Evernote 5 for Mac is Here Packed with Over 100 New Features

Evernote 5 for Mac is Here Packed with Over 100 New Features

Posted by on 15 Nov 2012

Posted by on 15 Nov 2012

The Evernote desktop experience has evolved significantly over the years. We’ve changed things in response to new features, new device capabilities and to meet the expanding needs of our users. But no previous update has matched the scope of what we’re launching today.

We’ve spent the past year identifying the needs of new and advanced users to craft an environment that beautifully caters to both. We re-imagined the look of the app to make everything more accessible. We explored the changing role of sharing and collaboration within Evernote and the opportunities we have to make them more useful. We considered search and the ways that we could make it feel like it was one step ahead of your thoughts. In short, it’s the Evernote we’ve always wanted.

We’re really excited to announce that Evernote 5 for Mac is here. Complete with over 100 new features. Available to all from the Mac App Store.

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The Left Panel

The striking new left panel is your jumping off point into the many ways to see and organize the notes and memories that you have in Evernote. Here’s a look at the different options.

Shortcuts is a versatile space designed to give you quick access to the notes, notebooks, tags, and Saved Searches that you need most. Simply drag items into the Shortcuts area, then arrange them and re-arrange them to fit your liking. If you’re working on a project, drag everything that’s relevant into shortcuts. If you’re a GTD pro, then arrange the notebooks to match your needs. If you want, remove items from Shortcuts by dragging them out.

Recent Notes
Recent Notes displays your five most recently edited or created notes. No need to go searching for the note you were working on a few minutes ago, because it’ll show up in this area.

Click on Notes to see your entire notes list. Think of this as the equivalent of the old All Notes option, but more powerful. When you’re viewing your list, you’re now seeing all of your notes in a single view, including those that have been shared with you. You can switch to see only your notes from the View Options. More on that below.

Notebooks are all new in Evernote 5 for Mac. We took the major step of unifying your personal and Shared Notebook lists. This way, you’re able to instantly see the items that have been shared with you alongside your own notebooks. You can sort the list by notebook name or owner. To quickly find the notebooks you’re looking for, just start typing the notebook name and the list will instantly start filtering.

Advanced tip: If you prefer to see all of your notebooks in the left panel like in previous versions of Evernote, just right click on the Notebook icon in the left panel and choose “Show Notebook List” to display your list of notebooks below the icon. The same goes for Tags.

The tag list shows your tags either alphabetically or by the number of notes that the tag contains. Double click on a tag to see the tagged notes. Click once and you’ll see other tags highlighted that share notes with the tag you’ve selected. This lets you quickly drill down to exactly the tags you want.

People are wired to build rich contexts around their memories. It’s more than just what the memory is, but also where it was created and who else may have been there. With the new Atlas view, you can see all of your notes on a map, even those created in Evernote Food or Evernote Hello, letting you find and relive your memories in a totally new way.

When you arrive on the Atlas screen, you’ll see Place Cards. For most people, locations likely cluster around a few areas on a world map. Place Cards let you jump directly to the clusters. Click on a Place Card, then zoom in to the area you want.

It’s important to note that items will only show up in Atlas if you use a device that has location services enabled. You can enable location services on your Mac from Security & Privacy in System Preferences. To add location to a note on your Mac, click on the “i” in the top right corner, then either type in the address or click no the compass arrow.

The Note List

The Note List received a redesign, too. We added Card View, which lays out your notes as beautiful squares. Card View perfectly frames notes containing images, while also giving you a preview of notes with text. If you’d like, you can click on the note view options in the top corner of the Note List to switch to the classic Snippets View, which we updated to also include notebooks and tags. If you prefer to take your notes full screen, choose the Expanded Card View option.

Top of the List
We built two useful sorting options right into the top of the Note List. There’s a notebook selector drop down and a tag selector drop down. Click on them and either start typing or select the item you’re looking for. The Note List will instantly switch to only showing notes related to your selection.

Pro tip: Use CMD + J to place your cursor right in the Notebook Selector or CMD + SHIFT + J for the Tag Selector.

The Note Editor

The Note Editor panel received some subtle but critical improvements that make it more useful and effective. First, you’ll notice that there’s a border around all side of the notes. This framing makes the note taking experience surprisingly different and enjoyable.

If you’d like distraction-free editing, double click on the note to pop it out of the Note List, then click on the full screen arrows in the top right corner of the window. Your note will take over the screen so you can focus on your writing.

In addition, along the top of a shared note, you’ll see the Sharing Bar, which indicates the number of people that have access to the note and also their names. Not only is this a quick way of seeing who has access to the information in the note, but it also serves as a reminder in the event that you want to add someone new.

Make Plain Text
We’ve added a new option to the Formatting menu that will make some of our users very happy. You can now completely remove all formatting from a note. This is great when you’re pasting in code and when you just want to remove any strange Web formatting.

Major Search Improvements

Search also underwent a major update with this version. As the size of an account grows, you start adjusting the way you search for content. Whereas a single word search used to be sufficient, now you find yourself searching across multiple dimensions of the app. The new search features are designed to make finding anything easy, no matter how large your account.

Type Ahead Search
Start typing a search term and our Type Ahead algorithm will begin suggesting searches based on content inside your account. Everything will appear right below the Search Bar. You’ll see related keywords, notebooks, tags, Saved Search, recent notes, and more. For even more advanced options, click on the menu at the bottom of the search popup.

Share and Stay Informed

Sharing is a major aspect of this update. We made sharing your notes and notebooks easier, while also bringing more shared content into plain sight. In addition, we updated the way that the Activity Stream works. The little satellite dish now does a better job of grouping events, so you’re not overwhelmed with updates. Click on it to see exactly what’s happening in the notebooks you have access to and those that you’ve shared with others. The updates also appear in the Notification Center on Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8).

And So Much More

This may seem like a lot of stuff, but it’s not nearly all. Browse around and explore the new app. There are tons of additional features and improvements throughout, including faster and more reliable sync, and a completely new launch experience, which makes using Evernote easier for your non-techie friends.

Since we know that a major update like this can sometimes be tough to wrap your head around, we’ve created a number of useful resources:



Meet the Designers
If you’re in San Francisco, we’re hosting an Evernote Talks: Design event this evening. You’ll get a chance to hear from the team behind this and other recent design and experience-focused updates.

Big thanks to the thousands of beta testers that have been using Evernote 5 for the past few weeks. Your feedback has been incredibly helpful.

We hope you like the new Evernote for Mac as much as we do. Let us know what you think.

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  • David

    What about Windows?

  • Moshe Haggai

    What’s the schedule for Windows?

  • Musa

    This is game changer

  • Klaus @ TechPatio

    Nat bad, Evernote, not bad at all. I love the new design and especially the “shortcuts” is going to make my daily workflow even better. Now I just hope that it’s as stable as it’s nice to look at 🙂

  • Judd

    Are you going to fix iOS? I can’t use the mac version if you don’t fix the sync issues on iOS. Please address the latest iOS update. It is a great effort, but the product is not up to Evernote standards we have come to expect. Everyday since the update is a sync challenge, let alone a usability mess with this update.

