Introducing Evernote Business 2.0

Introducing Evernote Business 2.0

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 27 Sep 2013

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 27 Sep 2013

Since its introduction a year ago, Evernote Business has become a key part of how thousands of companies get their work done. With the new Evernote Business 2.0, we’ve added even more business-specific ways to work smarter together in Evernote. It’s now easier than ever for your team to tap into the knowledge inside your company and be more productive.

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Brand New Business Home

Business Home is the central place for knowledge within your company, and is the window into your company’s people and notebooks. Search for content across the Business Notebooks you have access to, and browse every note inside each notebook. The new overview of each Business Notebook shows both the creator and what notes have been added recently.

Evernote Business Home - Notebooks

People view shows you all the team members at your company who are part of your Evernote Business account. Get to know your team members and what they know by browsing their profiles and seeing what Shared Notebooks they’ve worked on recently. Preview their shared notes, and once you’ve found information that’s valuable to you, join any notebooks they’re part of that you have access to.

Evernote Business Home - People

Know What your Colleagues Know

Evernote Business 2.0 makes it easy to find the information you’re looking for and discover the experts at your company whose knowledge you can tap into. When you search Evernote for content, you’ll receive results from your account as well as any notes in your business you have access to.

With Expertise Discovery, Evernote Business will return search results with suggestions as to who at your company may know more about the topic you’re interested in. Once you’ve located someone at your company who may have the knowledge you’re looking for, you can quickly access their Shared Notebooks with a single click.

Evernote Business Expertise Discovery

Easier Creation of Business Content

In addition to searching for existing information, you’ll probably want to create content of your own to add to your company’s knowledge. Evernote Business streamlines the process of creating content for your business. When you create a new notebook, Evernote Business now automatically creates a Business Notebook by default. If you’ve been collecting business content in a personal notebook, you can now convert it to a Business Notebook with a click.

Share in New and Faster Ways

It’s now easier than ever to collaborate with your team. Coworkers automatically see a Business Notebook in their own Evernote accounts as soon as you share it with them, making it easier for them to find important content and contribute to it. You can also invite colleagues to multiple notebooks at one time, making it easy to share collections of knowledge quickly. Right from within each note, you can now view who else it is being shared with.

Programmatic User Management

System Administrators, this one’s for you: Does your company use Active Directory or LDAP to centrally manage user accounts? Evernote Business now connects with your current directory management system, letting you invite or remove Evernote Business accounts right from within your existing Administrative console. Services like Okta, the first provisioning partner fully integrated with Evernote Business, enables this simple user management in minutes.

Work Smarter Than Ever

The new Evernote Business, launching on October 3rd, is designed to make it easy for you and your team to work together and share knowledge. We’ve made it easier than ever for you to uncover what your company knows and add your own knowledge for everyone’s benefit. We can’t wait to see how you use it!

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  • nicolesimon

    The normal Evernote has a limitaton of 250 synced (I assume also shared notebooks) and 100k notes. Is this the same with Evernote Business and how does this link back to normal accounts which are part of the company?

  • Alex Burda

    Since this new update, the images in presentation mode are very, very small…what is going one guys?… 🙁

  • Dee Baig

    This app looks great; it should be really useful for businesses. Note taking is part of almost every business; it helps people organize and plans their things. People leave notes for themselves and for others and this was usually done by paper notes. Since we are moving in digital age, now there is an increasing trend for e-notes. This app seems to have the possibility of leaving such notes.