Guy Kawasaki: Real Men Don’t Use Tags

Guy Kawasaki: Real Men Don't Use Tags

Posted by Rafe Needleman on 28 Feb 2013

Posted by Rafe Needleman on 28 Feb 2013

I recently had a chance to interview the prolific author, Guy Kawasaki, on the topic of his latest book, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to Publish a Book. Our conversation ranged from the changing business of publishing to a list of Guy’s recommended products for self-publishers.

We also talked about how Guy stays organized. It involves Evernote – no surprise – but when pressed on how the master of publishing productivity sets up his notebooks, it seems Guy takes a somewhat holistic approach to things. He doesn’t organize. He doesn’t tag. He just piles stuff into his notebooks and relies on search. “Real men don’t use tags,” he tells me. “Real men use keyword searches.” (Go to the 17:30 mark for this exchange.)

Other topics include alternate revenue models for publishing (sponsored characters in your novel, perhaps?), the benefit to giving away your book content for free online, and why you really need to pay to hire a copy editor and cover designer. Also: Why Guy uses Android phones and tablets, but Apple laptops.

More Evernote Talks interviews are coming soon. Stay tuned.


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  • Jason Ehle

    Oh good, im not the only one with a completely disorganized evernote. I feel vindicated. Thanks Guy!

  • Greensboro

    Awesome good to hear that’s how I do it. Just go search for it I like it.

  • lyceum1776

    Fascinating interview. I like the laid-back style of the conversation. I say the same thing as Jason Ehle: I am glad to hear that it is OK to use Evernote with or without tags and separate notebooks. Talking about notebooks, I recently got my first Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine. It will work well together with my own personal productivity system, F.I.X IT!, including WorkFlowy app, Eisenhower Matrix on paper and a physical kanban workflow bulletin board.

    • Rafe Needleman

      Hey If you like the Eisenhower Matrix, check out

  • Drew Vogel

    I disagree that “real men don’t use tags” (or notebooks). I say, use Evernote how you wish, and don’t worry if you’re “real” or not.

    • ranndino

      It was a joke.

  • Callum Hackett

    So what do real women use?

  • David L Hanner

    Great talk! Thanks so much for sharing, it is always great to get a glimpse of what drives successful people.

  • stevesancarlos

    Those are pretty pimped out microphones. Please do tell–what are they?

  • Kyungwoo Kim


  • Rainer Schnelle

    The way the interviewer keeps looking away from the guest makes him appear completely bored by what Guy has to say. I am irritated by this way of conducting an interview.