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How To Be a Better Yoga Instructor with Evernote: Tali Koziol’s Story

How To Be a Better Yoga Instructor with Evernote: Tali Koziol's Story

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 25 Jul 2013

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 25 Jul 2013

Name: Tali Koziol
Profession: Yoga Instructor
Number of years you’ve been using Evernote: 2
Evernote makes me a better… yoga teacher

We love hearing about unique ways people use Evernote. Today, we’re sharing how Denver-based yoga instructor Tali Koziol keeps her entire yoga practice in Evernote.

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Evernote allows me to keep my inspiration and tools for clients organized and ready.

I keep my entire yoga practice in Evernote. I rely on it to help me keep track of everything. From timing sequences to lesson plans to music playlists, I save everything in my Evernote account to make sure it’s always available, whether I’m at home or in the yoga studio. I can even quickly take notes on changes I make to sequences during class, or share lesson plans with substitute instructors when I’m on vacation. So many yoga teachers are on the go, not sitting at a desk.  Because everything you put in Evernote is available anywhere (including your phone and your tablet), you don’t need a desk to be productive, efficient, and organized. With Evernote I can keep all the details in one place.


I use notebooks to organize everything; in addition to my work as a yoga instructor I’m also in the process of completing my Doula Certification, work as an auto shop office manager, and have a range of hobbies. I use Evernote to help me balance my life. With notebooks, I can keep everything organized by topic so that it’s easy to find later. I can plan recipes and blog posts, document my DIY projects, and build lesson plans for my yoga classes, then save each to different notebooks so that everything stays organized.

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Tali Koziol is a Denver, Colorado-based yoga instructor, self-actualization mentor, doula-in-training and auto shop office manager who combines her passion for wellness and family into four different jobs that keep her on the go.


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  • emily bowman

    hi can someone update me on how to use this im new I would really appreciate it thx

  • Ellen

    Great Post! These tips are so awesome and very helpful for us. I am always looking for the tips which is related to yoga. Thanks a lot for sharing such an interesting and worthy post. Keep sharing!