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How to Use the Evernote Smart Notebook for Design

How to Use the Evernote Smart Notebook for Design

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 20 May 2013

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 20 May 2013

Back in August 2012, we launched an exciting partnership with Moleskine that gives you the pleasure of writing on paper with all the power of Evernote thanks to our Page Camera, which is available on both iOS and Android.

Today, we’ll show you how a designer uses the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine for sketching and brainstorming designs.

Michelle Regenbogen is the owner of Macchiatto, a boutique branding and packaging design firm in San Francisco. You can watch a short interview we did with her, in which she discusses how she tags successful concepts with Smart Stickers, then saves the sketches in Evernote to refine and share with her colleagues.

Capturing ideas on paper, saving them digitally

As a visual designer, Michelle relies on sketching to capture what inspires her and iterate through projects. She keeps her Evernote Smart Notebook handy wherever she goes so she can capture ideas as they come.

Below are a few concepts she worked on for Macchiatto’s Spring promotion, which she can easily share with clients right from Evernote on her desktop or phone.


From flower sketches to sample card designs, Michelle can quickly narrow down her favorites by attaching Smart Stickers directly to the page, ensuring that those designs will automatically be saved to Evernote. Michelle has set the stickers to create specific tags in Evernote, such as Share, Final, and Future ideas. She can later search through her Evernote account and find exactly what she’s looking for.

Saving Hand-Drawn Designs to Evernote with the Page Camera

To save sketches into Evernote, Michelle snaps a photo with Page Camera. This mode is designed to enhance the quality of the image, and recognize any Smart Stickers. Once snapped, the images show up in Evernote with tags included.


For more details and tips on how to use the Page Camera, check out our Getting Started Guide.

Don’t have an Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine notebook? Get it here. And don’t forget to redeem the 3-month Premium code that is included with your purchase. With Evernote Premium, you’ll enjoy larger monthly uploads, bigger note sizes, offline access on mobile, and more powerful search.


Win an Original Letterpressed Card Set Created by Michelle Regenbogen

Michelle recently turned her original sketches into beautifully-designed letterpress cards, and we’re giving away a set. Leave a comment here before May 31, 2013 about what kind of sketches you would save to Evernote, and we’ll randomly choose a winner to receive a set.



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  • Janet Russell

    I was so inspired by the video when I watched it recently. Even though I typically don’t sketch much, there have been times when I needed to — ideas for ceramics or knitting projects specifically.

  • Dane Chan

    I will save the sketches of the places i like when traveling.

  • Lora Martin

    I often get ideas for fiber art projects while out and about. I just got the Moleskine notebook and will have it with me the next time I’m inspired.

    • Thomas Marino

      HI, Lora, how is using the smart notebook going? I am an artist and newbie to this whole thing.

  • Gregory Sogorka

    I could use this to save sketches of the rainwater collection infrastructure and sub irrigated planters on my urban farm.

  • Paul Go

    I like sketching maps of places. I’d save those.

  • John Botkin

    Thanks for the info on this new Evernote Moleskine. I hadn’t seen it before. I would probably use it for work sketches.

  • Airwalk Design

    Literally couldn’t live without this.

    • Chris Saul


  • Petter

    I’m not artistic enough, so I would use my Smart Notebook to take lecture notes 🙂

  • Leanne Davis

    I sketch my thoughts … mind maps for my dissertation chapters. I use my small pocket size evernote moleskine to think about how my ideas connect – arrows, circles, broken lines, idea bubbles and lots of motion.

  • Mark

    Great idea but the Android app is still way too wonky to use the Moleskine on a daily basis.

  • Jorge Ferreira

    I´m an architect so i would save all my sketches and concept ideas into the notebook

  • Jason Samson

    wait so youre paying for a normal notebook that comes with stickers that automatically put your stuff into folders when you take a picture of them. you could just write on a normal notebook and then take a picture of it and sort it yourself with like two more button presses couldnt you?

    • Martin Packer

      And do the handwriting recognition, and straighten up, and remove the cruft?

    • Chris Saul

      Supposedly, the fit pattern printed on the pages lets the camera app fix any skew caused by not holding the camera parallel to the page

    • KrazyFish

      It comes with 3 months of premium. Cheapest moleskine on the market.

    • KrazyFish

      It comes with 3 months of premium. Cheapest moleskine on the market.

