Evernote for Mac Updated With New Premium Related Notes and Usability Improvements


Evernote for Mac Updated With New Premium Related Notes and Usability Improvements

Posted by on 12 Dec 2012

Posted by on 12 Dec 2012

Last week, we released a number of updates that added Evernote Business support to our apps. Those same updates also included some great non-business features. In our first Mac update since launching the beautiful Evernote 5, we added one new Premium feature and a couple of much-requested improvements.

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Premium feature: Related Notes
We’re always looking for exciting ways to help you rediscover the content and memories stored inside of your Evernote account. This update adds a new Premium feature that does just that. As soon as you start creating or viewing a note, Evernote checks to see if there are any notes in your account that relate to what you’ve written and displays these Related Notes below the note area. The more you type, the more refined the Related Notes will be.

If you have a long note, you’ll see a little elephant popup appear in the lower right corner of the note area. This popup indicates that there are Related Notes waiting for you when you scroll to the bottom of the note.

For Evernote Business users, we also display notes from Business Notebooks that you have access to, making the Related Notes section a combination of your notes and those from your team.

More great updates
We also added a few much-requested features:

  • Drag-and-drop notes onto Notebooks and Tags in the sidebar
  • New option to view note counts in the left panel
  • Trash button in the Note Editor
  • Back and Forward buttons to let you return to recently-viewed notes

There’s lots more to come. Let us know what you think.


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  • Randy Walters

    One other usability suggestion that would be great:

    Could you give the ability to add a “lineseparator” to the left panel under the shortcuts menu. This would provide some visual distinction between various groups of notebooks/notes. I would envision this being a right click option similar to the bookmarks toolbar in firefox.

    Thank you for the update.

    • Dennis Crumbine

      I figured out a workaround for this. I created a few dummy notebooks named . and .. and … then placed them in my shortcuts menu as separators. Hope that helps!

  • Robert

    This could be game changing, depending on how well it is implemented. Does it now, or will it in the future, approach the capabilities of the “see also” AI-based function in Devonthink?

    Meanwhile, for god’s sake, PLEASE fix the iOS client…

  • David

    Another update for mac where is v5 for windows?

  • Tom7

    I love Evernote and run my life from it now. I have it for android, iOS, Windows and Mac OSX, but mostly live in Evernote on my iPad and Macs…

    I love the new Evernote on the MacOS; in fact I wish the iOS team were led by the MacOS team. iOS is by far the most frustrating platform I use Evernote on.

    Anyway, will Evernote PLEASE remember that we use Evernote not just to take notes, but to refer back to our notes.

    It is annoying as !@#$% to want to look at something in yesterday’s notes and find the latest version of Evernote doesn’t even cache the most recently used notes on the device (are you listening, iOS)?

    Even if you have a 3G iPad, you can’t always get data connections everywhere.

    I would think that caching your most recent notes would be a no-brainer feature for all platforms.

  • Helen Armstrong

    This is a plea for some sort of privacy feature. I want to be able to start a new note without the screen showing previous notes – sometimes i’ll work openly with people around me or beside me and i’m not keen on them seeing the info of my other notes, names or snippets or tags or whatever – I would just like them to see the note I am working on.

    I’d also like a note to work like a canvas where I can put anything wherever I want, and I’d like to create colour schemes for notes too.

    Love the elephant xx

  • Nathan Jones

    Before I upgrade, can someone please tell me if there’s an option to turn off the new Related Notes feature? Whilst I can see how such discovery tools can be incredibly helpful, distraction-free editing is more important for me, especially given my ADHD.

    I already find the Related Notes feature in Evernote for Android immensely distracting, and it’s frustrating that there appears to be no option to tell the app “always open notes full-screen”. Since my working memory is poor, I need to see as much of my note as possible on the screen, and since I’m easily distracted, I can lose a thought in the moment between related notes flashing up and them going away again when I tap the little “expand to full screen” icon.

  • Giovanna Di Nunzio

    somebody could tell me how to use Evernote to planning a database registration of clients in the general static registry?

  • David Negrin

    The RELATED NOTES function is absolute genius. I wanted to give you guys credit where credit is due. I’ve been worried that the Evernote development team wasn’t spending enough time on innovation. But it’s a function like this that shows you’re dedicated to not only collecting my information, but helping me get more out of it so I can make better decisions.

    Thanks again, keep up the good work.

    –David, Research Analyst, NYC

    • Dennis Crumbine

      It’s an intriguing function but also something which should be an option one can turn off. I, like many others, frequently share my screen with colleagues and don’t want them to necessarily see related notes which are not shared.

  • Michael Coleman

    To make this feature completely awesome, you should add the ability to drag one of the related notes into the text of my current note and have Evernote paste a Note Link to the current note. (You can already do this from the note list, just note from the related notes.)

  • John Jenkins

    I am a grad student and would love to see a feature or app that enables you to Tag notes with a timeline marker and then aggregate notes onto a timeline. there are a lot of subtleties needed to make that useful, like the ability to populate the timeline with tagged notes.. So you could view/access selected notes (multiple tags) from multiple notebooks on the timeline.

  • Gwyn Morfey

    I’d love it if ‘related notes’ was an option. Keeping the screen free of visual noise and distraction is really important to me. I’m finding they’re nearly always irrelevant, so I’d rather have them not there!

  • Gwyn Morfey

    I posted a message asking for ‘related notes’ to be an option (like another commenter below).. then found that it _is_ an option. (Preferences->General->Show related notes). Excellent.

  • amuramoto

    To disable Related Notes, click the Evernote menu then go to Preferences > General and uncheck the ‘Show Related Notes’ button

    • Elke Nominikat

      Thank you so much, Amuramoto for letting us know about this. It honestly drove me nuts and totally distracted from writing new notes. I use Evernote ALL THE TIME and I make good usage of tags and don’t need a “related notes” feature. Thank you, this was a big help 🙂