Wrapping Up the Evernote Paperless Challenge

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Wrapping Up the Evernote Paperless Challenge

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 19 Feb 2013

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 19 Feb 2013

Just after the New Year, we announced the second Evernote 30 Day Paperless Challenge, a virtual event aimed at helping you kick off a paperless lifestyle in 2013. Throughout the month, our team and Paperless Living Ambassador Jamie Todd Rubin shared tips for using Evernote and products from the Evernote Trunk partners to help you store documents digitally, beat the clutter, save time, and more.

Don’t forget to join our Wrap-Up Q&A Google Hangout with Jamie on Weds, February 20th at 2:00 PM Pacific!

Over 850 people joined in on the event and shared their progress, motivation, and tips on our Facebook event page.

Here are a few of the things people had to say about the event and how Evernote helped them rise to the challenge of going paperless (shared on our event page):

  • Kristine Westney Ritter said, “I work out of my home, and after working at about 95% paperless for two weeks, I will NEVER go back. Everything feels more streamlined and more organized.”
  • Dee-Ann Schartner Decker said, “I just figured out that I can merge multiple notes in Evernote! I scanned a receipt, product page and warranty info into Evernote and then merged them into one so I have everything together! Added a tag for the product and tossed the paper!”
  • Corina Miles said, “Using my new Doxie Go scanner linked to my Evernote account. I have scanned the first 8 years of my daughter’s life – projects,drawings, etc. everything that will fit in my scanner! All items have been backed up to my premium account! Feels SO good! Now I’ll work on my son’s papers/projects while I keep up with the incoming papers.”

We were thrilled with the participation and great ideas attendees shared for making the jump to a paperless workflow as seamless as possible. Thanks to everyone who joined in!

Wrap-Up Hangout

The Paperless Challenge may be coming to an end, but we’re here to help you continue your paperless living throughout the year. We’ll be hosting a Paperless Challenge Q&A Hangout with Jamie Todd Rubin on Wednesday, February 20th at 2:00 PM Pacific where we’ll answer questions from challenge participants and the Evernote community to help you take your paperless workflow to the next level. We’ll also be giving away a Canon imageFormula P-215 scanner to one lucky Evernote user, so tune in for your chance to win!

For more tips on using Evernote for paperless living, check out Jamie’s Paperless Challenge Checklist (save it to your Evernote account for handy access from any computer or mobile device).

Stay tuned for more community events

Stay tuned for a lot more community activities to help you do more in your work and your life with Evernote’s products and partners. Would you like us to host a specific type of community event? We’d love to hear your ideas – please share with us in the comments!

If you joined us for the Paperless Challenge, please help us improve by filling out a very brief survey. Thanks!


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  • Wheemzel DeCuir

    Is there a calander that will be coming for Evernote? I think that is something I really miss since I dont use any right now that works well for me. Love Evernote though!!!!

  • amuramoto

    Glad you like Evernote! There is no in-app calendar planned at this time.

    • John

      +1 for in app calendar, unless this goes against the ethos of the product somehow?? I’d would love for it to be considered; so many people would like to time/date tag notes or drag notes into a calendar for due dates or reminders. It must be simple to add and I would go premium for it!