Evernote Food 2.0: Your Entire Food World In A Single App


Evernote Food 2.0: Your Entire Food World In A Single App

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 19 Dec 2012

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 19 Dec 2012

When we launched Evernote Food a year ago, we had one goal in mind: to create the perfect app for remembering food experiences. And we did just that.

Since then, we’ve updated and improved the app dramatically, but something kept nagging at us. Evernote Food was great at capturing the grand finale of the meal—all the dishes, the people, the ambiance—but what about the inspiration? What about the process of discovering a recipe or choosing the restaurant? So we went back to the drawing board and rethought Evernote Food from scratch. The result is one the most beautiful, fun and complete food applications ever.

Say hello to the new Evernote Food 2.0, now available on iPhone, iPod Touch and for the first time, iPad!

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From Soup to Nuts: The Complete Food Experience

A meal often starts hours, days, even weeks before you take your first bite. It begins as an idea that turns into a plan and finally an experience, which is exactly how Evernote Food is designed to work. When you first launch the app, you’re greeted with four options: Explore Recipes, My Cookbook, Restaurants, and My Meals.

On iPhone or iPod touch a simple swipe or tap of the header brings any section into full view, while on iPad, tap on a section and it beautifully unfolds to show you all of its content.

Let’s walk through each of the sections.

Explore Recipes
Explore Recipes is your starting point. Here, you swipe through tens of thousands of recipes from dozens of the best food blogs and websites. Tap on any recipe that strikes your fancy to load the blog right inside the app. If it’s the dish you want, then tap on the scissors to clip the recipe into your Evernote account along with any tags or notes that you’d like to add.

If you’re not in the browsing mood, then search through all the recipes. You can search by dish, ingredients and even by blog name. On iPad, tap on the magnifying glass and type in your search. The results will include any matching blog post and any items from your own account. It’s never been easier to find exactly what you’re craving.

Great for Publishers
One of the big considerations when building the app was to make it both great for users and content providers alike. That’s why we use Punchfork to collect the recipes and whenever a user chooses one, we drive them to the actual site where they can browse and discover everything that the site has to offer.

My Cookbook: A Recipe Collector’s Best Friend

If you’ve been using Evernote to store your recipes, then My Cookbook will blow you away. Every recipe you clip using Evernote Food is displayed right alongside all of the food you’ve ever saved to Evernote using a desktop Web Clipper. Just swipe or search to find what you’re looking for.

Create Your Own Recipes
To make the My Recipes section work, Evernote analyzes the text of each note in your account to identify the ones that are recipes (no special tags or notebooks necessary), while filtering out your travel itineraries and work projects. A really cool side benefit of this process is that you can now author recipes and Evernote Food will recognize them and magically display them next to everything you’ve clipped.

Your Shopping Buddy
Everything you do in Evernote Food is always in sync across your devices thanks to Evernote, which means that you can plan out a big dinner using Evernote Food on your iPad, then grab your iPhone and head to the store. Launch the app on your iPhone and use all the recipes as your shopping lists. Everything you need is in one place.

Your Cooking Companion
Once you’re back from the store, launch Evernote Food, set it on your counter and cook along with the recipe. We love using the app on an iPad or iPad Mini for this. Be sure to take photos and captions in the app as the dish comes together.

Discover Great Restaurants

With Evernote Food 2.0, we promise to inspire a full spectrum of food experiences: from recipes all the way to restaurants. The Restaurants section helps you discover new restaurants, add them to your list and then track where you’ve been, all in one place.

Lists and Maps. Near and Far.
Discovering a new restaurant to try couldn’t be easier. Simply tap in the search box and enter a name or cuisine type. You can then choose a location anywhere in the world or stay local by tapping on Current Location. The list and map will instantly update to show everything in the chosen area that matches the search along with great cuisine icons to help identify the restaurant type. Then, tap on a restaurant to see relevant details including address, cuisine, photos, and, in some cases, even a menu.

On iPad, the map and list are displayed side by side. On iPhone and iPod touch you can switch between the two by tapping on the icon in top right corner of the screen.

Plan Your Food Adventure
The middle tab of the Restaurant section is called Saved and it’s your restaurant to-do list. Make lists for your town or wherever travel takes you.

