Evernote Food for iOS Update: OpenTable Reservations, Ratings, Recipe Sharing, and More

Evernote Food for iOS Update: OpenTable Reservations, Ratings, Recipe Sharing, and More

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 19 Mar 2013

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 19 Mar 2013

Our most vibrant memories often revolve around food. They’re the family dinners, the night market adventures, and the romantic getaways that shape who we are. Evernote Food is designed to help you capture and remember those moments forever. Today, we’re bringing you a bunch of great new features that will let you better plan your meals and share them with others. Let’s take a look.

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Ratings and Reservations

Evernote Food excels at helping you discover restaurants and document the experiences, but it’s been missing one key element of the dining out experience: making a reservation. Now, you can. The new Evernote Food come with OpenTable’s reservation system built right into the app.


When you’re browsing through the Restaurants section, tap on a place you’d like to add to your restaurant wish list. If the restaurant is listed on OpenTable, then you’ll see a Make a Reservation option. From there, you’ll go through the familiar OpenTable booking process.

To make it easy to choose between so many restaurant options, we also included Foursquare ratings. They show up to the right, just under the restaurant’s name on the Place Details screen.

Share your recipes

Besides giving you ideas for places to eat out, Evernote Food can also inspire you to dine in with thousands of the web’s best recipes right at your fingertips. We’ve taken this one step further by allowing you to inspire others. You’re now able to share the recipes that you’ve clipped with friends via Twitter, Facebook, or email.


Bring in all of your Evernote recipes

Like many of our users, I’ve been saving recipes and food inspirations in Evernote for years – well before we launched Evernote Food. As of this update, any recipe I save to Evernote will sync to Evernote Food. This update lets bring in entire notebooks of content from Evernote, or choose notes to import by tag. No matter what the recipes are, they will now show up in the My Cookbook section of Evernote Food.


To do this, tap on the elephant icon in the top left corner of the home screen. Next, tap on the Include Recipes from Account option. From there, you can choose as many notebooks and tags as you’d like. After a sync (the app syncs automatically, but you can also tap ‘Sync Now’ in the Settings menu if you prefer), your new notes will show up in the My Cookbook section alongside all the other food-related notes you’ve saved.

And more…

We’re very excited about this update. In addition to all the goodies described above, we now let you choose photos from any album on your device, we sped up image uploads, and improved search results. Evernote Food lovers in China and Japan will also now be able to search recipes from top regional publishers. We hope you enjoy everything that this update has to offer. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Video tutorials

  • Sharing a Recipe
  • Making a Reservation with OpenTable
  • Personalizing My Cookbook
  • Side note: Our recent Evernote-wide password reset affects Evernote Food users too. If you haven’t done it yet, please reset your Evernote password here. If you already reset your password in another Evernote app you use, then simply enter your new password in Evernote Food.

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    • Gerd Kempf

      What about Evernote Food for Android? It’s still far behind?
      Are Android users not worth an update and new features?

      • AndrewSinkov

        We’re working on our Evernote Food for Android update. Stay tuned.

        • gmtom1

          Patiently waiting, but hurry up please! =)

    • vluong

      It would be amazingly awesome if you can type an original recipe in this app. I have tons of recipes that needs to be catalogued. Also it would be great if it’s available for windows since typing on iphone/ipad is still a bit difficult for me.

      • AndrewSinkov

        Thanks for the suggestion.

    • AndrewSinkov

      This feature isn’t available on Android yet. We will update the Android version soon.

    • AndrewSinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion.