Evernote’s Designers Speak

Evernote's Designers Speak

Posted by Rafe Needleman on 29 Nov 2012

Posted by Rafe Needleman on 29 Nov 2012

On November 15, I hosted the first Evernote Talks event. This is our new series where we get together with Evernote users and fans and talk about the core elements of the Evernote experience. For this first event, the focus was on design.

It was a good time to cover this topic, since we’ve just released dramatically redesigned products for the Mac and for iOS, as well as a new Evernote client for Windows 8. They are the most designed products we’ve released so far. By that I mean they reflect our latest philosophy, which is to put the “experience first.” That means that we’re focusing on making the features and functions of Evernote’s applications fit users’ needs and likes more carefully. The upshot: Our apps look better, and work better in the real world.

The new apps appear to be simpler, but paradoxically they also will allow us to build more useful features into them as time goes on. But I’ll let the Evernote Talks speakers explain it in the videos of the event.

Here’s the rundown. In this video (part 1) I do an intro, and then at the 4:55 mark you can hear Jeff Zwerner, our VP of Branded Products and Experiences, explain the Evernote product philosophy. After him, at 18:45, Evernote’s chief Designer, Gabe Compodonico, talks about the design of the new Mac and iOS apps in some detail.

In video 2, Product Manager Naomi Pilosof talks about how we designed the “onboarding” experience for the new iOS client. All apps should welcome new users, we think. Naomi explains how we do it. Then, at 11:25, there’s an audience Q&A session with all the speakers.

We’re going to be doing more Evernote Talks events. If you have a topic you’d like to see us cover, drop me a note, These events are open to the public and free, and if you can’t make it or get tickets, we’ll again post the video online.

Rafe Needleman is Evernote’s Platform Advocate, and author of Evernote’s Opportunity Notes blog about startups.


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  • Julie Helfrich

    I just became an evernote user and would love to have a live tutorial. I live in Woodside, next door to your headquarters. Can you recommend someone by any chance? Thanks, Julie

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Julie, you might want to reach out to one of our local Ambassadors (Josh or Rebecca):

  • tzlukoma

    Where is the video?