Skitch for Mac, with More of Your Favorite Classic Features


Skitch for Mac, with More of Your Favorite Classic Features

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 18 Dec 2012

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 18 Dec 2012

Back in November, Keith Lang wrote about our plans to make Skitch more powerful and more useful, while also bringing back some of the app’s most-loved features. Today, we are happy to release an update (version 2.0.3) packed with improvements that includes many of your favorite sharing and customization capabilities. Let’s take a look at what’s new in Skitch for Mac.

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Custom Styles

We’ve added a number of items to the Style menu to let you customize the look of your annotations.

Skitch helps you visually communicate your thoughts with annotations, and now, you can select custom colors that make the message clearer than ever. Open the style menu and click on the large color swatch to select any color you can dream of.

Tool Sizes

We’ve added more sizes to the Style Bar so that all your annotations can be in perfect proportion to your image. If you can’t find the right size among our preset options, you can also drag the blue corner dot of the marquee around text, shapes, and arrows to make them large, small, and everything in between.

Usability Improvements

Timed Screen Snaps

In this release, we’ve added Timed Screen Snaps to the Capture dropdown menu. Once you click on it (or use the shortcut CTRL + CMD + Shift + 5), you can use the crosshairs to select the area you would like to include in the shot. As soon as you release the mouse, a countdown will begin letting you move around windows and open menus to create the layout you want before the Screen Snap is taken — it’s great for building walk-through tutorials and guides.

Bigger, Better Sharing Menu

There are a ton of ways to choose how you share your images in this latest version of Skitch. Let’s walk through a few of the added sharing features below.

More Share Options

Click the Share arrow in the upper right corner to reveal a totally new sharing menu, with icons that make it easier to choose the option you want. You’ll be able to share via email, Message, Twitter, Facebook, and iPhoto. You can also turn your Skitch image into your desktop background.

There are also more ways to post your Skitch images, including direct image URLs, HTML, HTML thumbnails, and forum code. Here’s how it works:

  • Choose the type of shared URL you would like to use from the Sharing Options dropdown menu
  • Click on “Share and Copy Share URL” under the Sharing menu
  • The Shared Link to the type you have selected will now be added to your clipboard

Please remember that if you delete the image in either Skitch or Evernote, any public links will break.

Sharing Preferences

If you visit the app Preferences in this version, you’ll notice that the Sharing tab contains several new choices for you.

Shortened Shared URLs

You now have the option to create shorter shared URLs by checking the “Share Skitch Notes with short URLs” box in the app Preferences. It’s important to keep in mind that while short URLs are great for sharing over IM and Twitter, they use fewer characters and are therefore easier for someone to guess.

FTP/sFTP Access

Sharing to FTP/sFTP is back! Go the Preferences menu to configure this option and start sharing to any supported server you’d like.

Auto Copy

If you frequently share links to your Skitch notes, then Auto Copy is a great time-saver. To enable the tool, check the box to “Automatically Share and Copy Link after creating new Skitch Notes” in your Preferences. When you create a new note, Skitch will automatically copy the shared link to your clipboard. You can then paste it into email or social network update without having to hit copy each time. It’s an amazingly simple way to streamline your workflow.

More Improvements

In addition, we also made text render beautifully, improved how sync works and made the app more responsive when you make changes. All these changes add up to a great annotation experience. Let us know what you think. We’re excited about this next step in making Skitch an even better tool for communicating visually. There’s much more to come!

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  • ebat

    Has PDF export been restored? That is the sole feature I need.

    • Stefanie Fazzio

      We’re working on this. Thanks for the comment!

  • Suleiman Leadbitter

    Great updates!

    Please please please when are you adding in the screenshot from url full height web page images?

    • Joe Lopez

      We are working on a solution. Due to security changes to 10.8 we have to approach URL grabs differently then before.

      • Jason Lazzara

        Why would this feature be removed? This is basic functionality for screenshot utilities.

  • thorsten

    is it possible to install version 2.0.3 while keeping and still useing 1.0.3 ???

    • Joe Lopez

      You can run both, but we highly recommend that you make sure the Skitch Helper (located in the status bar) is not running when you switch between versions. If you create notes inside of Skitch 1.0 and do not save them to Evernote, they will not show up automatically in your library in Skitch 2.X.

      • Eduardo Villela

        But the 1.0 version isn’t conecting to Evernote any more.

  • Remi

    Bug report: If you select “unique filenames” in FTP settings then copied link doesn’t have this hash so link is broken.

    • chris

      Otherwise, nice improvement. Getting MUCH better.

    • Fofer

      Yes, this is a bug. I had to turn OFF “unique file names” for me to be able to get a link that works with FTP uploaded images.

