Creating Holiday Memories with Evernote Food, Upcoming Cooking Class, and the Evernote Holiday Pledge

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Creating Holiday Memories with Evernote Food, Upcoming Cooking Class, and the Evernote Holiday Pledge

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 13 Nov 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 13 Nov 2012

Kristi Willis, our Food Writing Ambassador, shares her tips for using Evernote Food this holiday season.

I love spending the holidays with friends and family and sharing lovely meals. This year, I look forward to documenting our festivities with Evernote Food, which will make it easier to share the memories with everyone, even those who can’t join us.

Of course, the key to creating an unforgettable Evernote Meal is having drool-worthy photos, which is not my strong suit. Fortunately, I have several photographer friends who have taken mercy on me and taught me a few tips that can help anyone take a great photo with their smartphone.

How to take great Food photos with Evernote Food


  1. Find the light. Light is the most important element of the photo. Good light = pretty food. If possible, put the dish in natural light (I take photos of my food on my patio table) by opening drapes or doors to bring light into the room. If that is not possible, have someone else shine a light on the food but avoid using a flash, which lights unevenly and can throw odd shadows on the dish making it look unappetizing. My friends and I provide light for each other at dimly-lit restaurants by using the flashlight apps on our phones.
  2. Set the stage. Remove any items you don’t want in the photo from the table or counter. You don’t want the photo to look overplanned, but you also don’t really want that dirty spoon or empty can of pumpkin in the shot of your gorgeous pumpkin pie.
  3. Get steady. If your hands are shaky, it will show up in your photo. One of my photographer friends tells me to tuck my elbows in tight to my body to make sure I get a steady shot.
  4. Shoot close. To do justice to your food, get up close to it when you shoot; no one will be able to tell how lovely the turkey is if you shoot the photo from across the room.

I’ve added my own fifth tip to this list.

Since I’m not a great photographer, I take a lot of photos. This lets me pick the best of the bunch and delete my less than stellar work. Evernote Food makes it easy to capture several photos at once. When you click on the camera tool at the bottom of the meal, Evernote Food lets you take multiple photos in the same session. You can then review the photos and delete the ones you don’t need.

Once you have all your photos loaded, you can add notes about your favorite dishes and how they were prepared in the Meal Notes. Because you can come back to the notes later, you don’t have to worry about your food getting cold while you are trying to type up your notes; enjoy your meal and fill in the details later.

Cheers to a memorable holiday season with Evernote Food!

Skillshare Cooking Class: Eat Local: Creating a Locally Sourced Recipe

Home Cooking Ambassador (and Instructional Technologist) Lauren Atkins is teaching a two-week course on how to create a locally-sourced dish using Evernote and Evernote Food. Over the course of the free class, you’ll be able to watch pre-recorded video instructions from Lauren to keep you on track, and benefit from a number of resources including handouts, worksheets, and a weekly Q&A with Lauren to set you up for cooking success. Lauren is teaching the class using Skillshare, a global marketplace for classes that lets you learn real-world skills from anyone, anywhere.

You can sign up for Lauren’s class here.

Take the Evernote Holiday Pledge

Over the next few months, you’ll probably be doing a lot of planning, organizing, shopping, cooking and traveling. The holidays can be as daunting as they are fun, but with Evernote, they don’t have to be! Take the Evernote Holiday Pledge to use Evernote this holiday season to be more organized and less stressed.

We’ve got a lot of fun Challenges planned (did you participate in the BIG Evernote Potluck already?), and we’ll be supplying you with a steady flow of Evernote tips and guidance from our team and our fabulous Ambassadors. Be sure to sign up for email tips by taking the Pledge, and join our public notebook, which we’ll be updating regularly with tips on using Evernote and our family of products throughout the season.

How do you plan to use Evernote and Evernote Food this holiday season? We’d love to know.


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  • Gary

    It would be great if we could edit Evernote Food in Evernote for Mac, Evernote web and Evernote for iOS. That would make using Evernote Food so much better.

    • Benjamin

      I agree with Gary. While Evernote Food is very nice to look at, it does not have a true two-way sync with Evernote. Adding the text for a whole recipe on the iPhone just makes a lot less sense compared to adding the recipe on the desktop. Thats why I stopped using Evernote Food a long time ago.

      If Evernote wants to bring more power-users to Evernote Food then please make it less of a toy.