Your History
The right-most tab in the Restaurant section is for My Meals. It displays a list of every restaurant where you’ve created a Meal. Here, your entire Meal history is presented as a list and map for your currently-selected location. If you ever want to see where you ate on your last trip to Paris, simply launch this view. Then, tap on a listing to see what dishes you had.

My Meals

The first three sections are all about inspiration, the final section is where those inspirations become memories that you’ll treasure forever. We’ve turned the core feature that Evernote Food launched with a year ago into My Meals, and there’s a lot more to love about the updated functionality. We redesigned the look and feel to be cleaner with crisper navigation and a more attractive photo grid. Tap the plus to start capturing a new food experience.

Saving a Meal
Every aspect of creating a new Meal in Evernote Food is more beautiful than ever. The interface is more intuitive, the text is clearer, the map is larger, and the photos look gorgeous. Give your Meal a name, choose your location and start snapping photos. If you’re having a big multi-course meal, we recommend keeping the app in camera mode and just snapping a quick photo with each new dish. If you have food photos sitting in your Camera Roll, you can easily add those, too. Once you’re done, you’ll have a fantastic photo essay of every second. Don’t forget to take photos of the people you’re with too. Add some quick captions to the images, and you’re done.

You now have a perfectly preserved version of the Meal that you can relive and share with your friends over email, Twitter and Facebook.

Related Notes
At the bottom of your Meal, you’ll find a Related Notes section, which helps you discover other items in your account that are similar to the Meal you’re viewing. We base the relatedness on a variety of factors including cuisine, ingredients, titles, and more.

Your Food World

We’re really excited about Evernote Food 2.0. We’ve been using it internally and absolutely love the way a single app can be great for everything from cooking your grandma’s recipe to planning a dining tour of Tokyo. And this is only the beginning. We have lots more to come for Evernote Food, including an updated version for Android. Be sure to take a look at these useful resources.

We hope you like Evernote Food 2.0 as much as we do. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Get Evernote Food 2.0 on the App Store »


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  • david carlson

    meh. Let me know when you get it on Android

  • dietrich

    any android version coming?

  • Kyle

    The ‘Explore Recipes’ page isn’t working for me.

  • Brian

    What’s the ETA for the Android version, and will there be a desktop version (specifically Mac)?

  • Ken

    Looks great, it’s exactly what I need.

    Pity it won’t work on my first gen iPad :-(

  • Sonomaist

    This looks truly incredible! I look forward to checking it out! Not clear if recipes published in magazines are available as well as blogger recipes. Also, wine pairing would be a great addition! sonomaist.com

  • Ken McGlothlen

    When’s this coming out for Android phones and tablets? Please? Pleasepleaseplplplplease? :)

  • anne-sophie

    The ‘Explore Recipes’ page isn’t working for me too :(

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      We’re looking into this issue and will give an update shortly!

  • Mike Peppler

    Oh good, another time android users are left out.

  • Jason Sylvester

    It would be perfect if I could also keep a list of what is in my pantry and use it against the recipes.

    • Emerson Jane Browne

      That would be cool if it could work seamlessly – like having an option to make a shopping list and designate if an item is being purchased for pantry stock (as opposed to buying for a specific recipe). I would not want to have to keep adding my pantry items in manually but if it could work from a shopping list I would definitely use it. And then of course, with a good pantry list, when you look at a recipe you would know what you need to buy and what you have on hand.

  • Chris

    Pathetic that this is not available for Android.

    • Matt

      Pathetic that you insist on using a second-rate OS and then complain when the apps you want aren’t available for it. If they didn’t have to develop for a bazillion different devices, maybe it could be available sooner.

    • Mandy Lynn

      What’s actually pathetic is that you came on here to complain before even checking your facts. Especially when another commenter that commented BEFORE you already stated that this app IS available for Android & has been for quite awhile now.


  • Krychaj

    1. When i add some recipes to my Cookbook from Recipes Explorer then i can’t remove (delete) them why ??

    2. Adding recipes by Web Clipper tool add them in to my recipe notes, but i can’t see them in application in ios :(

    • qwerty

      1. To delete recipes in My Cookbook, click on the Recipe, click on the pencil icon in top right, click Delete button before Not a Recipe?

      2. You might need to wait a bit for the algorithm to categorize it as a recipe. In the future, hopefully we’ll have a way to mark a note as a recipe by ourselves.