      Also, I would like to set the default image type to JPG. (It’s only uploading PNG for me, even though I set the pulldown to JPG.)

  • Philip

    Nice updates. I would like to be able to add to the image by dragging the edge again.

  • Atoyot

    Selection capture zoom so we can see the pixel size and get the corners exact?

    • Joe Lopez

      We are planning on adding this back in the future.

  • josh

    Can we please get some of the sharing love on PC? Why is it there’s basically 0 sharing options for the Windows version of Skitch. they are abundant on Mac and would be awesome to have similar capabilities on windows.

    • Joe Lopez

      We are working on some major improvements for Skitch for Windows for future release. Addressing Sharing is a major concern for us.

  • O

    Thanks for working on this — but you’re still missing a few ESSENTIAL features that I need:

    – Dragging the borders to easily crop documents
    – Dragging the bottom borders to resize documents
    – The mouse button – WAS REALLY USEFUL
    – Eraser?

    OMG you guys really know how to adulterate a product. Kudos on that front.

    • Joe Lopez

      We are working on a design for crop/resize for a future version.

  • David

    Yet another great mac update your from ever note, the but where are the windows updates?

  • Brian



    From Keith Lang’s comments at, “Direct Hosting of Skitch Images (Deep Linking)
    Image hosting is a very different business than Evernote’s. Most image hosting companies try to monetize their users through a combination of ads, behavior tracking, lead generation, data mining or other “indirect” methods. Evernote doesn’t do any of these things. We don’t make money from your data and assume that everything you put in is private and completely under your control. That’s why we got rid of direct image hosting on We’ll be putting it back, with some constraints to make sure that it doesn’t get abused, in the next few weeks.”

    As of today’s release, this much-used and much-desired feature is still MIA. Frankly, Evernote is doing the Developer Tango, “We gutted Skitch of everything you used and now we’re oozing it back into play, one teensy step at a time, so be grateful, users.”

    Thanks, I’ll stick with the old-school version until its last gasp: it was Macbrilliant.

  • Stephen

    When are you going to acknowledge the mess you made with the Android version? 🙁

  • Joe Chen

    When sharing via FTP, if “Unique filenames” is checked, the filename which is FTP contains a unique string appended, but the URL copied to buffer does NOT. So when I try to paste this URL to a browser I get 404.

  • Metty

    Thanks for that update…just waited for it and wrote about in one of my last blogposts:

  • Eduardo Villela

    Back to the 1.0.12 again..

    The new version is too unstable.

    The shift+command+5 short cut for the snapshots stops working after 5 minutes.

    I cant quit the application. Only by forcing (kill all or option+command+esc) it works

    Even the unziping process is takes too long to get done.

    Please allow the version 1.0.12 to save notes to Evernote and forget about updates!

  • Eduardo Villela

    and one more thing..

    on the older version (1.0), the app icon didnt show on the dock. Its annoying to have the same app in two places all the time.

  • Todd

    Nice update – but can I pretty please have a solution for retina?

    Auto-resizing the file to the display resolution (rather than the HiDPI resolution) is what I believe most people would want Skitch to do. After all when you share a HiDPI image, even to someone with a retina display, browsers still display it at the huge size because they have no idea its HiDPI.

    To get the behavior I want I actually have to force my MBP to display the full 2880 x 1560 (or whatever it is) resolution and then use Skitch while squinting.

    My Skitch usage went from multiple times an hour – to multiple times a *week* once I got a retina MBP.

  • Alan

    Found a bug: I’m using SFTP to share and have the checkbox for unique filenames. After uploading, a filename like Screenshot_12_19_12_10_59_AM_16821C69.png is uploaded, but the URL copied to my clipboard does not contain the unique string at the end. Instead, I get something like which obviously 404s.

  • dave s

    With the custom styles, can we yet easily get rid of the text shadow/outline? And is there a way to keep a default, such as when I open will always be pen, no outline, this color, this width, etc.? Thanks for listening and all the improvements. This is an excellent app and free. Although I paid before was free; was still worth it. Sorry for so many negative comments; people sometimes lose perspective.

    • Stefanie Fazzio

      Hi Dave – we’re working on text style improvements for future versions. Thanks for commenting!

  • Metty

    I can confirm Alan with that Bug. Upload to ftp doesn’t generate the proper url to uploaded image 🙁
    switched back to old version

  • Carlos Rodrigues

    Bug report: Can’t move/resize the pixelate area? I can edit all the other objects, only this one lacks the behaviour. osx 10.8.2

  • MJ-12

    The previous Skitch (before Evernote) had the great ability to immediately share and copy the URL of the image, and play a sound when that was done. I’ve clicked on ‘Automatically share and copy link..’ but it does not copy the link onto my clipboard. I’m not sure if its able to or whether this is a bug. Basically what I want is to have it copy the note URL immediately after capturing

    • Stefanie Fazzio

      Hi MJ-12! If you contact our support team they will be happy to help you out.

