Announcing Devcup 2013

Announcing Devcup 2013

Posted by Seth Hitchings on 10 Mar 2013

Posted by Seth Hitchings on 10 Mar 2013

Greetings from Austin, Texas!

Every year, some of the most creative technology minds in the world gather in Austin for the South by Southwest Interactive festival. SXSW Interactive is one of our favorite tech events, and there’s no more appropriate place to kick off this year’s Evernote developer competition, Devcup. The Evernote Devcup challenges developers and designers from around the world to build products that extend the functionality of Evernote, helping users to capture, share, and recall all of the most important things in their lives.

Last year, over 2,000 developers and designers participated in Devcup, building hundreds of great apps. This year we’re excited to be going even bigger. We’re visiting new countries to generate interest in the competition, offering more prizes, and partnering with some of our favorite companies.

EverClip wins the Devcup 2012 Gold. Left to right: Phil Libin, Francis Chong, Rafe Needleman, Seth Hitchings.

The Goal

Evernote means something different to each of our 50 million users around the world, making the opportunities for integration with the Evernote platform almost unlimited. If your app can help a user capture, share, recall or visualize important information, there’s a fit with Evernote. We’re looking for well-designed apps that allow users to do more with Evernote, whether at home or at work, on their smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other device, in the US or Brazil or China or anywhere else in the world.

Meet the Team

To help developers envision and implement great ideas, the Evernote team will be holding hackathons and meetups around the world. We’ve already planned events for Beijing, Berlin, Mexico City, New York, Seoul, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Tokyo and Zurich, and will be adding more cities over the next few months. Attending one of our events is a great way to jump-start your project, refine your idea, find teammates, and get help with our APIs. You can find the list of upcoming events on the Devcup website.

Our Partners

This year, we’ve added two great partners to help us encourage even more innovative products and to reach more developers: Honda Silicon Valley Lab and AWS Startups.


Honda Silicon Valley Lab, a high-tech research and development arm of Honda, has joined us as a worldwide partner for all of our developer programs. Honda is partnering with us to hold a transportation-focused hackathon in San Francisco and will be sponsoring a special Innovation Award for Devcup.

Amazon Web Services Startups, a leading cloud-computing platform, is offering server credit to all Devcup participants and additional credit to winning teams, helping them to keep their projects alive after the competition ends.

Together, Honda and AWS Startups will give Devcup participants access to cutting edge technologies that will help them build the next generation of great Evernote apps.

The Prizes

Devcup 2013 includes three rounds of prizes.

Category winners: The first round recognizes the best submission in each of a dozen categories, including Productivity, Sports & Fitness, Family & Parenting, Cooking, Photography, and Design. Each round 1 winner will be recognized by Evernote and receive tickets to the Evernote Conference to be held in San Francisco this fall.

Finalists: The six best overall apps from the first round will be selected as finalists and will win an all-expenses paid trip to the Evernote Conference. At the conference, the finalists will pitch their submissions to our audience, who will vote for the overall gold, silver and bronze winners.

Devcup Gold, Silver and Bronze: The winners of the audience voting at the Evernote Conference will take home $20,000, $10,000 and $5,000 prizes, respectively.

Get Involved

If you think that you have the programming or design skills to compete but aren’t sure what to build, we have a lot of inspiration available.

You can find all of last year’s submissions at, and a highlight of some of our favorite apps from last year on our blog. Visit the Evernote Trunk to see the collection of all of the great apps that work with Evernote, and head over to our developer forum to discuss your ideas and find teammates.

If you have any questions or you’re ready to get involved, you can find all of the details at


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  • Kim

    Will an Evernote users Trunk Show be held in the Bay Area this year? When might we see info?