Skitch And Evernote: A Letter From Keith Lang

Skitch And Evernote: A Letter From Keith Lang

Posted by Keith Lang on 21 Nov 2012

Posted by Keith Lang on 21 Nov 2012

I am really excited about the newest release of Skitch for Mac, but troubled by some of the negative reaction from some of our oldest and most loyal users. After thinking about this for the past few weeks, I’ve come to the realization that we’ve underestimated how deeply ingrained Skitch had become in many people’s daily workflows and how disruptive changes to the product could be. I’d like you to know that we’re going to fix it.

In the meantime, if you prefer to use the version prior to Skitch 2.0 for Mac, you can download it here and use it until the new version fits into your workflow. Of course, you’ll be missing out on the new features in 2.0, but we’ll be working hard to make 2.0 the more appealing choice for you in the long-term.

As one of the founders of Skitch, I want to say that Skitch is something very personal to me. I realize that we’ve been so heads down for the last 16 months building that we’ve not taken the time to say hello and share our perspective on what’s happening in our world. And Skitch is all about sharing perspective.

So let me begin with a little history, and then share our roadmap for Skitch, below.

Skitch is Born

In 2004, Skitch started as an idea which grew into the barest of working prototypes — nothing more than a red rectangle on the screen. But we loved it. It was used by us and close friends for four years with features layered on over time. Skitch went ‘public beta’ in 2008. The public beta lasted for another 3 years, where it continued to accumulate features, polish, and a group of passionate users who loved its idiosyncratic UI. There’s probably a dusty award sitting unclaimed in some post office for ‘longest public beta ever.’ In fact, Skitch was only officially 1.0 for a short period before we started talking to Evernote.

Hello Evernote

Scholarly types might call it a ‘deictic gesture,’ but the rest of us just call it “pointing and talking”. I read somewhere once that this ability to direct attention to, and make some comment on *that* thing is a skill that upgrades a small group of humans from a saber-tooth’s smorgasbord to smart and effective hunters/gatherers/creators/builders. The penny dropped when Phil Libin and the brilliant people at Evernote framed Skitch in this way — as the ‘point and grunt’ tool for our modern, digital, life. They and we, realised that together we could help millions of people become smarter and more effective through a shared perspective. That’s why Skitch joined Evernote.


Skitch was acquired by Evernote in late 2011. At the point of acquisition we had one part-time developer. Fourteen months later, you can find me sitting alongside more than 25 of the smartest and most hard-working people I know, all working directly on Skitch.

In those last 16 months we’ve designed, built and released:

I’m really proud of what we’ve built. We’ve made a tool that’s now in the hands of more than ten million users. People love being able to use Skitch not just at their computer, but wherever they are. But we’re not finished, because there are some things we didn’t get right, some things we screwed up, and some things we simply didn’t get to yet.

Skitch 2.0 for Mac is the most visible example of this. It’s a tool loved and used daily by many, of course including me. So why did we re-write, and rethink Skitch for Mac when going from 1.0 to 2.0?

Re-thinking Skitch for Mac

Firstly, if you looked under the hood of Skitch 1.0 you would see that it was being held together by five years of duct-tape and good intentions. The entire app needed to be re-written for us to ever move forward; for example it’s easy to forget that Skitch 1.0 for Mac had no way to resize shapes, no way to re-direct arrows or even transfer your Skitch Library to a new machine if you upgraded. We had to start from scratch to build a modern Mac app.

Secondly, I wanted us to re-think what made Skitch for Mac great. How could we make Skitch simpler, more friendly to the average Mac user? In the time since we started making Skitch, many great apps have grown to fill in functional niches better than Skitch ever could. So we didn’t think we needed to include those things. How could we build the Skitch app of the future if the UI was already overloaded? So we re-thought much of how Skitch for Mac looked and worked. We didn’t get it all right, and we’re certainly not done.

Future Skitch for Mac Roadmap

Since Skitch 2.0 for Mac came out, here are the 1.x features that users have been most vocal about bringing back:

Menubar Extra support
The original Skitch 2.0 shipped without a separate menubar icon. We’ve had to change a bunch of things around to make the menubar helper play well with Mountain Lion and sandboxing, but I’m happy to say that it’s already back in the Skitch 2.02 version available now.

Multiple file formats from the Drag Me tab
Already back in 2.02.

Coming back to Skitch soon.

Auto creation of sharing URLs
Coming back in the next few weeks, as a user-selected preference (lots of people don’t want this to happen by default for privacy reasons).

Short URLs
While short URLs can be quite convenient, they come with a security risk. The chance of somebody stumbling across a random “private” file that’s been shared with a short URL are many orders of magnitude higher than with the long URLs we’re currently using. Many of our users understand this and still prefer the convenience of short URLs for not-super-sensitive Skitch documents. Short URLs are coming back soon — with appropriate notifications to alert users to that may be unaware of the risks.

Direct Hosting of Skitch Images (Deep Linking)
Image hosting is a very different business than Evernote’s. Most image hosting companies try to monetize their users through a combination of ads, behavior tracking, lead generation, data mining or other “indirect” methods. Evernote doesn’t do any of these things. We don’t make money from your data and assume that everything you put in is private and completely under your control. That’s why we got rid of direct image hosting on We’ll be putting it back, with some constraints to make sure that it doesn’t get abused, in the next few weeks.

