Trunk Spotlight: Managing Signed Documents On the Go with DocuSign Ink and Evernote

Trunk Spotlight: Managing Signed Documents On the Go with DocuSign Ink and Evernote

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 29 Jan 2013

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 29 Jan 2013

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Many people have discovered the benefits of using DocuSign and Evernote together to increase efficiency and keep documents organized. From lawyers to real estate agents, a wide variety of professionals use Evernote to capture and share project information and documents, and DocuSign to obtain digital signatures. Now, DocuSign has created an integrated mobile app, DocuSign Ink, that makes this workflow seamless with your tablet or smartphone.

With DocuSign Ink and Evernote, you no longer need to be in the office to obtain a required signature; everything can be done on the go, and you’ll never lose paperwork since everything is synced with your Evernote account and searchable everywhere you have Evernote installed.

How Our Real Estate Ambassador Uses DocuSign Ink

Krisstina Wise, our Real Estate Ambassador, and her office team at The GoodLife Team use technology in their day-to-day business to run a paperless office.

The GoodLife Team uses Evernote as a central hub for document storage. They keep notebooks with tour information, consultations, transaction checklists, and all related documents for each buyer/seller they serve. For Krisstina’s customers, this creates a great customer service experience, since members of her team can quickly send important information and documents to them via Evernote at any time, even immediately following a meeting or home tour.

Before transitioning the office to a digital workflow, Krisstina and her team spent a lot of time dealing with paperwork. After transitioning to Evernote and DocuSign, however, the difference in efficiency has been night and day, in part because electronic documents can now be signed with just a click of a button.

Should a document need to be signed, Krisstina can import what she needs from Evernote on her iPad, instead of going back to the office to sign in-person or fax it. Once imported into DocuSign Ink, all she has to do is drag and drop the information she needs right onto the document to email it to her clients.

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Clients open the document from the email, sign using DocuSign Ink on their iPad, and send it back. Krisstina then saves the document to the client’s notebook in her Evernote account, so that everything remains organized, searchable, accessible by her whole team. It’s as simple as that, and thanks to Evernote and DocuSign Ink, her team can start processing documents right away, without having to wait for Krisstina to return the the office with a signed hardcopy. DocuSign Ink and Evernote make the process of obtaining signed documents simple and easy, and the immediate delivery and accessibility is a “wow” factor for Krisstina’s clients, which positively affects the bottom line.


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The DocuSign Ink integration with Evernote is useful for anyone who manages signatures, while working on the go. Real Estate is just one example. Tell us about how your industry could benefit from DocuSign Ink, and read great Real Estate tips from Krisstina. You can also check her blog for a schedule of upcoming webinars focused on using DocuSign and Evernote.

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