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How to Be a Better Writer with Evernote

How to Be a Better Writer with Evernote

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 31 Oct 2013

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 31 Oct 2013

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that we love to share stories and tips from our users.

Since writing is a skill many of us have to practice — at school and at work — we thought we’d ask you, our users, how Evernote helps you be a better writer. Here are a few of our favorite quotes (collected from Twitter and Facebook):

How are you using Evernote to be a better writer?

Writing Tips from Evernote Users

My writing students are using Evernote to organize evidence for research papers. No more index cards! Tagging makes keeping track of evidence topics a snap. Notebooks organize writing assignments or subjects, and working on Evernote  gives students the ability to save pictures and hyperlinks of each source. — Becki M.

All ideas go into Evernote almost right away. This way, I don’t lose any of my ideas and I can cull through them at a later date. This is especially helpful when I’m in the middle of writing. — Elizabeth P.

Here’s my process: I write an outline in a single note. Starting at the top, I create a New Note for each main item in the outline. That’s where the real writing takes place. As each section takes form, I link to its note from the pertinent line in the outline. It’s exciting to see the outline as the blue hyperlinks start to take over the page. — Dave S.

I write all my university assignments in Evernote. All my references are tagged and stored in a notebook. I then use links within Evernote so I can quickly find what I referenced from the assignment essay. —  Peter H.

Evernote is perfect for researching for essays. Simply clip and tag articles and come back to read and cite when the time is right. I also use it for workflow to keep track of writing assignments and specs with Reminders flagged for deadlines. Plus, with the new Post-it® Notes feature, I can brainstorm on my favorite Post-it® Note color then tag them with “ideas” for inspiration later. So it’s great for creativity as well as organization. — Carey B.

Evernote is great for character sketches. I can add details, stock photos and links to resources that help me shape my protagonist and other characters. — Ericka C.

I am backing my @NaNoWriMo up this year with @evernote. Can’t wait for Nov! #betterwithEvernote  — @IcedSkye

My story ideas are notes. When I pick one to write, I start a notebook. Always give your stories a place to grow. #betterwithEvernote — @EitanTheWriter

My students are digitizing reams of handwritten notes to make their own searchable knowledge bases to prepare for essays #betterwithevernote — @whhs_norris

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  • OIK2

    I write my references in a note, and attach a PDF of the source after it’s entry.


    I wish you had a pinterest icon on your posts 🙂


    I wish you had a pinterest icon on your posts 🙂

  • Alan King

    As a poet and journalist, I use Evernote to start my drafts for blog posts or poems. I don’t complete a full draft in Evernote, which is my process — jot the ideas down and any sentences I might want to flesh out later.

    I also use the notebooks to organize my interests. I have a notebook for recipes, poetry drafts, blog drafts, etc. My wife and I are also using Evernote to keep track of our finances since she can download the app on her phone and use my account, which syncs her updates to my mobile devices.