Storage, synchronization and sharing options
You can do three things with your documents in Skitch for Mac: (1) sync them to Evernote and make them accessible on every Evernote-enabled device, (2) save them locally to the filesystem so you can do anything you normally do with files, and (3) share them directly via email, Facebook, Twitter and other services. I think that covers the whole gamut. All three options are available now and will be getting easier to use in upcoming releases.

Multiple fonts and custom colors, streamlined cropping and resizing, automatic type tool selection
All coming back, with an interface that makes them far easier to figure out and use than in the 1.x versions.

The best Skitch is yet to come

Of course we’ll be doing a lot more than just putting improved 1.x features back into the new Skitch. We’re working on some really amazing stuff that should appeal to our most loyal users as well as bring in many millions of new fans. Imagine being able to Skitch on top of different document types, communicate complex ideas via email without typing a single line of text, and going on a manned mission to Mars. In the next few months, you’ll be able to do at least two of these things in Skitch!

All of this is possible only with the passion, energy and resources that Evernote has put behind Skitch. I am personally humbled to work alongside the Skitch team, whose members have worked late nights, cancelled vacations and poured their souls into something I’m fortunate to have been involved in. I’ve never known a collection of smarter, more caring creators of apps than those at Evernote. We’ve got lots of work to do, and I look forward to it.

Keith Lang, Chief Designer for Skitch


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  • Tris Hussey

    One of the things I miss most about Skitch is the fast and easy resizing with the window. It just made getting an image ready for a post (nearly) painless. Love to see that back.

    • Brian Caldwell

      Hey Tris, nice to see you posting here. It’s been a long time!

      The latest version of Skitch has a cropping and resizing tool (at the bottom of the main tool bar on the left side.) While not as quirky as the old method, it certainly does the trick.

  • Dan Rowinski

    Thank you for listening, Skitch Team. Skitch has been vital to me in sizing and cropping images for articles at ReadWriteWeb for years now. The new version made it difficult for me to size images in such a way that I could get the precise size that I need for an article. I hope you bring back the old version of sizing/cropping (the little button on the bottom left of the box) that allows for more freedom for stretching and shrinking and cropping. I have very specific needs for sizes in our new responsive redesign at (hitting 16:9 aspect ratios that sometimes can only be achieved by adding white space to images) that the new Skitch made very difficult.

    I will be using the older Skitch on my iMac for now. Thanks for making it available again.

  • Michael Kazarnowicz

    I’m happy to see that it’s not only me. I love Evernote, I loved Skitch – but the integration shows that two good thing do not add up to one great thing. This is like taking two awesome thing, like a juicy, rare steak and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and then eating them together.

    “Until Skitch 2.0 fits into your workflow” won’t happen for me. I will use it, and I will keep swearing over the lack of intiuitive interface, over the fact that everything is uploaded to Evernote even though I don’t want it to and a dozen other things (ability to change font sizes and thickness of lines anyone?). I will accept it, unless a better tool comes along.

    What irks me the most is that I was one of the people who paid for Skitch, and I paid for Evernote Premium before Skitch was integrated. So all I got from the deal when Evernote bought Skitch was a worse version of Skitch, and a regret for paying for Skitch.

  • Es-cal-tor

    The single most valuable thing for me was the magnified view when snapping. Can you bring that back?

    • Stefanie Fazzio

      Thanks for the comment – this is being added soon.

  • Brandon Burton

    As a long time Skitch user and a subscriber (still rocking ) I really appreciate this post.

    I know that I’ve held off upgrading because of the removal of my key usage workflow features.

    I can understand a rewrite is needed after this many years and with the many changes to the OSX security model in 10.7/10.8, but the silence was frustrating.

    With this post I think you’ve addressed and provided an answer to every frustration and complaint I’ve had and seen on Twitter from my fellow Skitch using friends.

    So thank you and I look forward to Skitch 2.x becoming a part of my workflow as these new features land on it.

  • Brian Bartlett

    While the Drag Me tab has added multiple formats, for me a major format is still missing. PDF. This one format has me clinging to my 1.0.12 version. Mostly this is for me as a Mac user living in a corporate PC world, and dragging images into Outlook 2011 is great the first time. Forward that message, and embedded images get lost. Solution, PDF to the rescue.

    So, when will we get PDF as a drag me format back?

    • Stefanie Fazzio

      We will be fixing this soon. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Gloria

    What about transparency (e.g. transparent background, etc.)? Will that ever be coming back? I relied very heavily on that.

    • Stefanie Fazzio

      We’re working on this feature. Thanks for commenting!

  • Vladimir Campos

    Please, dedicate special attention to the cropping feature in Skitch for iOS. If you have an image that you want to crop a small part of it, the present way of doing it is fine. But try to do it the other way around. Try to crop a big part of a full screen image. Impossible!

    A good example is a iPhone screenshot image. Take a screenshot and try to remove only the black iPhone services header from the image. It’s impossible. If you try from the top to the bottom the present cropping system wont let you finish the move until the end of the image. If you try it from the bottom to the top, you’ll also miss a part of the image.