    Thanks for the efforts to continually improve, but this latest iOS needs help ASAP.

    • Colin


      Try doing the uninstall/reinstall… no issues so far syncing on iphone and ipad to windows…

      • Judd

        Thanks, Colin. I tried that, too. I’m thinking that it has something to do with notes with photos.

    • Greg Younk

      I am using iOS 5 version on my iPHone 5 with no sync issues. I would remove your copy and redownload.

      • Judd

        Trying that solution again. Hopefully it works. Thx

    • Henk Poley

      It at least used to be that on iOS the App developers recommended rebooting after deleting an app (before reinstall). Apparently some caches are only cleaned at boot. I haven’t heard that in a while, so maybe that’s fixed by now. Worth a try.

      btw, latest Evernote for iOS has an ‘activity log’ somewhere under your account shield icon. Technical support may be able to help you peer over that log.

  • Martin Jørgensen

    its looks really good, like the simplicity.
    But please focus on a client for linux

  • Nicola

    I want to kiss you for the ‘make plain text’ option… seriously needed this for a while. YAY!

    • E

      I want to use Evernote to take meeting notes at work, but the main thing that’s keeping me from doing so is the fact that there is no true “outline” feature. Seems easy enough to include….

  • William D

    Thanks – Evernote always seem at the forefront of UI trends – this is great. Loving my updated everynote app too.

  • Gabriel Gordon

    Yes, maybe it looks sexy but why on earth did you remove the note counts next to tags in the sidebar? Please, please restore this as an option ASAP.

    I have been a huge Evernote fan from the beginning and watched it grow incrementally into a wonderful and powerful app. I am very disappointed that the development team is suddenly suppressing functionality in favor of eye-candy.

    • Vincent

      I wholeheartedly agree! Why cut something like this? For looks? I don’t get it.

    • Gwen Snyder

      Amen, Gabriel.

      • Jack Hirsch

        We’re on it! Thanks for the feedback!

  • Hugo Romano

    Great UX. It was a big jump from Evernote 3.3 to 5.

  • Elisabeth

    but i still cannot change an evernote note into a word document? I’ve needed this for when i have to share my stuff with people, who does not have evernote on their computer.

    • Ollie

      You can share notes to people who don’t have Evernote.
      Click share, enter their email address, and they will be sent a link to a web based copy of your note.

  • Rana Roop

    Great job. I’m a daily user; not sure I could
    function without EN at this point.


  • ghosttie

    What about Windows?

  • stuball

    Excellent, but can’t seem to find a means (menu, shortcut, buttons) to navigate back after viewing a linked note?

    • Jack Hirsch

      Great question and definitely noted!

  • Chris

    This sounds great! Looks like you did a gret job and I see that some of the features I was hoping for are finally being added to the app. However I would really love to see a similar update for the Windows desktop client.
    Could you tell us something on this matter please?

  • Sam

    Before I could drag and drop notes from one notebook to another. This functionality is gone. There is no more delete button in the toolbar. We can longer customize the toolbar. Clicking Notebooks on the far left and having to click the names of the notebooks in a column alone is a total waste. WHY… when we had them in left column already to begin with. We could see all our notebooks and all of our notes in the selected notebooks at any given time. I know we can sort of get this functionality back in the View menu, but the default behavior is total waste of space and adds unnecessary clicks between the user and the information. Now to move a note from one notebook to another, you want me to use the bloody drop-down menu? WHY? The functionality was already there and ten times easier with drag and drop. What is your rationale for the clunkiness of the paradigm shift? It’s cleaner but at the expense of usability. Terrible.

    • Gabriel Gordon

      People have been making these complaints endlessly all the way through the betas. It’s falling on deaf ears.

      • Jack Hirsch

        We are listening! You can drag notes to notebooks in the left pane. It’s been put in since our beta testing.

      • Gabriel Gordon

        Jack, many people have asked repeatedly with every beta at least to have note counts restored next to tags in the sidebar, always to no avail.

        • Jack Hirsch

          Just because it’s not implemented yet doesn’t mean it won’t be. We definitely consider all of our users’ feedback and 5.0 is just one of many iterations. Keep your clients updated your eyes peeled.

      • Gabriel Gordon

        Thank you for responding again, Jack. That sounds encouraging!

      • Peter

        Drag and drop for notes only works intermittently. Most of the time Evernote thinks you are trying to create a shortcut and doesn’t allow you to drop a note into another notebook. Very frustrating. I hope you look at this.

      • Sam

        Jack, thanks for listening! I’m a long time Evernote user and have come to develop my own workflow within the program. All innovations will inevitably be met with resistance from someone, and while my initial “who moved my cheese” reaction was a bit knee jerk, I do have to say that 5.0 does include some nice new features. Here’s to its continued development and a hopefully my workflow issues might be resolved with the improvements future point releases might bring. I like forward to see what you do with it!

        I still can’t seem to drag a note from the middle note list pane to the notebook in the left pane as you mentioned. Am I doing something wrong? I have all notebooks shown in the sidebar but nothing I drag over them seems to want to interact. Tis a bit frustrating.

    • Vincent

      +1 on counts and customize toolbar. I never dreamed an app like this would cut that. Was it intentionally blocked? Why? I’m so tired of dumbing down, especially in a case like customizing the toolbar. For someone who’s clueless it’s an invisible feature. Yet, the designers went out of their way to cut it. Why? Please just don’t say that you’re listening, answer the question. Why? I really want to know.

  • Mike

    Can the Evernote team please tell me what Font you use for the Note Title text? Thanks so much!

  • Denis

    Where is Evernote 5 for Windows?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’re working on a refresh for Windows.

      • GONSALVR

        Please please tell me you guys are going to add a spell check toggle button on the note toolbar in Evernote 5 for windows!!!

      • Nater

        Will it be Ad-Free and are you guys considering allowing peeps to attach Videos to Notes like OneNote 2013 will? Evernote is starting to feel like a Post It note application compared to ON, which sort of feels more like a Notebook. Microsoft also doesn’t have the Bandwidth restrictions Evernote has, and their OneNote RT app is miles ahead of Evernote’s, and free (including Ad-Free) to boot…

      • Nater

        Nevermind. I see the Premium Account is only 50MB Note Size Limit and 1GB upload bandwidth a month. That won’t work for the kind of notebooks I need to set up. I’ll stick with SkyDrive and get Office 2013 Preview then buy OneNote when it releases.

  • georg

    Cool. Gratulations.

  • Chris

    And when will there be Evernote 5 for Windows??????????????

  • Frank

    Looks like I will be dumping Evernote on the Mac since it requires you to download the product from the App store!!.


    • Jack Hirsch

      You can download directly from us here:

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Frank, if you have Evernote installed on your computer, just check for updates.

  • David

    How do you customize the toolbar? I don’t see the option for it anymore.

    • Vincent

      Apparently, it was removed. A head scratcher.

  • Jason

    Like the update so far… but can’t figure out how to make a shortcut to a saved search? It says above that this can be done…. what am I missing?

    • Jason

      No sooner did I post than I figured it out. 🙂

      • Jonathan

        Well don’t keep it to yourself! 🙂

      • Jonathan

        Aha, I’ve found it.

