Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome Gets New Related Results Features

Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome Gets New Related Results Features

Posted by on 12 Dec 2012

Posted by on 12 Dec 2012

The Evernote Web Clipper is amazing at helping your save the things you see online. But that’s not all it’s good for. Recently, our Web Clipper for Chrome got smarter than ever with a completely new Related Results feature that will discover useful content in your Evernote account at exactly the right time. In addition to this feature, we’ve added a bunch of new capabilities you’ll want to check out.

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The new Related Results

For many of us, search engines are at the core of our Internet use. They’re the go-to resource for any and all questions we have. And thanks to years of development, search engines are uncanny in their ability to understand what you’re looking for and show you the correct result. Now, Evernote users will start benefiting from all the smarts built into search engines to find memories and notes stored in their Evernote accounts.

When you enable Related Results in the Chrome Web Clipper, either at login or in the extension options, you’ll now see some interesting things pop up alongside your search results in Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines.

Let’s say you type “hiking” into Google. Google will provide you with a set of search results. Meanwhile, Evernote will look at the entire page and feed it into our Related Notes algorithm, then present you with three notes from your Evernote account that are most related to the search results. This gives you a great, unified experience for finding what you need both across the Web and inside of Evernote.

Great for Business
If you have an Evernote Business account, then not only will you see Related Results from your account, but also from your coworkers’ Business notebooks that you have joined or that are in the Business Library.

Open in Evernote on your Desktop

We’ve also made opening notes that show up in the Related Notes section a great experience. In the extension options, choose to open notes in the desktop client. When you click on a note, Evernote desktop will open up with that note in view.

The first time you do this, a popup will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to open an application. Check the checkbox in the popup to make sure that the message doesn’t appear every time.

And More…

We’ve also made the Web Clipper more powerful by broadening the type of content that you can save, along with lots of other behind-the-scenes improvements. If you have the Web Clipper for Chrome installed, the update will happen automatically. Otherwise, go to the Chrome Gallery to install it.

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  • Peter

    I do not understand this obsession with automatically generated related notes that seem to spread throughout Evernote. It feels more like “Oh, here are some random notes in case you can’t find other distractions”.

    For me Evernote is not so much about notetaking but about putting things in their proper context, relate them to each other. To this end there are Notebooks, Note Stacks and Tags. It works. They’re sufficient. Let me handle relating my notes to each other.

    Trust me. Most of us know what we’re doing.

  • Etienne

    Hye, Nice one but can you please update the firefox version in the same time as the chrome version?

  • tyler78

    Update your Firefox addon first.

  • Sugeeth

    the new add-ons for Chrome are awesome, especially evernote clearly’s highlighting along with text->Speech which runs in parallel with pointed text along the monitor.

    @Peter: You can turn off the auto generated notes and auto filing tags and categories option in your browser settings.

    • Peter

      That is not the point. The point is I question Evernote’s priorities.

  • Pavel Tsarevskiy

    Web Clipper has to be able to save web page as a screenshot because otherwise it fails to save dynamic pages such as Google Map.

    • AndrewSinkov

      There are multiple ways to take screenshots of web pages. I recommend using Skitch. It has keyboard shortcuts and saves everything to Evernote.

  • Steven Bleistein

    Peter, your point is well taken. Personally, I like the feature, because sometimes it identifies relationships with other notes that I had not considered or been aware of. Deliberate categorizing is great, but sometimes I get new ideas when I see a connection between two things that I had previously considered unrelated.

  • Patrick Zimmerman

    I agree!