  • dougharrisdc

    I’m glad to see that you’re updating this.

    Two big things from Skitch 1 that I’m still waiting for are transparent color choices and the bucket fill tool.

  • Joescales

    Ahh… so I see from the comments I still shouldn’t “upgrade” from 1.0.11 version of the app. This makes me sad. I use Skitch 10 times a day and I’ve converted so many people over to using it…and I’m still dreading the day that I might accidentally hit the upgrade button.

  • abrug

    Is it possible to center the text in a paragraph?

  • chrismarquardt

    Evernote, I like you (the Evernote app that is), but could you please explain what your real strategy with Skitch is?

    As I see it, you crippled a wonderful product, took all the features out that worked really well, features that everybody loved and that many of us came to regularly use.

    The reasons? I can only guess. Maybe to “align” it with your “business strategy”. Maybe you just didn’t understand how much people loved Skitch because you didn’t use it yourself.

    Then after users started to cry foul, you started to back-pedal, but only in such small increments that apparently you’re still missing out on features that people came to love. Or you botched them, such as the broken links on direct share.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind saving screenshots on Evernote. As long as I have choice. Go back to Skitch 1.0.3, add Evernote as one of the sharing options and I’m sure you’ll see an uptick in screenshot saves to Evernote in conjunction with a lot of happy users.

    The way it is now, the way that you bring back features in a half-hearted way and only in small bits and pieces with months in between, you’re doing an excellent job in alienating a sworn-in user community like almost no other. I’m this close to cancel my Evernote pro account just because of the way you guys handle Skitch.

    • Vincent Polisi

      Chris, the business strategy is nothing other than an effort to have Skitch users exceed their free Evernote account maximum storage so there will be a need to upgrade to the Premium account with a sideline being the free advertising of Evernote in the hyperlinks that get emailed. Given the work and expense involved in purchasing, developing and upgrading Skitch, I don’t have an issue with the premium bump because revenue has to be generated somewhere. The error was in a complete misunderstanding of the user base and the removal of everything that made Skitch great. What should have happened was acquisition, then improvement to justify the additional expense. Unfortunately, the painful reality has been a complete annihilation of Skitch to the point that with each new “upgrade” I have to uninstall it and revert back to Skitch 1.+ which has infinitely more features, is more user friendly and doesn’t freeze or crash. Skitch 2.0+ is Apple Maps and Skitch 1.12 is Google Maps. What they need to do is understand reality and simply incorporate all of the features and speed of Skitch 1.+ plus any additional upgrades and say if you want Skitch Pro, it’s $5/mo and includes Evernote Premium. I’d upgrade immediately and they’d have an army of upgraders to fund future development. As it stands, Skitch 2.0 and updates remain in the trash can.

    • Charles

      Bravo…so glad to arrive here and see that I’m not alone in my utter disgust with what Evernote has done with Skitch. The current iteration is a huge leap backwards. They should rename the current version of “Skitch” Evernote Screen Grab Tool, bring back the old Skitch as it was before they ruined it, and call the former version that was actually brillant something like Legacy Skitch.

  • Isaac Raway

    Does FTP actually work properly?

  • lookfirst

    I switched to Monosnap. It does everything Skitch 1.x did, but better. Goodbye Skitch and Evernote, nice to know you.

    • spydie

      Not really… I just tried it and it doesn’t allow you to email or save screenshot to iphoto, the two things I do the most. It does allow you to send the screenshot to any of a hundred apps I have on the computer, but I never used that feature.

  • Marc Green

    Still using the OLD version because it allows save as PDF! Why did you drop that IMO essential functionality??? If find that incomprehensible.

  • JC

    Would really like to have the watermark feature back!

  • afndimrdandi

    I miss the old drop shadows, transparency on shapes & arrows etc, direct linking to images… I would love to see some kind of poll or ideas exchange tool that would simplify all the “I miss this, I want that” going on in the comments. Basically submit an idea, check close matches to be sure it’s not already there. Vote ideas up (or down). Best/popular ones bubble up to the top. Alternatively, I’d like to see a comparison table, one feature per row, features in the first column, remaining columns indicate whether each feature is in the latest version 1, the latest version 2, on the roadmap (perhaps with an ETA).