  • rich conboy

    as a registered user sure would like to see it for android.. if you are planning on being an ipad focused app just let us know.

  • Raj Patel

    I can’t wait for this to be available on Android!

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      It’s coming!

  • xxdesmus

    Where’s the Android love?

  • KB

    How do the app know what notes are recipies? I have some in the new Evernote food, but not all. Why…

  • Jan Gerling

    Can I get my Evernote food from my iphone to sync to my iPad

  • Mark

    How can you force a note to show up in the cookbook if no special notebook or tag is required? I have notes in a “Recipes” notebook that Food doesn’t pick up.

    • Krychaj

      I have the same problem. I add recipe in Evernote on OSX and when i sync recipe doesn’t show in My iOS Food app. :( I use the same notebook in botch apps.

  • The Traveler

    Thanks for another great update!

  • Ken

    I love it. The one thing that would make it perfect is adding wine! I keep my favorite wines in Evernote. I snap a photo of the bottle and write tasting notes. Makes it so easy to find it in the store!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      That’s a great idea. You should be able to do all of that in Evernote Food. Let us know how it works for you.

      • Lee Stipp

        I’m a wine professional and have been using Evernote for various marketing tools. Carving out an Evernote Wine app would not only be a great offshoot to Evernote Food, but a great stand alone. I’ll volunteer to help!

    • Todd

      Second that idea. I take photos of favorite wines as well and keep them in Evernote. Maybe if I add a note about the meal it went with, it’ll appear in Evernote food.

  • Dawn Thurston

    How about creating an app for the Mac? I like to have my laptop on the kitchen counter when I’m cooking?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Everything you save in Evernote Food is also available in Evernote. Just open Evernote on your Mac and you can follow along with the same recipe.

  • Fei

    wow that totally means nothing to me as an android user.

  • Austin

    No love for Android foodies?

  • Gloria Howell

    Why are you android bitching? You’re not going on any dates or making pizza for your girlfriends!

  • Adam

    I have the problem of my evernote recipes not being put in ‘My Cookbook’
    I have tons of recipes clipped in Evernote, with alot saying ‘Recipe’ in the title but all having a relevant tag. These don’t appear in ‘My Cookbook’
    It would be great if we could chose a ‘hot tag’ which would put them in the My Cookbook section in addition or instead of the Evernote categorisation.

    I am getting a little concerned with all this that the Evernote Food app will cause my recipes to be out of sync. It looks like an amazing app update, but this concerns me a little.

  • Christian Janecek

    Please build a Windows & Windows Phone App!!

  • gmtom1

    Android please!

  • Bas Hania

    Great improvement! How do I get my ‘old’ recipes in ‘my Cookbook’? My notes are in the Dutch language or scanned into Evernote.

  • Jan

    I have the same question as Mark, how can I add notes with recipes which are not picked up by Evernote Food?

  • zRyu

    The version on iPad was something I waiting for and it is awesome!! Great job!!

  • Jaffa Brown

    Sigh – another vote for Android.

  • Jason

    The section titled “Your Shopping Buddy” makes the app sound like a shopping nightmare. It suggest using the recipes as shopping lists. So if there is the same ingredient in different recipes, the user would be forced to shop by each recipe. This would mean moving back and forth through the store often visiting the same section more than once to collect the same item for different recipes. Alternatively, they would have to stand in each section of the store browsing through each and every recipe to see if there is something in that area they need. Either way, this app does not help create the most efficient shopping experience.

    I’m not saying this to come across like a jerk, but it’s the one thing that’s kept me from switching from Springpad to Evernote. I sincerely hope that future updates of Evernote Food will have a smart shopping list feature.

  • Harry "Hershy" Orenstein

    Why oh why cannot Evernote use the basic “Food” application for other industry segments? For instance, nature sites, archaeological sites, museums, etc.,

  • Bill

    Does the Evernote Food app require online connectivity? Or can it locally store the shopping lists/recipes/menus? We’re still solely WiFi but want to try the shopping lists!

  • Barbara

    Please create an easy way to bring all the restaurants I bookmarked in Yelp! into Evernote Food’s “Restaurants” tab. I don’t want to have to enter them all again.

  • Robert

    Is there anyway to export an entry to a blog? I know I can get the link, but I would like to post the entire entry.