        For future reference – Perform your search and then click Edit > Search > Save Search

    • Andrew Sinkov

      If you see Saved Searches listed in the drop down when you type into the search bar, you can grab one and drag it into shortcuts.

      • Tim

        How do you save a search now. The File Menu no longer has this function. Using Evernote Version 5.0.0 (400539).

      • Charles Giles

        Ditto on the question of how to create a new saved search in Evernote 5. All my previous saved searches are there but for the life of me I can’t see how to create a new one. The help file on the Evernote Knowledge Base isn’t correct for version 5. It directs one to the File menu which no longer has the New Saved Search item.

  • Wayne

    I was hoping that some of the text formatting options would come over from the Windows version. Ie- Selection of fonts (limited compared to what’s available) and strike-through (can’t get that to work no matter what).

    Thanks though, the new version looks great.

  • Greg S

    I’m afraid I’m not liking the basic organization. I preferred the hierarchical list from before. In other words I’d prefer a list on the left of all my notebooks looking like an outline. Or I would like view like Columns in the Mac Finder, i.e., first the top level then if I click on in its folder (or beneath it hierarchically) see the items in that folder and if I click on that item see what it is. The Mac Mail application is a good example.

    For example I have a folder (I think you call it a Notebook) called health and in that I have three folders: General, Personal, Gyms. If I want to see my personal info, I used to be able to click on Health, then Personal then look through the items. Now I have to look at folders that take three columns which is hard to read, where a short list would have worked before. I have about 15 folders at the top level.

    Maybe there is a way to get what I want, but I’m not seeing it. I wish I could post screen shots to show the problem. But I think if you look at your screen shot under the section on Notebooks, you can see it’s difficult to see Notebooks within the Notebooks and then the items within those Notebooks.

    I think the items you have on the left of the page should be Tabs across the top of the page. They aren’t exactly part of the hierarchy but different view. If you did that you’d have room for a “standard” three pane view like Mail.

    • Greg S

      Me again. I’ve now found how to do this (Sam’s comment pointed the way, thanks). You can ignore my comments. Sorry for posting so quickly.

      But the icons for Notes, Notebooks, Tags, and Atlas take up too much room on a 13-in. screen. I still think tabs across the top make sense, because Notes, Notebooks, Tags, and Atlas aren’t the same as a hierarchal list.

      • Jack Hirsch

        Glad you found it! Hope you like Shortcuts too.

  • Adil

    Please add highlighting to both windows and mac version.. I use both and it’s much needed.

    PS Thanks for the update.

    • Ricardo

      Yes, this would be a good feature to add.

  • Bob

    Thank you for the update… great job. I like the style and function. Enjoy a much deserved day of celebration! Look forward to future tweaks and innovation!


    Looking forward to the Windows version. Will it have a charcoal gray menu sidebar like the Mac?

  • Raymond Yee

    Is it still possible to make a new local notebook in Evernote 5.0? I can’t see how to do so.

    • Raymond Yee

      Just chatted w/ Evernote support. It’s a bug. Feature was there in beta and will be fixed.

  • Dave

    I see that Spotlight indexing is still not working in the App Store version in Lion, so I have to open EN to search it. It works in Snow Leopard. Looks like it’s back to the standalone version for me.

    There’s a message in the EN log file: [ENAppController] DEBUG: Skipping spotlight importer (mdimport) check – can’t check from sandbox.

  • Dave

    Also, why does the view get reset to “Card View” every time I open a new EN window? I want it set to “Expanded Card View”. If you set it to “Snippet” or “List” it remembers, but not if you set it to “Expanded Card”.

    • Jack Hirsch

      Good catch! Thanks for the report!

  • Alessandro

    What about windows and linux?

  • Dan

    Is there anyway to completely hide the notes list and just use the sidebar since it looks better? Or have list view on the left instead of on top of my note? Snippet view with no body text would work too. Anybody know if any of this is possible?

  • Ank

    Hey, the problem from the beta seems to be continuing in that the right edge doesnt show the whole last work..

  • David

    In case this was missed, how do you customize the toolbar? I want to add new note, delete note, etc. to the toolbar like I had in previous versions.

  • Rodger

    I think it’d be awesome if we could sort notes differently in each notebook. For example, in my “Food to Try” notebook, it might make sense to have the notes sorted alphabetically, while in my “Home Expenses” notebook, it would make more sense to sort notes by date created.

    Other than this, I’m loving Evernote 5 for Mac

  • Aaron

    Great update, everyone!

    One issue that has persisted in the Mac version for some time: when scrolling through notes in the Card View, scrolling is smooth; jump to the Snippet View, however, and it jerks around like crazy. Any thoughts?

  • Rodrigo Conde (@ceorodrigo)

    I consider myself as a heavy Evernote user, and the older left vertical column panel was more effective than this one. Not only because the drag and drop between notes (also very important), but also because we can see the complete lists of notes inside the main note folders. And now you have to search it in a horizontal way and also means 1 more click to see the lists inside main folders. That means more time searching and 1 more click. We are used to navigate and organize notes in a left vertical column as Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, Mac Finder, etc. this was the essence of Evernote. We all invested a lot of time organizing our left panel columns lists and now can’t see them. I don’t want to complain, but what you can’t see, it doesn’t exist.

    • Rodrigo Conde (@ceorodrigo)

      Please consider to add the old left vertical panel so we can choose what to use.

    • George D

      I second that.

      Also, it would be very helpful to be able to click on a stack and get a listbox that has collapsible folders for notebooks in that stack. Not we only have a list of notes, and the only way to see what notebook they belong in is to add the Notebook column. Collapsible folders would be visually much better and would be easier to work with.

      I agree with Rodrigo that organization of notes is more difficult in this version compared to the old one. Lot of UI candy, but the more I play with it it seems that it was overhauled just for the sake of the overhaul, and it made navigation more difficult for heavy users. No heavy user is going to use the huge grid notebook view, for example. I still have the old version, and I find it much more easier and quicker to use.

    • Beirne

      Right-clicking on Notebooks on the left and picking “Show Notebook list” will give you your old full list of notebooks. Leave this on if you like. You can also put your notebooks or tags for Gmail, Outlook, etc. in your Shortcuts. So the new version gives you the full list of notebooks and tags if you want them, but lets you work with a much shorter list most of the time using the shortcuts list.

      • George D

        Yes, that’s true, my comment above was reffering to clicking on a Notebook in that side list. If it has multiple notebooks in it, the resulting listbox only shows a full list, and not hierarchical folder-file list, which is what I would prefer. Again, just my personal preference. It would make workign with notes easier, we could drag and drop them between notebooks, Finder style.

  • George D

    Ideas for future updates:

    – Let us stack notebooks more than one deep

    – Why can’t shared notes be edited by people who I’m sharing them with (optionally)? At least I haven’t seen that option. It would be nice if they could, and everyone who I am sharing that note with would get a notification about a note update. It would allow for better cooperation between people.

    – Could there be a new property of the notes called “due date”? It could also be visible as a new column in the list. This would turn Evernote more into a task manager. I tested many Mac task managers out there and I still keep going back to Evernote for its ease of use, but a few improvement in this regard would actually make this a much better product.

