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Ambassadors Share Their Tips for Working Better with Evernote #evernote5

Ambassadors Share Their Tips for Working Better with Evernote #evernote5

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 02 Jul 2013

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 02 Jul 2013

Last week, we asked our Ambassadors to share a few of the ways that Evernote helps them live better lives. Today, we’d like to share a few of their quotes about ways Evernote helps them work better. Without further ado…

For running a business

Evernote has made me a better entrepreneur. I can say hands down that everything that I have achieved in such small amount would have been much harder, less organized and not as pleasant without Evernote. — Lindsey Holmes, Entrepreneurship Ambassador

Evernote has made me a better business owner and coach. I finally have detailed records of everything I do with my business and my clients. — Chad Williams, Fitness Ambassador

For getting financially organized

Evernote has helped me get financially organized. I use Evernote to digitize and catalog all my personal and business receipts (no more boxes of paper receipts for me), collaborate with my bookkeeper to track my expenses, collaborate with my CPA to complete my taxes, and stay on top of my bill paying (through FileThis|Fetch). I’m a micro-prenuerer and the insight and intelligence I get as a result of my Evernote financial organization is core to the business decisions I make for my growing company. — Stacey Harmon, Marketing Ambassador

For productivity

Evernote is a key player in my everyday work life. I use it to take meeting notes, store my files, and share information with my team. It’s less about the big things that Evernote can do — for me, it’s the everyday tasks that having Evernote in place makes easier that matter most. — Joshua Zerkel, Productivity Ambassador

For being a great leader

Evernote has made me a better leader by giving me a place to store and archive important information that I can then quickly access. More importantly, I can now easily share that same information with key employees (and even customers) in our company, in a way that makes things simple and easy. We are currently testing a new customer program using Skitch to track and process customer price quotes. With the use of the iPad, we can go over price quotes “in the moment” and even have clients initial them using Skitch. — Chris Murphy, Entrepreneurship Ambassador

For teaching

Evernote has made me a better teacher because I can spend more time focusing on my students and less time on pushing papers. — Nick Provenzano, Education Ambassador

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Evernote Ambassadors are passionate individuals who enjoy teaching others how to get the most out of Evernote. Learn more about Evernote’s Ambassador Program.

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  • Brice Morrison

    Can we get more detail about how these ambassadors structure their tags and notes with some examples? How do they build their notesbooks? I have over 1,500 notes and over 150 tags – I love evernote, but telling me, “I use Evernote for teaching” doesn’t help me understand how I can use it for teaching.


    • Chris Webb

      I’m an education ambassador, and I’d love to share that with you! If you want to do a Google Hangout or something, I can give you the whole tour, but in a nutshell, I have a notebook stack for personal stuff, travel stuff, and school stuff. and underneath each, I usually put some sort of notebook that further filters the information. (E.g., under my school notebook, I have a Lesson Plan notebook, a Classroom Resources notebook, a Student Work notebook, and a lot more) I use a ton of tags to specify “horizontally” how to find a note, as well—for example. I might have a note with student note from one of my kids under School / Student Work, but I’ll have it tagged with the semester the kid was my student, the class they were in, and a couple other tags that help me filter down how to get what I want.

    • Chris Webb

      Also, Evernote’s sharing functionality allows me to share individual notebooks with students so they can hand in work privately. Take alook at this blogpost I did—might give you some assistance!

  • Victor I. Nava

    Brice, you may want to visit Nick’s blog: to read more about the teaching examples he shares.

  • cripoll

    Thanks Evernote. I’ve also published a post on my blog about the 5th anniversary (in Spanish):

  • ryan94698

    yes,we need more disscussion more detailed.