    So please, for the iPhone try some solution like other cropping systems. Apple’s way of doing it is good, Camera+ also has a good approach and another good example is PhotoShop Express.

  • Brian Meagher

    Thank you Keith. I use Skitch every day to crop and resize images for my blog. I, too, paid for your great app back before it was free. Never regretted that, but I’ve stuck with 1.0 because of all the features you listed.
    Here’s hoping 2.02 and beyond will once again become the stellar app it should be. Again, thank you.

  • Kyle DeMilo

    Glad to hear from Skitch over this kurfuffle (I am a Skitch user since 2008 and I use Skitch 2.02 now and love it) as well as Evernote (Premium member since 2009). I wish there was MORE integration like the Windows version of Evernote does. I’d love a “would you like to edit this in Skitch?” pink bar for some of my notes in Evernote, but I know I’m an edge case.

    Keep on truckin’ — you’re never going to please everybody, but PLEASE keep communicating with the community.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Sara S

    You say this:
    You can do three things with your documents in Skitch for Mac: …(2) save them locally to the filesystem so you can do anything you normally do with files,

    How in the heck do you save them to the filesystem as Skitch format files that could be edited in the future???

    The only save options I find are to save in Evernote. If I export to my filesystem, I have to choose a different format (png, gif, etc), which creates an image file with the skitch objects like arrows and shapes now merged into a single layer. I can’t reopen it in skitch and move around the arrows and so on.

    So how in the heck do you do this?

    • Keith Lang

      Sorry — that part wasn’t clear. I was referring to exported (flat) files, and you’re right there’s no current way to save the editable document to a folder etc. We’re working on that now and should be back soon.

  • Keith Lang

    Thanks guys — your comments match what we’re been hearing from the community in general, which we’re already working on. We appreciate the detail in how you’ve been using Skitch to date too, it’s surprising (even to me) how diverse the usage of Skitch is.

  • Carl Spackler

    Upside on Skitch for the Mac, it’s stable

  • Joel G Goodman

    Thanks for the personal response on these issues, Keith. I hope that someday Skitch will once again become as viable tool for me as it has been for the past 3 years. It was disastrous having to find new ways to do things Skitch had filled in my workflow for years.

    Even with 2.02, Skitch hasn’t reclaimed its former identity… I still have to use multiple apps to do what Skitch used to by itself. Two clicks to take a snap is so annoying. OS X’s built-in cross-hair screenshots already gives me two-clicks to do things.

    2.0 was a huge blow to my confidence in the Evernote + Skitch, but I desperately hope I can be won back.

    • Keith Lang

      The 2-click capture process is designed to help the less savvy amongst us step through the process with a little less surprise. I agree it’s another step many of us don’t need — we’re working on it.

      • Tomislav Podhraški

        This. I can’t use Skitch without it, it made workflow of taking a screenshot elegant and fast, not something you think about, but a reflex.

        Just put the “Original snapshot behavior” in the preferences and you are done! 🙂

  • Damien

    Please, remove the Dockicon. -.-

    • Keith Lang

      The Dock icon is a tricky one, technically. In 1.x we used an unofficial API to switch this. If you know an app that’s allowed in the Mac App store which can switch between Menubar extra and Dock icon, I’d love to know, thanks!

      • TJ Luoma

        > If you know an app that’s allowed in the Mac App store which can switch between
        > Menubar extra and Dock icon, I’d love to know, thanks!

        Growl and Justnotes have a preference for both dock & menu bar, just dock, or just menu bar.

        Glad to see that you realized that lobotomizing Skitch was a horribly stupid idea.

        Sad that it took 2 months of overwhelmingly negative feedback for you to realize it, but better late than never, I suppose.

      • ex Skitch-user

        “Growl” did it.

      • Jose Morais

        Memory Clean ( do this. It’s on menubar and when we click on it a window appears. There’s no dock icon.

        Don’t know if is that you mean.

  • Anonymous

    Paint bucket… please?
    I’m not sure if you already added this feature to 2.x already because I’ve been using 1.0 for the time being.

    • Mike gibbons

      Agree great for making color background blocks for text – the text could be brought forward – think that’s missing new version too

  • Karen

    Love both skitch and Evernote. Really want Skitch to be integrated into Evernote so I can annotate notes, photos, etc within the Evernote app.

  • Andrew

    Please bring back the automatic image titling…”Snapshot 11/21/2012″ is so useless compared to the text pulled out of the image.

    • Keith Lang

      This is high up on our to-do, agreed. As a sidenote, I do enjoy being able to search for any text inside a screencapture and having it appear due to the wonders of Evernote OCR on the server.

    • lizzeymac

      THIS – This Skitch 1.0.12 feature saved me literally at least 30 minutes a day. Even if at at the end if the day I retitled many or all of the snapshots from the names that Skitch had assigned, the assigned names made it easy to keep track the source of the pics if I didn’t get to review them all on that day and set them aside to do later.
      I’ve only been using Skitch for 14 months or so, but it became instantly a key part of my both my work & personal workflow, and it measurably increased my productivity & free time. Skitch 2.0 was a disastrous disruption – thank heavens for the link to Skitch 11.0.12 – and reading the Discussion boards for all this time, waiting for some response has been intensely aggravating.
      I appreciate Keith’s post but really wonder at how long it took to address this.

