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How Architect Russell Curtis Uses Evernote Business

How Architect Russell Curtis Uses Evernote Business

Posted by Alex Muramoto on 01 May 2013

Posted by Alex Muramoto on 01 May 2013

Russell Curtis is Evernote’s Architecture Ambassador, and a founding director of London-based architects RCKa, an award-winning design practice specializing in community, public and residential buildings. In this video Russell shares his experiences of using Evernote Business as an Architect entrepreneur.

From capturing photos of job sites under construction to saving scans of paper documents to discovering the shared knowledge of his entire team, Evernote Business lets him run almost every aspect of his company in the office and on the go. Watch now to see how RCKa uses Evernote Business, and learn what Evernote Business can do for your company.


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  • Kristof Devos

    Very nice to hear! I’m an illustrator of children’s books and for my upcoming book I’m using Evernote. It works like a charm, thanks guys!

  • Malcolm Hunt

    Absolutely. Evernote works like a charm when developing workshops with my colleague in Melbourne while I am in the Sydney office. We can quickly scan information and upload it in a jiffy, then being on the phone and being ‘on the same page’ in an instant. – making our work so much easier!