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Quick Tip: Hyperlinking Inside Your Notes

Quick Tip: Hyperlinking Inside Your Notes

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 16 Nov 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 16 Nov 2012

Quick Tip: Hyperlinking

You can capture text, audio, photos, documents, and more in a single note in your Evernote account so everything you need related to certain idea or subject is in one place. One super easy way to add even more information to a note? Hyperlinking text the way you would in an email.

To add a hyperlink using Evernote 5 for Mac, simply highlight the text you want to link, right click, select ‘Link’ from the dropdown and then add the URL. In Evernote for Windows Desktop, select Hyperlink, then add the URL. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+K.

Hyperlinking is useful in:

  • Meeting notes
  • Research projects
  • Shared Notebooks
  • Public Notebooks
  • Gift lists
  • and more.

Did you know about this feature? How are you using it?

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    Yes but the winning hyperlink feature would be to create a hyperlink within a note to go from a Table of Contents to a particular section within the SAME note.

    • Doug Henningsen

      GONSALVR shoots and SCORES!!! (Seriously, this is so basic. Please stop developing other neat features, bells & whistles for this rudimentary function so many have asked for.)

  • Dave Benton

    I am unable to put all my files in Evernote. I use at work and Dropbox at home to share files with others and I sync active files to my laptop and home PC. Hyperlinks to and to my local file system saves me a lot of time, e.g. “file:///C:/Box Files/” .

    Typically my summary and table of contents note I include a RESOURCES section with links to files outside Evernote.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi Dave,
      Have you tried the Note Links feature?

  • Ron

    It would be great if you guys could add the ability to have anchors within a note.
    This would enable us to hyperlink text (as mentioned in this post) to a specific point within a target note.

    • Anant

      Another vote for this request to create links within a note to anchors created in the note. I couldn’t possibly love evernote any more but this might make me name my 2nd born Evernote 🙂

  • Bill

    How does the Windows Desktop hyperlink tool differ from simply copying the url into a note? I don’t see any benefit. Thanks.

  • Deborah

    I have a question. I’ve always been able to put a URL in my note and it becomes an automatic hyperlink without me having to tell it to hyperlink. One thing I use this for is the public library. I have a note called Library, and in it is my library card number and the URL for the library’s digital holdings. Then I when I want to download an audiobook or digital book, I just go to that note, copy the card number, click on the link, and paste the card number to login and check out books.

    So is the hyperlink key used if you want to hyperlink text instead of the actual URL? For example, instead of in my note like I have now, I would write “Santa Barbara Public Library Digital Home” and hyperlink it to the URL above?

    I would also like the anchor feature to link within a note! And yes, I’ve used notelinks before too.

  • Alexey Ger

    Will be more convenient if we can create links to tags

  • Klaus @ TechPatio

    You REALLY need to fix the hyperlink requirement. Why must all my hyperlinks start with “http://” before the dialog box will accept it? I cannot link to e-mails in on my Mac if they start with http:// … the links to that is like message://blablablabla

    Funny enough, Evernote support note-links so other apps can link *to* Evernote, but you don’t support linking *from* Evernote to other apps… why is that?

  • Drew

    It would be nice to be able to “intralink” within a note to allow for anchors like on an html page. Is there any possibility of this coming in the future? Seems easier to achieve than even “interlink” notes feature – which I really dig. 🙂

    • Grant Bennett

      +1 What a great idea! Anchors and ability to link to other notes would be great.

  • Marie M.

    *sigh of relief* Not being able to hyperlink text has been driving me crazy. I looked for it in all the menus, but didn’t think to right-click. Also appreciate that it’s the same shortcut as adding a hyperlink in Gmail. Thanks Evernoters!

  • Sandra Casey

    Is there a way to delete notes that have been imported into folders off the main note page?

  • Alexander Pup

    Anchors would be a great addition to the linking functionality.

  • chad

    thank you now i can make hyperlink by myself. ^^

  • FreedomKnight

    I can’t use hyperlink now in IPad, Android and Web, Why?

  • Gary

    Does anyone know how to place a hyperlink in evernote as plain text and then have the plain text be hypelinked in an SMS text…

  • a

    i have many link in a note (+100) how do i transform all in hyperlink without select one by one

  • Aaron McKeehan

    For anyone coming to this page to figure out HOW TO HYPERLINK or INTERLINK NOTES:

    In Windows, right-click on the note and select “Copy Note Link”
    This will create the Hyperlink you need when adding a hyperlink within a note.