to find one. The small previews are not easily readable.

    Actually, I just want the old version again!


      Yes yes yes, i dont know how sort notes with speed,

      i cant change notes and put in other notebook with drag & drop.

      Now, work with evernote isnt productive.

      I want old version too!!!!!!

  • Mark Eisner

    Hard as I look I can’t find a ‘settings’ button on the upper left where the documentation says it should be. So I can’t find any ‘synchronize now’ button. So I can’t synchronize to the hub. So notes I have entered on the PC don’t appear on my iPhone. So Evernote is worthless to me, because that is where I like to edit my notes.

    I am running ios5 and Windows 7.

  • Barry Kelly

    Like Mark above, I also cannot find a Settings button anywhere in the app. I am using an iPhone 5. Besides no Settings button, the app has no indication of what version it is. But it was updated recently.

  • Houner44

    Evernote 5 for the iPad is a huge step backwards in functionality and usefulness. Where is the synchronization button?

  • Blaar

    I’m using Evernote on different platforms. On my pc it works like a charm for my GTD-style. On my Android phone it comes in very handy for adding a GTD-item/note fast. But I don’t like using the Evernote-app on my iPad. Maybe this new update will change my mind, but I like to see my notes more in list-form than in tiles.

  • Steveo

    I wish I would have researched more before updating my iPhone app to the latest version of EN. The “feel” doesn’t feel smooth to me. A lot of my sorting and quick access features are gone. Also on my iPhone in the All Notes tag, my search area at the top is completely inactive. I can’t activate a keyboard, I can’t change from date to title, or change from list to tile. This is only the case in the “All Notes” tab. The search area is active in any of the other notebooks or tag screens.

  • Steveo


    Just out of curiosity, I removed my EN app from my iPhone, and reinstalled the latest version on the App Store that is out there today. My search area is now working on my “All Notes” tab.

    The version I had on my phone was less than a month old, but perhaps there was a fix, or the install went cleaner this time. In any case my biggest issue is resolved, now I can at least use EN on my iPhone again. (Still waiting for reinstatement of some of the sort and navigation features others have commented on)

  • RPC

    RE 5.0.4: I am developing a love/hate relationship with the new E5 – a great app getting better with bizarre changes that seem like setbacks! I wish E developers would address the following problem: When E has the focus (like when I click on “new note…”) the ap should log all subsequent key strokes, and treat them as input to the note (or whatever). As of right now, there is a discernible delay, sometimes as long as 10 or 15 seconds, and many of the early key strokes are lost. Since the problem is not with my computer or system (iMac running 10.7.5, lots of memory, not much else going on with other aps), there seems to be no excuse for this. The problem does not happen for me with any other application.

  • William simth

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  • Sonia Bains

    I am new to evernote but now have it on all my devices and have got my friends and family hooked on it too! Only downside for me as I’m a student is the lack of highlighting ability on windows version, and the lack of colour text on the iPad/iPhone version. If this is difficult could you pls allow a tool for different colour highlighting on the iPad and windows version?

    Only draw back for me is the lack of colour ability of text and highlighting as I’m a visual learner. I might have to resort to a different app

  • Michael Steele

    Hi I just impress. this update so useful for every one as like I think.

  • amuramoto

    To sort your notes alphabetically, tap the ‘Sort’ button at the top of the Note List, then tap ‘Title’

  • Linda Nelson Gardiner

    I am new to Evernote and a not find out how to place a new notebook in an existing stack on my iPad. I can do it on the computer. Anyone know how to do this?

  • Loren

    Very nice post. I absolutely love this website.
    Continue the good work!