  • Julie McLeod

    Skitch used to be totally unique in providing a capture app and an image host that gave thumbnails for forum posting. Is there any chance of getting back the image thumbnail to use in forum posts?

    • Keith Lang

      We’re hoping to get this in with Direct URLs.

  • Ryan Thrash

    I’m so looking forward to having deep linking and auto-copy of the deep-linked image URL to the clipboard back. It’s invaluable for posting to our company internal chat channel.

  • Mike gibbons

    Lonely thing better than SKITCH is MAC itself….can you bring back the incredibly elegant drop shadow of the original SKITCH – new drop shadow (changed about 6-12 months ago) has ugly hard edge

    • Keith Lang

      Hi Mike — to confirm — you refer to the dropshadow placed around window captures?

      • afndimrdandi

        around any capture be that a complete window or just some random rectangle I drag out

      • afndimrdandi

        Since my earlier comment, I’ve taken a closer look at the wording. Mike refers to “Add Shadow to Image” which is precisely the wording of a feature found in the Image menu that adds shadow to ANYTHING in Skitch. You seem to be referring to something else, “Add shadow to window snaps”, which can be found in Preferences > Settings > Snapping. Therefore I’m pretty sure the answer to your question is “no”, he’s referring to the other shadow feature. I agree with him – it’s one of the best reasons for using Skitch vs. its competitors.

    • MIke Schinkel

      +1 – Please bring back the “Add Shadow to Image” feature. It’s one of the better reasons for using Skitch vs. competitors.

      • afndimrdandi

        Yes. I used it 99% of the time in version 1. I used to wish I could have it on automatically by default

    • Tim Osborn

      I have a Cmd+Alt+S shortcut set up to add a shadow to any image in the old Skitch, and the hard drop shadow bothers me, too.

      I was dismayed by the skitch 2.0 updates, and have been using 1.0.7 (the last version i could find) ever since. I felt betrayed by the fact that nothing was left of the original Skitch but the brand name.

  • Anonymous

    One vital feature for my workflow that is missing is the ability to create white space around a snapped image by making the crop window *larger* than the image. In the white space created at the top of the image I add the source citation for the snapped image, which in my case is usually a clipping from a newspaper.

    • Keith Lang

      This is definitely on it’s way back. I agree – it’s terribly useful.

    • Geoff Schwartz

      This is a great feature. I scrambled to find a link to an original version of Skitch after upgrading and found the crop feature gone. P.S. thanks for the link Keith – and hope you cope OK with all us whinging customers using your awesome free product.

  • Bjorn

    It’s incredible how you’ve managed to ignore the incredibly cynical removal of the ability to save a skitch to where I want on the file system. This feature would let me save my skitch images on dropbox or icloud instead of Evernote. You’ve removed this. I paid for this application and now it’s ruined. I don’t want to pay for Evernote, I paid for skitch. Just be honest about it. You’re removed features just to sell Evernote features. It’s fine, that’s in Evernote’s interests, but not in mine.

    Anyway, thanks for providing the old app link. I’m done with new versions.

    • Keith Lang

      Hi Bjorn,

      The ability to save a Skitch document is coming back soon, which will let you place an editable document anywhere you want. We’re researching ways to make that work even better than 1.x so it can integrate into many more flows. Skitch Preferences also contains a setting to tell Skitch to ‘Never Ask’ to save each Skitch to Evernote which means no Skitch note will be put in your Evernote account unless you explicitly tell it to. Our plan is to meet and exceed the 1.x functionality in this regard.

      • Bjorn

        Ok, sorry for my angry comment. I almost wished it hadn’t been approved to show up. I really like Skitch and I realize you’ve done a lot to make that product what it is today. Just a little unhappy when new features are pitched, but glossing over all the regressions. Thank you.

      • Tim Osborn

        Thankyou! Hopefully this .skitch format will include Quicklook preview so that searching can be done in Finder.

  • CF

    All I want is:

    (A) A menubar icon/always-on app, so I don’t have to launch Skitch in the dock before hot keying to get a screenshot.

    (B) After snapping the shot, stop asking me to (1) confirm my screenshot size, then (2) stop asking me if I want to discard my Skitch note or whatever before actually showing me my screenshot in Skitch. When I click the mouse button to take my screenshot, the very next thing that should happen is that I should see my screenshot and start using it. Those other steps are useless.

  • Mario Dorion

    Long time (paying) user here.

    What I miss the most from Skitch 1.X:
    #1 Ability to rename before pulling the image (now renaming before emailing requires trip to the desktop)
    #2 Delayed capture (essential to capture an open Menu)
    #3 Paint Bucket and Transluscent Grey (to darken areas to hightlight everything else)
    #4 Not having to click the “capture” button after my selection
    #5 Drop shadow effect (the old one)

    After having try to adapt to 2.x looking forward to going back to 1.x until further updates.

  • Stephen

    “In the meantime, if you prefer to use the version prior to Skitch 2.0 for Mac, you can download it here and use it until the new version fits into your workflow.”

    Can you please do the same for Android? A link the the apk would be perfectly fine. Either that or put it back in the play store and never touch it again.

