Announcing the Devcup 2013 Category Winners

Announcing the Devcup 2013 Category Winners

Posted by Developer Relations on 02 Aug 2013

Posted by Developer Relations on 02 Aug 2013

There are a million things you can do with Evernote, but Evernote is just one app. It can’t do it all. Fortunately, an active community of developers and designers is constantly coming up with new ideas, apps, and services that extend Evernote’s capabilities for users.

The creativity of these developers peaks every year when we run our annual developer competition, the Devcup. This year, teams submitted over 180 apps and services to answer the challenge. Some are beautiful, some are incredibly creative, some are technically amazing. A few are all of the above.

To reward the best Devcup entries, we are awarding prizes in categories for popular Evernote use cases, plus a few for special technical or design achievements. These apps getting awards provide tremendous benefit to Evernote’s users, and they showcase what the Evernote platform can really do.

Each of the teams behind these winners will receive passes to attend EC3, the third annual Evernote Conference. At EC3, teams will have the opportunity to connect with Evernote engineers and designers, and to present their projects to attending investors and media. In addition, each category team will receive a $1000 credit for Amazon Web Services to continue hosting their growing apps.

We are proud to present the following projects as the winners of the
Devcup 2013 Category Prizes:

Best Evernote Business Integration: SmartTM

SmartTMSmartTM, Poland – Watch the video
SmartTM is a task organizer built around the “Getting Things Done” methodology. SmartTM sports a tight integration with Evernote, including hooking into the Reminders API and into Business notebooks. SmartTM is a powerful, multi-featured tool designed specifically for business users.


Design Achievement Award: Bubble Browser

Bubble BrowserBubble Browser, Poland – Watch the video
Bubble Browser is a visualization app for your Evernote notebook. It is a beautiful visual search tool for your Evernote account: Its sleek and intuitive user experience will encourage you to play with your Evernote data and discover content and connections that you might not find otherwise.


Best Technical Integration:, Chile – Watch the video is a mobile browser and web clipper designed to grab specific content on the web to sync with an Evernote account. allows users to specify the amount of content they clip, and is built to isolate multimedia items for clipping.’s smart clipping technology is a clear technical achievement for this year’s Devcup.


Best for Education & Research: biscuit

biscuitbiscuit, South Korea – Watch the video
Biscuit is a simple translation app that allows users to clip words from their mobile devices. It quickly translates words into multiple languages, and can sync to Evernote in a study-friendly format. Biscuit is the perfect education tool for Evernote users looking for a quick language reference.


Best for Family & Parenting: BabyWaa

BabywaaBabyWaa, South Korea – Watch the video
BabyWaa is a multiplatform app that allows parents to record moments of their newborns’ lives. Its social network functions let parents share photos and content, and then sync their favorite moments to Evernote for permanent safekeeping.


Best for Food & Cooking: Grocerytrip

Grocery TripGrocerytrip, United States – Watch the video
Grocerytrip is a smart, mobile organizer for your grocery lists. Clip recipes or items from the web and Grocerytrip automatically figures out the items you need to buy. Grocerytrip creates shopping lists that sync with Evernote, simplifying your next trip to the market.


Paperless Achievement Award: Lightly

lightlyappLightly, Hong Kong – Watch the video
Lightly is a mobile web clipper and highlighter app that allows users to sync online content to their Evernote accounts. Lightly’s smooth clipping and highlighting features give users both the content and the context, replacing the need to use paper articles as physical memory devices.


Best for Photography: Cooliris

coolirisCooliris, United States – Watch the video
Cooliris is a photo browser for your mobile devices and the Web. It syncs with Evernote and other cloud platforms, and allows users to easily share photos from the app’s chat feature. Cooliris is a clean and useful photo integration for Evernote users.


Best for Productivity: Context Booster

context_boosterContext Booster, Germany – Watch the video
Context Booster is an intelligent knowledge assistant for Evernote. This app scours the web for content related to your Evernote notes. It can populate your notebooks with additional information that it links to the notes that you write, making it a great productivity tool for research and writing.


Best for Publishing:, Canada – Watch the video is a powerful blogging tool that posts content directly from your Evernote account. Simply tag a finished blog post with “published” and your content will appear on your blog. sports an easy, personal publishing experience, and has several attractive blog layouts.


Best Travel App: Xing

xingXing, Taiwan – Watch the video
Xing is a location-based travel app with a stunning design and interface. It integrates with your Evernote account, syncing with notebooks for your various trips. Xing also reminds you of travel items when you have reached a location. It’s a great traveling companion.


Best for Collaboration:, Argentina – Watch the video is multi-featured collaboration tool that allows for virtual whiteboarding and the online development of ideas. Users can grab content from their Evernote account and work with ease in teams. is a creative business tool, making collaborative brainstorming easy.


There’s More to Come

There are more Devcup prizes right around the corner. On Friday, August 16th, our three major partners for the year of developer activities — Docomo Innovation Ventures, Honda Silicon Valley Lab, and Wayra Accelerator — will each announce which teams they are sponsoring to receive EC3 passes in recognition for their excellent work.

Also on August 16th we will announce which category winners will be the six Devcup finalists. These teams will be flown out to join us at EC3, and will be able to pitch their apps to all the conference attendees.

Congratulations again to all of this year’s category winners. We look forward to seeing all the teams at the Evernote Conference in September. Join us at EC3 this year, where we will announce the final gold, silver and bronze winners of the Devcup, as well as the names of all the teams that will be joining us at the Evernote Accelerator in October.

— The Evernote Platform Team: Seth, Rafe, Chris, Billy, Shinji, Mustafa, Julien, Gervis, Kentaro, Brett, Ty, and Karolyn


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  • Marek Kulesza

    This DevCup bring massive amount of fantastic project’s !

  • Pete Paxton

    I’d sure love to see more apps that integrate with android.

    • naresh

      comming soon

    • naresh

      comming soon

    • Brandon Brown

      I’m actually surprised at this too! Too many iOS apps that do alot of the same thing. I want a QUALITY Android app with Evernote integration for next year!

      • Lindsey C. Holmes

        Epoch Time Capsule was kind of cool for Android… Basically presented a shared notebook in a nice UI but with cool meaning…

  • John Walker Jr

    SmartTM’s website has crashed it seems… Can’t find it!

  • Karol Stojek

    Big thanks from the SmartTM Team 🙂

  • Lindsey C. Holmes

    Great job guys! Congrats! I have a few other favorites… Hopefully they will continue to develop and sell their apps. It would be a shame if they didn’t…

  • Maria Badillo

    Brilliant! Huge fan of a lot of these. Though there definitely needs to be more Android integration. Not everyone sports an iPhone!

  • Maria Badillo

    Brilliant! Huge fan of a lot of these. Though there definitely needs to be more Android integration. Not everyone sports an iPhone!