Evernote for Mac Update: Improved Search, Better Shortcuts and More

Evernote for Mac Update: Improved Search, Better Shortcuts and More

Posted by on 24 Jan 2013

Posted by on 24 Jan 2013

Today, Evernote for Mac (5.0.5) gets several great improvements to shortcuts, search and more. Let’s take a look.

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Syncing Shortcuts

Shortcuts are a great way to quickly jump to content that you frequently access simply by dragging a note, notebook, tag, or search into the Shortcuts area at the top of the Sidebar. As of this update, Shortcuts sync with the Evernote Service, which means that if you use Evernote for Mac on more than one computer (home and office), your shortcuts will go with you.

We know you’re wondering, and the answer is: yes, shortcuts are coming to other platforms soon. And when they do arrive, everything will be in sync.

Control Your Search

When you perform a search, you can now choose whether to search within only your notebooks or everything that you have access to, which may include Joined Notebooks and Business Notebooks (if you’re an Evernote Business user). You’ll be able to do this by clicking into the search bar and choosing a search option from the top of the drop down menu that appears.

Great Looking Evernote Clearly Notes

Evernote Clearly is our browser extension that lets you simplify webpages to create a beautiful online reading experience. If you don’t have time to finish reading the article or want to save it for later, you can always clip it directly into Evernote. For this update, we made those clips look better than ever inside of Evernote for Mac.


And More…

There are a bunch of other improvements.

  • When in Expanded Card View, press ‘return’ on a selected note to open it
  • Advanced feature: AppleScript can create checkboxes
  • When viewing a note, a button appears on rollover near the notebook name to jump to that note’s notebook

We have also made sync more reliable, improved PDF printing, fixed issues with tags in Joined Notebooks, and added numerous other enhancements throughout the app.


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  • Raymond Gonsalves

    Great Work Mac Team!!!! Ah… Windows Desktop team????

  • Dave

    Can we customize the toolbar again? Please don’t ignore this request.

  • Shaun Dakin

    Great stuff ! Thanks !

  • Elizabeth

    Will there be a way to disable shortcut syncing? I actually like having different shortcuts at work and at home.

  • martin

    glad you add that you are improving search and adding sync shortcuts. now i can look at this messy sidebar on another mac (if it’s nearby) and have more room fore those 8 clunky big square notes on my 13″ 1280×800. perhaps for the sake of “great looking” i should soon get another display only for notes, another for notebooks and another for the search option…

    for god sake… i am sorry i don’t have this awesome 5000x8000px retina screen, but i cannot tell a difference while looking at the notes and at the sidebar… It’s just a dark grey bar on the left with white lines and these strange line of allthesameiconwithnotevenadifference notebooks. the light grey bar with white squares and another gray area with a white note. it’s all so homogenic. it may be nice to a viewer from 2 meters away. but not a person working with the application. it doesn’t have to be homogenic and “great looking”. it needs to be readable. the same thing with notebooks view… the same paper or wrappers for all the notebooks. the only thing that makes them different is the text on them… i need to read all of them to get the notebook i want… yes, they are so nice and perfectly aligned to the grid. sorry evernote, it’s mathematical graphics and not design. the only thing that is legible are tags. they differ themselves by the length of the word, they are collected by first letter (which is nice popping red in this sea of gray) or by the number of notes tagged, and in the sidebar they don’t have those silly notebook icons that are repeating themselves to the end of the world… It legible even with this grey on grey on grey approach.

    for now it’s impossible on a 1280×800 screen. don’t get me wrong. i like that it’s changing. just give some field of customization if you don’t feel like designing for small screens…

  • vinitneo

    No updates for Windows app?

  • Ashish Bogawat

    Hey guys, how about some love for the Windows app?

  • AndrewSinkov

    We have some Windows updates in the works. Stay tuned.

  • Neil Chapman

    The new EN for Mac is fantastic. But I miss being able to tab from the name of a note, to the notebook, to the tag. Now when I scan a document into EN, I have to click three times: first to name the note, then to assign it to the proper notebook, then click again in the tag area to assign a tag. On the old version of EN, a user could go from one of these areas to the next simply by hitting tab, which was a lot speedier, right?

    • Robert Killington

      I agree with Neil’s comment, can we tab through the relevant parts so we can deal with filing easily, please.

      One thing to note Neil is that you can go straight to the Note title using ⌘-L.

  • Anders Lorentsen

    Would be great if shortcuts could sync across all platforms.

  • Jack Hirsch

    Shortcut syncing can be disabled from the Evernote preferences under the Sync section.

  • Jack Hirsch

    We won’t. What would you like to see added there?

    • Robert Killington

      I’d like to be able to customise it so that what is there is what I use most. Just like I can include or exclude elements in the sidebar.

  • Phil Yanov

    Now available in the Mac store.

  • Phil Yanov

    Why is “Empty Trash” not a menu option on the Mac?

  • Stefan Müller Arisona

    Was URL auto-recognition fixed? Doesn’t seem so…

  • Rus Adrian Ewald

    Evernote Clearly for Safari … any news about this ?

  • Thomas Egeland

    I’d really like support for searching within powerpoint-files as well!

  • amuramoto

    To empty your trash, ctrl-click on the Trash Notebook, then click ‘Empty Notebook…’

  • amuramoto

    Evernote Clearly for Safari is in the works. Stay tuned!

  • amuramoto

    Adding this feature back to Evernote for Mac is in the works. Stay tuned for future updates!

  • elise

    how can I write an “arrow” when typing on evernote?

  • Mohammad

    hmm, is it me or the evernote download for mac doesn’t work? Been trying to download for hte last coupel of days on various machines .. any clues?

  • amuramoto

    Please visit to contact our support team. They can help you troubleshoot the issue.

  • amuramoto

    There is no way to insert an arrow, but consider using option-shift- to get this symbol »

    • elise


  • amuramoto

    Can you elaborate on the issue you are experiencing? Is there a particular error you are receiving when you attempt to download?

  • amuramoto

    I’m sorry that this issue has persisted. I have opened a new ticket with our support team to address your problem. They should be in touch soon.

  • Rob Mehta

    you guys are flippin awesome, keep up the good work!

  • spiv

    Is there a way to print with titles? My notes just print the body, and I’d like to see the title as a header.

    • amuramoto

      There is no way to include the title of a note when printing at this time.