  • Steve

    I’m glad the Skitch team is listening. Maybe I’ll re-install and wait for the updates to come. It’s a pretty invaluable app.

  • MIke Schinkel

    Skitch is *THE* reason I switched from Windows to a Mac. I’m a supporter of 1.0; I paid in advance for 3 years. And then 2.0 came out and I was deeply depressed.

    The idiosyncratic UI is one of things that makes Skitch 1.0 so much better than so many other screen capture apps. I work on a 15″ MacBook Pro, I don’t have all the extra screen real estate for application chrome. I understand needing to start from a clean code-base (I’m a developer too) but the redesigned UI goes from almost perfect to highly disappointing.

    If you continue with the same UI that 2.0.2 has then I’ll stick with Skitch 1.0 until it no longer works. And then I’ll lament how some things that were so good became so bad simply because of good intentions.

  • JMichael

    Keith, thanks for sharing and for your candor. It takes a really big person to admit they made a mistake, and then to fix it.

    I fear the your colleagues on the EN Mac and EN iOS teams are making the same basic mistake that your team did.

    EN Mac v5 and EN iPad v5 have dropped a lot of features that many of need to use on a daily basis. We have been telling Evernote for months that we need MORE features, like is in the EN Win client. The EN Win client has had many more features than even the old EN Mac v4 did.

    Please talk to your colleagues on the other teams and help them understand the mistake they have made.


  • mark

    What about Screen Shots of Safari? Full page was REALLY nice

    • Don Morris

      Ditto. This is a regular need for me. Skitch for iOS has the ability to snap a web page, but only the visible area — I’d like the full page there, too.

  • Ralf

    Thanks for this honest feedback on where you’ve come from and where you’re headed.

    If I can post one wish for Christmas: Please bring back the countdown (shift-capture). So essential to capture e.g. tooltips on hover etc.

    Thanks! @ralf

  • TJ Luoma

    > “We don’t make money from your data and assume that everything you put in is private and completely under your control. That’s why we got rid of direct image hosting on We’ll be putting it back, with some constraints to make sure that it doesn’t get abused, in the next few weeks.”

    Oh come on.

    Skitch (and made it phenomenally easy to control privacy settings.

    If you were so concerned that “everything you put in is private and completely under your control” then you wouldn’t have taken away (S)FTP and forced us to use Evernote — which is *not* “completely under [our] control” and which is only private to the extent that we trust Evernote to not care enough about our images to go look at them.

    You shut down because it was a financial black hole. There was no way for you to recoup the costs associated with running it, whereas sending images to Evernote could potentially push people towards buying “pro” accounts on Evernote.

    Look, we get it: you’re a business. We understand that. You make decisions based on what is best for your company. Skitch 2.0 went too far, and now you’re trying to correct it because people have loudly and consistently complained about the decisions that you made which took away options and flexibility.

    Being able to admit your mistakes is a great thing. Don’t undermine it by peeing on my leg and telling me it’s raining.

  • L Druid

    Thanks for the letter, it is always helpful to understand the direction you are taking. Yes, the new release fouled up my workflow, but the new skitch, and the Evernote integration is still better than anything else I have seen.

    The only minor comment I would have is that it may be worthwhile accumulating more examples of user workflows to see how people are using the skitch Evernote combo in the wild. I suspect you may be surprised.

  • Lewis


    I share the disappointment about Skitch, but my concern is also about Evernote 5: I have have just updated, and some things are really bothering me in this new version.

    One VERY bad thing: the icon allowing to delete a note in the opened note view has gone! So when you want to delete one single note, you can’t do it anymore apart from finding it in your multiple lists (I have around 5000 notes..). Very bad idea…

    The drag and drop ability between notes and folders is much harder, and all this seems more like a “cosmetic” trick than a real step forward.

    I hope both Skitch and Evernote, which I both love dearly, will solve these annoying problems quickly!

  • Nikolaos Ventouras

    After your team worked so hard on version 2.0, it really takes guts to come up and say all this.

    As a long time (paid) Skitch user, I appreciate it.

    One thing I’d like to see is for the “pixelate” tool to be made editable, i.e to be able to resize or remove the pixelation later and not permanently alter the image.

    And some ideas for a few features you might not have had in mind:

    (1) A panel of ready-made “stickers” (labels, icons) to drag and drop on an image as annotations. E.g a “thumbs-up”, “thumbs-down”, or a “warning” mark, etc. There could even be several sets.

    (2) On the vein of (1), a way to save common annotations for reuse, instead of having to type them again and again. Could be in the form of (1), or something like type auto-complete.

    If you choose to use ideas (1), (2) (which I present here totally in the public domain), I’d be fine with a honorary mention in the app credits 🙂

    And a few more:

    (3) A way to add a border around the image (white, black, colored etc) of variable thickness. It is sometimes necessary, e.g when presenting a predominantly white image in a white background (a webpage, a word document, etc), in order to show where the image ends.

    (4) A dropdown list of common sizes to resize to automatically, and a list of aspect ratios to crop to? It would help people needing exact dimensions out of Stitch to post to their blogs and such.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Erlend Strømsvik

      Why give thanks “for the hard work”, when the result is less than the original program?
      What work do they need to keep up? Skitch v.1 is as good as is gets for my part. Do you often buy new hammers, because someone has been working (hard) to create a new version? When a program does something has good as Skitch v.1 did there are hardly need for any upgrades.

