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Quick Tip: Build a Restaurant Wish List with Evernote Food

Quick Tip: Build a Restaurant Wish List with Evernote Food

Posted by Alex Muramoto on 10 Jan 2013

Posted by Alex Muramoto on 10 Jan 2013

Evernote Food makes discovering new restaurants easy, but where it really comes in handy is in compiling a list of the spots you want to try so you don’t forget them.

Don’t have Evernote Food 2.0? Download it for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch now.

Search and save restaurants, wherever you are

Let’s say you’re craving crab, and you’ve heard of a great restaurant in San Francisco that serves it. To search for and save the restaurant to your list in Evernote Food, simply do the following:

1. Search for the restaurant, making sure to specify the city where it is located if it’s other than your current location.

2. On an iPhone, once the restaurant appears in search, you can toggle between list and map view using the icons at the top right of your device (on the iPad, list and map view display side-by-side).


3. Once you have the restaurant you want to add to your list, tap on it and save it using the scissors icon at the top right of the screen.


4. Tap on the ‘Saved’ tab and the restaurant will be there in your list. Bonus: any restaurant you clip in Evernote Food is automatically saved to your Evernote account.


For more information on using Evernote Food, check out our Evernote Food user guide and also stop by our Evernote Food Facebook page for regular tips.



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  • gmtom1

    ETA on the android version???

  • Stijn Vernaillen

    Patiently waiting for the Android version of EN Food 2.0…

  • steven von kohorn

    Androids need to eat too….

  • Gary

    waiting on Evernote 2.0 for ANDROID with aniticipation!

  • Dusty Harves

    been trying out the iPhone evernote food app. I would really like to be able to rate my restaurants. That way i can go back and see what i did and didn’t like.

    • AndrewSinkov

      Great suggestion. For now, you can take notes about your restaurant experience when you create a new Meal.

  • Rupert Parry

    This is great – really nice work on the new Food app.

    Although, it feels like “restaurants” section should really be made into its own “Evernote Places” app – that’s what I think people will really use it for. Why be restricted to restaurants?

    Also, support for taking notes and your own photos would be great – any word on that?

  • Michael Fields

    what do I do when the restaurant I want to add isn’t on the list? Can I add it?