  • bob the chef

    um, i already use evernote as my recipe clipper, and it works just fine using good old Evernote.app

    what I *really* need in a food app:

    1. allow me to group recipes into a “meal” — the “+ New Meal” button is for meals you’re eating, not one’s your planning

    2. if you really want to make a “shopping buddy,” then allow me to see all the ingredients from a “meal” in one shopping list, and assign each ingredient to an “aisle” or “department” so that I can take my iphone to the supermarket (as you suggest) and see the ingredients in the order in which the aisles are laid out in my store.

  • Tony Fister

    Installed it… not to impressed yet.
    The Restaurants section would not bring up a general list of restaurants. I typed in “Italian” and it brought up only 5 and left out some of the best known places nearby.
    It does not have an obvious way to configure the search radius (from the current location).

    With regards to the recipe book… they may want to give the user a way to import from various established cooking websites such as Epicurious & AllRecipes, etc. There is a lot that other apps offer. The app that I use is PepperPlate and so far it has not been beat.

    I think they have a lot of work to do before it is ready for prime time. Right now it’s a nice looking package but the function isn’t really there. Still… good place to start.

  • bob the chef

    i just tried pepperplate based on your suggestion. it does exactly what I think Food needs to do!

  • erwin

    android please , i have a lot of good recipes to share

  • Adam J

    The app keeps freezing on my iPad 2

  • Rob DeMillo

    Android-wanters….it’s been there for a while. This was a revision to the iOS app to allow for iPad usage and some other features. I think it’s pretty much on parity with what’s been in android for several months:


  • Renee

    Evernote food has only recognized — with 1 exception — the food I clipped. It only has recognized one recipe I authored as a Note (by copy/pasting from a word.doc)

    I am very hopeful this will become “my cookbook” but so far it’s missing the mark.

    Also, I totally agree with Bob the Chef below re: I want to group my recipes into a meal, so I can plan Christmas Dinner, Easter Breakfast, Sunday Nite Make-Aheads, etc.

    I think this is off to a great start, and I look forward to the enhancements/improvements. :)

  • Don LaVange

    One thing I don’t understand — once I’ve taken pictures and accepted them, how do I go back and delete a single image? Or edit?

  • atzili

    App for Chrome?

  • dragon_0801

    So, on the Android app, the only thing it allows me to do is Add a Meal. No My Cookbook, no My Recipes, No anything else. What am i missing? (although, a dummy meal that I just created on my phone did Sync w/ my Mac, but that seems pretty useless to tell the truth).

    Will there be an Evernote 2.0 for Android and for Mac soon?

    • Heather Wilde

      Evernote Food 2.0 for Android will be coming next year. Stay tuned!

  • nirvi

    Need the ability to add photos from camera roll

  • Gary L Scott

    I loaded Evernote Food on my iPhone along with Evernote. After looking at the space requirements for both programs I’m concerned that Evernote Food and Evernote each load a copy my recipes. Do they each maintain their own database or does Food link to my Evernote database?

  • Dave

    Can’t find how to make comments on a recipe. Would really like to comment whether it was good or not. I could comment in Evernote but it probably won’t show in EF. Nice start, keep the good stuff coming.

  • GDR

    Just to add one more vote for a “hot tag”. My recipes in Evernote are not showing up in Evernote Food even if I use the same notebook, have multible tags: “food”, “evernote food”, “recipes”, “dinner” etc. We need a way to mark notes as recipes in Evernote!

  • Bob Sprague

    When I use Evernote Food on my iPhone the entries go to Evernote on my desktop, but only in my default Notebook. Is there a way to designate a Notebook for Evernote Food on the Desktop App? One for Recipes and one for Restaurants etc? Maybe I’m missing a setting for this. If so, could someone kindly direct me. Thanks. PS- Like the App!

  • Donald

    I can’t figure out how to add a recipe other than clipping one off of a website. Can I add my own recipes?

  • العروبة

    thanx http://www.al3robh.com/

  • Arlene Meyer

    Love it but I would love to be able to take picture of my own recipes to add to them in my cookbook.

