Evernote for Windows Touch Gets A New Hub Page, Evernote Business Support and More

Evernote for Windows Touch Gets A New Hub Page, Evernote Business Support and More

Posted by on 05 Jul 2013

Posted by on 05 Jul 2013

We always embrace the platforms that we build on. This lets us create the best-looking, native experiences on each device and operating system. Today’s update to Evernote for Windows Touch does just that with an all new hub page, shortcuts, Evernote Business support, better editing, and more.

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A New Start

When you launch the app, you’ll be greeted with our new hub page. Here we’ve placed all of the core navigation items and account content that you need. Let’s take a look:


  • New note options: Create a new text note, snapshot or start with a file attachment.
  • Shortcuts: Any shortcuts you create in the app or in other versions of Evernote will appear here.
  • Recent Activity: Tap to see recent updates to shared and Business notebooks.
  • Notes: You’ll see the first few notes based on your sort order. If you sort by updated, these will be your most recent.
  • Notebooks: Tap to jump directly into a specific notebooks, including Evernote Business notebooks.
  • Tags: Choose a tag to view the tagged notes (depending on how many columns you have, you may need to swipe to see the tags.

Tapping on an arrow near the column header will take you to the full list.

Evernote Business Support

Evernote for Windows Touch now supports Evernote Business. You’ll be able to jump into your company’s Business Library from the Get More section of the hub page. You will also see Business Notebooks appear in blue in the Notebooks column to distinguish them from your personal notebooks.

To learn more about the ways that Evernote Business can help make your company and team work smarter, check out our Evernote Business site.

Note Improvements

This update also brings three important improvements to the note view. First, if you have a note that you need to go to frequently, create a shortcut. This will place the note onto the hub page for easy access. Also, you can now remove all formatting from a note or convert the note to plain text. To do either, tap on the remove formatting icon when editing a note and choose your option.

And More

This is a major update to Evernote for Windows Touch. In addition to the new features above, the app now supports two-step verification (read more) and has significant stability and reliability improvements. There’s more to come. Give the app a try and let us know what you think.


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  • HildyJJ

    Having been an Evernote for Windows Desktop user since it was a standalone app for Win XP Tablet Edition, perhaps you could add a blog post comparing the Desktop and Touch products. Please include if there are advantages, disadvantages, or outright incompatibilities to having them both installed on the same Win8 PC.

  • Ashish Bogawat

    This is a Windows 8 tile app, right? Are we not going to see an update to the Evernote Windows desktop app anymore?

  • Herman Karssen

    When will we see the new version for Windows 7 with reminders? I’m waiting…

    • E. C. Chang

      Not to mention PDF annotation for Skitch, which is now TWO major updates ago on every other platform…

  • Victor Servin

    I could not update it yet, when will be available for Surface RT users?

  • Gabriel

    nice, but no reminders support yet? when are they coming to this and non-touch Windows version?

  • Nick

    Really love Evernote on my Surface. One of the best apps for a student like me. Any plans to support new Start tile sizes, and new window sizes on Win8.1?

  • Toni Acuña

    Well done but it still needs far more work. On Windows 8 desktop set-up (no touch) I can’t move notebooks around or move one from top level under another notebook.The back button has a delay (turns black and a few seconds later goes back) or it crashes the app in some instances.

    After adding about 10 clips from the browser, creating 3 notes and hitting sync, the recent activity still shows empty.

    Opening a note takes longer than on the desktop, far longer, as if the ability of the modern app to retrieve from the server was less than half than that from desktop, on the same PC.

    I went to the desktop app, opened a newly created note (via web clip) and a few seconds later there it was, went to the modern version (closing the desktop first) and I am still waiting, I did that before I started writing this comment, little green dots racing across the screen, but no note. I click back then click on the same note again and it is magically there!

    It still feels like a toy. I know you are trying, but is writing for Windows 8 so hard that most apps end up behaving like a Fisher-Price version of their counterparts on the desktop?

    These are issues that have been occurring since first version, things people have complained about in forums, etc. yet are still there. The desktop app is in need of an interface re haul (honestly) look at Springpad, don’t let a cluttered interface structure or striped of functionality modern UI version take away from the amazing service that is Evernote, please.

  • David Saylor

    But does it share Evernote files with the desktop version? I don’t want that duplicate space used up on my Win 8 tablet.

  • Chris

    Doesn’t handle encryption from other versions. Looks are very basic. I agree with Toni that it looks like a Fisher Price toy. Is the culprit Windows Touch? There is no style about this version. Style has to account for something. Even the behaviour is odd. When you hit a note, it reacts like delayed lightning.

  • Daniel Kvam

    The app looks promising to me!:) The only 2 things i want is closer Skitch integration and the possibility to attach Pictures,pdf+++

  • K.K

    Nice to meet you.
    Jpeg and text and title are in the notes within one.
    Title and text is being synchronized in “sync button” but, PDF and Jpeg will not be synchronized.
    If you click once, it is loaded locally.
    Jpeg or PDF of all you need locally.
    Please tell me how to live do not click the all about the 3000 Notes.

    I wonder if no choice but to use the desktop version. . .

  • Bartosz Kwiatkowski

    Is it possible to remove Get More section from hub page?