    – note count in the list in the left panel.

  • Dr. Brad Semp | The Busyness Doctor™

    Excellent job, Evernote team! Thanks for continuously improving an already stellar product. I’m digging the new UI so far…we’ll see as time goes on. 🙂

    The only drawback with such radical changes is the need to redo the training materials that we’ve put together to help other Evernote peeps! 🙁 LOL

  • Jeff McNeill

    Horrible. Hate it. They broke half of why I like it. Who cares about photos of hamburgers? Why did you destroy the information-to-space ratio with stupid brown covers? I have multiple notebooks with multiple notes in each of them. Your new design destroyed this use case. What a freaking joke.

  • Ricardo

    Can you please consider adding pin or password protection option to mac and windows versions similar to the mobile versions. Thanks!

  • Alexandre

    Please, enought with the “I hope you love as much as we do” in the end of the videos, we’seen Apple doing that before and now it’s pretty annoying.
    Evernote is a very cool company by itself, don’t mimic others.

  • Lynn

    Sounds silly, but I am having trouble updating. I run OS 10.7.5 and am showing that my Evernote version is 3.3.1. Any helpful hints?

    • Jack Hirsch

      You’ll want to update through the Mac App Store.

      • Lynn

        Thanks, Jack! And thanks for a great product.

  • Jim Farrell

    I like to think of myself as an Evernote power user, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to access my Saved Searches in this new version! I have a bunch of saved searches across various projects, and need to have quick access to all of them. I’d love to be able to have them in the left panel, but it doesn’t seem like that’s an option.


    • Jack Hirsch

      Edit->Find->Save Search to create new ones. They’re located in the search dropdown. You can drag them to shortcuts for quicker access to the searches you use most frequently.

      • Jim Farrell

        Thanks, Jack, for the response. When I try to scroll down my list of Saved Aearches, I’m not permitted to go down past a certain point. As I mentioned above, I have A LOT of these, and I need quick access to them.

        Is there anything I can do?

  • Stephen Watson

    The interface and design on V5 is gorgeous. I never used Evernote that much previously but it looks so inviting now that I can see that’s going to change … 🙂

    Great work.

  • Angela

    I just upgraded to Evernote 5 for Mac and was very disappointed to see my delete button (little trash can) is gone! Please give me my delete button back!!! Or at least the option to customise my toolbar so I can put it back myself. How do I delete notes easily now?


    ~ Angela

    • David

      I have been asking about this and have not received a response, so I’m guessing it’s yet another feature that’s been inexplicably removed. Or they just don’t want to tell us how to do it.

  • Henk Poley

    The Atlas map for The Netherlands covers a huuuuuge area (approx. whole North Atlantic Ocean). I guess it’s nice that you want to include our special municipalities Aruba, Curaçao, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba and Sint Maarten.

    But hmmm.. it’s not very practical.

  • Henk Poley

    btw, the ‘New note’ button text isn’t centered vertically inside the button, as is customary on Mac.

    • Jack Hirsch

      This is a bug in our translation server. It will be fixed in our next release.

  • Foo bar

    I wonder if this is a step backwards like the new version of skitch is.

  • Jason Knight

    Huge update. Thank you! Seems to work and process notes much faster. Love the new UI. Long time coming.

  • Leopold Green

    I’m sorry but I am another disappointed user – like others I have invested much time in a hierarchal nested notebook structure which worked perfectly using the left column and and a list view in the main window… I could see how many notes where in each notebook and moving notes, and notebooks just worked! Now this is either gone, buried or convoluted.

    I loved being able to have my most used notebooks along the bottom of the customisable [!!!] toolbar. All of this on a 27″ screen was wonderful and now to keep this I can never upgrade again as EN5 has lost this in favour wasted screen space and a system seemingly geared to occasional users and geo-taggers… I’m not saying you shouldn’t try and accommodate that market [presumably you are trying to reel them in to become premium users] but we [the ones complaining here] are your premium users and presumably help keep EN going…

    You ruined Skitch and now EN is partially ruined – I suppose I should be grateful to still be able to use 3.3 but how long till an O/S update breaks that and I am forced to use a dumb-down version lacking in functionality for serious users?

    • Psi

      Hope they don’t do the same with the Windows Client.

    • Jack Hirsch

      Note counts are in the works and now you can put your most used notebooks, notes, tags, and saved searches in Shortcuts.

      • Leopold Green

        Note counts back would be good but can we have back the ability to customise the toolbar [including the option of putting most accessed notebooks there – on a 27″ monitor it is a good use of space and much MUCH better than the new shortcuts]. The black of the sidebar now overwhelms everything and distracts from the note list
        Dragging between notebooks using the sidebar needs to be back immediately not in some future upgrade – why did you remove it?

        As others have said I have told so many people about how great EN is and I have only been using it a year [and a premium user for 10 months] – you have taken away much of what was great about it and replaced it with eye-candy and inessentials that seem aimed at casual users – why would you do this?

        What is happening that you ruin Skitch and then ruin EN?

        I have too many notes to leave EN so you won’t lose me as a customer [at least as long as I can keep 3.3. going] but I don’t feel the same way about EN as I did and I don’t think I am alone

  • Brett Warner

    It’s rare that something I use as heavily as Evernote gets a huge update like this without breaking or changing functionality I’ve come to love. This is probably one of the best updates I’ve ever received. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Mark

    I use Evernote both on the Mac and Windows platforms. I don’t understand why there is such drastic differences between the two products. It seems that the Mac client gets all the love and caring it needs, but the Windows client gets beat into submission with an ugly stick. Evernote is driving me to look for a solution that get equal love on both platforms. Yes, it is difficult, but once I find it I will leave Evernote unless they give the Windows client the love it deserves!!

    • Eric

      I totally agree. The same happens between iOS and Android. So for Onenote is a lot more fair in that sense.

  • Brad

    Exceptional update. Please now work on Evernote for Windows to be as functional. It is very good as it is but this..this you have outdone yourselves.

  • Neil Hinrichsen

    Dear Evernote

    This says “The tag list shows your tags either alphabetically or by the number of notes that the tag contains.”

    I’m on Windows but wish to move to Mac. I have over 26,000 notes, organised under over 1,000 tags. These tags are organised into a complex hierarchical scheme that I’ve built up over five years, grouping tags together various headings.

    Are you saying I will not be able to preserve the way my tags are now organised if I move to Mac?

    concerned, Neil

    • Jack Hirsch

      I believe your tags on your Windows client are sorted alphabetically, just with the hierarchies you’ve described. We support the same thing on Mac. If you switch over, your structure should sync over and look just like it does now.

  • Tony Harding

    First off, I’m a premium customer – and looking at the more -ve’s than +ve’s, I am going to hold on an upgrade.
    Secondly & more importantly – I hope to get a message through to the EN dev team. EN is a great product. It has truly made me more productive and being an IT (read knowledge) worker myself, I can guess how you operate and you can guess to the amount of data I need to keep organized in EN (I really do use it as an extension to my brain), BUT to the message I want to get across…
    Keep your CORE app functionality and UI functionality separate. WHY ? because I and many more people will be using EN for YEARS and in those years of usage we will all have our own individual ways to effectively use the app for our daily and critical needs. Big UI changes such as these will create havoc for a lot of your customers. Hence I urge, plead with you take a page out of the GMail dev team’s playbook .. identify and keep your core code separate and offer UI functionality (eg: labs in GMail) in a modular manner, so that your customers and pick and choose the UI enhancements best suited to their individuals workflows/usage patterns with EN. Good Luck !

