Trunk Spotlight: Track Your Travel Routes with Evernote and Glympse

Trunk Spotlight: Track Your Travel Routes with Evernote and Glympse

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 12 Jul 2013

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 12 Jul 2013

  • App/developer name: Glympse
  • Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android
  • Price: Free

Ever wish you could revisit a certain route you took to get somewhere? Perhaps you want to know exactly how long your hike took, or you lost something last week and want to remember where you’ve been. Glympse is an app that, when enabled, privately tracks your travel routes and allows you to share them in real-time. It also lets you save the route, along with duration details, to Evernote, so you’ll always remember where you’ve been, how you got there, and how long the trip took.

Get Glympse from the Evernote Trunk

Remember where you’ve been

Here are few ways to use Glympse and Evernote, together:

  • When you’re traveling around a new city, save your walking path and sites you visit so you can reference them later. Know a friend visiting the same city? Share your Glympse Trail note with them so they can follow your path and easily find the same great places.
  • Run a marathon and privately invite your friends to your Glympse so they can follow your progress and meet you along your route or at the finish line. Later, save it to Evernote to document the run time.
  • If you like hiking or mountain biking and find a perfect new trail, save it in an Evernote notebook so you can revisit it with friends later.
  • Compare different commute routes to work, documenting the duration to help you find the fastest way home.

How it works

Once you’ve installed the app to your Android or iOS device, find Evernote under Linked Accounts in Settings. Log in to give Glympse access to your Evernote account. Once you’re logged in, you can save any trail to Evernote automatically. The note will be saved in a My Glympse Trails folder and will be tagged “Glympse” for easy search. It will include a snapshot of the finished trail with date, time, duration, and any people the trail was shared with.


Glympse Trails are private until shared with specific people and once shared, will automatically expire either within a pre-determined time limit or when you get to a specified destination (you can specify in your settings). The people with whom you share a Glympse do not need to download the Glympse app; they’ll receive your Glympse via SMS, email, Facebook, or Twitter, and view your trail on any web-enabled device.


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    Very cool! Reminds me a bit of Moves, which I wish would offer Evernote integration as well.

  • Steve Mercer

    Great now all you need is a Windows Mobile 8 app, a blue tooth odometer, and you can create a Log book that you could file either for tax purposes (mileage) or A logbook for CDL drivers!

  • SO

    No matter how many times I try; after entering the verification code the app fails to log in to EN

  • Todd

    We are saving Glympses in Evernote to log our daughter’s driving hours with her learner’s permit. Working great!

  • Stephen

    Why do I need to involve Evernote to save a Glympse trail? Can`t I just do it with the Glympse app itself?