  • Michele Finn Johnson

    I’m building a new house and use a Moleskine notebook to make obsessive lists! But sketching possible room layouts and landscaping ideas would be a great application.

  • Gerryann

    That would have been perfect for just taking notes, family names and dates to keep track of for genealogy research!

  • Victoria Robles

    from all my sketches i would save the ones that i love and the ones that instantly pop the word “EUREKA!” in my head.

  • Neville Godwin

    I’d save our project brain storm ideas and white boards, tagging the pertinent one’s that deserve further investigation.

  • Lucrecer Braxton

    I would save sketches of my vlogging ideas and storyboards.

  • Bill Van Loo

    I’d save sketches for data visualizations.

  • Carie Harling

    I use paper and pencil to design knitting patterns, all the way from the inkling of an idea to the finished pattern. Evernote is fantastic for saving knitting charts!

  • Tara Gill

    I am a graphic designer and photographer, and often sketch to catch concepts. Being able to meld paper with technology is a fabulous ides. Thank you!

  • Joy Hansen

    Although I’m not artistically inclined, I would love to sketch ideas for my home on Evernote.

  • Glenn Robinson

    I would use the Evernote moleskine to save sketches of logo’s or ideas for designs. I generally doodle a lot whilst thinking so if I came up with any genius ideas It’s great to be able to categorise them with the stickers and then save them with the camera. Michelle is a great artist and she has some cool stuff going on!

  • Martin Packer

    I use mine for “first pass” designs of diagrams. Not being very artistic I find this helps make the first computer pass better as it’s the second pass. I also use the “custom assignment” to stickers technique and indeed the inside cover of mine has one of each sticker and what it’s for. Future iterations might like to formalise that.

  • Janice

    Sketches for future room design and stationary inspirations are my favorite. Often I find myself writing notes on one page, sketching on the other page.

  • Meg

    I’d use for quick storyboard sketches.

  • John Bunka

    I save work sketches to my Evernote moleskin and then random ideas as well!

  • Pete Paxton

    I use my amazon points to buy a new notebook every three months. It doesn’t really cost me anything but points and it gives me evernote premium for free. Plus I get a nice moleskine in the process.

  • Kiwiinozz

    I love my Evernote Moleskine, I just wish I could draw half as well as Michelle so my notes looked pretty too! I just use it for my boring looking notes.

  • Sakura Ishida

    I would save my doodles I drew at school during class to remember what I like or how I felt that day.

  • weigo

    I use my notebook to capture and o sketch ideas for my mobile developments. Mostly I get my ideas when I’m outside, so it is much easier to write jot it down into a notebook than using my smartphone/tablet to capture it. To be honest, I do not use the stickers, because it is hard to align a few stickers to my tag hierarchy.

  • Jessica Antonelli

    I’d use it to help plan designs for a graffiti project I’m doing with my high school art students. We’re taking over the cafeteria… 😀

  • E. C. Chang

    The Smart Moleskines aren’t just useful for sketching. I’m a research scientist, and I use one because I hate being the goob in the back of the room clacking away on a laptop during someone else’s research talk. I also hate spending hours after a day full of talks and lectures transcribing my more polite handwritten notes into a searchable digitized format. The Smart Moleskines let me have the best of both worlds.

    • Jack

      Mr. Chang, Can you describe more how you use in research please?

  • Beau Raines

    I’d use it to capture flow charts and process diagrams.

  • John M. Trefethen

    I use my Moleskine note book to sketch out the wireframes for new sites and mobile apps. Once illustrated, I snap them together using the POP app on iOS for futher refinement and interactivity. I then tag them using the smart stickers to automatically share them with my team for various stages of development.

  • Peter Goyco

    I use my Moleskine note book to sketch out the new projects in my building workplace. I then tag them
    using the smart stickers to automatically share them with our partners to share the different stages of development. I try to have construction ideas and other category sketches.

  • Thomas Marino

    Hi, Sharon, I also am an artist and what hints can you give me for saving sketches. I will be getting a smart notebook tomorrow.


  • Thomas Marino

    hi, Kini, are you now using a smart notebook? If so what hints can you give this newbie?

  • Nikki Vieler

    When is Evernote going to do a moleskine in the extra large format? That would be great as that gives you just a massive working space…