  • Espen Antonsen

    Screenshot countdown please!

  • Gary Burns

    Biggest miss for me is being able to grab a full web page. (The entire length.)

    Integration with Evernote is a serious boon, especially alongside the improvements with Evernote 5. At the moment I’m using LittleSnapper too; which is crazy, as Evernote could be my archive with Skitch providing all the grabs.

  • Pixel8r

    I used to love skitch for capturing, annotating and sharing the images directly on my forum. This ability disappeared with the “upgrade”. I had skitch plus and wouldn’t mind paying a small fee for this feature to be reintegrated.

    Why not make a certain amount of space on the server be free and then a fee for additional space, like dropbox.

  • Kirill

    Hey Keith, good post. Thanks for updating us. Funny you published it just about the same time as I was complaining on twitter about the new Skitch. Gotta say, I love it overall, but still can’t figure out how to save files locally without them all going to Evernote. All-in-all, version 2.0 is astronomically better than the one before it 🙂

  • Angela Booth

    Keith, thanks so much for being so open and sharing what’s happening with Skitch. I’m a long term fan; I can remember being so ENVIOUS of Skitch users before you opened the public beta.

    Skitch has been part of my workflow for many years now. I was very upset with the “new” Skitch, although I love Evernote.

    It used to be so easy to add an image to a blog post or a website: save to Skitch, get the link. Not being able to do that is a pain, but nevertheless I still use Skitch every day.

    I’m thrilled that you’re returning the features I’ve missed to Skitch, thank you. 🙂

  • Nathan Chestney-Stagg

    I thought your post was excellent. Leadership is about accountability and in your post and ownership of the situation you have demonstrated this. 🙂 I personally love Skitch2.0 but I see the challenge and know you will make Skitch even better.. good luck – N

  • Winter

    I’m glad to hear the good news. I was at a loss for being able to resize snapped images easily. Glad you are bringing old functionality back. The only new feature I did like was the mask feature (i. e. snap an image of my driver’s license and mask the # and other identifying features.

    I’m not sure what else is missing, all I know now is that I’ve been at a loss since the new version. Oh and the pop-ups telling me how much evernote upload space I have left is _not_ necessary.

  • Lena

    Hi Mr. Lang,

    nice to read from u. Sktich was for me one of the programs I could tease my windows friends with. Nothing comparable for them in elegance and speed of use.

    I use it to capture charts and paint on them. Beautiful fonts, arrows, lines, blocks (which I used with white fill to erase parts I did not want to show…) let me do some pretty amazing chart analysis. Workflow was fast, just write, move it to the place and again.
    Skitch 2.0 is so clunky, so dull to use different sizes, colors for little textlines stuff, that now I feel like my precious Skitch is just a bubblegum gaga kids tool. Thank god for time machine and later was nice to allow the download of the real one again.

    Here are some links of pic I created with your great application. Normally also with different color and using the transperancy to keep parts away (teaching purposes…)…

    For my purpose there is right now only one Skitch. Thank you for making it.
    Btw. if you can do a neat work flow with your second product, I would like if I could ask the program to safe into my hdd folder and into evernote and letting me have a public link to it in one click.

    Best regards

  • Peter Spencer

    This is really very, very good news, and many thanks to Keith Lang for having the courage and oversight to see what went wrong with Skitch and then correct it.

    Now all that needs to be done is to take a look at Evernote 5.0 in the same light and we will all be saved! Evernote 5.0 suffers from the exact same damage that was done to Skitch: a bizarre make-over that has amazingly removed many key features, and added a toy-like and un-intuitive interface.

  • Genadi Saltikov

    What about Skitch for Android? you ruined it too with V2, I am unable to use it and manually re-installed old version and unticked auto updates on the Market.

    Its unusable still, I cant write with it the way I used to, I have a thread on this:

    however its still not fixed.. and I am looking for a real replacement solution, since if one day old skitch stops working with Evernote, I am screwed in lectures and practices! I need reliable solution, usable.

  • Steve Mercer

    Will we see a Windows Mobile 8 version of Skitch? When?

  • web design

    skitch is incredibly useful… the old version is so much better – I use it ALL THE TIME

    resizing snaps is awesome in the old version.. leave it alone!
    just add a new ways of adding pointing devices, arrow head shaping (see photoshop)

    • JM

      +1 Agreed!

  • 6clicks

    I really used to love Skitch…

    but I can’t use it anymore…

    I need the

    Delayed capture (essential to capture an open Menu)…

    It’s really a strange thing how the app has been deprecied…


  • RicD

    Things I would like to see in the next version:
    1. Ability to drag drop a file on the Skitch window having it open. At present we must click at the top then choose Open File. Many times the file is on the desktop so I want to drop it on Skitch.
    2. Ability to rotate all graphics, such as ovals, rectangles, boxes,
    3. Ability to resize, reshape, rotate the pixelate tool. Sometimes I need to go oblique not always vertical or horizontal.
    4. The ability to undo an annotate of an already closed document. At present when annotations need changing I must find the original, open in, then again begin annotating.
    Though Skitch has features I use and love, many times using Mac Preview is faster to annotate a photo, document, PDF than using Skitch.

