Introducing Evernote Business for Salesforce

Introducing Evernote Business for Salesforce

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 27 Sep 2013

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 27 Sep 2013

If you’re in sales, Salesforce makes it easy for you to manage your customer relationships and follow-up on opportunities. Evernote Business lets you capture and share the information you and your team need in order to do your best work. Starting today, you’re able to combine the two using Evernote Business for Salesforce. With it, you’ll deepen your understanding of leads and act on opportunities in brand new ways.

For salespeople

In sales, the more you know about an opportunity, the easier it is to close. We’ve designed Evernote Business for Salesforce to make it easy for you to discover, share and capture important information about your customers and deals, with the tools you already use every day.

Using Evernote Business for Salesforce, you can capture all the rich information that you need to fully understand a contact. Record meetings using Evernote’s built-in audio recording feature, take photos of whiteboards, scan in documents, and more, and everything becomes searchable in Evernote. Once you’ve collected information about your leads and contacts, you can then connect any relevant Evernote notes to a Salesforce record by linking them together with a single click.

Evernote for Salesforce - Link Notes

At client meetings, you can access and add to all your notes within Evernote, even when you’re offline. If you’ve previously linked them to Salesforce, any updates you’ve made will automatically appear the next time you log into Salesforce.

Evernote for Salesforce - Recent Notes

Evernote Business for Salesforce lets you leverage the work of your colleagues and avoid doing research that someone else has already completed. Evernote Business is a great spot for shared resources from your company, making it easy to take advantage of the knowledge of your marketing team, customer support representatives and company executives. Notes your team members have linked about a contact or opportunity and have shared with your business automatically appear as Related Notes. Scanned business cards, contracts, and other relevant documents can show up in a contact record, even if you’re not the person who originally captured them.

Evernote for Salesforce - Related Notes

For sales managers

Salesforce helps your team stay on track with leads and opportunities and lets you stay on top of activity within the accounts your team is working on. Combined with the rich data that your team can collect in Evernote, you’ll get a more complete view into your company’s prospects and accounts than ever before. As you review a record, you’ll automatically see the Evernote notes that your team members have shared and linked, along with other shared Related Notes that may be relevant to that record.

It’s easy for you to stay updated — when your team collects information about opportunities in Evernote, you’ll automatically see their updates in your Chatter feed.

Evernote for Salesforce - Chatter Feed

Salesforce is an undisputed leader in cloud computing, and the entire team at Evernote has learned a lot from our collaboration. We know Evernote Business for Salesforce will help you learn more about your leads so you can save time, streamline communication, and sell more effectively.

Get Evernote Business, or watch a video about Evernote for Salesforce, and attend a live webinar on October 10th or October 15th.


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  • paulmyoung

    Will the integration work with custom objects or only standard objects?

    • Joshua Zerkel

      @paulmyoung – Evernote Business for Salesforce supports standard and custom objects.

  • Sarah Allen

    I like the layout for sales managers…

  • Katoz

    I am confused… does it take say call or meeting notes you wrote up in evernote and place them against the relevant contact in Salesforce? Can you customise where the data goes (or have it work with your current set up eg lead or contact or opportunity) OR is it simply a portal for evernote content in evernote format in Salesforce? If I wanted to read all call notes against a contact, do I have to look in both salesforce call seciton as well as evernote section? I wanted to export data into an Excel spreadsheet for analysis and reporting, would it pull across the evernote data in the same format? Can someone explain to me how it REALLY works? I just get so jaded by these marketing videos, really don’t understand why they don’t simply interview someone who really knows how to use salesforce and they can communicate it clearly. Can someone help me understand? And why can’t I get 30 day trial?!

    • Joshua Zerkel

      @Katoz – You can essentially link any note you’ve created in Evernote to a record in Salesforce. Your call or meeting notes, photos of whiteboards, and PDF of a contracts, for instance can be accessed directly from within Salesforce. Since you have detailed questions, you may want to connect to us for a live Evernote Business for Salesforce demo at – That way, you can see it in action and talk directly to one of our experts.

  • Karina

    How the business cards work with salesforce? You can only attach scanned ones to existing contacts? Or can I upload one scanned business card as a lead in salesforce?

    • Joshua Zerkel

      @Karina – You must first create a record in Salesforce, then you can link notes (including scanned business card, documents, handwritten notes, photos of whiteboards) directly from Evernote Business to your records in Salesforce.

      • Brian

        So, Evernote Business will not create a contact record in salesforce from a scanned business card? You have to create the contact, then scan the card and link it? I get that you can attach other info, notes, docs, etc to the contact, but it seems redundant for a card scanner (besides the image of the card) if it cannot create the contact. It does a great job of parsing the data – it would be great if it would transfer that data to a contact record.

        • katy

          Ditto the need for a business card reader…

          • Jean-Luc

            Has the “turning Businesscards directly to contacts on Salesforce” issue been solved?

  • Matt

    Is there a way to turn off the chatter feed posts? This clutters our chatter feeds which we use regularly for collaboration as opposed to notifications. Thanks!

    • Taylor Pipes

      Hello Matt: At this time there is no easy way to turn off the chatter updates.

      • Heiko

        If there’s no easy way, is there a hard way? (to remove the Chatter clutter?)

  • Danny

    I’d like to interview the product manager for Evernote for Salesforce for an AppExchange podcast – can you connect me?