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Spring Made Simple: Skitch for Organizing Your Spring Planting

Spring Made Simple: Skitch for Organizing Your Spring Planting

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 26 Mar 2013

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 26 Mar 2013

As temperatures warm up, it’s the perfect time to take on the rewarding task of planting a spring garden. Whether you’ve got an entire backyard you’d like to spruce up or you just want to start growing some of your favorite herbs in a window box, putting together a strategy in Skitch before getting your hands dirty will save you tons of time and money. Take a look at our top tips for using Skitch to plant the perfect spring garden below!


Organize Your Ideas and Inspiration

Snap pictures of flowers or the layout of other gardens that you want to try to replicate, then use arrows, shapes and text to show what you like in the photos. Because your Skitch images now go through the Evernote service you can search for text in these photos, making it easier to remember what ideas inspired you when you get ready to start the real work.


Plan Your Space

Skitch has the tools you need to create a simple plan for your garden so you can avoid buying plants that you don’t have room for. Take a photo of the spot you’ll be working with, then use shapes, text, and marker tool to help you build your plan with information including measurements or notes on sunlight. Make the most of a sunny space on your windowsill, or put together some garden boxes in the backyard — whatever space you want to devote to your spring garden project, Skitch can help you use it efficiently.


Identify Problems and Find Solutions

Don’t let a mystery pest get you down. Take a photo and point out the problem in Skitch so that when you head to a nursery or garden center you can be sure to get the help you need. Skitch makes it easy to point out the issue you’re concerned about with arrows and shapes on your mobile device, so you’ll have access to it wherever you go to get gardening advice.


Work with a Team

Some gardening projects are just too big for one person to handle on their own. When you need to bring in reinforcements to get the job done, start it off on the right foot with Skitch. Mark up the areas you’d like help with in Skitch and share it with your team. Whether you’ve got friends or family helping you out or you’ve hired professionals, providing detailed images of what you want will save everyone time and make sure your planting turns out perfectly.

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  • Lisa

    Just started using Skitch to keep track of what I have planted where. I am wondering whether it’s possible to cut and paste elements from a Skitch’d photo, or to save annotations — to allow me to update my garden design when I add or move plants, without starting with a whole new photo. Thanks.