  • Justin

    Skitch used to be my go to program for quick and easy jpg manipulation. After your alignment with Evernote, you took many of the core features out and made it very difficult to use. You also try to shove Evernote down my throat, and since I use dropbox already, you fail in this effort as well. To me, you took a nice app and flushed it down the drain at the same time trying to shove another app down the user’s throat. Double fail.

    It is my regret that I will delete Skitch from my computer and hello Monosnap.

  • johnsmith84

    You are really recommending people upgrade to this version? While the old version did not have all the features at least it worked. With this version if you press shift+command+5 to take a snapshot the program stops working after about 5 minutes and you can’t quit skitch without using force quit. You can’t even shut down your computer without force quitting skitch first. We have skitch running on 3 computers and the same bug is present on all 3 machines.

  • StanNJ

    At this rate you should have all the features from version 1 by the time you build version 3. Does anyone like the new Skitch? Still have version 1 and no plans on upgrading.

    You really should just go back to version 1 and integrate Evernote into it in a more seamless way. Version 2 is a complete disaster.

  • spydie

    Just downloaded it. It locks up on my Mac after using it. I can take a screenshot, then save it, mark on it, etc but when I’m done with it, I can’t take another screenshot until I force quit skitch and then command/shift/5 keys work again. It also won’t work from the icon in the top bar nor from the icon in the task bar, nor from the menu at the top left screen. I have to force quit it, then it works one more time. Each time I’m done with a screen, I have to force quit.

  • Roberta Rae

    I never understood how Skitch worked….

  • Alexei Pesic

    Thanks for the update, it’s getting closer to the brilliance of the old Skitch again, but can we please get back the ability to change the font (or at least remove the outline & drop shadow)? Until then I’m going to have to stick with the old version.

  • Chris

    I think the ability to place multiple image files on one canvas or area, to markup all at once would be huge.

  • Jana

    Hi is it possible to set up default color and tool? … or implement in future updates? I mostly use the text tool and a specific color and I always have to set that up over and over. Thank you for all the improvements; looking forward to more.

  • Dave Harcourt

    I’m afraid I agree with others and you even try to. Spin it “Custom Styles” is just an improved colour picker getting towards the old one!

  • stellth

    I have no idea what the folks at evernote thought they were going to do with Skitch but I can tell you that a absolutely fantastic app has been thrown under the bus. I hate this new app and reinstalled my old one from an archive.

    • larrymcj

      Have to agree. Skitch used to be a wonderful utility, but now the only time I open is when I want to be reminded that it’s not the original Skitch any longer. Very sad that an organization that could build something as great as Evernote could ruin a perfectly wonderful graphics utility. I’m sure the original version was just too filled with features to keep updated…so they had to make this stripped-down toy.

  • Dianne

    I love Skitch and use it everyday. This upgrade was really disappointing as it has been extremely unstable for me (running OSX 10.7.5), requiring a Force Quit after every capture. Even when it would work, common tasks such as scaling, cropping, and renaming the file now require additional steps. It seems that I now have to perform more clicks to get anything done yet the UI itself takes up more space than before.

    On a positive note, I appreciate that the v1 download is available from the website so that I was able to revert back today. Good call!

  • Will Richardson

    Would love to have the ability to tag my snips in Skitch before syncing with Evernote.

    • AndrewSinkov

      Great suggestion.

  • realworlduser

    Just received the latest Evernote news email. I was hoping it included news of the fix for the Skitch for Mac issues;

    Unresponsive after about 10 mins

    Prevents shutdown

    Force Quit required every time

    However I see we are still on 2.0.3, so are we still stuck with these issues?

    (And I won’t bother mentioning the various removed features we’d all love to see put back)

  • Mark

    Great news!

    Also, I realize this post is about the Mac version, but how about making the iOS version remember our preferred color (or the last color used)? Having to switch away from *pink* every time we launch the app is extremely annoying. 🙂

  • Emily Farnsworth

    Not sure what’s going on with this new upgrade, but Skitch doesn’t work as well as it used to. It freezes frequently and many features don’t work. 🙁
    I miss the old Skitch.

  • Laura E. Pence

    I upgraded on my desktop and did not on my laptop. I don’t like the update. I simply haven’t seen a value in it and am now using Skitch from my laptop more… which is totally backwards. Nice try, but thanks for nothing.

  • Chris Powers

    I absolutely HATE what Evernote has done to Skitch. It was once a useful tool and now is a worthless piece of garbage. I am continously wishing Skitch had never sold to Evernote, which destroyed this once great software.

  • Thom Goodsell

    Thanks for all your hard work. I’m still using the 1.0.x version, and I don’t think I’m quite ready to “upgrade”, yet, but I appreciate that after angering a lot of your user base, you’re trying to make amends by working hard to get back the features and performance people want.