  • Steve Martin

    I too have used Skitch for years and it has become an invaluable part of my daily workday. Forgive me if I repeat suggestions made by others. What is critically important to me is one simple thing – the ability to justify text. Simple right, centered, left justification. AAARGH! It would also be nice to have some control over the width of the outline that is applied to fonts.
    Love the product and would be HAPPY to pay an upgrade fee if some of these features could be addressed.

  • Deniz


    I am not going to repeat what others said in this post.

    Cream of the crop is : Bring everything back what skitch actually used to do and move forward from there. You needed to do this yesterday, not “This is coming soon” attitude.

    I am sorry I am not going to say how this post was excellent & wonderful etc etc. You know what you have missed, and knew it even before you published 2.0+ to the masses.

  • OldSkool Skitch Fan

    Also, whatever happened to the ability to see the capture you just made, once you closed the skitch window?

    With the old version of Skitch, I could capture (in one click) an area of the screen (with countdown).

    Later, having closed the skitch window, I could re-open it from the menu bar icon, and my last screenshot would still be there. Now it is lost. There doesnt seem to be any way to ‘park’ the last screenshot in memory until I want to annotate it and save it or whatever.

    Please bring this back (along with one-click capture, countdown)

  • Jana

    I use Skitch to capture website inspiration and save it to Evernote which with the new skitch became much more laborious to capture full pages without the ‘Snap from Link’ feature.

    Will that be coming back eventually? or will it be added into the evernote clipper somehow?

    I have the Evernote clipper but it doesn’t suit my inspiration saving workflow because often the html goes awry or design elements are dropped. I understand why that would be when it’s the editable information I want but sometimes I literally just want a picture of the site. 🙂

  • Paul Jinks

    In case 75 voices all dismayed by the upgrade aren’t enough, here’s my two penneth: Skitch was a great tool, a nifty blend of powerful features and intuitive UI. Skitch2 is a frustrating mess by comparison.

    The rationale that the code needed radically surgery is fair enough. Except that you released it before it was even half finished. Skitch2 would have got exactly no users if you had launched it as a new product because its feature set is so limited.

    Have switched back to Skitch 1 and wish you luck completing Skitch 2 and winning back the enthusiasm of your users.

  • Jay Gilmore

    I await the reintroduction of the key features highlighted in your post. I work in a distributed company and the way we worked with Skitch 1.X (which is borked right now because the copy link button no longer works in ML). Our workflow includes fast capture, mark up with text, arrow, boxes and lines with custom colors and sizes and save to formats such as jpg and png and click the share button and immediately have the link at hand for turning over to colleagues. Skitch 2.0 eliminated all of that.

    The reality is that Skitch was about *SHARING* visual ideas directly with other people and not just capturing ideas which other tools allow you to do. It was a way to show people changes you want made or highlighting issues or changes to make in visual design, copy, content and much more. It was fast and made that workflow excellent. Furthermore I paid for it because I felt it was awesome and then it became free as part of Evernote and 2.0 turned it into a shadow of itself, assuming that average mac users couldn’t figure out how to use the previous functionality.

    I look forward to your effort to reintroduce the reasons I use Skitch 1 into Skitch 2.



  • John C Murphy

    For years, I had been using Skitch and wondering, “When am I going to have to pay for this? It’s too good of a product to be free!” When it became a paid app, I was glad to pay for it, since I am a software developer and think you should be paid for good work.
    Now it’s clear that being free was actually a problem, because it allowed you to forget that the people who are actually willing to pay for something are usually too busy working to give you feedback until you anger them. We have deadlines to meet.
    The new Skitch is more than “disruptive” to my workflow, it’s positively destructive. All I want to do is make screenshots of my software for instruction/tutorial purposes, but now I waste so much time trying to get Skitch to work correctly that I have begun switching to working on my PC just to get it done.
    In the future, please pay more attention to your paying customers.

  • Dan

    I won’t repeat what others have said.

    Skitch was great in the past. I would pay even more than I had in the past to get skitch deep linking back.

    You say it is coming back. Can you estimate when? Will the old deep links to skitch work again?

  • Jack

    Is it just me, or is the new version buggy? The behavior I’m seeing is that when the Skitch window is minimized or closed (i.e., the window is closed, not the app) Skitch loses all functionality and cannot be closed without Force Quitting it from the Activity Monitor. Just re-installed the old version.

  • maccer

    I’ll repeat this comment from another thread. Someone thought that “moving without the need of a move tool” was an improvement to Skitch 2.

    But I’m of the opposite opinion, and that was what made me switch back to Skitch 1 as soon as I began to edit an image in v2. I absolutely hate it when I try to, say, drag an arrow close to other objects that I’ve drawn in Skitch and end up moving those other objects instead of starting to draw the arrow.

  • Eric Suesz

    Very happy to hear that Skitch will be getting some of its sexy back. I’m a huge fan and have been for a long time. Since the change, I’ve been trying other apps, which are useful but still not as great as the old Skitch. Bottom line for me: Anything you can do to make screen capturing as ultra fast as it previously was will happily get my coin. Thank you for listening to everyone’s feedback and acting on it.