    • Jack Hirsch

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • Chris Burbridge

    Every update—I would look to see—”do they finally have text indenting? Nope. Still don’t. I can’t believe they don’t have it! It’s such a fundamental information organizing tool. Even GMail has it!”

    Well—you finally have it! I have been so patient, that it is finally here.



    • Jack Hirsch

      That’s what we like to hear!

  • Chrisie

    I’ve had to uninstall EN because the new version is crashing upon opening. Very frustrating, and I’m glad I didn’t have any local notebooks.

    • Jack Hirsch

      Please open a support request. This shouldn’t be happening! In the meantime, feel free to download 5.0 directly from us and give it a shot:

  • Raymond Yee

    Please put the back button back into Evernote 5 ( – its removal makes me regret upgrading to version 5.

    • Jack Hirsch

      Thanks for the feedback and definitely noted!

      • Shawn Ironmonger

        I would also very much like to see the “back button” put back into evernote 5 for mac. I would like it both in the individual note window and the main browser window.


  • Andrew

    This new update looks great! Thanks for continuing to improve on a product that is becoming more and more essential to my productivity.

  • Kamran Mackey

    When is Evernote for Windows Desktop gonna get redesigned and look exactly like Evernote for Mac? I hate the current design of Evernote for Windows!!!!

  • Cinda

    Sorry, but I’m among the head-scratching power users stymied by some of the changes. No delete icon in the toolbar? No customization of the toolbar? The ability to create hierarchal, collapsable stacks/notebooks in the left column, gone? Drag and drop between left column stacks/notebooks, also gone?

    I love EN (or at least loved it up to this point), but am frustrated by the removal of functions that streamlined our workflow…especially when those same things are not only native, but expected, in a Mac environment.

    Please reinstate these capabilities–even if only for Premier users (who help pay the bills). Thanks!

    • Jack Hirsch

      Thanks for posting, Cinda.
      – You can delete notes by clicking on the note and pressing your delete key
      – You can still see notebooks in your Sidebar by right-clicking on Notebooks or Tags and selecting Expand
      – Drag-n-drop to the Sidebar is getting a major upgrade in our next release so keep your client updated 🙂

    • Daniel

      I’m also perplexed. Organizing notes in notebooks is obviously a key function, and doing it by drag-and-drop seems the natural way to do it. Now I have to right-click and navigate a menu to move a note? How is that an improvement? The promise that drag-and-drop will be added again in a future release is great, but why why why remove it in the first place???

      Another wish: it would be great to be able to organize notes in a hierarchical way, like in a directory tree (i.e., allow notebook stacks within notebook stacks)

  • Gwen Snyder

    I’m a premium user and deeply disappointed in this update. Atlas is cute. The layout is attractive, but so much less functional than the last version.

    This crashed the first 5 times I tried to get it to set up.

    Then: the notebooks don’t show number of items? No right click to add a new notebook to a stack? Can’t select two tags at a time?

    It may look pretty, but Evernote has been a tool that many of us have structured our entire workflows around. To remove the functionality that we built those flows on is immensely alienating.

    Power users (the people most likely to pay for your product) don’t use evernote because it’s cute, *especially* on Macs, where there are a lot of other visually attractive clients available. We use it because it’s functional.

    Dropping so much functionality in the name of streamlining isn’t just frustrating, it’s bad business.

    • Jack Hirsch

      Thanks for the feedback Gwen! Note counts are in the works and you can definitely select two tags at a time with the tag selector at the top of the note list. Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

      • Dom

        Please can you address what the Evernote team is doing to address the UI gripes that are having a large impact on productivity?

        I don’t want to wait until the next release to decide whether I need to look for an alternative to Evernote

  • Andrew

    I’m a premium user too. I’ve updated both my iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Mac versions to EN 5 to a great dismay. For the first time ever I felt that silly way of being “betrayed”. I didn’t experience it with ANY product I used before (consumer or enterprise). This morning I tried to analyze my reaction because I found it rather amusing.

    There’s the problem with this update related to a disconnection from the core values of EN that have been so meticulously crafted and communicated to both existing and new users by EN’s CEO Phil Libin.

    I’ve been following Phil’s talks and interviews and I always shared his view and ideas about EN, and the entire story of why and how EN was started in the first place. I’ve found many common problems discussed, analyzed and mapped to EN product/service mission. I started to use free EN version about 2 years ago and quickly found it to be indispensable.

    I was then at an EN trunk conference and I enjoyed Phil’s talk a lot, as well as the rest of the event. At the end of Phil’s talk I was a converted customer, I bought Premium subscription despite the fact I didn’t really need extra features by then (later I found offline notebooks to be most useful to me).

    I was curious to read Phil’s ideas about “next 100 years for EN” and “why EN is worth a billion”, and I pondered every such public EN communication a lot. I had to agree and I continued to feel that sort of an “emotional link” between myself and EN. I liked the company, shared its vision, used its product and a service and was pretty much a happy and a loyal customer. I repeat, this was sort of an exclusion. I love many other companies and use their products but wasn’t ever really “emotionally connected”. This is important – see below 🙂

    This EN 5 upgrade just threw me back to square one. There were a number of issues but what really upset me was a removal of a tiny and probably not so important feature that I used every day on my iPhone client.

    I realize that EN had to revamp UI and other things. I don’t agree this should be done this way though.

    Why? Because especially with that sort of “emotional bonding” that I’m sure many of EN users have been experiencing and enjoying, any realization of “loss” could be enormous. A tiny feature that I’ve been using removed from the client I rely on, produced a sense of being “yet another (unimportant) consumer”. It might have been ok with a consumer product, it hasn’t been ok with EN. All the magic has gone in an instant and it’s not going to get back. What Phil’s been doing SO great and applied on me in particular evaporized.

    Look, EN is not an iPhone-type of a product. It’s not a closed experience and fixed UI type of thing. Apple may know better what people want (not always too!), but such planning doesn’t quite map to a product like EN. It’s both an advantage and limitation for EN, but that’s how it has always been!

    EN is an extremely versatile (yet simple) tool that many of us have been using according to our personal needs. There were historical quirks and predictable mess of sorts too. Removing features produces a sense of loss, not to mention it disrupts daily workflows. And that’s not good for either “emotional link”, “core values”, “mission” or just marketing (and sales).

    What I was agreeing with before (“vitally important instrument”, “keeping my memories for another 100 years”, “extension of the brain” and other messages by Phil), flip-flopped to “What? Am I going to keep and grow MY memories and MY brain extension while the features I use to manage MY memory can disappear at any time without me knowing?”

    I mean, why not doing a survey about features planned to be removed? Eh? I read EVERY email from EN team..

