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How Evernote Ambassadors Started Using Evernote for Work

How Evernote Ambassadors Started Using Evernote for Work

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 19 Aug 2013

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 19 Aug 2013

There’s no right or wrong way to get started with Evernote. Today we wanted to share a few stories from Evernote Ambassadors on how they began their road to business productivity with Evernote.

Stacey Harmon, Marketing Ambassador
“The very first Business Notebook I created was for Harmon Enterprises’ marketing and PR materials. I do a lot of speaking events and there are often requests for my speakers bio, links to my social media sites, and descriptions of my talks. Now my assistant has access to the most requested items and can easily email them off to people who need them.”

Jim Cregan, Entrepreneurship Ambassador
“I started using Evernote to store my whiteboard scribbles. I would usually just rub them off and start again, without thinking that they were actually pretty important and should be kept for future reference. Now, I take photos of whiteboards from meetings and send them to Evernote. It’s been awesome having Evernote as a central spot to store everything from my meetings.”

Brandie Kajino, Organization Ambassador
“I started using Evernote to consolidate orphaned bits of business information into one place. Though I adore paper, I was madly managing multiple notebooks and was constantly without the one I needed (I live a very mobile life). Putting everything into Evernote made everything accessible and easy to find. The search feature is the best part. I have very little brain power sometimes so filing things away and being able to search is a godsend!”

Lindsey C. Holmes, Entrepreneurship Ambassador
“When I first started using Evernote Business, I created a ton of Business Notebooks for clients and projects and shared them in the Business Library, which is a suite of notebooks that can be made available to members of your staff. Already a fan of Shared Notebooks as an Evernote Premium user, the Business Library concept was seamless — in fact, it’s even better. As I onboard, my staff can join pertinent notebooks without me lifting a finger, automating my process and saving me time.”

Want more information on how to master the basics of using Evernote for work? Join one of our upcoming webinars, connect with Evernote Ambassadors for more in-depth ideas and inspiration, and come learn new skills LIVE at the Evernote Conference.


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  • Aaron Bushell

    I am signing up for a webinar, but I am interested to find out if anyone knows of a bank who uses Evernote? I wonder if the regulations would be too onerous a hurdle to overcome. I hope not, bc I love Evernote for my personal life & speaking arrangements & would love to use it for everything.

  • crm114org

    I’m a handwritten note person. I thought when Evernote acquired
    Penultimate a perfect word had been achieved. Small (to me) issues like not having a zoom mode are tolerable, but the “locked” shared notebook structure of Penultimate and not being able to put notebooks in my existing Evernote Notebooks completely kills the utility of using Penultimate. I’m back to using other Note Apps (Notablility) and putting the notes in my Evernote notebook files as PDFs.

    Any updates for Penultimate expected?