Precious Episode

Precious Episode

作者: Andrew Sinkov 發佈日期: 11 二月 2013

作者: Andrew Sinkov 發佈日期: 11 二月 2013


In this episode we discuss the new, beautiful Evernote Food 2.0; we talk about recent Skitch updates; Rafe Needleman joins us; and we chat about iHealth, our health and fitness monitoring partner.

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  • Martin Packer

    What, so soon? :-)

  • Aaron Bach

    Trying to download this with Downcast on iOS and am getting “Invalid episode media type”. Before I hit up the Downcast folks, would you all know anything about this?

    • AndrewSinkov

      Aaron, I just tested it with Downcast and it seems to work fine.

      • Aaron Bach

        Got it. Thanks, Andrew! Great show, as always. :)

  • Les Shigley

    I was hoping to see the TWYN machine picture

  • rtolle

    Is it just me? When listening to you podcasts (which I love, by the way) I must keep a finger on the volume button. The volume of the podcast is all over the place.

    Also, those shrill sound effects between twitter questions kill my ears when using ear buds.