Skitch Update: New Features for Android

Skitch Update: New Features for Android

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 03 Dec 2012

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 03 Dec 2012

We’re continuing to make Skitch better and better. Today, we’ve added a number of features to Skitch for Android that make getting your message across easier than ever.

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New Android Features

The newest update to Skitch for Android includes options to customize the way you annotate your Skitch images and how you organize them, as well as features to make annotations easier. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Tool Options

With our previous release for Android we introduced Wet Ink, which allows you to group pen strokes together and make complicated annotations easier to move and adjust. We also reintroduced the Move/Pan tool, which allows you to move and pan around your image quickly after you’ve made a change. Both of these tools are great for communicating detailed information with precision, but for some types of Skitch notes you may want to keep using the same tool for multiple markups in a row.

Now, the choice is yours. You can enable or disable Wet Ink and the Panning Tool by checking the boxes in the Settings Menu. Whether you’re taking quick notes or need the freedom to make adjustments, Skitch makes it easy to customize your experience.

Note Organization Improvements

Fitting Skitch notes into your Evernote organization system is easy on Android. Before starting on a new Skitch note, you can specify the notebook you’d like to sync your Skitch notes to by default. You can also change the destination notebook and title of the Skitch note before you save it by clicking on Note Info in the Options Menu and specifying where you would like it to go. From there, whenever you sync your Evernote account, the note will appear just as you’ve saved it.

Two-Finger Pan

Two-Finger Pan is back! Place two fingers on the screen and swipe to pan up, down, left and right. With a simple gesture, you can move your Skitch images in any direction to hone in on the part of the image you’d like to work on.

Stay Tuned for More

We’re really excited to bring you the new version of Skitch for Android. The added features in this update make the app faster, more flexible, and simpler than ever, but we’re not even close to being done. There are a bunch of features still to come, and we can’t wait to be able to share them with you.

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We hope you enjoy these updates to Skitch for Android. Let us know what you think in the comments!


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  • rowl

    Sorry, i’d like more to see pagecam came To Android ’cause i bought this moleskin notebook. You announced it! Come in , whats up with pagecam??

  • annello

    Sounds good, but I continue to wish for the option of text without outlines. Could this be a choice you let the user make? Thank you.