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Spring Made Simple: Evernote and the Great Office Cleanup

Spring Made Simple: Evernote and the Great Office Cleanup

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 24 Apr 2013

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 24 Apr 2013

Contributed post by Joshua Zerkel, Productivity Ambassador

With the change of season, you may be thinking about giving your office a thorough spring cleaning. After all, it is a time of renewal, so why not refresh your workspace?

Although you can dig right into sorting your belongings, information, and other “stuff” around your desk and your office, it’s helpful to start with a strategy around how you’re going to store and organize whatever remains. Increasingly, the people I work with are looking to centralize and streamline as much as possible — and one of the ways they’re able to achieve that goal is by using Evernote to facilitate the process.

office cleanup

Here are some of my favorite ways to use Evernote as part of your office spring-cleaning strategy:

So long, sticky-note monitor frame

Is your desk littered with sticky notes and scraps of scribbled paper? While it can be helpful to be able to jot down a quick note, it’s difficult to keep track of all those bits of paper as they accumulate, and even harder to find the information you need from them quickly. On top of that, sticky notes aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing decor choice for your desk.


Evernote can clean up your sticky note mess quickly and effectively. On your phone, use Evernote to take snapshots of your handwritten notes — one Evernote note per sticky or random scrap of paper. Put them in a notebook called “Sticky Notes” or something along those lines (or you can create a “Sticky Notes” tag if you prefer tagging). Evernote will make your handwritten notes searchable, so you’ll be able to find the information you’re looking for in a snap. As an added bonus, you’ll never have to worry about losing one of those notes again — they’ll all be in your Evernote account.

Clean up the idea pile

Regardless of what your job is, you probably come across articles that spark ideas, blog posts that you could riff off of in your work, and webpages that inspire your own creativity. These pieces are helpful to have handy as you develop your thinking around a project — after all, few ideas are created out of whole cloth. But when they’re kept in printed stacks or piles on our around your desk or buried in bookmarks on your computer, they not only create clutter — they’re impossible to use effectively.

ideas copy

Since Evernote can capture many different types of notes — Web Clips (via the Web Clipper), photos, scanned articles that you’ve torn out of a magazine, etc., it’s an ideal spot to keep the things that can spark your work-related ideas. Create an “Ideas and Inspiration” notebook, and corral the websites, articles, and notes that you’ve been collecting. When it’s time to work on a new project, set aside a few minutes to flip through the ideas you’ve collected. Looking through your notebook may just cause inspiration to strike!

Say goodbye to the “someday” stuff

Joshua Zerkel, Evernote Productivity Ambassador

Joshua Zerkel, Evernote Productivity Ambassador

It’s easy to jettison printed documents, articles, and other information that you only need for a limited time. But what about the content you’re less sure about — that article that you think may come in handy in the future, or the website that you might want to revisit?

This is a good time to bring Evernote into the mix. Rather than creating a “miscellaneous” folder or pile on your desk or computer,  create a “Someday” or “Articles” notebook in Evernote. Capture the web pages or scan the clips that you can foresee yourself needing access to, and store them in that new notebook. You’ll be able to easily search for that content when you need it, and in the meantime, it’s out of your way so you can focus on your work.

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Don’t forget to check out Josh’s new e-book Evernote @ Work for more great ways to use Evernote in your office!

How have you used Evernote to “spring clean” your workspace? Share your top tips in the comments.


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  • CloverRace

    The reason why sticky notes will persist:

    1. The Sticky Note Process: a) Get blank sticky note. b) write on sticky note. c) stick somewhere

    2. The Evernote (a program I love) process: a) write note on paper. b) open smart phone. c) click on evernote app. d) wait for evernote app to load. e)click on + icon f) tap photo icon. g) tap “Take Photo” bar. h) wait for camera to open. i) take photo. j) click check mark to save photo. k) title the note. l) press the “i” [note info] icon. m) select appropriate notebook (if not the default). n) tag as needed. o) press Done. p) repeat….

  • milesmaxwell

    Nice article. Stealing that “Someday” notebook idea.

  • Francesco D'Alessio

    Great tips!

  • Angela Booth

    Great article for the clutter-prone, like me. I like the idea of a special notebook just for stickies… Why didn’t I think of that? 🙂 It will make them easier to find. Thank you.