The Yinxiang Biji Trunk - Creating Opportunities for Users and Developers


The Yinxiang Biji Trunk – Creating Opportunities for Users and Developers

Posted by Seth Hitchings on 17 Dec 2012

Posted by Seth Hitchings on 17 Dec 2012

Two and a half years ago we created the Evernote Trunk, our showcase of great products that work with Evernote. The Trunk now features hundreds of apps and services built by developers from all around the world. It helps our users do more with Evernote, and gives these developers a unique opportunity to reach millions of users worldwide. Today we’re excited to tell you that we now have a dedicated Trunk showcasing products that work with Evernote’s Chinese service, Yinxiang Biji.

The Yinxiang Biji Trunk includes products built by Chinese developers, such as the popular Web browsers UC Browser and QQ Browser, as well as some of the most popular Evernote integrations built by US developers, including Pocket and IFTTT. Like the Evernote Trunk, it lets us offer our Chinese users new ways to use Yinxiang Biji, while creating new opportunities for developers. By creating a Trunk just for Yinxiang Biji, we aim to help our developers from around the world introduce their applications to Chinese users, and help Chinese developers bring their Evernote-integrated products to the rest of the world.

When we introduced the Yinxiang Biji Trunk at the Cyzone conference in Beijing earlier this month, we were joined by several of the partners whose applications we featured. One was Keane and Able, makers of the iPhone and iPad productivity app Any To Do. Any To Do is developed by a team of three based in Ireland, and perfectly highlights how the Trunk allows developers on one side of the globe to connect with users a half a world away. “As a technology company, we want to be innovative and speed is important. We want to be first in China and make the user experience better for Yinxiang Biji users,” said Anthony Keane, CEO of Any To Do.

Although Yinxiang Biji is a completely separate service from Evernote, it uses the same API and is built on the very technological foundation as the Evernote service. Over time, you’ll see almost all of our most popular integrations working with both services, and we expect our developers to see their usage grow within both of our user communities.

Build a great app that integrates with Evernote

If you are a developer who is interested in building an application that works with both Evernote and Yinxing Biji, visit, or join the conversation on our developer forum and learn more about the opportunities provided by the Trunk.


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  • Sugeeth

    It is saddening to note that EN is not opening an office in India, any time soon. I hope EN will consider their decision to have a development and user interactive office more than just a sales office.

  • pendar

    we cant submit a ticket at evernote support center because the ticket page redirect to main support page automatically.

    we have amjor issue about formatting in all of your produce.
    in RTL language like Persian , Arabic & Hebrew sentences started at right!
    plase make all of your app RTL support
    look this guid:

    we need it as soon as possible

    thanks for great work 🙂

    • pendar

      your help center issue is insistence!
      sorry for comented here
      we try to show what is my problem realy by 3 pic (link: )
      1. when we write as persian language (RTL) in LTR format and save it
      2. when we try to make it align Right!!!! by evernote internal editor
      3. the Microsoft word edit Standard edit for RTL language

      in all platform we have this issue .like Android iOS and Windows
      please contact me and replay to my issue
      thanks .