    I thought this over and over and I concluded that this kind of product strategy is a shoot in the foot for EN. I’m not really sure how Phil is going to align his past rhetoric to the state of things “after EN 5”, but I’d be following. I’m curious to know if that was all 100% marketing or maybe not.

  • Maryn

    Add me to the not-happy list. You’ve added things that may be pretty, but either make no difference to my workflow or obstruct it, and taken away things that made my workflow easier. Just one example: Every morning, I drill through my mail and drag-and-drop key items into the left-rail of Notebooks. Now I’ve got no left rail, and no drag-and-drop. That ease of use is what brought me to Evernote in the first place. Not well done.

  • turbofoehn

    Is there a way to report bugs?
    The text on the “New note in … notebook” button is positioned awkwardly for me. (Text sticks to the top of the button) I’m using Evernote in German.

    And, please, fix the help menu (can’t search menu items any longer, “check for updates” is there twice, under “help” and under “Evernote”, as it is convention in Mac apps)
    Oh, and make the toolbar customisable again, thank you.

  • Dave

    I’ll go up and read what others think after I write this. In short – I really miss the old version. This new version makes me not want to use Evernote. The experience isn’t simple. It isn’t fun. It isn’t intuitive. It isn’t fast. But, hey – it’s pretty.

    Form over function is something I had counted on Evernote never to do. Alas, both the new Mac version and the new iPhone version are huge failures. I’ll limp along in hopes that the future is bright (else the last 7 months of moving my world into Evernote will be for naught and then I’ll have to start from scratch moving it all somewhere else… but where!?!?!?!

    • Dave

      I used to rave about Evernote to everyone! I loved it. I wanted everyone to use it and find the joy I’d found from it’s simplicity. Now, I can’t even understand it well enough to use it myself – let alone explain it to someone new. So sad.

  • Pedro

    Please bring the same update to windows, or at least some new features and a new face!

  • Dave

    I stopped using Evernote as the Windows client, which I have to use on my work PC, as it’s so awful, especially compared to the nice new shiny Mac version. Evernote please update the Windows version and I’ll consider coming back to Evernote.

    • Casey

      Thats funny as I love the windows version and downgraded the mac version since mac 5 has workflow issues for me

  • Dustin

    Huge fan of Evernote. Not a huge fan of 5.0.0. Where is the *hierarchical* side-by-side list view? Thumbnails are useless for me. The mail-like interface with the list view on top is not very useful. With mail, It is useful to know when the email was sent, the sender and the subject. With evernote, I write all the notes, so the only useful field is title.
    At least give us the *option* of hierarchical side-by-side list view. Please?

    How can I downgrade to the prior version?

  • Winston Cho

    +1 OLD UI – I too will echo the sentiment of others who have a preference for the old UI. Maybe introduce a classic view that will allow stubborn users like me to gradually transition to the new app?

  • Stu

    I agree, I’m struggling to use the new version. It’s frankly giving me a headache and I don’t want to use it.

    A few things:
    – I miss the delete button on a note when it’s popped out.
    – Any way to make the “snippet view” text smaller?
    – Any way to get back to the previous version?
    – The black sidebar is really awful.

    Bottom line is all of this is incredibly distracting. The new evernote is decreasing my productivity. I’m wondering if there are any other options to replace it with.

  • Alix Stayton

    Love love love the new interface. Love the Tags view. I’m not a “power user” by any means, but for me this is much less distracting, cleaner looking, and already giving me ideas for making better use of my time through Evernote.

  • Mike King

    I’ll join in on the vote to return the tree control for the notebooks to the left hand navigation bar. I use EN for day-to-day work and I’m constantly hopping between notebooks, stacks, and notes. Have a short way to do that is very important. I certainly can add notebooks to the shortcuts, but there is no hierarchy there.
    I also have a feature request. I started out using Microsoft’s OneNote and really liked how you could put stuff anywhere on a page. For example, in my notes, I often kept a block in the upper right corner of the page with important info. I could still include regular text on the left. I’m guessing that the page in Evernote is not set up in that metaphor, but it sure would be a great way to capture information.
    Final thought. I really do like using Evernote and have evangelized it to friends and family. I’ve been a premium customer for a couple of years now and really do use this program for a ton of things. Keep up the good work.


  • Josh

    Why aren’t we able to create saved searches or sidebar shortcuts from Atlas? For example I want to create a search that will pull in notes that were created at our east 5 warehouse and created in the last week. I routinely snap photos of product barcodes that need restocking at 12+ locations and I don’t always remember or have time to tag them on the spot.

    I like being able to scan notes visually based on location but it becomes a pain to do this every time you want to find something.

  • Y Gray

    I have loved Evernote since it came out – it literally transformed my life.
    HOWEVER, I am bitterly disappointed with this radical update – Evernote 5.

    The layout of the original version was stylish, easy to see and organise.

    The new Evernote 5 layout is a disaster! I do NOT need to have tabs for Atlas / Tabs / other –
    I liked it just the way it was.

    I need to urgently revert to Evernote 4 please, so I can use the app I have invested so much time and hard work in.

    Please let me know how I can do this! Thanks

  • Nick Wreden

    So far, so good, but I can definitely understand some of the negative comments. One simple issue that I just spent — no, wasted — 15 minutes on was the simple and obvious task of how to delete a note. I found the answer in the responses above but there should be a one-click button that let’s you delete a note, perhaps with a “are you sure” safeguard (none now). Keep plugging away! N.

  • Andrew

    As a follow up, I had to upgrade everything back to previous versions on my Mac and iPhone/iPad.

    EN 5 on Mac kept crashing on a simple note editing (filled out several crash reports). I couldn’t adapt to the new look-and-feel either, I felt like I just don’t want to touch it. iOS version is pretty much bloated, slow and unreliable (e.g. taking a photo of a document just made it completely hung and unresponsive).

    I couldn’t believe how happy I felt when I saw familiar version 3 interface back on my Mac.


  • Mike King

    I have another feature suggestion: In the tiled notebook view, I’d like to be able to order the stacks/notebooks in a way that is sensible to me. Right now, the choice is alphabetical, note counts, or last updated. How about allowing me to put together the sort order that I find most useful?

  • Padraig O'Morain

    A great update. I have been using Evernote on the PC since it was a mere pup and when I left the dark side and went over to a Mac a few weeks ago I was disappointed in Evernote and found it awkward to use. This update brings elegance and ease of use and I am delighted with it – especially the shortcuts, recent notes, and searching across all notebooks from wherever I am. A running word count on the screen as I write would make Evernote complete – not just for writers but for students and many others who like to know how much they are writing as they are writing it. However, this is a beautiful update.

  • Richard

    Pretty-looking interface, but a big step down as far as usability—so hard to actually, you know, *see* the notes! Not the way to go, Evernote. At the very least, restore the slider for viewing note thumbnails and allow us to minimize/move/close the left-hand pane, which is largely a waste of space.

  • Lachlan Payne

    For some reason you will neither publish my original comment nor respond to it. I have tried updating using both the Beta and Public releases (over half a dozen times), but when I do the main window does not appear and will not appear, rendering this program completely useless. Please (a) acknowledge this problem and (b) fix it.

