Evernote Pick: Drafts

Evernote Pick: Drafts

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 18 Mar 2013

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 18 Mar 2013

Drafts is an app that lets you quickly jot down your thoughts and ideas, then publish them later to social networks and other services, or save them to a notebook of your choice in your Evernote account.

Download Drafts now in the Evernote Trunk!

Have you tried Drafts? Let us know what you think in the comments, and check out our other recent Evernote Picks: ScalarPopClipPocket, and IFTTT.

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  • doctorwhofan98

    It’s a brilliant app that I purchased a little while ago. A must have for Evernote users with iOS devices, I think.

  • Sandie Forshaw

    Drafts is a great app, just jot down a few thoughts then save them in Evernote for processing later. Quick to open then just save to Evernote, couldn’t be easier. Highly recommended.

  • Aref Jdey

    I’m actually using Notes from Squarespace and it works well with Evernote.

  • Chicco

    What’s the difference with just adding a new note directly in Evernote?

  • Aaron Bach

    I love Drafts. I tried it a while ago, didn’t give it a fair chance, and quickly deleted it…that was a mistake. The second time around, I love the simplicity of hammering out a note and sending it wherever I want (including Evernote). I adore Evernote, but for entering a quick note (and being able to get it to Evernote later), Drafts is amazing.

  • mcquoidellum

    drafts for Android?

  • Angela Booth

    Drafts is my most-used app on the iPad. It’s brilliant. Just start writing, and decide where the note will go later — mostly mine go to Evernote or email… 🙂

  • Craig A. McNeil

    Yeah, not that the price is ridiculous, but I can open Evernote on my iPhone or iPad, push one button, and start writing or talking or taking a picture (or all three). And I can share it on a social network without too many extra steps. I’m sure it works great, but I think it seems a bit superfluous.