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Ambassadors Share Their Tips for Living Better with Evernote #evernote5

Ambassadors Share Their Tips for Living Better with Evernote #evernote5

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 27 Jun 2013

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 27 Jun 2013

Our Ambassadors have done an incredible of job of not only teaching fellow Evernote users how to achieve their personal and professional goals, but they’ve managed to school us, too. Over the years, they’ve created new workflows in Evernote that have helped them be better business owners, hobbyists, travelers, and live paperless lives. We aspire to master their methods!

As part of our 5 year anniversary celebration, we’ve invited our Ambassadors to share a few of their best Evernote tips.

In our first installment of tips, we’d like to share our Ambassadors tips for living a better life with Evernote.

Being a better photographer

“I use Evernote to enhance my photography skills. From research to remembering settings to storing release forms, Evernote has been ideal.” — Daniel Hedrick, Photography Ambassador

Finding a new work/life balance

“Evernote is the one place where my job and personal life mingle and I don’t even care.” — Rebecca Sowards-Emmerd, Travel Ambassador

Better Parenting

“Evernote is my right-hand guy in the battle on school papers, home repair receipts, family keepsakes, instruction manuals, schedules… everything’s in there!” — Carley Knobloch, Parenting Ambassador

Redecorating and remodeling

“When I moved into a townhouse two years ago, I started using Evernote to organize my ideas about how to redecorate each room. I love it because I can link to websites, add pictures and make check lists. My “home sweet home” project is still in the works, but I’ve made great progress thanks to Evernote.” — Kristi Willis, Freelance Ambassador

Curating the Internet

“Evernote has made me a better curator. Long gone are the days of me ‘seeing something somewhere’ with no recollection of where that place was.” — Erin Souder, Design Ambassador

Being a better cook

“My biggest hobby is cooking and Evernote helps drive it. I have over 1200 individual recipes in Evernote AND it helped me tie in all my physical cookbooks. It’s a cook’s dream come true.” — Lauren Atkins, Home Cooking Ambassador

Share your Evernote story #evernote5

Evernote Ambassadors are passionate individuals who enjoy teaching others how to get the most out of Evernote. Learn more about Evernote’s Ambassador Program.


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  • Michael Baggelin

    My first comment with Evernote was created 9 of April 2010, i was on the tram in Athens, Greece going for a meeting and edited some comments with the new editing tool with my iphone 4 and it was just so easy for the presentation.

    I love that i can edit and change device so easy. As a freelance digital strategist i also work allover Europe and i use different devices for each purpose and client meeting. I use it on the MacBook PRO, Ipad 4 and also the iPhone 5 for years and its not easy to live without it really… It is one of the necessary tools I need on a daily basis guaranteed 😉

  • Todd Benson

    Travel is what I love, cruising is the best mode of travel for my wife and I.

  • Avi_Lambert

    I can’t say enough about how much I dig Evernote. So, here’s a supporter’s suggestion for the 5th year anniversary to really amp the user experience. It’d be awesome to get some artists involved, for a 5-year-celebratory-poster. It would be a graphic keepsake. I know I’d be happy if I received something in the mail from the Evernote team. And I’d love a poster with the #evernote5 tips above. As a result of the ‘Share your story campaign’ I’m sure you’ll have collateral that needs to find a home. Why not make it beautiful and share it with your premium members? Mabe even the free members. Why not? With platforms like Behance, or the Noun Project I’m sure there are artists just waiting in line…Anyway happy 5th anniversary. Thanks for the tips.

    • Tracey Smith

      What a great idea! I bet a lot of users would support it…I know I have really felt like an Evernote evangelist lately…getting everyone I can on board.

  • Buddy Cotten

    I have been using evernote since 2008. Like the first time that I ever saw a spreadsheet, it was more like “what do I do now?” but I can tell you that it helped me a much less stress free life and almost nothing drops through the slats.