Get More Out of Your Inbox with Evernote and Powerbot for Gmail

Get More Out of Your Inbox with Evernote and Powerbot for Gmail

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 08 May 2013

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 08 May 2013

  • App/developer name: Powerbot for Gmail
  • Platform: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Price: $1.99/month, or $14.99/year
  • Type: Productivity

Email is hard to search, and a lot of times, isn’t a great place to get actual work done. That’s where Evernote comes in. If you already forward a lot of emails from your Gmail account to Evernote,  you’ll find Powerbot for Gmail to be a smart work tool.  It lets you add tags and comments to your emails, pull in links to notes or notebooks from Evernote to any outgoing email, and do it all right inside the Gmail interface.

Get Powerbot for Gmail from the Evernote Trunk.

Saving emails to Evernote

Powerbot makes your emails more useful to you once they’re in your Evernote account. After you install Powerbot, a “Send to Evernote” button will appear next to Gmail’s Reply option. Click on the button to bring up the Powerbot interface, where you can choose your destination notebook, tags, and comments. If the email is part of a threaded conversation, you can save the entire thread to your Evernote account. Any attachments will be included if you choose.


Attaching notes to email

When you’re in your Gmail account writing an email, you’ll see buttons right inside the email window that allow you to add notes and notebooks from your Evernote account. Here are few ways to incorporate Powerbot into your workflow:

If you…

  • are emailing about a meeting, you can insert a link to your Evernote note with details about what you need to discuss.
  • need to share a whole notebook, such as your full project specs and designs, you can insert a link to that notebook right in your email text.
  • want to save all sent emails in Evernote to stay organized? Open the Powerbot interface to choose the destination notebook, and add tags and comments.


Get a free year with Powerbot

Leave a comment about how you would use Powerbot for work or life, including the hashtag #Powerbot. We’ll randomly choose 3 people to receive a code for 1 year of Powerbot for Gmail, a value of $14.99. This giveaway ends May 15, 2013.

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  • facebook-1072244725

    I would see the oportunity to use Powerbot plugin to send all my work and school mail to safe keeping in Evernote. There is so many things that gets forgotten in the mailbox and #Powerbot would change that for ever(note)..

  • Dan Armstrong

    I’d tag and save all of my marketing emails, group them, and then develop scripted replies – prewritten emails that I could lightly customize. A kind of poor man’s marketing automation tool. #Powerbot

  • Ellen Barnes

    Adding notes to emails using #powerbot would definitely help in making to-do
    Iists and remembering what to do with the info in that e-mail

  • maj8614

    I would use this to further integrate my CRM stuff into Evernote. I already have a CRM notebook that I collect all of my customer notes and emails, but to attach comments to my emails that I put in this notebook would be amazing!

  • Kevin Walker

    #Powerbot . I work in marketing for a sports club and can utilize for managing the various department communication.

  • Matej Gagyi

    Very nice. I would use it with my friend, whom I teach to code, to send prepared assignments to him. I can see how I can build my knowledge DB faster with this. I could also use this with my teacher of Spanish.

    I’d appreciate a way to execute certain action’s on doing certain things, configurable,
    e.g.: ‘Unstaring’ an email moves associated note to done notebook… or an API for extensions.

  • Christopher Loving


    hi 🙂 I am just learning about Powerbot today. I am beginning to write multiple books that capture the body of work i’ve created that teaches compassion and love as the foundation for leadership … at work, at home, in education, in our relationships (of all kinds).

    I find Evernote VERY helpful for capturing ideas, thoughts, reminders and then organizing them by notebooks.

    I also subscribe to different news feeds that arrive daily in my gmail and Powerbot seems like a great tool for now moving those e-mails that affirm, inform or enhance my notebook contents. It means that i would look in only one place for all the relevant information as i start outlining a new chapter.

    That seems so elegant to me! and it would simplify both the capture and the organizing of all this information that comes flowing in daily.

    Thanks so much for all that you have done to bring this about and for the partnership with Evernote.

    gratefully, chris.

  • Jackie

    I love Evernote and I just started using the inbox to manage mail both for work and personal business. My personal emails all forward to Gmail and I would like to have the same ease in assigning emails in Gmail as I do with my work Outlook client.

  • Tim Chambers

    I’d love to be able to add a quick Evernote link! #Powerbot

  • Rod Gomez

    I work two jobs so organization is key. I’d use #Powerbot to streamline my emails into Evernote so that I can recall those important emails later.

  • 一丘

    very nice!

  • Jeff Singfiel

    I work for a non-profit and always have lots of projects on my desk. I recently moved my whole GTD system into Evernote and would love the added integration that #Powerbot enables.

