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Plan Your Move with Evernote and Skitch

Plan Your Move with Evernote and Skitch

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 01 Aug 2013

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 01 Aug 2013

This is a contributed post by Stacey Harmon, Evernote Marketing Ambassador. Stacey uses Evernote for almost everything, including coordinating a recent move from Southern California to Austin, Texas. Today, she shares her tips for using Evernote to organize the countless odds and ends involved in planning a successful move.

Plan Your Move with Evernote

I’ve finally settled into my new place in Austin after a long move from California and I’d like to share how Evernote was instrumental in helping me keep my sanity and keep everything organized.

Keep it All in One Place

The first thing I did was create an “Austin Move” notebook where I kept all the notes related to my move, such as moving estimates, design inspiration ideas for my new place, forms that I’ll have to fill out at the DMV, packing checklists, etc. Even though I can always do a quick search in Evernote, clipping and saving everything related to my move in one place made it a cinch to quickly find anything I needed.

Austin Move
Sell the Old

One of the most important things you can do before you start packing for your move is to purge anything you don’t want to lug to your next place. To do this, I sold a lot of my older items on Craigslist.

In my Austin Move notebook, I created a note called Craig’s List Links where I centralized the URLs for all of the postings I made. In each of the Craigslist ads, I mentioned that I had other items for sale to speed up the process of selling all my older stuff. When I received inquiries about the additional items, I was able to just copy/paste the URLs from the furniture section of my Craig’s List Links note and send it off to the person interested in buying. Very efficient!

craigslist skitch

For the smaller stuff that’s a little harder to sell on Craigslist individually, I wanted to have a garage sale, but My HOA in California didn’t allow them. I decided to host an “indoor garage sale” and used Skitch to help me pull it off. I posted photos I had annotated in Skitch with prices of the items I was selling, and used those images in the ad. I was then able to share the link with friends on Facebook and run Facebook ads to local people about my sale. I managed to sell almost everything and pocket some extra cash!

Coordinate with Movers

I created a public note with photos of my condo and the bulky items that I was moving. I shared it with moving companies to get competitive bids. This allowed me to get an accurate quote without having the sales people come to my house to physically see the property and my things, saving time and effort for everyone. Once I chose a mover, I kept the agreed upon estimate in Evernote.

Moving Triptych

I saved money on moving supplies by tracking the prices  in a table in my Evernote account. I bolded the cheapest price for the items I needed to buy and then purchased them from the cheapest place, or would price compare from my phone when I was at the store.

Keep a Record of it All

A lot of the forms, bids, receipts, and other documents I needed to keep track of throughout my moving process came through my email inbox. In order to easily find it all later without digging around in my inbox, I bcc’d my Evernote email account on every email related to my move. This way, each email I sent automatically created a New Note in my Evernote account. Because it all took place in one step, there was nothing standing between me andna detailed record of everything that happened during my move.


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  • Jehn Glynn

    I love being organized… this is impressive! Great job! I bet it helped you sleep better before a big move like this, knowing how organized and prepared you were.

  • Thomas Getchius

    Thanks so much for these tips. I’m also coordinating a move but hadn’t thought to create a public note for the moving companies to obtain more accurate bids. I’ll definitely do that!

    • Stacey Harmon

      This was one of the most powerful things Evernote helped me with in my move. I also added photos of the front of my building both from where I was moving, and where I was moving to, so that they could see how far it was from where the truck would have to be parked to my front door without having to come out to the property.

  • Sunny Sodday

    Finally an elaborated post I was waiting for. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Meg Herbert

    Awesome Stacey!

  • Stephanie Chumbley

    Thank you for sharing such detailed tips and photos, Stacey! I appreciate you sharing such useful information. Evernote is SO powerful – I think I learn a new use for it daily.

    • Stacey Harmon

      I’m learning right along side you!

  • Scott Harmon

    Great detailed post from a lady with a great last name (no relation as far as I know?). I have used Skitch and Evernote to assign tasks/chores for my kids to do around the house. Take a picture, write a brief note and create a Notebook titled Chores. The kids check it and since kids are visual learners they clearly understand my request.

    • Stacey Harmon

      Love getting a comment from another Harmon! Thanks Scott. Great idea on how to use Skitch…many of my friends could benefit from this one.

  • Gail Reeves

    Thanks for this excellent post. Did you use a template which may be modified for my real estate clients?