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Quick Tip: Build a Cookbook with Evernote Food

Quick Tip: Build a Cookbook with Evernote Food

Posted by Kristina Hjelsand on 17 Jan 2013

Posted by Kristina Hjelsand on 17 Jan 2013

Evernote users who are accustomed to Web Clipping recipes they discover online will appreciate Evernote Food’s My Cookbook feature, which collects all of your clipped recipes in one place for utmost cooking ease.

Don’t have Evernote Food 2.0? Download it for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch now.

Discover, Collect, Cook

Here’s how you can create your own personalized cookbook in Evernote Food in three easy steps.

1. First, use Evernote Food’s Explore Recipes section to search thousands of recipes from the top food bloggers and websites by ingredient, dish, or occasion. Today, we’re opting for these veggie tacos from Naturally Ella.



2. We built Evernote’s Web Clipper into Evernote Food. Once you find a recipe you like, tap the scissors icon to clip it into My Cookbook, where your collection of recipes is stored within the app.



3. This is where the clipping function gets even cooler. As part of the clipping process in Evernote Food, you can choose to save your Web Clip to any notebook in your Evernote account.

Any recipes you clip or manually save in your Evernote account will automatically be pulled into My Cookbook by Evernote Food. You can also add tags for enhanced search.


Here’s a view of My Cookbook with all of your recipes in one place for maximum convenience. This works particularly well when you’re cooking with an iPad.


For more information on using Evernote Food, check out our Evernote Food user guide and also stop by our Evernote Food Facebook page for regular tips.


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  • Marc Telesha

    Please stop being so iOS focused :) Why roll out a product on something that has less and less market share and lose the PR for the number one phone service. As an Android user I avoid companies that treat me as a second class citizen. If I had not discovered Evernote years ago I would have filtered out your products.

  • AndrewSinkov

    Evernote Food 2.0 will be coming to Android soon.

    • DeborahEdwards-Onoro

      Thanks Andrew. Do you have an ETA for the Android version?

    • Christopher

      Yes, I’d like to know when this update is coming to Android as well.

    • Cathleen

      How about for windows? There are still a ton of us out here?

  • Debby

    just how soon is soon?

  • Vicki Zerbee

    This is awesome! How about the convenience of finding new low calorie recipes to support all the New Year resolution diets! It can help us stay on the right track all year long:)

    • khjelsand

      Hi Vicki, you can definitely already use Food to customize your cookbook in this way, with recipes you search within the app and also those you Web Clip into Evernote. You can use the My Meals feature to keep a food diary, as well.

  • Jeffrey Ant

    This only works with recipes clipped from within the app? If I clip something from the web it doesn’t recognize it and put it in the cookbook section. I can’t find a way to manually add the note there either. Will it eventually recognize the recipe tag I placed on it?

    • Josh Boak

      I found that the Food app pulled two of the recipes already contained in my Evernote files, but ignored the others. How do I ensure that all my recipes are picked up by Evernote Food?

    • khjelsand

      It works with recipes that are Web Clipped within Evernote Food and Evernote. We are continually working to evolve the recipe clipping function, but if you need support for a specific issue, please feel free to contact support at

  • Chuz_Cr

    Very Nice app!!!! I definitely love this over the old version

  • Jean-Philippe Murray

    What exactly are the requirement for the Cookbook to recognize a recipe? I’ve added two for test, and nothings happens. (It’s been more than a week, so I guess I should have now !)

  • Kay @ The Other Eden

    Evernote Food is now available at the play store but I couldn’t find the option to clip recipes, is this feature iOS only?

    • AndrewSinkov

      That feature is currently only on iOS, but will be coming to Android soon.

      • Sarah

        how soon? it’s been 3 months and there still isn’t a new version for Android that I’ve found :(

        • AndrewSinkov

          It’s available now:

  • khjelsand

    Recipes that you Web Clip within Evernote Food or Evernote are pulled in to My Cookbook. Those that you type into Evernote are pulled in as well.

  • terre

    Is there a way to manually move notes with recipes that have been sorted into Notebooks (Beans, Tofu, Veggie…) from Evernote into Evernote Food?