  • justme

    I don’t like this new Evernote 5 for Mac at all! I’m a premium user since years (and was happy to pay for Evernote services). You go the wrong way! Now it’s like a Fisher Price toy! Why did you change all the user experience of previous versions? Now we have NO buttons in the tool bar (why why why WHY?????????). Oh oh oh, I can suggest to rename the tool bar “the nothing bar”…
    I’m so disapointed! I can’t imagine I will have to use this “thing” in the coming years… I spent a lot of time archiving all my personnal an professional documents in EN, it’s like a nightmare now. Sorry to say.

  • Michael White

    I do like Evernote a lot, and I have turned a lot of people on to it as well. Plus I pay for Evernote so that does confirm I like it a lot. But, I am disappointed the Growl support was dropped. I had thought you were going to do Notification support in the Mac version 5 but you didn’t, and you dropped Growl support. Please bring Growl support back or do Notification. But please do one soon. As well, not sure if you noticed, but when you get a conflict it is very hard to deal with now, compared to the past where it was easy to figure out what was different, and copy and paste if necessary and than delete. Took me 15 o 20 minutes to figure it out in version 5.

    I hope that you can get Growl back soon, and think about how to make dealing with conflict easier.

    But it is definitely an impressive update!


  • DeeEmm

    My worst fears have just been confirmed.

    The EN5 update is every bit as bad as the iPhone and iPad versions.

    Too many fundamental usability issues and no option to disable them. If you are going to make such substantially changes to the UI, at least give users the option to disable them and view things the way they like. Having such drastic changes forced upon you is not pleasant.

    I have no idea why the three column ‘notebook list > note list > note’ layout has been trashed in favour of the convoluted layout in EN5. The old three column layout simply worked. There was no need to change it. Now the left most column has been replaced with a list of icons: what a waste of space! Why not simply stick the icons at the top or bottom of the screen and leave the old 3 column setup intact.

    Previously I used two clicks to view any note, now I have to click+doubleckick+click to do the same and have to leave the screen to browse to other notes whereas previously all I had to do was scroll up and down the notebook list with my scroll wheel.

    I have (two or three times) griped about the useless icon / thumbnail view in the iPad app and how it makes things hard to find, now the desktop app has been changed to be equally as bad. The notebook layout is terrible. Previously everything was in a concertina / tree style layout, this was great, I simply scrolled up and down to view my notebooks, I could expand / close them based on what context I was working in.

    Now the notebooks open in a concertina style layout but the screen height does not change. Instead of expanding the screen height, the screen WIDTH increases!! WTF?!? I now have to scroll SIDEWAYS to view all of my notebooks. HUH! Whoever thought that this was a good idea should be shot! I’m all for catchy gimmicks and left-field usability changes that actually work, but this simply doesn’t.

    I am a very heavy user of Evernote and use the iPad / iPhone / Desktop and web apps to run my business day to day. The latest updates to these products have literally rendered the Evernote suite useless to me. These changes mean that I can no longer access my data in an efficient manner. This has had a knock on effect on my business. In fact the first time that I used the iPad app I was with a client and instead of looking like an efficient well oiled machine the changes to the app and my inability to access basic data meant that I looked like a bumbling idiot. It lost me the sale.

    I am NOT a happy customer.

    As a result of these updates I have decided to move all of my data elsewhere as I can no longer operate with this suite of products. This is a real shame as I have often sung the praises of Evernote and it’s ability to make your data available anywhere. It has changed from a productivity tool to something that is gimmicky and unusable.

    Having written two non-published replies already I would be surprised if this one gets published. It is a shame. I wonder how many other disgruntled customers replies have not been published. I also wonder if Evernote will actually stand up and take notice of the many other posts similar to mine and actually do something about the shortcomings in this update.


  • Unhappy

    How do I downgrade?

  • matteo

    From 5 stars to 1. What a tragic loss to a great program.

    Dear Evernote, you are clearly proud of your product, so why would you arbitrarily remove all that functionality and make the interface so Inflexible? It is a giant step back for your service.

    A good UI is designed to be simultaneously usable by the different types of users/brains. The old interface, though it wasn’t beautiful, stayed pretty much out of the way, and allowed people to use the program and access their data in whatever way was most comfortable to them.

    Tragically, the new interface takes all that away, and instead imposes a single (totally unusable for me) way of doing things, and that way is programmer driven, not graphical/UI driven. Clearly redesigned to satisfy someone who has a programmer mind, (and who cannot understand that some people process information in alternative ways) It totally discards the alternate methods of data access available in the previous version.

    For example, the main notebook list is now either a bunch of awkward giant squares with wasted screen real estate and irregular layout, or irregularly laid out blocks of text with the same problems. (The new notebook list inflexibly splays data out in text block columns, occasionally breaking pattern to list 3 sub notebooks (not adjustable to more, not less, not browsable, never visible in a true directory format). For some reason this interface has no way that i can find to list the notes contained within, and, most importantly provides no way to actually drill down, filter, or adjust this arbitrary (and useless to me) display.
    Since i do not generally remember what categories i have put notes into (was it in Computer, or in Technical?) and certainly don’t remember the titles, the loss of the ability to browse what lives under a category is a huge loss. (In the new interface you can click on a category, and it happily selects, but it doesn’t actually do anything!) I am now forced to instead blindly search for titles and data and hope that what i want comes up (but then in an uncategorized, dynamic list, organized in mysterious ways, and with no easy way to switch directly from that to the parent notebook category)

    My most commonly used data interface, made totally useless. And why?? (Because some text/search driven programmer can’t comprehend that other people process information differently, and simplified all those methods right out of the design?)

    Today, when i read this posting on the new interface, i discovered that there is a secret(!!!) (alt plus click on the left side notebook list) way to make the notebooks hierarchical in another part of the interface. So, having delved into minutia i can sort of recover a bit of my old interface, but I still see all the totally useless stuff covering 75% of my screen.

    A month ago I was enthusiastically telling everyone I know about your product. At Thanksgiving this year, I though about it, and then didn’t mention it- the interface is now too bad to recommend.

    Please restore the old interface, and do proper user testing next time you want to make such a major change to interface.

  • Ann Monteith

    I’m a very confused Premium User who relies on Evernote to a high degree. Stacks are essential to my ability to organize. I’ve spent hours trying to figure out how to create stacks in Versions 5. Obviously something radical has changes since Version 4. When I drag one notebook over the other, both notebooks disappear, and I cannot find them in any hierarchy. When I hit Control on a notebook, there is no notification to create a new stack. I can find no documentation to fix this problem. Unless I find a solution, I will have to abandon what was the most useful workflow tool I’ve ever used. I am so disappointed and dismayed.

  • Brian Andrews

    I HATE this!!!! I want to go back.

    I like the organized notebook structure on the left like their used to be. Instead of just clicking on what I want in the nested structure on the left, I have to click the “Notebook” link, find the notebook, expand it (another click), click “Show all Notes” (another click and then find what I could have found with a single click before.

    This is a nightmare. I hope this is fixed soon, or else I will have to get all my stuff out of EN.

  • Terry Tucker

    The version 5 OS X update is a very nice looking product.

    While the interface is attractive, the comfort/learning curve for this update is pretty high. I’m not yet seeing a use for Atlas, but maybe that’s just beyond my needs.

