Evernote Reminders Arrive on Android

Evernote Reminders Arrive on Android

Posted by on 06 Jun 2013

Posted by on 06 Jun 2013

Reminders, our most requested feature of all time, is now available on Android! With Reminders you get three great features all rolled into one: alarms, note based to-dos and the ability to pin notes to the top of your note list. Let’s take a closer look.

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Adding a Reminder is as simple as tapping on the alarm clock icon in a note. Once you’ve created a Reminder, you can optionally add a due date using our beautifully-designed date selector. By adding a due date, you will receive notifications both on your device and via email (if you like) to keep your work on track. You can disable the email digests from the Reminders section in Settings.

Pinning and To-Dos
All Reminders are pinned to the top of the note list, tag list and search results. If you want to move a Reminder up or down in the list, just long-press on it. When you’ve completed your task, check it off and get started on the next one.


Like everything we do, Reminders sync across several versions of Evernote, including Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Evernote Web.

Shared and Business Notebook Support
Reminders are not only great for staying on top of what’s important in your account, they also keep you updated on projects that you’re working on with others. Whenever you view a Shared Notebook or Business Notebook, you can choose to subscribe to that notebook’s Reminders. You’ll be notified about due dates for those notes just as you would for your own.


To quickly subscribe to multiple shared notebooks, you can tap on the more dots at the bottom of the notebook list.

And More…

For this update, we also made a number of other nice enhancements to the app:

  • Improved copy and paste in note view
  • Corrected photo order in multi-shot camera
  • Improved shortcuts functionality
  • Improved Japanese support

We’re really excited to bring this great new capability to Evernote. Try Reminders for project planning, travel, gift giving, and more. It’s dramatically expanded the way we use Evernote and we hope it does the same for you. Let us know what you think.


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  • David Guillaume

    When will this be available for windows?

  • David Guillaume

    When will this be available for windows?

  • unt1tled

    No widget?

    • AndrewSinkov

      Not in this update. We’re looking into ways to bring Reminders to the Widget.

  • pleo624

    Cool. When are we going to see the Windows update that contains this?

  • pdw

    Can’t wait for Windows version. Trying not to get too excited yet. I note that “Remember the Milk” already syncs with Evenote reminders. I hope Toodledo follows suit shortly!

  • Amy

    Excellent! Now just waiting for it on PC – so I can use them together. 😉

  • Thanh Dũng Trương

    Great work, Evernote team! now I look forward to windows version, keep up your good work, guys!

  • Ryan

    What’s the word on Windows Desktop?

    • AndrewSinkov

      We’re working on a major Windows update.

      • Janet C

        Is Evernote for Windows Desktop going to look like the Mac Version? I think it would be great. I love the “cards”.

      • Janet C

        Is Evernote for Windows Desktop going to look like the Mac Version? I think it would be great. I love the “cards”.

        • Kedar Patel

          Or if Windows could get its own flare… It’s odd getting things later than a Mac…

      • JPaz

        Hope the new version will have a view like snippets but showing the entire notes one after the other for each tag like good old Gnotebook had
        And highlighing, of course

  • Andy Burdick

    LOVE Evernote Reminders on my iPhone and MacBook — but when, oh when, are they coming to the Windows desktop application?

  • Charles

    So when does this come to the windows client?

  • Lee

    EVERNOTE THIS IS AWESOME!!! I have been waiting for this update for years as an enote user.

    OK GUYS… they just released their best update ever… let’s give them a day to celebrate before we start complaining about not having the windows update yet…

  • LisaMarli

    I look forward to this, especially on Evernote Windows Desktop. I need a good ToDo platform and now that Astrid has been bought by Yahoo, I worry that it will get lost.

  • Arthur Nicholson

    Great work guys, and – for all those doom and gloomers who asked where the Android version was when when it came out for Apple & Web – well done on bringing it to Android so quickly after the release in other versions. For a long time now I’ve had to use a calendar etc. in conjunction with Evernote to keep track of timings and this new functionality will ease that greatly. Kudos =]

  • Marjorie

    Does this update work with ice cream sandwich? I updated my app and do not see the new features.

  • SWrightBoucher

    I really appreciate EN reminders on my iPad and Android phone. Very excitedly awaiting Evernote Christmas (that’s when reminders hits Windows so my EN stuff will sync across all devices).

  • Juan Daniel Reich

    Can you create reminders when you create a Note by sending it to your Evernote mail address? Like you can assing notebooks (@notebook) or tags (#tag)?

  • Rob Lineker

    For android (unsure on iOS) will the ability to sort note books by tags be coming any time soon.

    Having no reminders and sort by tag are the reason I don’t use evernote that much!

    BUT I love the reminder feature so much and have used evernote everyday since the release!

    Any advice would be muchly appreciated.

  • Grace McCarter

    Now, shall we get a reminders widget? We can only have the widget show things like notebooks, tags, etc but not yet reminders.

    Of course a list option with only our reminders would be pretty smexy.

  • Ahmad Raafat

    the way we adjust the alarm time is super duper cool (Y).

    It reminds me of Tony Stark in iron man 2 when he’s in the court and he connected one of his devices to the TVs or the displaying screens 🙂

  • Joseph Wagner

    Any chance this will work with Gingerbread?

  • simon

    Use Evernote under Wine in Linux and it works fine

  • simon

    Use Evernote under Wine in Linux and it works fine

  • Tulai Paul

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  • Gio Pan

    yeah i’d like to see this option too
    Thank you guys

  • Andy Brentley

    Is there a way to sync so that tasks show up in Google Calendar?

  • yartem

    How can I add a ringtone or vibration for a reminder in my Android phone? I use it in vibration mode only and I paired it with my Pebble Watch.

  • Mike s

    What would be worth having which isn’t currently available is a choice of different alarm tones.