  • ariza

    Two of my favourite Productivity tool Awesome

  • Ron Alpert

    #Powerbot I’ll use powerbot to simplify what for me is a nightmare…finding old emails in Gmail. I bet others have the same issue!

  • Mark Queppet

    I am life coach and use Evernote for my client notes and files. It would be so useful to be able to quickly send & tag a client’s email reflection. It’s currently a pain to forward an email with the new gmail compose window because you can’t edit the subject line (but I actually prefer the new compose so this would be the perfect solution!).

  • Kittipong Vanasapdamrong


    I can use this for both work and life

  • James Corre

    Powerbot is a lifesaver for someone like me who receives a huge number of travel itineraries into my Gmail. With Powerbot, they can just go straight into Evernote!

  • James Corre

    #Powerbot is a lifesaver for someone like me who receives loads of travel itineraries into my Gmail. With #Powerbot they can just go straight into Evernote!

  • steve0hh

    I’ll use #Powerbot for work!! 🙂

  • James Boyle

    #Powerbot great functionality for dividing up student projects !

  • Niraj Sheth

    I forward dozens of emails to Evernote every day, but editing the subject is such a cumbersome process. #Powerbot lets me do it easily. The way it should have been done

  • Joy Curry

    Working with multiple clients all over the world can get confusing. Add to that outsourcers working for me also and I can spend hours just working on the emails. #Powerbot will help me stream line and be able to work faster and be more organized.. thanks so much.

  • Mike Olness

    Because I have to use multiple, proprietary email accounts and travel a lot, I am rarely in front of the computer where I can access all my information at the same time. Using Evernote to consolidate pertinent information for future reference helps a lot. Using #Powerbot to streamline the process makes it even easier by allowing me to reduce my workflow to Evernote and Gmail, my preferred accounts already.

  • Mark Slimp

    There are several emails that I would like to pull into Evernote and create a collection, especially for my financial newsletter. This allows me to create a notebook for all the great stuff I read and want easy access to in the future.

  • Vidhu

    Email and Evenotes are the backbone for me taking notes, continuously on the go and talking to villagers, in rural hilly regions of India… and gathering ideas and sending them as Email notes to my team and vice versa.

    With #Powerbot, I will focus more on people and less on how to keep managing tools. Ill be a #Powerbot my self !

  • Christopher O'Keefe

    I use Evernote to keep me on track with my wedding planning, three companies, non-profit, and adventure log! Being a metrics kinda guy, I realized I often inserted Evernote notes into my gmail over 40 times a day. @ roughly 20-30 seconds total process, those seconds quickly add up to minutes, then hours. No longer, thanks to #Powerbot!

  • Frank Beyer

    I’m using Evernote for a long time. With Powerbot I have the chance to integrate a complete communication and documentation solution.
    It would be great.

  • Chris Jernigan

    Evernote ALWAYS had junk in the trunk (and by junk in the trunk I mean AWESOME apps in the trunk) but #Powerbot really kicks it up a notch for productivity geeks like myself. I’m a devoted Evernote user and a devoted Gmail fan so finding this combo should really add a lot to my workflow. Excited to try!

  • Kelvin Loon

    I would use powerboat to help and important meetings agendas into evernote and have it seamlessly manage my gmail and calendar for important dates to remember like my wife’s birthday, our anniversary and our late date nights. Thanks for creating this

  • Chaliese Rippey Drum

    I love Evernote and Powerbot for Gmail’s ability to sync all the different areas of my life into one location. I would LOVE to win a 1-year free subscription of #Powerbot

  • Chaliese Rippey Drum

    I love Evernote and Powerbot for Gmail’s ability to sync all the different areas of my life into one location. I would LOVE to win a 1-year free subscription of #Powerbot

  • surewewill

    Trial period proved its usefulness. Beats entering coding on the subject line, trying to remember the tags and correct formatting. Choosing another folder was also very simple. Turns Gmail into a powerful task organizer.
    Going with subscription a no brainer even without the prospect of a free year. The annual price is a gift! .


  • Joseph Diosana

    I am getting setup for GTD (Getting Things Done) and Evernote. So very excited and the incredible feeling I have already. #TSW #Powerbot

  • Joseph Diosana

    I am getting setup for GTD (Getting Things Done) and Evernote. So very excited and the incredible feeling I have already. #TSW #Powerbot

  • Joseph Diosana

    I am getting setup for GTD (Getting Things Done) and Evernote. So very excited and the incredible feeling I have already. #TSW #Powerbot