Evernote Hello 2.0 for iPhone is Here: Remember Everything About the People You Meet


Evernote Hello 2.0 for iPhone is Here: Remember Everything About the People You Meet

Posted by on 31 Jan 2013

Posted by on 31 Jan 2013

We’ve all felt that twinge of envy towards people with the uncanny ability to remember people. They’re the ones that can instantly recall a name or an event years after it’s happened. Most of us simply aren’t wired to be able to do this. That’s why we created Evernote Hello, our app that’s designed to give you that same supernatural ability to easily remember everything about the people that you meet.

Today, we’re excited to launch the all new, completely redesigned and quite magical Evernote Hello 2.0.

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New Goals
Evernote Hello is designed with a new objective in mind: how to allow individuals to do the smallest amount of work to end up with the most complete record of the people they’ve met and meetings they’ve had. You’ll see this new sensibility permeate every aspect of the app.

A Completely New Look

The first thing you notice when you launch Evernote Hello is the beautiful new home screen. Here the app displays all of the people you’ve met in a way that highlights the most useful and memorable information about the individuals, such as photos, dates, number of past meetings, and other people that you met at the same time. We expanded upon the face-centric approach of the first version to give you as much context as possible at a glance.


More Ways to Remember People

We’ve added some fantastic new ways to remember people, just tap on the green plus to get started. First, we integrated Facebook and LinkedIn into the app so that an email address pulled from a business card or calendar entry can be enough for Evernote Hello to build a rich profile.

Authorizing these social networks is the first thing the app will ask new users to do. Existing users need to tap on the menu button in the top left corner of the home screen, and go to the Social Networks section. Make sure to do this step.

Let’s take a look at the different way to add people to Evernote Hello going from simplest to coolest.


1. Add Manually

The classic method of adding people to Evernote Hello hasn’t gone away. Type in a person’s email address and the Facebook and LinkedIn integrations will take it from there. If the individual isn’t on one of these networks, then you can add the rest of their contact info, or pass the phone and let them do it.

2. Add From Calendar

Evernote Hello lets you add people directly from your calendar. Open the app before, during or just after a meeting and you’ll see a message appear at the top of the home screen. Tap the blue plus to add the meeting participants to your history.

3. Premium Feature Preview: Business Card Scanning

Evernote Hello now has a really great Premium feature: Business Card Scanning. For the next couple of months, we’re making this feature available to everyone free of charge. You can try it from the Add Contact menu. Follow the on-screen guides when taking the photo—for best results, keep your phone at a slight angle. As soon as the photo is taken, Evernote Hello corrects any skew and recognizes all the key fields on the card to create a complete profile of the individual. If the email address matches an account on LinkedIn or Facebook, then the app will pull in a photo and other relevant information.

4. Hello Connect

The most magical of our new features, Hello Connect lets you exchange contact info with groups of Evernote Hello users of almost any size instantly through the use of audible tones. It completely eliminates the need for lengthy introductions at the start of a business meeting or meetup. Here’s how it works. Have everyone in the group launch Evernote Hello on their iPhones. When everyone has the app running, one person taps on Hello Connect from the Add Contact menu. That’s it. You’ll hear the tones play in a call-and-response style and, in seconds, everyone will be connected.

If your environment is too noisy or you don’t want to disturb the people around you, switch to manual mode and share the Connect Number with everyone in your group.

Rich Profiles, Available Everywhere

Having the contact information about an individual is only part of the story. Evernote Hello also captures your location and displays any additional people that you met around the same time. You can add notes about a person by tapping into an individual’s profile and see Related Notes pulled from your Evernote account. You can also sync any of the individuals in Evernote Hello with your phone’s Address Book. And, since Evernote Hello is part of the Evernote family of products, everything is synchronized back to your Evernote account where it’s accessible from anywhere at any time.



Learn more about Evernote Hello 2.0 by visting these helpful resources:

Get Connected

We’re very excited about the completely new Evernote Hello. It’s one of the most innovative applications Evernote has ever made, and one that will give you that superpower you’ve always wanted. Try it now.

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  • brianfalexander

    It’s crashing on business card scanning. iPhone 4S with ios 6.1.

  • Michel Boekestijn

    Great! When can I download it in Google play?

    • AndrewSinkov

      These features will be coming to Android soon.

      • henrymaxm

        Can’t wait to you use this.

  • kskobac

    Love the upgrades! I would switch cold turkey from CardMunch to Hello if you had a way to port over my existing CardMunch contacts. Also, do you make a connection to the Linkedin Profile from the business card scan, in similar fashion?

  • Gary Moore

    When will the Android app catch up??

  • Matt Conover

    would be great to have some way to migrate all the business cards I have stored in evernote (pre-Hello) to Hello

    • AndrewSinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Nik

      Yes! I have a whole notebook full of scanned business cards!

    • Russell Imrie

      scan them – it’s quick

    • Marcus Boswell

      Im with you on that Matt. I have held off of yet another app to learn about or be distracted by and so just snapped photos of all of my business cards into evernote. If there was some way of reading the notes for Business Cards… SOLD!!!

  • Nicholas Lum

    I understand that the Android version of Evernote Hello is coming out soon. I am disappointed that the IOS version always comes out first. … Ever since I found Evernote, it has made my life much more organized, and it helps me to find important information! 🙂

    • Bob Reddert

      I agree that it’s very disappointing to always feel like the redheaded stepchild. But I understand why the iOS versions are developed first. The flexibility of Android and the variety of Android devices (the very things that make us like the ‘droids) makes developing for Android more complicated and time consuming. Regardless, I too am looking forward to trying out the the Android version of Hello 2.0.

