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Evernote World: How Evernote Helps Carlos Pessoa Filho Manage Partnerships

Evernote World: How Evernote Helps Carlos Pessoa Filho Manage Partnerships

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 26 Feb 2013

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 26 Feb 2013

Back in November we teamed up with Samsung and Wayra, a premier global accelerator, to host a hackathon in Sâo Paulo, Brazil at Wayra HQ. While we were there, we got a sneak peek into some of the ways that Wayra’s Director, Carlos Pessoa Filho, uses Evernote to help him manage his portfolio of  startups and contribute to Wayra’s key role in the growing global developer community. Take a look!

Organizing and Sharing Resources in Evernote

With a presence in more than 12 countries, Wayra has a large global footprint and hundreds of startup partnerships all around the world that Carlos and the Wayra team work together to manage. Carlos keeps detailed notes about each of the startups that he works with in separate notebooks in his Evernote account to help him organize what he’s learned about each company. Any time he meets with a startup, he adds a new note with meeting minutes to their notebook and builds upon his knowledge of each company. He then shares these notebooks with his colleagues so they have easy access no matter where in the world they are – anytime they need information about one of the portfolio startups, all they have to do is search.

Evernote Everywhere

Carlos uses a number of different platforms and devices for notetaking, and he needed a way to seamlessly integrate them all into his workflow. Because Evernote is available for all major platforms as well as the web, his notes are easily available no matter what device he’s using to capture his thoughts.


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For more information about Wayra and its mission to support global innovation, check out their webpage here.

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