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12 Ways to Use Evernote to Get Ready for Baby

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 30 Apr 2013

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 30 Apr 2013

There are a number of big projects you’ll find yourself tackling over the course of your life. Whether they’re work-related or personal (like planning a wedding or a getting ready for a big trip), these projects often involve many moving parts that are hard to keep track of without the help of a tool like Evernote. One of the biggest projects you may ever work on is planning for and taking care of your family. After all, it’s a project that lasts a lifetime. Here are a few ways you could use Evernote to get ready for a baby.

Getting ready for baby with Evernote

Evernote for Getting Ready for Baby

Planning for the arrival of a new baby is exhilarating, stressful, and overwhelming…all at the same time. There are registries to create, nurseries to decorate, pediatricians to select, books to read, and hospital bags to pack. If you’re getting ready for the arrival of a little one here are some ways Evernote can help.

12 Ways to Use Evernote to Get Ready for Baby1. Create a ‘Baby’ notebook and share it with your spouse, partner, or supportive family member/friend. Save everything baby-related to this notebook so you have a comprehensive place of reference that you can access from any device or computer and that both of you can update.

2. Keep track of advice and recommendations. You’re going to get a lot of advice from all sorts of people about everything from how best to raise your baby to what laundry detergent you should use. When you receive advice you think might come in handy, drop it into a note. Remember: you can capture notes when you’re at your desktop, as well as with your mobile phone or tablet.

3. Start creating your registry. Download the Evernote Web Clipper and start clipping baby products you like, reviews for strollers and car seats, etc. There are lots of great resources out there; clip blog posts such as this and this that can help you figure out what items you should register for. Once you’re ready to register, remember that all of your Web Clips will include the source URL so can immediately add products to your registry (I used, which allowed me to add products from multiple websites into one location).

12 Ways to Use Evernote to Get Ready for Baby4. Record memorable milestones. When was the first time you felt the baby kick or had a contraction? Use Evernote to record milestones throughout your pregnancy and keep this habit going after the baby is born.

5. Document your doctor’s appointments. Come prepared for every doctor’s appointment. Create a list of questions you’d like to ask your doctor in Evernote so you don’t forget them when you’re on the spot. Jot down your doctor’s tips and advice, as well as any important updates related to your progress.

6. Capture inspiration for your nursery. Snap photos of decorations and products in-store and use the Web Clipper to capture ideas for furniture, DIY projects and storage solutions. You can visually scan through all of your nursery decorating ideas if you create a tag for your nursery inspiration and search for all notes containing that tag.

12 Ways to Use Evernote to Get Ready for Baby

7. Save important documents. You’ll be inundated with documents throughout your pregnancy — from doctor’s bills to sonograms, you’ll want to scan everything to your Evernote account so you don’t have to find yourself searching for your insurance information or important phone numbers in scattered corners around your house, your bag, and in your nightstand.

8. Don’t forget to thank your support system. Create a checklist of people to thank for baby shower gifts, cards, and support. You’ll be busy, but Evernote can help you make sure you don’t forget about the people who matter.

9. Pack your hospital bag. Create a checklist for everything you’ll need for your hospital bag. Reference it when you’re out shopping and check off items as you purchase them (your updates will sync to Evernote everywhere you have it installed). Need to double check you have everything before you rush out the door? Pull up your list on your phone.

10. Keep frequently-referenced information handy. Want to know what fish you can and shouldn’t eat while you’re pregnant? Save frequently-referenced information in Evernote and find it by doing a quick keyword search. I used American Pregnancy Association’s breakdown of mercury levels in fish to remind myself what I should avoid at restaurants.

12 Ways to Use Evernote to Get Ready for Baby

11. Track your eating habits. Download Evernote Food to your iPhone, Android, and/or iPad and use it to keep track of what you’re eating throughout your pregnancy. Adjust your habits accordingly if you feel that you’re not eating enough nutritious foods.