    I sure wish I could organize my notebooks. Now I have several dozen that span my work and home life – really a mess where I see a very simple solution, but it is curiously missing (see the lots of previous comments on this). The only thing I can do is to preface each notebook name with “Work – ” and “Home -“, etc. so they will organize alphabetically, but that makes me feel like I’m back to command line computing.

    Shortcuts don’t really help because I have too many active notebooks to create a really short list, more the other way around where I would rather have an Archive list where I can store things that are no longer active, but handy for reference (and search).

    I am a paid user and use this daily to collaborate with my business partner. Over time I expect to see more value in the recent changes and I am sure you are working on an update release to address some of the loudest complaints.

  • Neil Baldwin

    I wish I had more thumbs so I could give this update 4 thumbs down.

    Seriously unhappy with the update. I’m reasonably new to Evernote (before 5) and got into a good workflow with it. The new UI seems a mess, is very frustrating to navigate and definitely suffers from style-over-subtance. Keep skeumorphism out of productivity tools, please! And when I found the ‘List View’ thinking I might have a saviour, things got even worse!

  • Balt Indermuehle

    I’m sorry guys, but I have nothing nice to say today. V5 (in line with the iOS version) is an absolute useability nightmare!

    I need to downgrade asap, please provide instructions how to do that. This is catastrophic. My entire work database is in Evernote. Please downgrade instructions!!

    • Balt Indermuehle

      Time capsule works to “downgrade”, just restore the last Evernote in /Applications (if on OS X obviously).

  • Chris

    Not to beat a dead horse, but I’m yet one more person who is super frustrated with the new update. I’ve been paying for evernote for a couple of years now. The K-I-S-S design has been replaced by a very pretty design that forces me to pay attention to it. I don’t want to pay attention to the design – I want to work, and to ignore the design.

    Folders that I can manage on the left, notes on the right. That was all I wanted, and that’s gone now. Maybe technically I can do everything I used to – but it just feels clunky and overdesigned now.

    Another example – I used to be able to click on a notebook, then when I searched it assumed I wished to search just in that notebook. Now, when I click on a notebook, then search, I have to again select my current notebook in the search box.

    Please make it functional again instead of just pretty! Keep it simple! I like evernote and I’m sad that this update has made me think I about trying to find a new way to organize my notes!

  • Frank


    Visually it looks nice, but my productivity just took a huge hit with Evernote 5.

    Even Microsoft knows that when they do a major UI overhaul, they have to give power users the chance to run as before.

    Please send a patch which gives the option to show the Notebook structure instead of the side bar.

    I wonder. Evernote is in the File and Folder business, specialized for Notes. So who had the brilliant idea to hide folders(=Notebooks) ???


  • Jay W

    First Skitch, which thank goodness they posted a link to the prior release. And, now with Evernote 5. It’s one thing to make changes that require some getting used to, but to have so many that the first reaction is “Huh?” And the second reaction is to start looking for an alternative.

    I cannot think of a worse and more confusing design element than the new “Notebooks” left nav bar… not to mention the new gray on gray text color scheme. Now, I find myself navigating using the top drop down instead of the actual nav bar.

    It’s almost as though the company now with $85mm in additional financing is simply making changes to show they are making changes.

    Evernote, you have stopped solving problems. Instead, you are creating them.

  • D.

    I thought it was me. I’m new to Evernote and started prior to the 5.0 upgrade. I was exclaiming to everyone how very happy I was that I found such a wonderful and easy program. Then the upgrade. I’m frustrated beyond belief now. Why didn’t the programmers leave well enough alone??? Why is the upgrade so user UN-friendly???

  • Marko

    I am using nested notebooks. I was expecting an improvement. Now you ruined it.
    Its not only search what matters everything needs structure. If you want to organize things you need nested structure for as many levels you like.

  • Steve

    Absolutely love EN and have recommended it to everyone I know. I have been a premium user for almost 2 years and consider it like a 2nd brain…

    NOT a fan of the new layout. Pretty is nice but function is more important. It’s not nearly as intuitive as it used to be. Atlas? Cmon.

  • Gary

    Premium user here, and now looking for an Evernote competitor to go to. I am reluctant to restate that which the people above me have already complained about. In short, the new look and the fact that you took away the way I worked with my data BLOWS. Evernote used to be much more flexible. I am not, and so I’m looking for alternatives.

  • alex

    Cool about adding new features but what about the old ones?
    create a new note -> crashes
    edit old notes -> crashes
    I’m on Mac OSX 10.6.8, it’s not your fault if Apple decided to release a buggy OS each year but I really hope you still support professionals who have to work on 10.6.8.
    where I can find the old version? I love EN mostly cos it’s reliable,
    and being more related to this post, i think space was better used in the previous layout, I think every professional would say so, It’s clearly made to appeal to occasional users.

  • alex

    I’m lost now, I need something like Evernote before the udate.

    I’ve been an Evernote user with 500+ notes for many years and I had to access commands from the navigation menu for the first time in the last few days after new Evernote came out.
    I discovered that there is a command for syncing, never had to search for it before in years of use on Macs, iPhones, PCs, on the web.
    It’s a smart idea to add tags to notes, but if tags get hidden few clicks away, they get less useful
    It’s smart idea to have multiple notebooks, but if they get hidden like tags it’s like a dumb situation.
    Now we only have search, cool! that’s a new feature! like eating every day of your life salad!
    I don’t know maybe you replaced developers with marketers but marketers still need a product to do their job.
    After years of reliability in the last few days I’m experiencing crashes when I create a new note, when syncing, when editing old ones, install Evernote on a new Computer give nothing, no notes, nothing, but at least it doesn’t crash.
    I don’t like the new design, I think it a huge step back, good for occasional users who can say “Hey cool!!” but heavy professional users would just move away looking for alternatives like I’m doing right now.
    being buggy for an important app like this it’s enough but adding the totally step back in functionality make me look around but your approach to note-taking is the best in my opinion, so I come back and ask you to re-think your decisions!!!

  • Ami

    Reading the comments…am sort of glad I’m a lazy user who rarely updates the software in my comp.

    I’ll just use the v4 version then. Thank you very much!

  • David Glover

    Premium user who is now loving the new layout …
    … still getting the odd crash, please fix soon!
    … with Snippet View, have some long note lists and would like an A-Z in the toolbar so I can jump to that section .. any chance?!
    Evernote still rocks for me!

  • NikNet

    I was a self-proclaimed Evernote evangelist…until updating to version 5. I used to love it so much that I became a premium member over a year ago, and like others, was looking for an alternative after the update until I finally got a successful backup of the previous version from TimeMachine today, and am back to loving it once again. Evernote claimed to want to be a 100-year company, but this update is akin to the New Coke fiasco. I am not adverse to change and innovation, but not change for the sake of change, and sacrificing functionality & ease-of-use over style.

    For instance, I send a lot of stuff to my account via web clippings, etc, which I move to other notebooks at a later time. This once simple process of selecting various notes in my default notebook and dragging them to another notebook became a very arduous task in version 5.

    Between this and the Skitch update, I can no longer trust updates from this company, which is disheartening after being a fan for so long.