  • meintokyo

    Thank you for allowing us to download the older version. 100x’s better than the new one. I suggest you get rid of the “25 of the smartest and most hard-working people” and go back to the one part time developer 🙂 You would save the company a ton of money and make everyone much happier.

  • Kim Gjerstad

    I’ll simply quote Matt Mullenweg: “The goal is to reach simplicity and not to be simplistic.”

  • Chris Howard

    “After thinking about this for the past few weeks, I’ve come to the realization that we’ve underestimated how deeply ingrained Skitch had become in many people’s daily workflows and how disruptive changes to the product could be.”

    I’m staggered that you knew so little about your customers!! And yet it is a common story of software developers. They lose touch. And, dare I say it, you start to think they don’t even use their own software.

    I’m not a big Skitch user but was still rocked when you made it a Dock only app. Thank god you fixed that.

    One thing I tried unsuccessfully to do was display Skitch screenshots in forums by embedding the screenshot URL. It worked for me when I was logged in, but nobody else. Hope you can add that to your things to do.

  • Joe Glenn

    Keith, I’m so glad you gave us this update. I loved skitch but was forced to leave as it overnight become much more complicated with evernote. I really like the simplicity of skitch hosting my images. It was such a dramatic change I was forced to pay 10 bucks a month to screencast to use jing. Now as soon as I’m done typing this I’m going to download the new skitch for mac, cancel my screencast account and come back.. Thanks again for realizing what you had was great! I’m excited for the new features of course just keep it simple as it always was….

  • JM

    Glad to learn multiple fonts etc are returning soon. Also, please bring back customizable hot keys for activating Skitch etc.

  • afndimrdandi

    I’m so glad you sent your email linking to this and one other Skitch article. By reading all the comments, I’ve discovered many things about Skitch v1 that I never knew existed. I already preferred it to v2 but now I love it even more! Thanks. Couldn’t be happier:)

  • obeattie

    So pleased to know that you’re fixing some of these issues. As a long-time Skitcher, I’m a little astounded you released the new version in the state it was in, but at the same time I’m glad to see it’s getting some love.

    As soon as the improved new version is out I’ll surely switch to it from the old version.

  • rosswell

    Pre-paying, early customer here. Having wasted so much time on the icky release of the “new” Skitch being discussed below, I am very reluctant to take the bait a second time. I see that a “updated” new version is out. I am waiting to see the comments on this blog and the App Store before I bite again.

    12/29/12 Update: Early reviews on the App Store are not promising. Darn.

    I am sorry Evernote bought Skitch. I accept it as inevitable and it was too good to last.

    I’m keeping an eye out for the next good Skitch I guess. I’m not here just to complain; as a s/w developer myself I think they need to hear how spectacularly they messed up a good thing.

  • realrolfje

    Dear Ketih, I truly hope that somebody will bring Skitch 1.0.2 back and
    release it to the Mac App store, maybe under a different name. Please
    read my reaction to your letter at

  • Dave Knight

    Please add tags. Would love to get rid of Littlesnapper in favor of Skitch.

  • Timothy Pasch

    Thank you for your letter, Keith. I am one of the many passionate original Skitch users who has been taken aback by the upgrades. Based only on your letter I have given v2 a try again.

    There are some things that I like about it, actually. It seems to drag very nicely and feels very crisp. I do have some suggestions however. First up, is please bring back the appearance of the original! The menu and bottom look entirely different and much more sterile. The original Skitch has a quirky character to it: my thought would be not to disregard the winning formula that you developed. Even the wonderfully designed “Skitch” logo has been removed from the new version.

    Additionally, I am having a very difficult time resizing images in the new Skitch. In the original, I was able to simply drag a corner to resize: although this feature may be included in the new version, it is much less intuitive. The fact that we cannot rename files is a real deal-breaker. The color-picker is also much different and again, I find myself preferring the original.

    To sum up: other than the revised base-level code, and integration with Evernote, please revert everything else to the same appearance and functionality of the original. I’d also like to mention that I greatly appreciate your taking the time to write to your users. We are passionate for a reason: you have done great work, and we are (many of us) reluctant to watch as Evernote’s influence changes the experience too dramatically.

    With best wishes and appreciation-
    Timothy Pasch

  • amuramoto

    Please contact our support team. They can help you troubleshoot the issue.

  • Teresa Cavender

    WHEN will there be font choices? Please!

  • Captain Morgan

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… I remember reading this blog post a few months ago after the ill-received Skitch for Mac version was released. I was one of the unhappy Skitch users. I thought it was quite admirable of you and appreciated the company being so candid and honest with its users.

    This morning, I searched Google for this posting and to let you know that now it seems your response was pure spoon-fed B.S. What upsets me is that you repeated the same exact mistakes you made with Skitch for Mac with the new Skitch for iOS 7. The iOS version is terrible and removes functionality.

    You haven’t learned and you haven’t changed.

  • bill

    Hi there. I recently decided that maybe the new skitch wasn’t that terrible – but have found that you still haven’t managed to reach the same point that you were at with the old Skitch. This new one still feels like an unfinished beta. Maybe in another two years I’ll be able to recommend it again? I assume by then one of the other screenshot apps will have taken its place instead.

    So sad to see you guys get eaten up and destroyed by Evernote.