Evernote Clearly Now Reads Pages To You With Text-to-Speech


Evernote Clearly Now Reads Pages To You With Text-to-Speech

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 27 Nov 2012

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 27 Nov 2012


Evernote Clearly makes reading articles and blog posts online a beautiful, distraction-free experience. One click of this browser extension removes all ads and navigation, leaving you with a simple, easy-to-read page. Today, Clearly learns a fantastic new Premium trick: reading the article to you.

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New Premium Feature: Text-to-Speech

Oftentimes, great web articles and blog posts come to you when you don’t have time to actually sit down and read them. You may be working on something else or walking around your kitchen cooking. Now, you can keep doing what you’re doing and absorb the article at the same time. Open the link, click Clearly, then click the new Text-to-Speech icon. Moments later, Clearly will start reading the article aloud to you. It’s like instantly turning articles into podcasts. Become an Evernote Premium subscriber to try it out.

Additionally, we’ve built live text highlighting into Clearly, which shows you the words as they’re read. Click on the handy controls in the sidebar if you want to pause, skip ahead or jump to the previous sentence.

Speaks your language
This new feature supports over a dozen different languages. When you combine that with the text highlighting, you get a great language learning tool. Visit a site in another language, then have Clearly read it to you as you follow along with the highlighting.

Go Premium

Evernote Premium gives you lots of great ways to expand your Evernote life: create more notes each month, download notebooks onto iOS and Android devices for easy access any time, search within PDFs, get faster support, and more. Go Premium now »

Powered by iSpeech

We’re working with the leading text-to-speech provider, iSpeech, to bring you this functionality. It’s the best we’ve ever heard and we hope you like it. Try it on this post.

Text-to-speech is only available in the Google Chrome version of Clearly, but will be coming to other browsers soon.

Learn more about how to use Evernote Clearly by reading our Evernote Clearly Getting Started Guide.

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  • Thomas Getchius

    This looks to be an amazing feature; thanks!

  • Chris

    I am a Evernote premium subscriber, using Clearly in Google Chrome, but I do not see the Text-to-Speech icon. Is there any update I need to download, or some setting I need to enable somewhere?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Chris, it sometimes takes a little bit of time for updates to show up. You can try restarting Chrome or removing the extension and re-installing it from Google: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/clearly/iooicodkiihhpojmmeghjclgihfjdjhj

      • Chris

        Thanks, uninstalling and reinstalling from Google Chrome store helped. Great.

  • Chad

    When will this be available for Safari on Mac?

    • G.Younk

      I hope so!

    • KAN

      Mac already has speech build into OS X. Find in Services menu.

    • Christoph Zeller

      Hi Chad,

      there is already a discussion going on, here:


      You can join us :-)

  • Chris Dee

    I think evernote is a wonderful product but I have to ask what the point of this was. I mean, if I’m trying to comprehend information how is having text to speech going to help me with that?

    This would be great when I’m driving not when I’m already reading and trying to comprehend other information.

    Sure, I could have Clearly open and do housework or something and have them read me an article…or I can read the article in about a minute skim-style and still have more information to take from it.

    • Barbara Kerr

      Chris – text-to-speech is a highly valued factor by those who have learning disabilities and cannot read, and by those who struggle to see to read. Our visually impaired find such features to be an added blessing. Evernote then meets ADA criteria – just thought I’d share -

  • Vladimir Campos

    Loved it! It’s amazing that it detects the language. I read in English, Spanish and Portuguese and therefore it is grate that I don’t need to select the language before ;-)

    PS.: Please add Brazilian Portuguese too ;-)

  • Krit

    Awesome feature. You know what would be really great though, having an option to save an audio file of the webpage as a note to Evernote so you can access and listen to it from any platform. This would be killer on mobile during a commute!

    • Jakob Bignert

      Interesting idea, will look into that.

      • KAN

        A very good suggestion, I would like to have that function too.

  • Steve

    Will this be coming to the Firefox addon soon?

    • Jakob Bignert

      Yes, we are starting that work within short. Thanks for your patience.

  • Matic Petek

    Is it possible to convert web page to “speech” page, save it to Evernote and then listen on my phone?

  • Keri

    Remove and re-add was required for me with Chrome on Mac

  • Lee

    This is a very cool feature. I also think it does a better job than the native text to speech service on the Mac. I will definitely use this.

  • Deborah

    Hey, this is really awesome! Of course she didn’t pronounce live and read with long vowels, she pronounced them with short vowels, because only context lets you know how they should be pronounced. I thought the intonation for the most part was really good!

    Ideally, if this could one day work on a portable device, that would be the best, for two reasons. 1) If you’re working around the kitchen (or wherever) you can have your smartphone and earpiece on you while you listen; and 2) reading on a small screen is more difficult, therefore being read to is more appealing.

    An unexpected pleasant surprise!

  • Deborah

    Cool! I just tried it on a Mexican website – it was obviously done by a native speaker of Spanish. Very cool! She had an accent from Spain, not Mexico, but that would definitely be nitpicking! I went to a .uk site to see if she would have a British accent, but she didn’t. It was the same as the American one. Works for me! I’m going to visit more international sites. How fun!

    • Jakob Bignert

      Thanks Deborah, we are considering adding support for different accents, like British English for example.

  • philippe99

    Awesome. Plz add a way to slow down the speed of speeching and Clearly would be come a language teaching aid in classrooms !

    • Jakob Bignert

      This is already available on the options page. Right click the Clearly toolbar icon and choose ‘Options’ then find the Text To Speech tab on the left.

  • Panayiotis

    I have 2 suggestions: 1. text-to-speech feature in evernote website and windows/mac programs, so we could have text-to-speech for our notes and web clippings, 2. save text-to-speech as audio file along web clippings so we can listen to them on iPhone/android.

    And a question: what languages are supported?

  • Havalandırma

    Thanks for information. Wonderful!

  • Mark Zaun

    I think you just won a new Evernote user.
    You are the first TTS service which integrates into the web browser and highlights the currently read word. Studies have shown that reading and listening to an article at the same time is the most efficient and fastest way to read and take in the read content.

    You are also the first service which autodetects the language.

    I really dislike that Read-it-later services like Instagram and Pocket have failed to provide a convenient way to play back your saved articles on a computer and mobile phone.

    Must haves:
    – the ability to quickly change playback speed
    – a comprehensive and open database of wrong pronounced words (mostly foreign words and company names) and their correct pronounciation. People need to be able to add entries. Otherwise reading a technology blog becomes a little painful.
    – playlists (with skipable articles)
    – a play/pause keyboard shortcut
    – maybe an optional button that follows your mouse cursor to read a certain paragraph.

    It would also be nice to have a TTS button in my notes.

    Thank you for making it easier for business people or busy people to stay up-to-date with following blogs and news articles.

  • Zachary

    I love this new feature, I rely on evernote to help me get all the important tasks in my life done, and this is just a great bonus!

  • konya düğün salonu

    thank you. great sharing

  • Ray

    When will this be available on the android Evernote app?

    • Leeland

      When will this be available in the Android version?

  • Robson Peixoto

    Please, create a clearly’s Safari version.