  • Andy Bird

    at the moment I have 12 recipes in my evernote account, and only 3 are showing up in my cookbook and have no idea how it syncs or will find them and seems pretty redundant as a daily use application unless this fairly basic facet is sorted, and quick, however pretty is looks…. quite simply, either need to capture all my recipes, or be able to add recipes manually to ‘my recipes; or mark recipe notes with a tag, so that they get added to the ‘my cookbook’ ?


  • filmfreak75

    i have been having issues with 2.0 sharing … i cannot get my Facebook to connect at all and I have no idea to which twitter account my sharing is going to (i have 5)

  • dynamodi

    EN food looks great, but I echo others’ concerns – I cannot get it to detect my hundreds of EN recipes (mostly saved as docx attachments). How does EN food intuitively know which EN notes are recipes, yet ignore all the files in the “recipes” folder with “recipes” tags?!

  • Stu McAndrew

    Howdy All.

    I am having the same problem some of you are having in that my current recipe notebook with loads of recipes are not showing in Evernote Food. That’s not strictly true, 5 out of 400 have sync’ed, but this is far from being a success.

    I have lodged a support ticket with Evernote, and the first response I got didn’t address the issue, and I got the impression the individual who tried to help was dishing out advise for pre V2.0 Food app versions.

    I have provided them with more info, so if I get a response that provides further clarity, I’ll re post.



  • Stu McAndrew

    Hi All Again,

    I’m not sure if my earlier post has ended up in the thread as yet, as I think it still need to get through a moderator, but in any case, for those of you having problems sync’ing existing recipes in Food, it seems the issue for me is that most of my recipes are PDF or JPEGs. See below for cut and paste of the response I got from Evernote support for more info. Not really the answer I was hoping for, so I suppose I may as well delete the app for now and try again at some point in the future :-(

    “Thank you for providing us with more information on this issue.

    When firs installed, Food will look through your Evernote account for any notes containing lists of ingredients and recognizes them as recipes. Unfortunately, for the moment, the Food algorithm that recognizes such recipes will only search through text and not through you text images such as PDF and JPEG files. It is also not possible to force Food to recognize a note as a recipe or otherwise move a note into food.

    We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.”

  • Jean Pierre Ravez

    I wait also the version for Android

  • Vegdaze

    Looking forward to trying it out on WP8. When can we expect support?

  • mtony75

    Now I have to wait for this and Page Capture. :o(

  • Joe Germuska

    So far I’m liking Evernot Food. Simple feature request: allow notes and/or URLs for saved restaurants, so I can remember why I wanted to save it in the first place?


  • Iggy Heisenberg

    I am bummed that this does not work on iOS 5.1.1

  • Maimuna Syed

    windows 8 users like food too. :(

  • OhCaptainMyCaptain

    Sometimes, when I take a picture of a dish with the Food app, I get knocked out of the app. Does this happen to anyone else?

  • Paula Aaronson

    Useless without Android.

  • Angelo Alexander

    I’ve been begging the Springpad dev team for years to flesh out their restaurant functionality, but it looks like you guys may have just blown their half-baked attempts out of the boiling water (food joke!). I can’t wait to try this on Android.

  • Nancy Baker Tatarek

    When will the Android version be released?

  • Tamara

    Memories are great, but this mom needs a meal planner! See meal planner app in Apple App Store.

  • amuramoto

    We’re working on it now, and it will be coming to Android soon!

  • Mike Rothman

    Evernote. Listen up. One work, but you really need to hear this: Android. Do I make my point clearly?

  • AndrewSinkov

    Check out our latest update (2.1), it adds the ability to specify notebooks and tags from Evernote to pull into the Food app.

  • Bernard Farrell

    If I’ve already stashed some recipes in Evernote, how do I get them to Food?

  • Naomi Wilson Mihilewicz

    I love using evernote to collect recipes. I was hoping evernote food would be more of a meal planning and shopping app that would sync with all the recipes I’ve already collected.

    Please please add a meal planning feature. A shopping list feature would be handy too, but mostly I’m looking for a meal planner. Integrate it into the My Meals so I can take pictures of my creation and add notes of how it went.

  • John Thomson

    really excited about Evernote Food 2.0.amazing services..

  • John Thomson

    really excited about Evernote Food 2.0.amazing services..

  • Brian

    Is there any way to create a meal plan and a shopping list? It would be great if I could go through “My Recipes” pull out the 5 or 6 I want to cook that week and then the application create a shopping list for me. Is this possible? In the works?