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How To: Enable Passcode Lock in Evernote

How To: Enable Passcode Lock in Evernote

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 09 Aug 2013

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 09 Aug 2013

You save a lot of valuable memories and information in your Evernote account: your business plan, receipts, your kids’ art projects.

Passcode lock blocks access to the Evernote application on your phone or tablet by requiring a 4-digit PIN. Use this feature for added security when sharing your device with others.

Passcode Lock is an Evernote Premium and Evernote Plus feature available on Evernote on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Let’s take a look at how it works.


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  • mjule

    Not sure if doing the deed from my iPad enables pass code to be required for both iPhone AND iPad…. Guess I’ll find out!

  • John Długosz

    In the program called “The Journal”, I can assign different passwords to individual notebooks (or not). I can keep my passwords more secure than the installed program list for my computer, etc.

  • Varen

    Why no passcode lock on the desktop Evernote? This is the sole reason I don’t use Evernote and let my premium subscription lapse.

    • Rosie

      I don’t understand why the Evernote App cannot be passcode protected on my macbookPro. After all, a laptop is a mobile device,too. Can get lost, stolen etc. This is Evernote’s weakest point.

  • RC

    Providing very basic security for an app that people use to store private information should not be a ‘Premium’ feature. I use the app occasionally, but would use it more if it had any security features built in. An annual subscription for a passcode lock? No. I don’t have an issue with folks providing premium features on an otherwise free app- we all need to make money. I would just make sure the premium features had a value equivalent to what you are asking for them… I second the passcode idea for the desktop version too…

    • SD

      I agree with RC. passcode should be standard to the free version and the desktop app should be able to have a passcode.

      • mike

        I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve been a longtime EN user, but the lack of this baffles my mind. I end up using multiple note applications to achieve what should be a standard EN feature, not premium.

  • Len Metcalf

    I think this should be available on our desktop versions too… not just phones and pads… My laptop is also at risk… yes I know put a password on the device.. but that isn’t practical for my situation

  • Hobo

    Passcode as a premium feature? Pshhhhh. Hurting much?

  • Arash

    This is why I’m not using Evernote anymore!

  • Joe

    I was just getting into Evernote and then found out that I could not password protect my notes without paying for the Premium version. Delete

  • Paresh

    Mobile app can be password protected but their is no app to protect the apps in windows 8. so i guess the priority to password protect is the pc one. if that’s there it won’t hurt to go premium too

  • Shailen

    This is so lame. Basic feature is premium. Mind baffling.

  • Confused user

    I really think that you are loosing costumers due to the lack of the password feature – I know I wont be buying a sub any time soon. It’s a very basic feature but so essential. Not many people, including me, will pay to just have password protection – so people are going to find an alternative, instead of keeping Evernote and eventually buy premium if they desire. You know what I mean?

  • Tia

    It’s 2015—now is passcode protection free for all?

  • Upset user

    So I let my account lapse because I wasn’t using the sharing feature much anymore. Found out now that my passcode no longer is presented on iPad. I am furious. This is an outrage forcing us to pay for basic common sense security feature!!! Shame shame on you!!! There needs to be backlash about this!!!

  • mmyoung

    Absolutely there needs to be a laptop/desktop option for requiring a password to access EN. I’m encrypting all sensitive stuff — but there should be a front-gate password for the whole database as well. —my thanks

  • afifassihab

    this feature just lock evernote app not to protect a note or notebook.

  • Geoff

    And, I was looking forward to using Evernote, and then realized that there is this stupidity around Evernote not allowing you to password protect notebooks, or password protecting the application. I guess I won’t be using Evernote after all. Epic fail, Evernote.

  • nadim

    can i setup passcode lock on my blackberry? this is the sole reason i bought evernote plus and now it seems like i cannot use this feature that you advertised. many thanks for your reply.

  • KP

    For password feature gotta go Plus or Premium, really!!!!! By by Evernote. I thought you guys were good.

  • Mark McClure

    Nevermind – I should have watched the video first.

  • Adabi Sadegh

    I think pass code lock is first and essential requirement for such
    application and its not fair to business on this feature.
    your work is like that you have a facebook account and leave it without any password.
    what about the primer and essential requirement of a software ?