First Look: Evernote for Google Glass

First Look: Evernote for Google Glass

Posted by on 16 May 2013

Posted by on 16 May 2013

One of the great thrills of being a Silicon Valley startup is getting to build on new platforms and devices that stand to redefine the technology landscape. Google Glass is one of these rare opportunities. Today, we’re excited to unveil a first look at the Evernote experience on Glass.

Our current implementation focuses on two actions. First, you’ll be able to quickly capture a photo or short video and send it to your Evernote account from the Google Glass sharing menu. Second, you can choose a note from Evernote Web and send it directly into the Glass Timeline so that you have it available right in your field of view when you need it.


The Future

We believe that wearables are the next frontier in consumer technology and we’re hard at work building the Evernote for our wearable technology future. Today, you’re getting a glimpse of simple and useful ways that Evernote can be used with Google Glass. This is only the beginning.


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  • AndrewSinkov

    It’s a fair and interesting point. Data protection and privacy are incredibly important to us on any platform. As it relates to Glass, you can only know the true impact of revolutionary technologies when they are in broad use. It’s premature to write them off at the early stages.

  • Engel Fonseca

    This Rocks !

  • Engel Fonseca

    This Rocks !

  • Russell Biggs

    Can you guys tell me how to delete an Evernote card off the Glass timeline?

    • bbeeler

      Russell has a very good point. Could you please add the choice “delete” to “share” and “read aloud?” Seems pretty simple since it just changes the timeline and not the note.

  • Fakhru

    Good things is better for life

  • Jake Hyman

    I’d be sold on Glass if I could not only post to Evernote but more importantly access my entire Evernote database by voice so I could have all of my information always a glance away.