12. Prepare yourself for the big day. Forward your hospital registration information from your inbox to your Evernote account using your Evernote email, create a note with important contact phone numbers, insurance information and your pediatrician, and save your birth plan in Evernote.

Are you expecting? How are you using Evernote to help you get ready? We’d love to hear in the comments! Also, be sure to follow Parenting Ambassador Carley Knobloch for more tips about ways to use Evernote for Parenting.


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  • Fatima Lora

    I’m expecting and I’ve used Evernote to keep track of my baby shower invitations, decorations and budget for everything. A colleague forwarded this blog post to me and I’m now thinking of using Evernote for our hospital bag checklist that I keep postponing.

  • typebaby

    Great post! I found Evernote so useful during my pregnancy. I kept track of all the baby “must-haves” my friends and the baby books recommended, as well as fun lists like baby names and “Post-baby Splurges.” Having Evernote on my phone made shopping or updating baby registry items easy.

    My son is now 21-months old and I still use Evernote regularly. In addition to my lists of toddler classes, playspaces and recipes, I have a folder with important links, such as what to do when your child has a fever. It’s much easier than frantically searching the web in the middle of the night. I also have a folder with baby & kids product recalls which I can refer to when shopping. I also Evernote to keep travel to-do lists, as traveling with a toddler means bringing twice as much gear!

    thanks Evernote!

  • Andrew Finnestad

    Great post. The only thing I’d like to see improved in this regard is the check box list feature. It would be great if we could grab an item an re-arrange it. I don’t know how many times I’ve made lists of things to do, that I’d lie to change the order of.

  • Lindsay A

    Excellent post! My husband and I have been using Evernote from the very beginning of my pregnancy. We’ve used almost every feature mentioned. It’s been a huge help and a great way for the both of us to always have the info we need when we need it.

  • Stacy Dyer

    After my daughter was born, I kept track of my daughter’s feedings and diaper changes in an Evernote. When we went in for our first checkup, I was so frazzled I couldn’t remember anything! When the doc asked about her feeding, I just handed over my phone and let her read the Evernote log herself! (Bonus idea for a development partner?: Build an app that has a built-in timer, so breastfeeding moms could time nursings automatically in the log. Just sayin…that would be have been extra awesome!)

    • Kelly @

      I used the MammaBaby app for tracking feedings, diapers, etc, and I loved it, but an Evernote add-on sounds cool!

    • Kelly @

      I used the MammaBaby app for tracking feedings, diapers, etc, and I loved it, but an Evernote add-on sounds cool!

    • Kelly @

      I used the MammaBaby app for tracking feedings, diapers, etc, and I loved it, but an Evernote add-on sounds cool!

  • Ian Kent

    I used evernote to keep track of any interesting names for the baby as I came across them. Got a great list, but still can’t decide!

  • Ian Kent

    I used evernote to keep track of any interesting names for the baby as I came across them. Got a great list, but still can’t decide!

  • moira

    Evernote has been key in my pregnancy. I am able to capture all of my internet research and reference it anywhere on my phone. I have 24 different baby related notes such as: Week-by-Week Checklist, freezer meals, cloth diapering research/products/estimated needs, on-going baby/nursery needs list, pediatrician research & questions, daycare research/questions/notes, baby shower ideas/guest list, baby shower gift list for thank you’s, vaccine research, birth plan, labor/delivery music list, hospital bag list, essential oils for pregnancy/labor/postpartum/baby, labor+postpartum supplies, pregnancy/birth/parenting reading list, breast feeding tips. Really, it’s my most used app and I tell people every other day how helpful it’s been keeping track of everything baby as my brain feels more and more like swiss cheese the closer I get to my due date!

  • Kelly @

    Love this list! I used Evernote in most of these ways when I was pregnant, plus a baby names list where we added the popularity rank next to each.

    Another use: Soon after the birth, I used Evernote to start typing up my girl’s birth story, before all the details flew away in the sleep exhaustion!