  • Dave Broadbent

    With any luck, there’s a way to combine steps 1 and 4: you know – manually adding a group of people all at once (since convincing everyone to use Hello is an uphill battle I can’t wage at every meeting – but adding groups of people quickly to Hello is something I’ve longed for).

  • Lukas Fikr

    Could you make it universal app (for iPad too)?

  • Eldruid

    Love the update, but I do miss the mosaic front page photos. Every contact app possesses similar features to Hello. The integration to Evernote is the USP for me, but the picture mosaic was cool, it would bring people to mind.

  • Ed

    Since the business card scanning feature is a premium service, will it be a one off in-app purchase or a yearly subscription? Would also be great if the app allows for export of contacts via .csv etc

  • Trevor Flanagan

    If only it could recognise people facially as the biggest problem I have is putting a name and details to a face I haven’t seen in ages. Plus need this for Android but guess I’ll have to wait.

    • AndrewSinkov

      Nice suggestion. Thanks.

  • AndrewSinkov

    The premium feature will be part of an overall Evernote Premium subscription.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Evernote you’re killing me! haha, looking forward to Android app

  • Jeremy Jones

    by the way, Evernote is my favorite 5 star, cannot live without App. Keep up the great work!

  • AndrewSinkov

    Thanks for letting us know. It would be great if you could contact our support team: http://evernote.com/support

  • Sarah Funes

    I use the linked in card much app. I’m pretty content with it. I don’t think I want to connect with people I do business with, so I really don’t see that point. Friends possibly but then why would I need their linked in? Cool idea

  • David R. Darrow

    On my 3GS, Hello 2 crashes very often, always involving the “scan” — sometimes as soon as the app wakes up the camera, and sometimes upon beginning to process the image.

    I would LOVE to be able to load real (big boy) scans into it and have it read/feed.

    I notice, too, it does nothing with addresses, and it appears I cannot even add addresses by keying them in. Nice idea, but it’s kind of frustrating.

  • Mica Stark

    any way to migrate existing contacts from Outlook contacts into Hello?

  • Brian Jackson

    I’d like to offer two shortcomings which hopefully are easily addressed:
    1) The LinkedIn integration is great, but one way. It would be great if when a profile was matched with a recently scanned card if that person was also invited to connect with my LinkedIn profile.
    2) I’d like for cards that are automatically added as contacts to my iOS address book to have a certain tag, e.g. “Work” or something like that, so that its easy to sort between those I’ve added from Evernote and friends, family, etc.

  • dbabbage

    Great developments. Business card integration exactly what I was looking for.

  • Sam Yang

    Is the latest version still sending auto-email to the new contact? I can’t find such setting within the app. Need to make sure there’ll be no auto-email-sending before I can confidently using the Hello 2.0. (The impersonal auto-email in Hello 1.x made me feel really bad and need to write many apologize emails to those people receiving improper auto-email…)

  • amuramoto

    We listened to the feedback from the previous version of Evernote Hello and rather than making the email sending controlled by a setting, we now use an explicit button. Now when you meet someone, once you save their information, we will pop a notification over their contact page that shows a button to email your contact information to the person. In addition, if we have found this person on LinkedIn and you are not a connection yet, you will also get a button to send an invite to connect via LinkedIn.

  • Sytze

    Great App, one question: would it be possible to have the structured information in Evernote be exported as a vCard to my Outlook? This would be extremely handy when I get a Hello Note from my colleagues via Evernote Business

    • amuramoto

      Evernote Hello 2.0 is currently only able to export Hello Contacts to the Contacts app in iOS. To get a Hello Contact into Outlook, the best approach is to export to iOS contact, then share it from there.

      To export a Hello Contact to the iOS Contacts app, tap the Hello Contact, tap the Edit Detail icon to the right of the Twitter field, then swipe down and tap ‘Add to Contacts’

  • amuramoto

    All of your Hello Contacts are saved to a single notebook in your Evernote account. You can change this in the app settings to a separate notebook, so that it only contains your Hello Contacts.

    • Micah

      Oh that’s perfect. Thanks so much!

  • Ronin Spoon

    Sure wish there was a way to import contacts from other databases, or create a contact in the evernote desktop app and have it added to Hello.

    • amuramoto

      You can import information from your iPhone contacts to create Hello Contacts. Tap the + on the Home Screen, select ‘Type it In’, then select ‘Add from Contacts’

  • Marx Smith

    I hope Evernote Hello, will be possible to add another lines for job title, company things… it is very necessary feature.

    I hope this feature will be consider to add upcoming Evernote Hello update soon.

  • AndrewSinkov

    Please contact support: http://evernote.com/support

  • Leona Lewis

    Is there a way to link a contact to a folder in Evernote. For example, for each contact I would like to have a record of all the projects that I have worked with them. Can I link to a folder in Evernote with the project?

  • Leona Lewis

    Is there a way to link a contact to a folder in Evernote. For example, for each contact I would like to have a record of all the projects that I have worked with them. Can I link to a folder in Evernote with the project?

  • felipeahura

    7 months later. No surprise.

  • felipeahura

    7 months later. No surprise.

  • trevor

    it is not easily done as the directions. I have the 4s, but should be simpler. Moving to a different solution.